Jono’s Journey Home Ch. 12

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Chapter 12 – The Long Road Begins

December 19th – Rehab after major trauma is a bitch and I was am not looking forward to going through it again. As if losing 3/4 of one lung wasn’t bad enough, it was compounded with nerve damage to the right arm as well as muscle and ligament damage.

I awoke this Friday morning to Tam gently stroking my forehead and the bridge of my nose with his finger. “Sweet boy, it is time for you to wake.”

“Morning Tam.” In my still sleepy delirium I had forgotten what it happened to my shoulder. I reached out to hold my beloved, only to feel pain like a pointed sharp hot knife thrusting into my upper chest. I whimpered and winced in pain. I retracted and sheltered my right arm.

“In time Jono, in time.” He kissed my forehead. “Now sit up so we can do OUR range of motion exercises.” I scowled at him as he enunciated the word OUR. “Now, none of that. If you do not do your work, I will not allow you to play. If you do your range of motions exercises for me, I have a grand surprise for you today.”

Hmmm bribery, maybe rehab won’t so bad this time after all, I thought.

I sheltered my arm protecting it as I sat up, just as the doctor taught me to. I knew the tendons and muscles were very tender at the moment and would require extra protection. Tam sat behind me and wrapped his left arm around me and pulled me upright holding me in form. With his right he guided mine through the stretching and range of motion exercises.

When we finished the 15 minute routine, I was covered with sweat and trembling. Tam wrapped both of his arms around me until the trembling stopped. “It will come in time my baby bear. I am proud of you.” He kissed the back of my neck.

We showered and dressed for the day. Tam handed me my underwear and a light gray and light weight track suit. The t-shirt was loose but not an issue. The briefs however were a different story they wouldn’t stay up long enough to put on the pants. It quickly went from comical to saddening as the sheer fabric pooled at my feet.

Tam hugged me tightly, “We will get through this.” His hands dropped to my hips. It was as it I could see a light bulb going on over his head. He returned my robe to my shoulders and sat me on the settee. “I will be right back…” and darted from the suite.

When he returned he had a white satiny fabric in his hand. After unfolding and seeing the embroidered roses on it I could tell it was a girls panty. He gently held my scrotum and cock as he whispered in my ear, “I know you are a boy, it is temporary. These need protection.”

I dropped my head as I donned the emasculating garment. He pulled my head up and kissed my lips. “You are so beautiful my pretty boy.” I wondered if they came from a niece or sister. The thought occurred; my man performed a panty raid for me.

Underwear is underwear, I thought to myself in agreement. I couldn’t help but play with the flowers on the waistband. The track suit had oversized zipper pulls to put on. I felt like a child, the only thing he missed were the…

…FUCK!! He got them, shoes with Velcro fasteners. It’s official he thinks I’m a two year old… or an invalid. I quickly thought to myself, this is temporary he is perfect this too will pass. Apparently I was going to have a new corollary mantra the phrase, this is temporary.

When we entered the family dining room, I could see Tam was not kidding about Reza’s mom. She had prepared all of my favorite morning foods, sans bacon of course. Not in small portions either.

Fahima had my morning meds in a cup next to my juice. “You can take them orally, or I do have injectables…” She smiled as she delivered her not so veiled threat. I swallowed the pills and chased it with the juice.

Down at the other end of the table there was a different dining experience going on. Nessa had prepared Najib’s breakfast…

Najib bless his heart was trying to make it look like he was enjoying her offering. For the record, sarma should not be crunchy. She could tell his enjoyment was an act. I could tell momma bear was on the verge of tears.

“Nessa, could you make me some of your stuffed lamb-chops and cornbread or maybe hush puppies and your blackened red fish before you go back? I am missing bubba comfort food powerfully bad, and yours is almost like my Momma’s was.”

Nessa once shared the story of the first time she made cornbread as a little girl for her daddy. It was like this morning’s meal result. Her smile lit up the room, I knew I triggered a good memory. I ate what I could and thanked Daliyah. My hunger cycle hadn’t tripped yet. Something was still wrong. I knew it, and a look Nessa told me she did too.

Papa Omar asked to walk in the gardens after breakfast. Before we left I explained to Daliyah I was not insulting her outstanding cooking. I needed to make Nessa happy. “She is a good cook, but she was far outside her comfort zone trying to please Najib.”

Daliyah rested her head against Beylikdüzü escort mine saying, “I know this, you are such a good boy. No offense was received.”

Later Nessa would tell me that Daliyah offered to trade lessons in how to make comfort food for Najib, for lessons in how to make comfort food for me. I loved my new family.

On our walk Papa didn’t complain when I had to take so many breaks. Even at his great age he had more wind than I did. I had to keep remembering it was going to take time for my body to get used to the lower oxygen level. This sucked.

On the far side of the garden was an older tiny two stall stable. Tam and Fahima were leaning on the fence railing looking at a white horse laying in the sand. My pace quickened I wanted to be with my Tam. I yearned for his smell and touch. Papa rested his hand on my arm, “Slowly Jono, he will still be there. As will our surprise.”

The horse was laying facing away from us. It was being brushed by Waleed. Tam stroked my cheek and asked in English, “Did you enjoy your walk Jono?”

Out of habit I replied in English, “I enjoy every moment I have with Papa.” The filly’s ears twitched and she rose. I let out a, “Ooh pretty girl.” The horse became excited, and Waleed backed away quickly. She spun and began prancing as she saw me. “Fajira? No way!” She ran to the rail and rested her face in my chest.

I praised and thanked Tam and Papa for this wonderful surprise. Waleed said warmly, “She has been so melancholy since she arrived. I was afraid the shock of relocation was too much. Has she always nipped so lightly?”

“Only light nips? She must like you. Why did you think Mehrdad called her ‘Wicked One?’ Thank you for looking after my girl Waleed.” I kissed her sweet face. I remembered how Uncle Jack was so impressed how she responded to me after the crash. She was my therapy and workout partner as I learned how to walk and run again. No doubt Mehrdad shared that story as well.

She pulled back sniffing. My left arm stroked her forelock as her head twisted as if he was examining her boy. My right hand played with her chin. “Yeah, I screwed myself up again sweetie.” She harrumphed in apparent agreement.

Papa Omar said, “It seems that Mehrdad did not exaggerate your relationship with this beauty.”

“Papa, I have had all kinds of animals; birds, cats, and dogs. I even had an orphaned fox once. Though cute, they were just pets, or wild critters I nursed back to health, but a horse like Fajira, is a partner that walks alongside you.” He smiled on agreement.

As Naser exited the stable Waleed’s face glowed, and his eyes dropped. Naser told me, “Just so you know, you will be doing your walking together here for the next month. This is the quarantine yard. You must wash before contacting any other animals.” I acknowledged and understood the restriction. “It will be nice too show others where Habeeba gets her lines from.”

The rest of the Hassan’s and Waleed left me alone with my girl and Tam. Fajira was moving her head around slowly, as my right hand caressed her cheek. My head snuggled into Tamam’s massive chest listening to the thumping of his heart.

After a few moments I looked at the horse, “You sneaky bitch.”

Tam asked, “What is wrong Jono?”

“She is figuring out how bad my arm is damaged. Each time she moves my arm and hits a pain point, she moves her head another direction.”

“Jono, it is just a horse. Don’t anthropomorphize the beast.”

“Tam, I know to you she is only a horse. But when I look at her, I see something in there looking back.” Tam shook his head it was clear, though he was hung like a horse, he did not share the same equestrian spirit the rest of his family had.

He gave me the rest of the restrictions on my visits. I had to have someone with me until my respiratory system adjusted. I was also required to stay outside the ring until HE thought I was strong enough. I really wish he had selected a third-party arbiter who could make that decision. But he was Tamam, he was perfection.

He saw the concern on my face, “Jono, I know it pains you to hear this you are frail right now. Let us protect and help you. There are things and animals in this country that your Fajira does not know. We do not know how she will react. She is learning and you are learning, this is a dangerous combination. Obey me on this.” I agreed, giving my word.

I walked back to the house holding on to his arm for strength. He was my rock. With him on my side I knew I could not fall.

We entered through the communal kitchen and Fahima gave me some kind of fruit smoothie. This was going to become a two-hour ritual. I would either be absorbing a heavy calorie protein based health shake, snack, or meal. She just stared at me until I put the glass to my lips and gulped a bit of it down, then smiled. Strawberry banana, clearly someone had been talking to Afsoon again.

Fahima told Tamam that she and Daliyah were taking Nessa Beylikdüzü escort to market with Najib. I told her the light outside was hurting my eyes and asked if she could pick up some kohl. She kissed my forehead and said she would. She then sat me down and took my vitals.

“Your heart sound is strong like a hammer, pulse is a little high, BP is normalish ‘for you.’ Pulse oximeter reading is…” she glared at her older brother, “…you pushed him too hard.” She pulled over the oxygen dolly and put the non-rebreather on my face. “Slow down, let your recovery take the time it needs. You know rehab takes time Jono.”

She taught Tam and I how to use the protocal machine to check my vitals every 3 hours I was awake. “If you feel light headed, oxygen first THEN get the vitals. Father has ordered oxygen cylinders for you at various spots in the house.” She turned to Tam, “If his lips turn blue, or he becomes breathless, oxygen then vitals.”

She held my cheek and made direct eye contact to drive her point home. “Use the oxygen, when you have to. There are two protocal machines in the house. One here and one next to your bed. Unless you are sleeping, I expect to see journal entries every 3 hours. If you are napping that gets journaled too. No cheating.”

“Yes Fahima.” We replied. She touched her forehead to mine, then did the same to Tam and left us.

When we arrived back in Tam’s living room, my eyes misted over. My baggage had arrived and was unpacked from the hotel. They set my cello up in the middle of spacious room. With so little control over my bowing arm, I knew it was a long way off before I could play again, assuming I ever could again.

Tam pulled me to his chest. “In time little one. Give it time.” His words did comfort me. That and the steady drumbeat of his heart. That sound always settled me.

“For now Tam, can we please put it back in the case until…” He didn’t let me finish my thought. He pulled me up from the floor and pressed his lips to mine. My tongue flicked along the bottom of his. He had an odd look on his face as he pulled away and returned my feet to the floor.

He reached down and grabbed the glass with the frozen concoction and took a sip and spat. “Only my sister could make a simple blended drink undrinkable. I must warn Vanessa not to take any more cooking lessons from her, or Najib may die.” We laughed at his joke.

“Its not her fault, she is trying to buffer my stomach from all the pills. She apparently also knows how much I hate needles. She blended powdered vitamin and protein supplements within the smoothie. Some hospitals and body builders in the states do it to.” He responded with a knowing nod.

I made quick work of downing the vile concoction including the gritty bit at the bottom. Then I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and get the taste out of my mouth. That taste made me understand why dogs lick their testicles after eating canned food. When I emerged Tamam was laying naked on the bed smiling at me, apparently he was to be my reward for my good behavior.

I started removing the tracksuit, feeling grateful it was so loose. I was even grateful for the oversized easy pull zippers. I started to kick off my shoes. He raised his finger and wagged it at me. Everything was therapy, even taking off my shoes. I bent down lifted the Velcro flaps and stepped out of each shoe. Then I rolled each sock down and off my feet.

I straightened up too fast and the room spun. Tam started to rise, I held up my hand and he stopped. In a moment the room stopped spinning. I continued to prepare for him. There were two large plastic clips on the pants holding the elastic waistband in place. Once released they fell to the floor taking my now ill-fitting briefs with them.

I climbed onto the bed and then up to my Tamam. I sat along side him leaning against his furry bronze chest, as if leaning on the chaise. After I caught my breath, he began caressing my chest. He began playing with my pink nipples then he traced my now very visible ribs. I had lost so much definition.

Slowly he moved his hand to the right upper-side of my chest and with his fingertips he traced the outlines of the wound. I must have had an unusual look on my face because he asked, “What does it feel like?”

I described his touch the best I could. I said I could feel him touching my skin, but it also didn’t feel like it was me that he was touching. There was like a numb disembodied sensation. He kissed me again as he started to roll us. I sat up putting my hand in his chest. I pulled my lower lip between my teeth. “Does my baby bear have a request?” He cocked his head and asked.

“You have done so much for me. Please let me do this for you. I need to know, I can still make you happy.” I said feebly kissing his lips. He told me that I made him happy just by breathing in and out. But still he allowed me to straddle his frame. Tamam was already in an excited state which made me being on top much easier. Escort Beylikdüzü To be honest gravity would do most the work of entry.

I put the tube of lube in my left hand and squirted a generous amount into my right. Reaching behind me I grabbed hold of Tam’s cock and slowly lubed it with my right hand. He groaned as he responded, “That’s my good boy.” I loved being his good boy, just as I loved that he was my man.

I was having trouble getting his thick shaft against my pucker. His hands slid from my waist and clutched both of my ass cheeks pulling them further apart. “That’s it.” I muttered. His dripping cock head made contact with my butt-hole. As it stretched and penetrated the sphincter, my head rolled back and my arms rested on the bottom of his ribs for support. His muscles made it feel like I was sitting on a bouncy house.

I drew in a ragged breath as he took over control, keeping his cock firmly planted in my hole as I slowly sank further down on it. Thank you Isaac Newton, I thought as gravity continued to draw our bodies together. Every so often I would bounce to get a little relief from the incredible pressure I was feeling inside of me. It wasn’t until I was fully mounted that I realized why there was so much pressure.

My lip disappeared into its hiding place, as a look of shame crept across my face. “What is wrong little one? You have done so well.” He asked.

“I am so sorry Tam, I forgot to clean myself for you today.” It was the first time he ever took me dirty.

He roared laughing and rubbed my nose with his hand, “Do not worry, we did not plan this.” He rolled his hips beneath me as if to tell me to get back to work, and work I did. At his direction; I varied the speed, tension, and angle as my ass thrust down and back up on his swollen member.

I begged him, “Fuck me my fuzzy bear, own your little bear.” He bounced his hips up to meet my downward stroke. I could feel his shaft twitching, “Seed me deep my love!” His arms pulled my downward fully burying himself inside me. His cock released his seed within my filthy bottom.

I collapsed breathlessly on his chest. My sweat made his skin look like polished bronze. He brushed the long bangs from my face. “Sweet boy, there is nothing more to prove to me. Know that I love my baby bear, as I know he loves me.” I heard the hissing from the oxygen mask. “Now we must make Fahima happy.”

I was tightly clenching my ass trying to keep the messy slime within me. He sensed my shame and pressed his tank top t-shirt against my bottom. I rolled on my back for my oxygen treatment. He hooked me up to the protocal machine. Its annoying bleeping recording my every heartbeat.

“Now to please my very good baby bear, and confuse my little sister.” He parted my legs and laid between then. The bleeping intensified as he nibbled the flesh of my inner thighs. My right hand caressed his cheek as he sucked my tiny nuts into his mouth caressing each with his tongue. His eyes made contact with the infernal machine. He stopped sucking and released my sack. Long enough to coach me, “Breathe deeply little one.”

He sucked powerfully on my dwarfish rod. My back arched as I caressed his shoulders. It took no time at all before it erupted in his mouth. I was waiting for him to make the climb up my body and share my seed with me again.

I was surprised when he pulled the non-rebreather mask away from my face and simply kissed me. I was shocked with the fact he swallowed my wad. I could taste the medicinal taste on his lips, I knew my seed must have tasted rank. My nose wrinkled at the unsatisfactory flavor. He smiled, “It tastes like you are healing.” Then he replaced the mask and kissed my forehead.

After after my treatment was over and the true vitals were recorded he carried me into the bath. He paused for a moment at the intercom on the wall. Pushing the button he directed housekeeping to clean the bedroom. He then closed the door giving us privacy in the bath.

I went into the smaller room with the toilet and bidet and the shit, lube, and cum exploded from my ass. Then I straddled the bidet and cleaned the mess from me. Tam was smiling as he saw the look of absolute release on my face.

As I finished, nature called to him as well. I rose as he approached the bowl. I wrapped my left arm around his waist, and took his cock in my right hand. Aiming it at the bowl, I felt him release and the amber piss flow through his cock towards the bowl.

When the flow ended there was a single stubborn drop clinging to the slit. I remembered my Uncle Jack had a crude poem; “You may wiggle, you make dance, you always get two on your pants.” I bent at the waist and cleaned it off with my tongue. It tasted odd it was warm, sour, and salty but not revolting. To be honest, it tasted better than Fahima’s health drink. I took the head of his shaft in my mouth and gave a gentle suck. It was followed by a sense of over shame over what I had just done.

When I stood again, he pulled me close. My head was still down, I was afraid to look at his face and see a look of disgust on it. He put his hand under my chin. My eyes rolled up dutifully. He was grinning, “No one has ever done that for me. You are my great prize.”

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