Julie and my Roommate Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 Risky Business

I awoke the next morning to beams of sunlight coming through the edges of the white blinds. I rolled over to find that Jason wound up sleeping in the middle of the bed between Julie and myself. Julie was awake and she had one arm across Jason, who was still asleep on his back. She winked at me when she noticed I was awake and she whispered, “Are you ok? Are we ok?”

“We are great!” I whispered back. I looked down and noticed that Jason had a serious case of morning wood. Julie followed my eyes down to his crotch and she looked back at me in surprise.

“So big!” she giggles quietly. The covers had been pulled off him during the night exposing his monster erection. She scooted down and grasped his cock as she winked at me. His dick was pointing almost straight up to the headboard and was bobbing up and down with his heartbeat. She started stroking him slowly and soon she was rubbing it on her face and sucking on the big shiny head. She frequently looked at me, as she was worshipping Jason’s cock and with her other hand, she started rubbing her pussy. I could hear her fingers rubbing her wetness as she was infatuated with her new boyfriend’s huge cock.

She really got into this blowjob but was only able to fit about a third of his dick into her mouth. Her long, beautiful mane was getting in the way, so I scootched down near her and grabbed her beautiful brunette locks, holding it up while she picked up the pace of bobbing up and down on Jason’s cock. Jason had woken up and stretched out and crossed his arms behind his head. He looked down and took in the sight of this beautiful woman slobbering all over his dick. He made eye contact with her and motioned for her to get on top of him. She spoke up, “I’m sorry, I can’t right now.”

“Why not?” Jason asked.

“I am really sore from last night. I think you rearranged my insides,” she giggled.

I was lying on my side right next to him holding her hair, so I had a close-up view of the action. I had to resituate my hands from time to time and grab up her hair again, as she continued to move her head up and down with her intense blow job. After several minutes of her efforts, they began to pay off as Jason’s breaths began to shorten and he closed his eyes, as he began thrusting his pelvis into her. His cock was pounding the back of her throat and she began to gag a little and she was looking up at him to watch his pleasurable reactions. Jason reached down with his left hand and grabbed her cheek, just then, with one final thrust, he began cumming into her beautiful mouth. I could see his urethra expand and pulse as his enormous load made its way into her mouth. She backed off and just held the enormous glans in her lips and she struggled to gulp down his overwhelming ejaculation.

After they were finished, I let go of her hair and she sat up straddling his leg. Her huge breasts were partially covered by her beautiful brown hair, but her nipples were hard and on display.

“Wow! Do you always cum that much?”

“Yeah, it’s usually a lot. When I jack off, I have to keep a couple of towels nearby. That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had! What a nice way to wake up in the morning!”

Jason excused himself to go for a morning jog and we all got ready for the day.

The next couple of days went by mamak escort without a lot of sex, we were all very busy with mid-terms and we pried ourselves away from this lusty three-way relationship for the time being. I would see them in the mornings sitting around watching the news, eating breakfast and as far as I could tell, they hadn’t been fooling around much.

One particular morning, while Jason was out for his run, Julie asked if we could talk. I nervously responded, “What’s up?”

“Jason and I have been talking about something and we wanted to get your approval.”

“Ok, what do you need?”

She continued, “Well, you know the whole birth control situation, I can’t take the pill because it messes me up so bad and he’s allergic to latex, so, I were wondering if Jason and I could use the rhythm method. We didn’t want to do it without your approval though.”

I thought about it for a moment and said, “I think my parents once told me that I was a result of the rhythm method.”

She laughed and replied, “We promise to be extra careful. I’ll make a calendar of my cycle and I’ll take my temperature to make sure I’m not ovulating, so we’ll only have sex on the least risky days. I can always tell when I ovulate, I can actually feel it when I do, I’ll feel a sharp pain in my abdomen and then I get really horny for a couple of days.”

My brain was swimming at the thought of Jason being allowed to cum inside my beautiful girlfriend. The discussion of her proposed method of birth control was triggering images of Jason’s huge cock plunging into her and filling her with his enormous load of semen. I googled, “rhythm method”, on my phone and quickly read that it was about seventy-five per cent effective at preventing pregnancy, those weren’t very good odds.

I wanted to admit to her that this idea turned me on to no end but I tried to play it cool. “I suppose that would be alright, maybe you can keep a calendar on the fridge and highlight the days that it’s safe.”

“Relatively…. Safe,” she smiled back at me and winked. “I’ve actually already worked out this month and next month, I’ll let Jason know. He’s excited about this idea, and we were hoping you would approve. One more thing, we were wondering if you could still use condoms with me,” she said.

“Why?” I replied.

She went on, “Well, if I did get pregnant at least I would know who’s it is.” I was a little taken back by this, but in a weird way it escalated the excitement for me. “I guess we could do that, it only makes sense,” I relented.

She walked over to me and hugged me. She was wearing one of Jason’s flannel shirts, with only her panties on under it, “Do you have a little time before you have to go?” she asked.

I picked her up and took her to our bedroom. With all that had happened that week it was very difficult to last very long at all. I tried my best to satisfy her, but I probably fell a little short by not bringing her to much of an orgasm.

I got dressed and went off to begin my day. Julie didn’t have class this particular morning, so I left her snoozing in the bed. It was difficult to concentrate on my studies this morning, thinking about Julie’s, “rhythm method”, proposal. I wondered what she was up to, probably alone in the apartment ofise gelen escort with Jason.

I received a text from her about an hour later, “I told Jason you were ok with our idea. He’s really excited!” A picture came through right after of her holding Jason’s monster erection, they were apparently fooling around on the couch in the living room. Precum could clearly be seen oozing out of the enormous head and Julie’s dainty hand was in the photo wrapped around his cock.

“This is how excited he is, :-)”

“Are you two going to start without me?” I texted back.

“No, it’s not quite a safe day yet.”

My phone went silent for the next ten minutes, but then I got another snapshot. Jason was holding the phone and Julie sitting on his lap, facing him with his shirt on. It was unbuttoned and her tits were covered in semen. There was a big rope of cum on her chin and across her mouth as she grinned for the camera. “Jason says thanks for letting us do this. My first safe day should be Friday and he can’t wait.”

That week seemed to creep by very slowly as we anticipated the activities of this upcoming weekend. Sometimes Jason would sleep in our bed, but he had a mid-week ball game and this kept him out late, so he would usually crash in his bed after he took a shower.

When Friday arrived, we all woke at the usual time, but Julie and I were thinking we would cut class today and just sleep in. We heard Jason get up and take a shower, so Julie snuggled up to my side as I lay on my back. We both laid there awake just enjoying doing nothing. I asked, “Is today a safe day?” With her eyes closed I could feel her nod a yes.

We heard the shower stop and a few minutes later Jason appeared at the door to our bedroom. He had on a pair of white briefs that weren’t concealing anything. He caught Julie’s attention and he started grinning and said good morning to both of us. Julie tilted her head up and put her chin on my chest, looking at me, and then back to Jason. She was smiling and asked, “What do you want?”

Jason looked down at his morning erection, that was barely concealed with his boxer briefs, and said, “I dunno, I was hoping somebody wanted to fuck!” He then wagged his cock back and forth, as if showing it off to her.

“You are impossible,” Julie laughed.

Jason walked over to the edge of the bed and shoved his pelvis out at her, so Julie reached out and thumped his cock, “Wow! You’re super hard this morning!”

A wet spot began to form in his underwear and the giant mushroom head of his cock suddenly peeked out above the waistband. Julie grabbed it and yanked it down, exposing the rest of his enormous dick. I myself was as hard as a rock, watching this x-rated flirting going on, right in front of me.

Julie crawled over me just enough to reach out and grab Jason’s dick, “I haven’t seen you in a few days, I’m glad you stopped by.” Jason stepped out of his underwear and went around to her side of the bed, climbing in behind her.

Julie had on a sleeping shirt, but she did not wear any panties to bed. Jason got behind her and spooned her while she continued to snuggle with me, with her arm over my chest. She began pulling her shirt off and I could feel her stiff nipples on my skin. Jason otele gelen escort was on his side pulling at her hips and exploring her pussy with his left hand and he scooted down to line up his cock with her ass. Julie lifted a leg to allow his ten-inch cock to slide up against her pussy.

“Dang, you are super wet!” exclaimed Jason.

“You are super hard! I can feel your heartbeat in your dick!” replied Julie.

I actually felt the tip of his cock touch my thigh as he began thrusting between her legs. His dick was getting soaked with her secretions, so Julie reached down and grabbed my dick and slowly started stroking it as this went on. Jason was reaching up and pawing at her tits as they laid on their side grinding against each other.

Julie suddenly got up on her knees and crawled over to take my rock-hard cock in her mouth. Jason followed her up and saw Julie’s wonderful ass sticking up in the air. She was situated perpendicular to me as she began giving me a much-needed blow job. She wagged her ass back and forth inviting Jason to mount her.

She paused sucking on me and looked back to see what he was doing. Jason was stroking his cock and looking at Julie’s wet pussy. “I just wanted to warn you, I haven’t cum all week, I’ll probably make a mess,” he said. He was leaking pre-ejaculate everywhere.

“That’s ok, I don’t mind.” Suddenly after saying this, she groaned and stopped working on my morning wood. Jason had pushed the head of his cock past her entrance and grabbed her lovely hips with his enormous paws. “Go slow…. unghhhh, ohhhhhhhhh,” she mumbled.

Jason patiently and slowly entered her in this doggystyle position. When he was about halfway in, he paused for a moment. Julie stuck her ass out a little farther and bent her torso down into me, causing her to arch her back. Jason suddenly felt something give way and he eagerly started to push the last few inches into her. Julie had almost forgotten about me as she tried to breath. They were now fully joined, as he slowly began thrusting in and out of her. The sensations were overwhelming her and she began having an orgasm almost immediately. From my vantage point I could see his balls hitting her vulva as their wild mating continued. His chiseled abdomen and muscular arms flexed, and flexed again, as he pounded Julie through another orgasm.

Julie looked up at me in a haze and smiled. Her breasts were rocking back and forth as her protruding nipples brushed up and down the mattress. I reached out my hand and placed it on her lower abdomen as Jason pounded into her from behind. Julie’s wetness was pouring down her vulva and onto her belly and the room reeked of sex.

“Can you feel it?” she mumbled.

“Yes, I can, this is so hot! He is really fucking you hard!”

“Mmmhmmm,” is all she could respond with. “He is hitting my cervix,” and then she crested another orgasm.

Jason put one foot up beside and kept his weight on his left knee as continued pounding her like a machine and held tightly to her beautiful hips. I could feel his cock pulse through Julie as he began to cum. Moments later, Jason held onto Julie and thrust one final time as he unloaded his potent semen into Julie’s wonderful pussy.

After holding onto Julie for several moments, Jason slowly dismounted her and sat back onto his heels. Julie rolled onto her side and exposed her beautiful breasts to us. She reached down to her vulva and ran her fingers through her slit. Jason slowly stroked his large, softening, cock as another pulse of his cum seeped out of him.

She looked up at him and then to me and said, “I hope this rhythm method works because I am full of Jason’s cum!”

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