Julia’s Fantasy

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Julia was nineteen, born in a little country village in Dorset in 1798. A pretty young thing, she grew up in the village and found various jobs such as a dairymaid and as a serving girl in the local inn.

Of course she had the looks to attract all the young men of the village and beyond. Her hair was long and lustrous, her lips full and sensual, her eyes sparkling green full of mischief and naughtiness. Her tits were small and perfectly formed, little apples of delight, with perky pink nipples.

The girls of the village grew up very quickly in those days. Julia’s three best friends had all been fucked several times before they were eighteen: Annie had had at least four cocks inside her, the last one, Sam’s, had however not only delighted her but made her pregnant. She was now married.

Sara and Josie loved sex and the wonderful delights of reaching an orgasm. If they couldn’t find a willing lad to satisfy them they would snuggle down somewhere and lick and finger each other to a gushing climax. These were Julia’s friends, she loved them but she wasn’t as free and easy with her virtue as they were.

It wasn’t as though Julia didn’t love sex: she did, and indeed had experienced two cocks of her own. The first had been three years ago, a farm boy who had warmed her up nicely but then came far too quickly. Her second cock had been from a dark skinned handsome fellow named Antonio. He was in his late twenties and staying at the inn where she worked: he showed her the true delights of sexy sex. With him she learned to love fucking in many different positions, how to suck cock, how to wank a man. But it wasn’t all one way: he wanked her, teasing and pleasing her pussy to fabulous heights; he licked her eager fanny until, mad with ecstacy, she erupted in a torrent of cum juice in his face. She loved it and so did he!

Only two cocks but she couldn’t get the memory of Antonio’s out of her mind. At night she would wank, excitedly re-living a particular encounter with him. She would daydream, hardly aware of her thoughts, until she suddenly realised how wet her cunt had become. She loved the thought of licking and sucking a big, hard cock, sticky and wet with precum. The thought of a big erect cock slowly pushing itself into her wet juicy cunt drove her to distraction.

The lads of the village desperately wanted to fuck her but Antonio had spoiled her, she didn’t want them and their amateurish ways any more; let Sara and Josie have them.

Then one morning a young upper class gentleman stopped at the village for a drink. He walked into the bar and Julia served him a glass of port They began to chat. At one point he asked her about her financial position and she had to confess that often she had very little money to hand.

“Well” Tekirdağ Escort he said, “I’m giving a particularly interesting party up at the Great Hall tomorrow night. I need some girls, well I’ve got nearly all of them, but you would be most welcome to come.”

“What would I be doing?” asked Julia.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll find you something to do” he chuckled, “but don’t ask, just come.”

“Alright,” replied Julia, “as long as I get paid I’ll do anything.”

“Yes. I’m sure you will,” he laughed and at that he got up and left.

The Great Hall belonged to the Duke of Dorset but he was on a European mission at this time and his son Lord Naseby had taken over the reigns of running the place. The following day, the day of the party, Naseby had given all the staff the night off. He was alone and the Hall was empty but only for an hour or so. Then the guests started to arrive, twelve in all, a very discreet gathering, all young men in their twenties. Soon the drinking began and laughter filled the air.

As all were settled, Naseby went to the kitchen where he had told his girls to assemble, twelve in all, including Julia. They had hardly spoken to one another before he announced,”Well girls, you want to know why you are here. First of all I must bind you to total secrecy. No-one must breathe a word of this. You are all from different villages so what you will be doing is of no social consequence to you.”

At this point, Julia was beginning to feel some misgivings but curiosity led her to stay and listen.

“What is it we have to do?” asked a blonde haired girl.

“Very simple. You will strip completely naked. Then you will be led into the library. There you will kneel down, indeed crouch down, in a circle, facing inwards so only your arses and feet can be seen. You will raise your arses up in the air. You will be given a number and then twelve masked gentlemen will come into the library and each will call out a number. When yours is called, you will go with that gentleman to a room and then pleasure him in any way he wants.”

The girls collectively gasped. None of them were virgins, but this was going too far.

“One other thing I might add,” Martin continued, “is that each of you will be paid £100.”

Again, the girls gasped as one. A hundred pounds, a small fortune. Julia looked at the others and realised that the money on offer was, for all of them, too much to say no to. She became aware of her own feelings, she wanted the money that was for sure, but she also began to feel an incipient wetness in her cunt. She couldn’t back out of this situation but at the same time she was beginning to experience a real sexual thrill.

Two of the girls were already undressing and Julia began to Tekirdağ Escort Bayan follow them. Soon all the girls were totally nude and Julia realised that they were all really pretty. Strangely, she began to feel more and more horny. She knew she could never be a prossie but this situation was, in a way, beyond her control and here she was getting excited and ever more wet.

The girls were given a number and led to the library and told to kneel down in a circle facing each other, bottoms up. They cast quick glances at each other and Julia was pleased to see that most of the girls were smiling naughtily at each other. By now her cunt was beginning to drip girl juice down the inside of her legs; she wondered if the others felt as she did!

In walked the young men: masked, but their masks were the only items of attire they wore. They were all naked and each man’s cock stood proudly erect with precum leaking from each one. The girls couldn’t see this but the men could see the girls and as they walked around them, each man could see their lubricated cunts.

On the call of each number, a man would slap a girl’s bottom and take her off to a private bedroom. Julia’s was number nine and she waited with some trepidation for it to be called. Yes, she was excited but what if her man was a brute, what if he wanted rough sex? And yet she had waited a long time for sex, to feel the hard length of a stiff cock penetrate her pussy, feel its hard, wet warmth against her fanny walls, feel the pulsating explosion as it showered its spunk into her. Yes, she did want cock, needed cock, loved cock and if this was how she was to get it, then so be it.

Then her number was called and she felt a light slap on her bottom: it was her turn to depart with a masked lover. She stood up and there facing her was a tall blonde haired man, broad shouldered, slim hips, big six inch cock already dripping with precum. He wore a small mask. He smiled appreciatively at her, took her hand and led her to an unoccupied bed-chamber. Well he’s handsome thought Julia; and he certainly has a lovely big cock!

They entered the room and he turned the key in the lock. He looked at her and marvelled at her beauty. Such lovely hair, such beautiful tits and gorgeous, kissable nipples which were rock hard. He looked over her entire body: her little belly, her curly pubic hairs framing her sweet cunt, her sexy legs and such pretty little feet.

He held her in his arms and kissed her gently on her mouth; she responded, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues twisted against each other as each lovingly savoured this moment.

“I’m taking my mask off,” he said. “I don’t want anything to come between us.”

He removed his mask and she Escort Tekirdağ could see straight away that he was indeed a handsome man, his blue eyes were amazing, so intense, so clear and, it seemed to her, so loving.

“I know you are Julia,” he said. “I’m Martin, and I’ve fallen in love with you. It’s love at first sight. It’s stupid, but it’s true.”

“You’d fall in love with someone like me?” she queried. “Someone who is, for want of a better phrase, taking part in a sex party.”

“Yes but don’t forget I am part of that sex party too”

Saying nothing more, he moved his hands from her waist and began to lightly squeeze and stroke her bottom. She in response nipped and squeezed his bum marvelling at how firm it was. She had for a moment dried up but now her cunt was wet again, and again, little tiny streams of cum juice were leaking out it. She could feel his hard cock against her tummy leaving strands of cum on it. He lowered his hands to her tits and fondled them slowly, then with more urgency. His lips brushed against her nipples and then he began to lightly lick them, his tongue moving back and forth against those hardened nubs. Julia was in ecstacy, groaning with pleasure as he laid her on the bed and parted her legs wide. He kissed and licked and sucked her toes, then slowly stroked and kissed his way up to her completely wet cunt. He could see it glistening with girl-cum, he could feel her juices on her thighs and he licked them passionately. She moaned softly as he stroked his fingers along and then inside her wet cunt and then to her delight, began to kiss then lick her cum-soaked cunt. His tongue lapped at her clit and then suddenly, she could take no more.

“I’m coming,” she moaned. “I’m coming. I’m coming.”

She came, she came so incredibly hard, her whole body was racked with shudders and convulsions. Then she cried out to Martin, “Fuck me. Stick your hard cock in my cunt. Fuck me with your big cock. Fuck me”

Martin took his cock in his hand and guided it to Julia’s over-flowing fanny. He had no trouble sticking it in and hearing the wetness of it as it moved faster and faster inside her.

“You love cock don’t you. You adore having a big hard cock inside your cunt. You love cock. You love sucking cock don’t you, don’t you.”

“Yes, yes. I do love cock. I want cock. I love a big stiff cock in my cunt.”

Hearing these sexy desires from this beautiful girl, hearing her sex language was too much for Martin.

“I’m going to cum,” he groaned. “Do you want me to cum inside you.”

“No, no. Cum over me, cum over my little tits. Bathe me with your sex juice.”

Martin gave one final thrust then pulled out his engorged cock, gave it a quick stroke and then he came. Julia looked with sheer happiness as his cum shot powerfully all over her belly and her tits. She was covered in cum but it was his and she loved it.

They kissed, slept lightly and then she sucked his cock and made him cum again. In the morning they fucked again. They were lovers and would be together now for all time.

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