Jordan Mcdowell and My Wife

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Female Ejaculation

Since this is my first story I will give a little bit about myself. My name is Tyson and I am married. From Indiana and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Accounting and Business. I have a lot of fantasies, and I have a lot of things that society says is bad or is not the social norm for a college educated person. Whatever that means, I figured this might be a way to relieve some of the things I have inside. Anyway enough of that, my stories from here on out are not true but some parts are, you’ll know what is and what isn’t.

“Hey honey!” I gently kiss my wife on the cheek, excited to come home from work.

“How was work” Lorrie says in a loving voice.

“I am an accountant I don’t save the world dear” I say as I smell the food on the table.

After eating we went downstairs into the basement where we cuddled on the couch and watched a movie and afterwards we talked until we fell asleep. I asked her if she was happy with me and she said yes, questions like those that you would ask when you first got married. I asked “What about Jordan Mcdowell? What ever happened to him.” She paused for a second and looked at me, almost looking a lil scared but I didn’t think anything of it, I was an accountant not Dr. Phil.

“Dear, that was a long time ago. I mean yeah I cheated I mean we were dating at that time and I barley knew you and that is just long gone.” She smiled and kissed me and it took my mind off of all of that. And when I asked why we don’t have sex anymore she did the same thing, but I thought nothing of it. I fell asleep with her wrapped in my arms, and konyaaltı üniversiteli escort it was a Friday so I did not have to go to work the next day. I woke up about four times that night because she got up to text somebody and when I asked who it was she told me to go back to bed and it was her sister.

I woke up slowly that morning. My wife apparently already got up, I thought to make breakfast or something of the sort. I walked up the stairs and I heard her giggling and I still thought nothing of it and I just figured she was in our room. I heard vaguely. “You ready for round three.” And it was her voice and I thought it was just something random she says from time to time. I walk into the living room and I looked at something on the ground, and it looked kind of coiled up, and I picked it up and it was a condom literally the size of my arm.

I dropped it real quick because it was soaking wet and so was the couch and the table. I slowly walked into my room to see my wife on her knees and Jordan standing there towards me, my wife away from me, and she was sucking his dick. You could always pick out Jordan because he was about 6’4 and pure muscle. Where as I am 5’3 and no real muscle.

He looked at me and in a cocky voice said “Hey dude, what up?” I just looked at all of this in disbelief and he said “Me and your wife fucked all night and all morning this morning. And now it is noon and we are still at it. How about you sit the fuck down and watch.” And I did as I was told and he laughed and Lorrie looked like she forgot kurtköy escort I even existed as she went down on his huge cock. I was looking at Jordan trying not to look at her sucking his dick but i finally did, and that is the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. It is literally the size of my arm. He looked at my face and said “Oh yeah me and her have been fucking ever since we first met, we never stopped.” He laughed at me as I just stared at it.

He picked her up and threw her on the bed and pulled her to the edge and pushed in and started fucking her so hard. She was moaning and screaming “Oh my god, you are so fucking huge. Oh my god my husband is so small compared to you, you are so much more of a man.” I saw as she came over and over on his massive cock and it drained down his balls. He kept going in and out harder and harder. She just kept screaming more and more.

Then I heard my wife ask if he can live with us and he said yes before I could even respond. He flipped her over and they started going at it from behind. He slapped her nice ass hard and pushed in. He looked at me and said “If only you had a huge cock, you’d be doing this every night. But you’ll be right there watching.” He said with the usual smile on his face.

She kept moaning about how much more manly he was compared to me. He bent her over and her face was right in mine and I got to watch her face as he made her cum over and over. “He’s such a sex god baby.” She moaned to me as he kept fucking her so hard. He took the condom off and threw it on me and ankara kurtuluş escort it felt like a wet towel just hit me. He pulled out and my wife hit the ground cause she couldn’t stand and he slapped me in the face with his cock and I actually fell out of my seat and I looked up to his scolded body and huge balls and cock.

“You better get used to that angle bitch.” he said to me as my wife sucked his huge cock as he stood there laughing and taking dominance over me. He throat fucked her for a long time as the spit went all over and on my face since I was beneath them, his huge melon sized balls dripped of her cum.

He went back to the bed and put her on her stomach, and her ass looked so nice. He pushed in and she screamed and came again in no time. All his muscles and her nice ass getting fucked was what I had to look forward to now every day I thought to myself. She was screaming so loud and came all over his huge cock. An hour finally passed till he was done with that position and he laid down on the bed and told her to ride him. He made me lay on my stomach between his legs so I was right next to his huge balls and my wife’s nice ass. I watched as she came and it drained all over the bed. He finally told me to leave.

I went to go sleep on the couch but I couldn’t. The sound of her screams and yells filled the house all night. Until finally he was done. He told me to go pick up the mess.

There were condoms everywhere and his and her cum everywhere and she couldn’t even stand. As he sat down at the table and watched TV my wife sucked his huge cock and balls. I started by picking up the condoms. They were so big, I picked them up and it looked like a snake skin was on the floor. All slimy and cum covered. I then grabbed the soaked sheets of his and her cum and started to wash them. Then he made me make him breakfast as I listened to my wife slurp and smack on his huge long fat cock. I finally learned who was the real man in her life…

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