Julie’s Panties Ch. 03

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The Friday work day finally ended and I raced home to shower and get ready for my date with Julie. It was late August and the local Harvest Fair was happening so I planned to take her there to see the sights and get something to eat. We both had grown up in a small farming community, and while neither one of us was involved in agriculture, we both liked to keep up the tradition of agricultural fairs.

As I was getting dressed, I reached into the secret hiding place in my closet and fished out Julie’s silky white nylon panties. It had been two days since I had washed them and hid them away so my heart was pounding in anticipation, and in no time before I was holding them up to my face, just staring in awe of what I considered one of the sexiest things that I had ever possessed. Once again I ran the slippery cool fabric between my trembling fingers, rubbed them all over my face, kissing the crotch. I remembered Julie, laying out in the back seat of my car, encouraging me to touch them. My cock became hard and I couldn’t resist once again wrapping the panties around my swollen member, slowly sliding the panties up and down then pausing to rub my balls as well.

I suddenly realized that I had better stop as I was still hoping to get Julie in the back seat and repeat what we had done last weekend. I started fantasizing about what color underwear she would have on tonight. I put the white panties down and finished getting dressed. It wasn’t too easy zipping up my jeans when my dick was still hard from my encounter with Julie’s panties. I managed to get dressed, stuffed the panties in my pocket (I still couldn’t believe that she wouldn’t want them back) and headed to pick Julie up.

When I pulled into the driveway of Julie’s house, this time in my pickup truck, she was waiting and ran out to greet me. She was wearing white shorts and a white blouse that showed off her gorgeous long tanned legs, tight ass, slim waist and firm breasts. I noticed that her breasts looked just a little higher and firmer than usual and I couldn’t wait to see why. Her long dark hair was held back with some sort of clip and then it tumbled down past her shoulders and more than half way down her back. She was so beautiful that my heart just melted, I was so lucky. As we hugged and kissed, my hands drifted up her back and I could feel the straps of her bra underneath the shirt. I also thought that I could see a hint of a pink showing through the white fabric as I held the door for her to get into my pickup.

At the fair I paid the admission and as we worked our way through the crowd, past the displays of tractors and farm implements, I caught the admiring glances in Julie’s direction. She was absolutely beautiful and I was proud that she was with me. Those other bastards could eat their hearts out, she had recently wanked me off with her panties and I hoped that she would something similar again tonight.

We got some fair food and drinks, visited the animal barns, took a ride on the Ferris wheel and then ended up playing those stupid games of chance. We came to the one where you use a big hammer to Ataşehir Escort hit the button on the base of a pole, trying to send the ball up to the top to ring a bell. After three tries, ding, ding, I won. The Carnie handed me a big Teddy bear that I promptly handed over to my girl and off we went. I had plans for her and they didn’t include any more time playing stupid rigged games, I’m sure that the only reason that I won was because Julie was so hot.

We got back to the truck and Julie hopped in on my side and sat real close to me in the middle of the bench seat. Our first date had been to see a Gordon Lightfoot concert and I popped our favorite tape into my 8 track player (remember them?) and we headed out to our special parking spot. Going down the road and listening to Gordon croon on about “You’re Beautiful Tonight”, I put my arm around Julie and she leaned in to kiss me. “I really had a good time at the fair, “she said and snuggled up real close.

Feeling emboldened, I reached down and cupped her right breast in my free hand, feeling the silkiness of her bra through the thin fabric of her blouse. “Ummmm” she said, “that feels nice” At this point I was glad that my truck had an automatic transmission as I unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and slid my hand in to feel one glorious tit through her bra. By the lights of the dashboard my suspicions were confirmed, she had on a pink bra tonight. I could feel her nipples swelling up as I kneaded the soft but firm flesh through the satin and lace cups. Julie had her hands under my t-shirt and rubbing my chest, paying close attention to my small nipples. My cock was straining at the zipper of my Levis and I was afraid that I would wreck before getting to “our spot” in back of the corn field.

As I raced down the dirt road along the tall corn, Julie discovered the bulge in my pants pocket from her white panties that I had brought with me, still unsure whether or not she expected them back. “Weeeelllllll now, what do we have here?” she purred. “These look a lot like the panties that I wore last weekend! Are you afraid that I don’t have any more?”

“Well,” I answered, “I just wasn’t sure that you would let me keep something as incredible as your silky white nylon panties!”

While rubbing them on my cheek, she replied “I work in the lingerie section of a department store in the mall, I can buy as many panties as I want!” “Keep these, I love the notion that you won’t help but remember me when you see them, enjoy!”

Wow, between those words and my hand on her silky bra covered breasts, I almost drove into the woods before I got the truck into park. We quickly embraced and started furiously kissing like two maniacs. I paused to finish unbuttoning her blouse, pushed it back off of her shoulders and then threw it up onto the dashboard of my truck. Gordon was singing about “Sweet Summertime Dream” as I took in the beauty of what was sitting beside me. Now clad in just a pink satin and lace bra, her panties still unseen under her white shorts, Julie was a summertime dream and I hoped that her panties Kadıköy Escort matched her lovely bra.

Very similar to the set that she wore during our previous make out session, her bra was the sweetest pink color with nylon satin cups that became the most delicate lace about half way up. One other difference was that tonight’s bra had crescent shaped under wires on the lower half of the cups. These wires gave Julie’s breasts even more lift, resulting in the additional perkiness that I had noticed when I picked her up earlier. Underneath the cups, there was a ¼ inch wide border of matching lace to finish things off. In between the cups, there was a small pink bow that took the place of the clasp on her soft cup bra. This delicate work of art would need to be unhooked from the back!

Her erect nipples were pushing out at the border between the satin and the lace and I leaned over to gently kiss them. Julie pulled my face close to her breast and whispered, “God that feels good, do you like my new bra? I bought it just for you.”

“Julie, you look so hot in it!” I replied and ran one finger under the lace edging of the satin cups, enjoying the soft skin of her breast. I reached up to cradle each satin clad breast with both hands, gently kneading and feeling them while I nuzzled her nipples through the silky fabric.

Julie leaned back and rolled her head backwards, closing her eyes, sighing “Ohhhhhh, that feels so nice, don’t stop, I think that my nipples like it too!”

Believe me when I say this, I had no intention of stopping. The sight of Julie reclining on the seat of my truck, shirt off, her pert nipples poking out of her silky pink bra had caused a huge erection that needed to escape. I quickly kicked of my sneakers, undid my jeans and pulled them down. Julie sat up, unbuttoned her shorts, pulled them down her long legs and put them up on the dashboard. In about a half second it was apparent that her panties did match her pink bra. I needed to get a closer look, and the sooner the better.

I took her into my arms from behind and resumed my gentle assault of her bra covered tits with one hand while my right hand slid down her flat tummy to the waistband of her pink panties. While these were also very similar to the white ones from last week, like her bra, there were also a few differences. These panties had a solid satin back but the waistband became a narrow strip of lace that was sewn to the elastic continuing across the top of her hips. The front had a triangle of lace in the middle that formed a V in the satin panel, then continued down to the silky crotch, meeting up with the back panel. I could see a few wisps of pubic hair through the lace and a slight bulge where it continued downward to her mound and her pussy lips.

I gently brushed my hands across the front of her panties, totally consumed with the sight and feel of her underwear. There was no need for words, I caressed the front of her panties, gradually working down toward her pubic area and Julie began arching her hips toward my hand. I rubbed two fingers over her pussy and Ümraniye Escort gently pushed the fabric of her panties into the folds of her juicy lips. Legs spread, her hips grinding against my fingers, Julie had wrapped her arms around my neck and was sucking on my tongue like the world was ending. I increased the speed of my fingers rubbing the crotch of her pink panties and her juices were beginning to soak the fabric under my fingers. I slipped my finger between the crotch of her panties and the sensitive lips of her pussy, gently caressing her clitoris. Suddenly Julie’s body shuddered and she gasped “Oh, Oh, OH my fucking God” as an orgasm rippled through her gorgeous pink bra and panty clad body.

Julie had been sprawled across my lap and my aching cock had been rubbing against the back panel and waist band of her silky pink panties. I was dying for relief, Julie raised herself up until she was now sitting on my lap with her back towards me. My throbbing dick was positioned against the back panel of her silky panties. Julie whispered “that was incredible, now let me return the favor!”

She began to slowly rock back and forth, sliding the slippery satin of her panties across the length of my cock. I began leaking pre come all over her panties and this made the whole thing even more slippery. My hands had resumed groping her bra covered tits and I was in heaven! Each hand was full of a silky covered tit and my dick was sliding between Julie’s ass and her panty covered crotch. At first she was agonizingly slow but then I responded by humping her ass as she ground her panties into my rock hard boner.

After a few minutes of this, Julie turned around to face me and sat back down onto my cock, once again rubbing the crotch of her pink nylon panties up and down the length of my hard cock. I reached up her back and unhooked her bra. She had been crushing her bra covered breasts against my chest and now I could lift her bra up and feel her naked tits and perky nipples. The slippery combination of her pink panties, her pussy juice and my pre come were more than I could endure and with a groan I came, shooting several spurts of semen into the crotch of her once brand new pink satin panties!

We sat there catching our breath, exchanging sweet kisses, Julie suddenly became rather quiet. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Are you disappointed that I am not ready to do the real thing?” she whispered.

“I guess not'” I said, “we don’t even have any protection and the last thing that I want to do is to get you pregnant.”

This was long before AIDS but pregnancy outside of marriage was frowned upon. I really liked Julie and didn’t want to ruin things, so I was patient. “Thanks” she said and kissed me, “We had better get home before my parents get worried. But first I need to take these soggy panties off!”

She slid them down her long legs and hung them on the shift lever of my pickup. “Add these to your collection!” We got dressed, Julie with no panties. I started the truck and I wondered if my pickup was going to get a boner from Julie’s pink panties hanging from the shift lever!

I dropped Julie off and headed home, knowing exactly what I was going to do with those smoking hot panties as soon as I got into bed! After masturbating a second load into my new treasure, I fell asleep, dreaming about Julie and her panties!

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