Julia July Ch. 02: “Good Kitty”

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Chapter Two: Good Kitty

When I awoke, I tried pretending it was a dream. My head was screaming, my mouth tasting like unwashed teeth and scotch. I laid still as long as I could; minutes, hours, I couldn’t tell. When I heard Julia busy down in the kitchen I had a crazy thought to stay in my room for the rest of my life. But of course I couldn’t do that, and I knew I couldn’t just ignore my daughter either.

I went downstairs slowly, my heart racing again, causing a pounding in my ears, and my head and body protesting the entire way. I was hungover, ashamed. My feet carried me to the kitchen, dressed in a tshirt and shorts, and when I crossed the threshold, I couldn’t quite look Julia in the eyes.

“Morning daddy!” she said in that wonderful sing-song voice. She was making breakfast: coffee, eggs, toast, and bacon. Dressed in long cotton jammies and an old shirt of mine from 20 years ago, she didn’t appear to be angry, awkward, or hungover. I resented her for that last part.

“Listen, Julia…” I started the sentence, my voice cracked, not like a teen hitting puberty, but like a tired old man.

“Coffee,” she cut across me and placed a big cup of black, bold coffee before me on the little dining table, barely big enough for two.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” I blew on it and took a sip. It felt good to have that hot feeling spread through my chest to the rest of my body. I snapped more awake, determined to talk to Julia.

“About last night,” I knew it sounded cliche, like the name of a stupid romantic comedy, but Julia cut across me again, a big bright smile on her face as she slid a plate of delicious food before me.

“You’re determined not to talk to me about it, are you?” I asked, feeling exasperated, trying to find some sort of redemption. What would make it alright, though, really? I was drunk? I was hard as chinese algebra? I didn’t know what I would say, but I had to say something. I had to try to make it right.

“What is there to talk about?” she said in a suddenly stern, matter-of-fact tone. She sounded like her mom, and just like her mom, before I could respond she was talking again.

“I was wetter than I have ever been. Sopping wet. Sucking your dick got me hot, but pulling my cum soaked panties on had me like a dog in heat. I went back to my room, licked your cum off my underwear and fingered myself until I had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. In. My. Life. That’s all there is to it, dad,” she said the whole thing with that same sassy, bossy tone, not looking at me directly, but out the kitchen window. It was probably for the best, because my mouth must have been near my feet.

The twitch, as I’d start calling it after that moment, was when Julia brought my penis from flaccid to God-Bless-America hard in the space of a few moments. And she definitely gave the the twitch here.

There was silence as we both ate; me struggling between being profoundly hungover, amazingly turned on, and incredibly ashamed of myself. Julia looked thoughtful.

“I need to go back to Ames to finalize my schedule. Can I borrow your car dad?” her soft voice brought me from my stupor, and I looked at this young woman, whom I loved like I never had another woman for reasons very different than I had ever loved another woman.

“Of course. I really should get some work done anyway,” I answered. She smiled, kissed my forehead as I sat in my chair of pain and shame, and headed back to her room. I cleaned the kitchen, taking longer than I normally would have, because my brain was ailing. Julia returned downstairs about half an hour later as I sat at the table working on my second cup of coffee.

She was so lovely, even without trying. She wore very light eyeliner, just enough to bring out those striking blue eyes. Her hair was down, the curls going whatever way they wanted. She was wearing a light red sundress and sneakers. Maybe in that moment I fell in love, but it’s hard to say.

“I’ll try to be back for dinner,” she said lightly, grabbing my keys from the key hanger I had put up by the door.

“Are we okay?” I asked, gently grabbing her hand as she was halfway out the door into the dry, cool Iowa summer day.

“Right as rain,” she was sing-song again and pulling out in the car before I could find a response.

I bursa escort moved as a ghost about the house, changing, brewing yet more coffee, and gathering my files. Just as I had sat myself down at my computer, I had flashbacks of my baby girl, my beloved daughter sucking my dick like a champ. My cell went off.

“Oh, God,” I wondered briefly how many times I would say those words this week. It was Julia’s mother, though the caller ID said, ‘Cunt.’

“Hello Lily,” I answered, trying to sound as flat as possible. I knew Julia hadn’t said anything, because Lily wasn’t screaming the moment I put the phone to my ear.

“Brent. How’s Julie doing?” she was as blunt as she had ever been in the last 20 cold years.

“She’s at ISU now, finalizing her classes. Amazing how bright she’s turned out. They’re gonna pay for quite a lot,” I couldn’t help but feel pride and warmth, though none of it had anything to do with Lily.

“I want her home for any breaks she has, Brent. You already get her for most of the school year,” straight to the point, this woman.

“Well I think she can decide that for herself, don’t you Lil? I won’t stop her, but I’m not forcing anything. How’s Dick?” the conversation was dull and forced, but I at least tried to keep things cordial.

“His name is Richard, and you know that Brent. I’ve been telling you that for the last ten years. Have her call me,” Lily said. I would have told her to call herself, but she had hung up before I could say anything.

“What a bitch,” I yawned took another sip of coffee. After having so much, I needed the restroom. There was only one in the house, my biggest lament of the purchase. It was across the hall from my room. At least it was a full bath, I thought as I opened the door. I did my business, playing some stupid game on my phone. After washing I turned to finally get to work and found a note taped to the inside of the door.

“Dear Daddy,

I’m sure you’ll be bored while I’m at school, so I’ve made you this scavenger hunt!”

Just like that I was transported 15 years in the past; little Julia at school leaving me scavenger hunts for silly things like different colored crayons, or cards from her favorite trading card game. Back then Lily and I had been trying to make it work, but it was doomed to fail and these cute, innocent notes from my daughter had helped make my day.

But this note was different, and far from the innocent little hunts from her younger days.

Cat Ears

Collar and leash (make them cute!)

Cat tail

Watering bowl

More champagne wouldn’t hurt

Put them on my bed



I stared at the list, and knew these were things I wouldn’t find in her bedroom. When I got back to my room, I looked at the clock. 11:37am. I didn’t know why I wanted to keep playing this game, but I did. Maybe it was because Julia was the hottest girl to wrap her lips around my dick in years, regardless if she was my daughter. Maybe it was because the dirty feeling was so hot. I couldn’t pinpoint it, but I knew I wanted to find those items. So I made my calls, sent emails, sold my sales, and finished working early by 3pm.

There was a porn store not far, and I found myself there, taking my bicycle as Julia had the car.

“Hello. Need help finding anything?” the girl behind the counter was pretty, but looked impossibly bored at 3:30 in the afternoon.

“No, thanks. I’ll just browse,” my voice sounded shaky to me, but she didn’t pay this middle aged shopper any mind, and instead went back to her phone.

The ears were easy to find. I chose some fluffy, big black cat ears. Finding a cute collar and leash was fairly easy as well, but there were a lot more… colorful choices. I couldn’t find a watering dish, but I found the tails and stopped dead. They were all different colors and sizes, but attached to plugs. After my initial surprise, and that strange twitch again, I brought my items to the checkout.

“Anything else?” she barely even looked at my items as she scanned them.

“That’ll be all,” I replied. She bagged the items in a black, unmarked plastic sack and paid no mind to how sweaty I must have been.

The grocery store was on the way home, and I stopped to grab the remaining items, very aware of how bursa escort it looked to walk around with a bag such as I already had. The bored cashier didn’t pay it any mind, though, and I soon was home, dumping the items onto Julia’s bed and taking a quick shower.

I was again nervous when Julia came home a couple hours later. I was sitting in the living room, mindlessly watching TV. She came in, removed her shoes and placed the car keys on the rack (that’s my girl), and sat down next to me.

“Well I’m all set for classes. Only a couple weeks until school starts. Gotta get the rest of my books sometime soon,” she said all of it in a calm, almost exasperated tone. I was amazed by how she could be so cool after dealing with a big college, and sucking her dads dick.

“Are you nervous?” I asked.

“No, I’m excited,” the look she gave me and the subtle emphasis made me sure she was referring to something other than school.

“So, uh… What do you want for dinner?” I was still so uncomfortable, and openly flirting with my daughter was so far out of my comfort zone it might as well be in another zip code.

“Pizza,” she said brightly, hopping off the couch and disappearing upstairs.

Letting out a sigh, I dialed a pizzeria and had a pie delivered 20 minutes later. I paid, and took the pizza to an open kitchen counter. I figured while I was there I might as well have a whiskey to calm my humming nerves.

When Julia came downstairs, I nearly choked on the gulp of whiskey already in my mouth. Her brown hair was pulled back into a tight pony, and she was wearing those fluffy cat ears. Her tits were stuffed in an undersized black tube top, and she had on black panty hose with a short black skirt that showed the lower part of her round and wonderful bum.

I felt the twich.

“What kind of pizza did you get, dad?” she asked innocently.

There was a solid ten seconds I didn’t respond, stunned by how smoking hot she looked.

“Just… Just, uh, pepperoni,” I finally replied. I had another whiskey, and then another before I sat at the table with her. She was acting like everything was normal.

“May I have a glass of champagne?” she asked, still sweetly and giving me a pouty face.

“Of course,” I said, moving to rise from the table.

“I got it,” she said quickly, and got up,

returning with two very full glasses.

Dinner was quiet. She was drinking as quickly as me and soon that blushing red was on her fair cheeks. She grinned at me, clearly no longer interested in the food. I gulped down the piece I was chewing and turned my attention to finding another slice.

I nearly dropped it when her foot rubbed against my crotch.

“Julia…” I began, not sure what to say or do.

“Kitty wants to play,” she said quietly, gently brushing her lovely foot on my growing member.

She finished her champagne, and stood, turning to the stairs fast enough that her skirt flaired up and allowed me to see she wasn’t wearing panties. The twitch happened and I lost the battle with my conscience. I was going to fuck my daughter. I stood, and followed her up the stairs close enough to get a glimpse up her skirt.

At the top of the stairs she got down on all fours, crawling to her bedroom door and then perching her butt on the heels of her feet. She looked at me expectantly. I had never seen anything so hot in my life. It was like a scene from a porn; too good to be true.

I opened the door to her room, which was charmingly messy. There were enough candles burning to dimly light the small space, and I noticed the water dish on the floor next to the bed, upon which was the tail I had gotten earlier. My eyes went back to Julia to find she was fixing the collar around her long, smooth neck.

She crawled to me and handed me the leash with pouty blue eyes gazing into mine, her head mere inches from a dick that I was sure could break a stone.

I hastily unbuttoned, unzipped, and dropped my pants. My dick pounced out and she was on it with as quick a reflex as any cat. She hungrily slurped my cock, moaning as she pushed as far as she could go.

“Oh baby,” I moaned low. she had switched to stroking me slowly as she licked my balls and stared up at me. By the time she took me back in escort bayan her mouth, I could hear the sloppy sounds of her fingering herself. Her moans got louder and more animalistic. Her blue eyes kept my gaze, her mouth sliding up and down my shaft. I could now smell her pussy, and I swear I was going to bust, but she stopped suddenly as if she knew. She was breathing heavily, drooling heavy strings of saliva.

“Kitty needs a tail, daddy,” she moaned through her heavy breaths. Julia about-faced and stuck her perfect ass in the air, pulling the skirt up so I could see her dripping puss and tight asshole.

I grabbed the white tail, and rubbed the glass plug against her vagina, getting it plenty wet. She moaned again and pushed herself against it, heat radiating from her swollen mound. I was no longer thinking of anything besides taking care of my little kitty.

When the glass touched her anus, she jerked and turned those blue eyes directly back at me. I saw out of my periphery her panting mouth, tongue hanging out, and I pushed.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed as the plug slowly pushed in. She was to the lip, groaning loudly as it popped into place, and my baby girl had a tail attached to a three inch plug buried in her little butthole.

“Kitty’s thirsty,” she panted. I could see the tail jerk as she tightened and released.

I grabbed the champagne and poured it into the water dish. In mere seconds she was at the dish, lapping the champagne up like a cat while I held her leash.

And then I had a great idea. I got on my knees next to Julia, who’s eyes shot to my dick like a predator spotting easy prey. I got as low as possible and put my dick in the watering dish. She groaned and continued to lap up the champagne, her tongue flicking against the tip of my penis. I pulled it out and tugged her leash so she diverted her attention to licking the bubbly off my dick.

“Good kitty,” I murmured. She was moaning when she took her mouth from me. She turned and bent over her bed, wagging the tail by gyrating her ass.

“Kitty can’t stand it anymore. Come fuck this kitty, daddy. Fuck the shit out of this kitty,” she was begging, breathing heavily, practically dripping onto the floor.

I was so quickly to her that she gasped when I thrust myself into her wet hole. I had mounted like a feral dog, like a fuck-beast. With one hand I pulled her collar taught, with the other I grabbed a handful of asscheek and I did as kitty wanted.

I fucked Julia as hard as I could, the slapping of flesh and wetness were loud, filling the room. She was screaming, grabbing at me, the covers, anything she could reach.

“Oh, God, fuck me daddy!” she was gasping for breath, and I could tell by the way she was contracting and moving that she was going to cum. I smacked her ass hard, leaving a bright red hand-shaped welt.

“Oh!” she cried out, pushing her pelvis back hard against me.

“Pull my tail,” she was begging again.

I let go of her collar and instead pulled her skirt off, then her tube top so I could see her perky, handful-sized tits pressed against the bed. I pulled on her tail, feeling her tighten to keep the plug in and I resumed fucking hard. She was moaning low.

I wanted to see her face when she came, so with a sudden burst of dad strength I spun her around and placed her face up on the edge of the bed. I was back in before Julia could say anything and she was staring at me, a look of utter need upon her face.

I bent low and pounded, kissing her, kissing her neck and watching those amazing breasts with tiny pink nipples bouncing from the force of my fucking.

She came. Hard. She was suddenly digging her nails into my back, gasping for air and arching her back towards me.

“That’s it. Cum baby girl. Cum on daddy’s dick,” I whispered into her ear, pushing slow, even, and hard thrusts as deep as I could. She kissed me on the lips, now shaking slightly as the orgasm subsided.

“Kitty wants cum now, daddy,” she licked her lips, staring into my eyes.

“Does my little girl want cum in her mouth?” how could words like that ever come from my mouth?

“Oh yes, daddy. I want to taste your cum,” she moaned.

I pulled out and barely made it to her open, beckoning mouth before I shot off. I came so hard and my baby girl took the entire giant load and swallowed, smiling up at me.

“Good kitty,” I whispered.

And amazingly, she pulled the plug out with a sharp intake of breath, quickly wiped her face with kleenex, and rolled over falling fastly asleep.

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