Just 60 Minutes

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“If you have an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it away?” Lord Chesterfield

Tick . . Tick . . The seconds on wall clock ticked off slowly. It was early Friday morning in Classroom 204. English 101 was the topic that Professor Le Master was teaching to the class. I was a strait “A” student all through high school and college was proving no different for me. English 101 was the only class I had on Fridays and with it only being 1 hour long it hardly seemed worth it most of time.

9:05 a.m. Five minutes into the class and my mind started to drift on to other things. Mostly on how nice Mr Le Master’s as was looking very nice this morning in his usual khaki pants and dress shirt with tie. I had woken up very horny this morning and very late. Mr Le Master was very strict with his class room rules and being late was not permissible. I had dressed in a hurry, throwing on the first thing I had spotted and rushes off to class. I could tell when I walked into the classroom just in time that Mr. Le Master’s was not overly impressed by my slutty attire. My out fit was some knee high black boots, black stockings under my black skirt, and bright red button shirt that had the top button undone. I had worn the same outfit to the club last night and loved the attention it had caused.

9:10 a.m. Tick Tick Tick. The seconds dragged on. I found myself concentrating on the front of Mr. Le Masters pants. His package was outlined just slightly and I couldn’t take my eyes from it. Every time he turned to the board to write something I found myself getting disappointed. However, the back view was just as nice so I couldn’t complain much there either. His khaki pants, white shirt, and red tie made him an irresistible target.

9:15 a.m. CRACK! the wooden pointer of Mr Le Master’s cracked off the board as he was trying to gain the classes attention. I instantly found myself getting wet and fantasizing. I wasn’t at interested in what he was teaching about.

*. . . I was in his office and being bent over his desk and getting caned by his stick. My skirt pulled up, panties around my knees, and his hand on the small of my back holding me in place. Each swing making a swoosh noise as it arks towards my ass. Each crack of the stick on my firm ass causing small tears of pain mixed with pleasure. My little whimpers did not slow his stick. He showed me no mercy. Just the way I liked it.*

9:20 a.m. Damn I thought to myself. I was dripping wet and fidgeting on my seat. I had myself so turned on that I could barely xslot sit still. I focused my attention on Mr Le Masters crotch again, listening to his pointer “swoosh” through the air as he commanded the room. I began to picture him as my Dom and me as his naughty slut student. The thought of being bent over his desk once again occurred to me. The welts from the stick marking the tender flesh of my ass. I found myself biting my lower lip and failing to hear a word that Mr Le Master was saying.

9:25 a.m. Oh God I thought to myself. My pussy was on fire. I could feel my wetness seeping from between my lips. I crossed and recrossed my legs, trying desperately to get some satisfaction to my aching clit. I continued my fantasy of Mr Le Master in my brain.

*. . . He was positioned behind me . . tracing each welt with his finger tips. Chills raced up and down my spine. Goose bumps formed on my arms at the thought of his fingers slowly exploring the crack of my ass. He started at my tail bone and slowly slipped them lower. My knees buckled when he traced me little virgin ass hole. Only the desk kept me from falling. He moved in front of me and stretched my arms across his desk. He then removed his red tie and tied my wrists together. He fastened the other end to the leg of his desk, holding me in a completely exposed position. My ass jutted out and tight. His fingers traced lower, slipping easily into the folds of my pussy. Using my own desire he teased and lubed my ass.*

9:30 a.m. Half way there I thought. I badly wanted to run from the class room to my dorm room so I could get myself off. I spread my legs slightly, offering a glimpse up my skirt to Mr Le Master if he would just take a second to notice. His actions gave me no inclination that he had noticed the white lace hiding beneath my short skirt. My pussy was so wet that my desire soaked the lace material. I had no control of the pressure that was building inside me. I had to glance around and see if anyone had noticed my actions.

*. . . Swack. Swack. Swack. Swack. Mr. Le Master’s hand rained down on my ass. The pain was exquisite. It made my blood boil. My pussy juices streaked down the inside of my thighs. Mr Le Master would pool it on his finger and then spread it over my little ass hole. I squirmed the best I could to be free from his torturous touch. I sensed his movement to the side of his desk and turned as he unlocked and opened the top drawer. From the drawer he removed an anal plug and some lube. I started to protest, but my cries fell on xslot Giriş deft ears as he placed them on the desk. He dug through the drawer looking for something. He must have finally found what it was because he started smiling. My eyes went wide, staring in disbelief as he pulled out a ball gag from the drawer. It was bright red and had the traditional black leather strap. He commanded me to open my mouth and i refused. My lips were pursed closed when he suddenly yanked my head up by my hair. I started to scream but was only cut off by the ball being inserted into my open mouth. I adjusted my jaw around it as he fastened it securely in place.*

9:40 a.m. I was on the verge of screaming. My fantasy had me so worked up. My legs were splayed very unladylike like. I didn’t care who got a glimpse any more. The cool air felt glorious on the damp fabric of my panties. I raised my skirt just a little more with my hands. Mean while I was trying to get Mr Le-master’s attention. He was cool, calm, and collected. If he had seen me on display he wasn’t showing it. My pussy continued to throb, pulsing in rhythmic spasms.

*. . . Something cool touched my little ass hole. I wiggled my hips once again but this time Mr Le Master trapped my hips to the desk with his body weight. Slowly he eased the plug up my ass. The pain was intense and it was barely fitting. He coached me along, telling me to breath and relax or it would hurt more. I tossed my head from side to side as he continued to stretch out my little hole. Just when I thought he had given up he pushed the plug fully in my ass. I felt my ass stretch and then clench on the narrow base. The pain was immense and I stiffened instantly, rising my body up from the desk. Fighting the ties that kept me in place.*

9:50 a.m. Ten more minutes. I was not going to make it till the end of class. I was so close to crashing down in a massive orgasm. I clenched the sides of the desk. I crossed my legs and squeezed my PC muscles. Desperately trying to control it. Fighting with everything I had but it was a losing battle. Each time my pussy spasm-ed I bit my lip harder. I scanned the room repeatedly hoping no one had heard the small gasps coming from me. I was thankful for picking a seat way in the back.

*. . . My little ass hole flexed around the base of the anal plug. It tried to free itself of the plug but it was firmly locked in place. Suddenly Mr Le Master ripped my panties from me. They came tearing off in one swift yank. He kicks my legs farther apart as I hear the xslot Güncel Giriş jingle of his belt coming undone. I feel the head of his cock nestle between the folds of my pussy. I am mad with lust now. . thrusting my hips back trying to get more of his cock. He teases me with it, holding my hips still. Suddenly he plows his cock into me. I feel his balls slap my clit with a wet slap. He doesn’t give me time to adjust and instantly starts fucking me hard. His cock felt huge inside me. I wasn’t a virgin, that had been lost on prom night to my then boyfriend. It felt every bit of 8″ long and very thick. Each stroke of his cock raked nerves in my pussy that had never been touched before. He changed his angle slightly and then started pounding the head of his cock off my G-Spot. I grunted with every thrust through the gag, the room filled with echos of his balls slapping my wet cunt. Mr Le Master grabbed a fist full of my long blonde hair and drove his cock into me with all he had. My hips were lifted off the desk with each thrust.*

9:55 a.m. Tick. Tick. Tick. I watched as the second hand skipped around the face of the clock. It seemed to come to a complete stop. Five more minutes remained. I was losing it. My pussy quivered as my orgasm was starting to begin. Mr Le Master looked right at me suddenly. His eyes locked on mine. My face flushed, the heat making me break into a sweat. I knew I had been caught finally. My cunt exploded with a shower of juices. Soaking the remains of my panties and coating the inside of my thighs. I closed my eyes as wave after wave of my orgasm washed over me.

10:00 a.m. Mr. Le Master finished his lesson for the day and dismissed the class. I sat for a moment trying to regain my composure as the rest of the students filed out of the class room. A boy from a few rows in front of me turned and gave me a knowing glance. Oh God I thought to myself. Did he know? My face flushed again all over with embarrassment. When my knees and legs felt strong enough I stood up and adjusted my skirt. I slowly walked forward towards the front of the classroom and headed for the door. I couldn’t look at Mr Le Master.

“Miss Julia, don’t forget this.” Mr Le Master said holding his hand out. I approached him slowly, nervously. I reached for his hand, taking the remote control to the bullet inside my pussy from him. His eyes burned though mine as he smiled.

“Thank you Sir” I responded. My voice cracked slightly. My throat was on fire and dry. I needed a drink.

“Be in my office in 10 minutes, I will be there shortly so I can finish what you have started.” Mr Le Master commanded. His right hand moving up and loosening his red tie.

“Yes Sir” I said. I walked away with a growing smile knowing my fantasy was about to become a reality.

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