Julia’s Fantasy

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You’re laying on your stomach at first.

You can hear the footsteps of men enter the room; you’re not sure how many there are. You can feel them approach silently, wordlessly. They walk around you. Their eyes are locked on your naked body, soaking in every curve, every crevice. Your anticipation builds as you hear them mill about. They have surrounded you, getting closer. You can feel their want, their hunger, their need to take you. You can hardly wait.

Still on your stomach, you part your thighs a little. You are wet, glistening. One of the strangers – behind you, you think – lets out a small groan of desire. A waft of cool air slips down your ass and caresses the hot, wet flesh. You can smell yourself. The men around you are breathing heavily. The one behind you is panting.

Suddenly, a touch. A hand slides up your leg, following the contours of your thigh. The touch of his skin, a little rough, glides along the back of your leg, twisting, turning in as it slides toward your pussy. Goosebumps follow his hand, and you want him to touch you there soo much. You want so much more than a touch. The tease is almost unbearable.

And then his thumb is against the crease of your ass and thigh, and the back of his hand brushes against your swollen, wet lips. Your hips buck involuntarily, and it is your turn to gasp. The stranger behind you chuckles. You push back against him, but his hands have slipped past to stroke your ass. You can feel cool streaks of your moisture begin to evaporate where he has pulled it over the elegant curve of your buttocks.

And now the others have begun. One reaches for your hand, pulls it toward him, and suddenly you are holding a cock. A wonderfully hot, pulsing cock. You marvel once again of that mixture of hard and soft – the yielding softness of the skin over the iron stiffness of blood engorged. You slide your hand over the shaft, over the ridge, and caress the head. You can feel his precum. You purr.

Another is teasing your face. You can feel his cock brushing softly against your cheek, your mouth, your neck. You strain slightly, mouth open, need to feel its hardness in your mouth. But the man is fast, and cruel, and he only lets it slide along your lips. You can smell his musk. He slaps the head against your forehead. You can feel the weight, it’s solidness. You want it, need it badly. You whimper.

The one on your left has taken your hand of his penis, and is now kissing, licking, stroking his way along your arm. Now he raises your hand to his mouth, and slips a finger into his wet mouth, and then other. Another, on your right, is stroking your back, the small of your waist, your ear. He leans in blows hotly there, licking around and behind your ear. His hands slip under your armpit, and then lower. Rough hands against rock hard nipples. It feels good, and you think about rolling over.

But the man behind you has full control. You can feel his sandpapery skin, fingernails against the backs of your thighs, your knees. He is pulling away! And again you buck, push yourself back. But then you feel his hot breath, he hands pushing your legs further apart, and you know he is kneeling between your legs.

You are fully exposed, your slick pussy dripping. You can feel his eyes, his breath, against your moisture. He is drinking you in. He loves your cunt, and the small wrinkled bud just behind it. With both hands, he grabs your buttocks, pulls your cheeks apart. You feel so exposed! And then suddenly, his hot, wet tongue is sliding against the curve of your cheek as he holds you open. Another involuntary buck, and then he is biting gently against the sensitive flesh there. You groan. The gorukle escort tension is unbearable, is wonderful. You are gaping, dripping, squirming. You need him badly. “Do it,” you growl from the back of your throat. They are the first words anyone has said.

“Do it,” you growl from the back of your throat. The stranger in front seizes the moment, and slips himself into your mouth. He fills your mouth, dripping with precum. Your tongue swirls around the head, drawing him in further. You taste him – warm, salty, filling. There is more of that to come. Still blindfolded, you can feel him on the balls of his feet, leaning down and into your mouth. You suck, you lick; you feel him buck forward and up. You own him now. He is trembling, beginning to slowly pump his cock in and out of your mouth. He grabs handfuls of your hair to steady himself. His urgency is building; he seem to swell in your mouth. His pubic hair tickles your nose as you bring him in fully; gagging slightly when his cock rubs the back of your throat. Your mouth, his penis. They make a slick, wet, sliding sound as it moves in and out.

The man on your right has slipped his arm further under your chest. He strokes, flicks, lightly twists your nipples. They are engorged, still, and sore. His touch is electric. One hand caressing the curves of your back and sides, the other teasing the soft flesh of your breasts, now more roughly over the areola, and then his thumb and forefinger compressing a nipple. He too, seems to be trembling, until you realize he is stroking himself. Now you can feel his hardness bump against the side of your ass. He is wet, too, stimulated by your naked, compliant form.

The stranger on your left has let your fingers slip from his mouth; now you are moving in across his chest. You feel hard lines of muscle; the harder flesh of nipples. A tuft of hair at the center, and then more ridges as you slip down his abdomen. More hair – dense, wire-like, musky, and you are holding his cock again. A tactile vision; he is handsome, muscular, and strong. Your body, your touch has aroused him to the point of madness; your submission has overcome him, too. You stroke his penis, and feel him thrust against palm and fingers. He is near, as well.

Your body stiffens, arches suddenly, and you gasp around the cock thrusting in your mouth. The one behind you has been licking the backs of your legs, your ass checks, that tender flesh just inside the curve. But now he has lowered his mouth to the gaping wetness that is your pussy. He licks luxuriously along your slit, tasting you from top to bottom. The tip swipes along the tight crinkle of your anus; your body jumps and quivers. Now the tongue is back for a more careful, sensuous exploration of that forbidden area. His tongue draws your moisture up, adds its own, and swirls around the sensitive flesh. He tightens the tip, and exerts more pressure, deliciously against the opening. You tense at first, and then yield, and he explores deeper.

A brief pause of no contact, and then something harder than a tongue is nestled there. His cock? No wait, it’s his nose, and he has buried his mouth and tongue in your sopping cunt. Now he is fully engaged, rolling your labia, sucking them into his mouth. His lips pull against yours; he nibbles lightly on the musky flesh. His tongue is darting inside you; nothing is safe from its probing delicate hotness. He penetrates it deep into your velvet grasp, and then once, twice it flicks against your clit. Now it is circling that center of pleasure, quickening the pace, accelerating your need.

It does not take long for you to cum, and it crashes over you like a wave. Your hips escort bayan buck, you writhe, moan. The stranger merely clamps his hands against your waist, and locks his mouth against you. He rides your spasmodic, jerking release, his tongue still twirling, mouth still sucking. You can feel his mouth tight against your pussy, swallowing your juices, swallowing you. It is a powerful orgasm that does not precisely end. There is a peak of pleasure that is overwhelming, but you relax only slightly to a renewed plateau. Your body is on fire; a raw nerve, and you know there is more to come.

Your performance has pushed the others over the edge. You can feel the man against your side quickening his stroking to a furious pace. His hand clenches hard against your breast, and you sense him stiffen. A muffled groan, and you feel the heaviness of his ejaculate against your thigh. His fingers pull against your nipple once, twice, and a third time, matching the thick ropes of cum spurting from his cock. They land across your back, thigh, and ass. You can feel it drip into the valley of your spine, and pool slowly in the hollow of your back.

The jutting Adonis in your hand is peaking, as well. You match the upstroke of his hips with the sliding grip of your palm, faster, faster. And then you feel him swell in your hand, the rush of semen through his thick cock, the explosive ejaculation. You keep stroking him as his cum drips through your fingers. It is sticky, clinging, almost soapy. Your hand is drenched in his seed; it is lubricant for your final slower, gentle strokes.

You can feel the cock in your mouth nearing its completion, as well. He is literally fucking your mouth, his hardness slamming in and out of your wet, sucking embrace. He still clenches handfuls of your hair in his fists; now he grabs the sides of your head as his thrusting reaches a new urgency. This time it is your mouth that feels him swell; your tongue that feels the pulse of his orgasm. You can feel his knees buckle as his cum erupts in spray after spray. The first is in your mouth, and you taste his saltiness, the queer viscosity of his seed. But he has also pulled out while cumming, and your face is drenched. You can feel an impact against your blindfolded eye, another spurt in your hairline. More drips from the tip of your nose and from your lips. Free of his penis, your tongue licks his gift from your lips, swallowing, devouring more.

The trifold release has pushed you over the edge, again. A less powerful, but still deeply erotic orgasm. You have been used, your submission has aroused them, enflamed them, and then finally, spectacularly satisfied them. Their spent need only increases your own. You ache for that final, penetrating release. “Please,” you groan to the man behind you. “I need your cock.”

You can feel him chuckle, his mouth still clamped to your gushing slit. Again, that brief moment of loss as his pleasuring stops. You can hear, feel him moving around between your legs. Then his knees are pressing against your thighs, spreading them further. Another gasp, another twitch. The head of his penis strokes against the outside of your pussy. You feel him lean in toward you, and you tense, waiting for the penetration.

But he is still teasing. He slides his penis not into your ready wetness, but sensuously against your ass. You feel the long hardness of him grind against your cheeks. The head nestles into that deepest part, and lodges against your anus. He presses temptingly, briefly, and then away. He pumps once, twice, and a third time against the cleavage of your buttocks. You can feel his length, his girth. His cock is rock hard, bursa escort bayan and pulsing with heat. It is the ultimate tease; you can not help but imagine him stroking your wetness instead.

A long growl, almost animalistic. He senses your burgeoning need, and knows it is time for the teasing to end. You feel his cockhead against your labia once more, sliding up and down it’s length. But this time he is just gathering your moisture. And then, on a down stroke, you feel the head slip between your lips instead. It slips about, questing for the tightness of your channel, finds, and then he is in. One powerful stroke, and he penetrates, is inside you.

His cock is large, and fills you tightly. You can feel yourself expanding to his girth, and clench down around him. it is his turn to growl, and you feel him pull slowly, almost lazily out. But now his need is growing, and he plunges his hardness back inside you. Your pussy is a hot, wet glove that slips tightly around him, accepting his long, powerful strokes.

He is establishing a rhythm, pulling slowly out and thrusting back in. Your body is like a live, raw wire. You are near to losing all sense, submitting fully to the powerful sensations triggered from your cunt, jolting through every cell of your body. You can feel your release building in sympathy with his growing pace. Now he is really, spectacularly fucking you. His cock pistons in and out of your pussy like a blur, and the sensations of his penetration are melting into one long, sustained note of pleasure. His hands grasp your waist as he adds leverage to his thrusts. He has lost the capacity to tease, to think; he, too, has finally succumbed to the power of your body, your wet, gaping cunt.

You can feel him building, swelling inside you. His loins slap against the back of your thighs and ass as he thrusts strongly into you. You can hear him grunting, gasping. He is more a rutting bull than a man. His sweat drips off him onto you, adding to the heat and wetness of your fucking.

Now he has moved his hand into the crease of your ass, and his stroking in time with his thrusts. His thumb finds your anus, and massages it in slow circle. You clench and release against it, and he presses down. Suddenly, he slips past your tight sphincter to the knuckle, and you have a new sensation of penetration, fullness. It is too much, and it pushes you over the edge. A trembling wave raises up and crashes down over you. It is overwhelming, your senses are compressed into one awareness. The pleasure electrifies you, slams through you. Your ass and pussy clench spasmodically, and that is all your man needs. He roars his release, and cums. You feel each pulse splash against your walls, the thick ropes sending additional jolts of pleasure through your body as the orgasm washes over you.

Some time passes; you have no awareness of anything except your body. Used, spent, worshipped. The stranger has collapsed against your back, his penis still inside you. With little quivers, you can feel it detumescing. Slowly, gently, the stranger stirs, and pulls away. You feel him inside you pull slowly out, and finally exit with a soft plop. You can feel cool air nuzzling the wetness that seems to cover your entire lower body. You sigh, deeply relaxed. You are tired to your core, but it is that powerful, good tiredness that can only come from exquisite tension. You can now longer hear or feel the presence of any of the strangers; they have left as quickly, quietly, and anonymously as they had come. You roll slowly over, and reach for your blindfold.

“Very, very good,” a male voice suddenly speaks. It has come from the other side of the room. Had he been there the whole time, waiting, watching?

“An excellent performance. You have a beautiful body. I plan to enjoy it fully.”

“Keep the blindfold on.”

You hear him get up from the couch, and walk toward you. . .

To be continued? . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32