Jolene’s Adventures: Getaway Ch. 01

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Continuing Jolene’s Adventures:

For those of you who have been following this story I’m sorry it took so long to get it going again. My editor and I have been involved in other issues that prevented us from writing .Hope you enjoy.


After months of concealing the fact that they were an item Jolene and Sly just had to get away for some alone time together. Between their two schedules they could barely get together to say hi and grab a few smooches or cop a few feels here and there. Jolene might have been more frustrated than Sly. She had been working her imagination and her clit off fantasizing about being with Sly and touching his cock. A few quick face sucking events in his office and some heavy touchy feely just wasn’t doing it. She wanted some serious action and she was working on a plan to get it.

Sly was in his office getting ready to start another day by reviewing his days work demands. Suddenly it crossed his mind that it had been months since he and Jolene had gotten any time together other than the quick sessions here and there in the building, often as they were in passing. No way to have a relationship although it made them both inflammable when then did get within each others reach.

Jolene grabbed her cell and called Sly.

“Sly honey, I can’t stand this any longer. You just have to take a few days off and take me somewhere and eat me and fuck me till we pass out. I’m serious I want it arranged today,” demanded Jolene.

“Well good morning to you too sugar baby,” chuckled Sly. Since you put it that way I’ll get finished up here this afternoon and we’ll take off for the beach house.”

“I love you,” said Jolene. “I have already started packing. Call me when you’re on the way. Bye”

Sly called his friend at the beach and checked to see if it was ok to use his beach house on short notice. As it turns out his friend was in Europe so the beach was a go. The rest of the day was spent finishing work and hurrying home to pack.

Jolene in the meantime was deciding what extras items to pack in her suitcase. Several different colors of bathing suits of course depending on the mood of the day for sure and her special bag of toys completed the special items. As she went through her “toy bag” Jolene pulled out each item and tossed them into little piles. There were dildos and butt plugs, vibrating eggs, G-spot ticklers, and anal beads. Not to mention various sets of handcuffs and Velcro straps. The look and feel of the toys was getting her hot and her pussy was really getting wet. A devious thought went through her head. She decided that Sly needed some incentive to hurry up and get there to pick her up so she hit on a little

incentive plan. She picked up her new pink bikini and put on the bottoms. Looking in the mirror and twisting and turning she made sure that it fit nice and snug pulling it up here and there to show off as much butt cheek as possible. Next she picked up the top and before putting it on she roughed up her nipples, pulling and massaging them until they were nice and hard. A little tingle went through her at what she was about to do. Sly was going to get a message soon.

Pulling out her tripod and video camera completed the set up. Setting the camera on record, Jolene began striking poses as the camera rolled. First she bent one way then the other making sure to show maximum leg and ass cheek. Soon she removed her top and massaged her nipples for the camera imagining it was Sly watching her. Hooking her fingers in the side of her bottoms she turned her ass to the camera and bent way over as she pulled them down. She was sure this was the view that would get Sly to hurry to her.

After her bottoms were down she grabbed a double dildo off the bed and slipped it in her now soaked pussy working it around and getting it nice and wet. First one head then the other. Once she had both heads wet she poured a little more lube on the smaller of the two and still bending over for the camera began sliding both cocks into her holes. It didn’t take much to work the dildos in. With a soaked pussy and a lubed asshole the toy went in easily. The toy bottomed out and she let out an audible gasp as the delightful feeling of being full in both holes pulsed through her clit and up her spine. She was almost cumming. A few more seconds of both those cocks and her fingers on her clit and she had her first, second and third orgasms Antalya Escort of the day.

After falling face first on the bed and spasming for a few moments Jolene reluctantly pulled the dildo from her wet holes and got up to shut off the video camera. This will get him home quick she mused. Taking the camera to the computer she down loaded the video and emailed it to Sly. With any luck he would be just getting back to his desk from lunch.

Sly true to form and a man of habit returned to his desk to check his email after finishing a working lunch. Immediately a post from Jolene caught his eye. He noted the paperclip signifying an attachment. Sly knew Jolene was a devil when she wanted to be and he was sure this attachment was going to be good. Looking around quickly to see who was in the office he opened the email. It said, you need to hurry here so we can get going. Hitting the video file it opened and Sly was treated to Jolene stripping off a pink bathing suit and then stuffing her favorite double dildo in her tight hot ass and pussy. The door opened to the office and Sly closed the file window. Ok he thought I’m ready to go now. He shutdown his computer and headed for the door.

On the way out of the building he texted Jolene, “Nice video, I’m on the way.”

Jolene met him at the door and they loaded her stuff in the back of the car. Next stop Sly’s to pickup his weekend bag and off they went to the beach.

The nose of the car hadn’t entered the highway and Jolene was up next to Sly kissing his neck and running her hands through his hair.

“Easy Jolene baby, you’re going to cause an accident” he laughed.

“You just drive and I’ll make sure the only accident you have is in my mouth baby,” was her reply, as she unzipped his shorts and wrestled his swelling cock out of his boxers.

Snuggling down with her legs in her seat and her face in Sly’s lap she began to lick his cock from base to tip lingering at the tip and then taking his cock all the way down until it entered her throat. She loved the feel of his cock in her mouth when he was all the way in to where she could stick out her tongue and lick his balls. Pulling her mouth all the way off she jerked his cock a few times and deep throated him again and again.

Sly was struggling to keep the car on the road and at the same time he had worked his right hand into Jolene’s loose shorts and was fingering her dripping slit and wiggling her rock hard clit which was fully engorged and humming. Sucking cock always made her wet as hell.

“Jolene, you better stop or you are going to get it,” he moaned.

“Mmmmm was her reply. Give it to me. I want it bad,” she mewed.

With that she began pumping his cock with her fist faster and licking the head with the occasional suck. Within seconds Sly began cumming. Jolene put her mouth back on his cock head and continued sucking and pumping that cock. Huge spurts of milky cum where shooting in her mouth and she was swallowing as best she could. Some of the cum was dripping out the corner of her mouth and she was catching it in her hand. Finally he quit spewing and she was able to swallow what was left licking her hand and sucking the last drops off his cock.

“There,” she said, didn’t waste a drop.” Sly ran off the road a little but he got it back quickly.

“Babe you are a wild woman. I’m going to guess you’re a little bit horny,” he said.

“A little bit doesn’t even come close. If I could get in your lap and slide my pussy on your cock I’d be there right now. That was just an appetizer,” she giggled. “Hell if I could get my pussy in your face right now I’d be right there.”

“Your time is coming,” said Sly, as he stuffed his cock in his shorts.

They had a hundred miles to go and it was going to be a fuck and suck the whole way.

Arriving at the beach in record time Sly almost drove through the back of his friend’s carport trying to stop. Jolene had been bobbing on his cock again for the last few miles. She was giggling as he struggled to get control of the car and stopping before doing any damage. Sly slammed the transmission into park and shut off the engine. Looking around to see if anyone noticed his abrupt arrival and seeing no one he grabbed Jolene by the hair and began force feeding her his cock. She was making little gawk-n-gawk noises as she slurped his whole length. Sly had cum twice already Antalya Escort Bayan on the trip and she was about to make it three.

“Jolene, here it comes baby,” said Sly, as he let her head loose in case she had other plans than swallowing again.

Jolene pulled her head back just enough to get the head between her lips and fast stroked Sly’s cock into her mouth. One long spurt of jizz hit the back of her throat and she swallowed quickly expecting more. A couple more short jerky spasms and he was done. Jolene deep throated him a few more times for good measure and licked him clean. Sly was exhausted. She had worn him out on the trip.

He hadn’t left her to do all the work along the way either. As they passed a few large trucks Sly had Jolene turned her bare pussy toward the passenger window which allowed him to flick her clit and finger her as they passed providing more than one good show to some lucky drivers. Jolene’s pussy was humming from multiple orgasms. A good time was had by all.

“Let’s get our stuff inside and see about some food babe” said Sly.

“Mmm, you can eat me, right here in the car if you want,” purred Jolene.

‘Not quite what I had in mind. More like real food,” said Sly.

“I’m kinda full actually,” giggled Jolene, but I could use some real food too.

Once inside with all their stuff, Sly found the list of quick food joints on the refrigerator and called for pizza. There were already several bottles of wine in the wine fridge so they were set for the night. When the pizza arrived they went out onto the second story deck and enjoyed the sunset with their meal.

The beach was very quiet this time of the night. Only a few lovers walking hand in hand dotted the shore. After some discussion it was decided to call it a night. Sly owed Jolene a good licking anyway and she was ready for it.

Sly was seated in a deck chair not far from the rail and Jolene was already thinking about his lips on her pussy. She could feel the moisture teasing the outer lips as she made her way to him. As she approached she began stripping of her clothes and dropping them behind her as she slithered along the deck. Sly knew what was coming and his cock did too. He loved it when she did her slow strip tease. If he hadn’t cum three times already today he’d be oozing pre-cum before she touched him. It was going to be all about Jolene this time though.

Jolene’s tits were naturally round and full. They needed no artificial uplift to hold them up. As she approached she tweaked and rubbed the firm nipples. In the cool night air her areolas contracted and her nipples stood out a half inch from her mounds. The thought of Sly’s tongue sucking and twisting them made a tingle go through her clit. Her eyes locked on his as she eased her way slowly across the weathered boards of the deck. It’s always the eyes that get him she thought. Men are so easy. When you look them in the eye they are yours for the taking. Stopping a few yards away she paused and deliberately slid her hands up her thighs and over her stomach upward to her breasts now heaving in anticipation. Sly followed her fingers, mesmerized, as she moved them back down and under the elastic of her bikini panties with the smiley faces all over them.

He knew he would see her glistening pussy in a few seconds like he had a hundred times before but it always felt like the first time all over again. No matter how many times you see a woman’s pussy or her tits it’s always the best sight you will ever see in your life and you want to relive it constantly. Sly’s mouth was watering.

Jolene turned slowly around until she was facing away from his chair and turning her head to maintain the eye contact, she slowly bent over at the waist keeping her legs stiff and sliding the now sopping panties down her thighs to her ankles. She lifted first one foot then the other stepping out of the panty legs. As she replanted each foot she was careful to spread her stance a little to give him the maximum view of her now dripping pussy. Sly was zeroed in on those wet lips and noted a strand of pussy juice was hanging about two inches from her honey pot and was growing longer as he watched. That drop of honey will be wasted on this deck he thought as he unconsciously leaned forward in his chair like he could reach it with his fingers.

Standing back up and turning back to Sly, Jolene moved Escort Antalya like a woman possessed. Sly was looking directly into her dark eyes as she leaned down and got nose to nose with him. She was so close now Sly could smell her perfume and he closed his eyes just waiting for her to touch her lips to his. As he breathed in her breath their lips touched and his tongue sought the familiar touch of her tongue playfully jousting with his. The wind blew her hair into his face and just the silken feel of it gave him goose bumps.

Jolene released his tongue and began to kiss up to his forehead stepping ever closer pulling his head into her bosom slightly damp from sweat. He breathed her in like she was the air itself and his lungs craved her like she was pure oxygen to his system. His hands reached around her and found her hips, pulling her to him as he slid them down her tight ass coming to rest just below her cheeks. His thumbs were in the crease of her legs and his fingers spread her thighs as he kissed, sucked and licked his way over her red hot nipples and chased the sweat beads down her belly to her navel ring.

Jolene was pushing her body as close as she could and leaning over his back in order to get his head as low as she could. She wanted his face in her pussy now. Taking a risk that the lounge chair would hold both their weight she stepped up onto the seat and planted both feet on either side of his thighs. This placed her mons directly in front of Sly’s face. Leaning forward in his chair Sly placed his mouth directly over her pussy and drove his tongue into the opening below her clit with force by using his hands clamped behind her ass cheeks to pull her to him. The hunger for her was induced by her constant attention on the trip to the beach and Jolene was hungry for an explosive orgasm.

Alternating between stabbing her hole with his tongue then flicking and sucking her clit was bringing Jolene to a boil. Juice was dripping from her pussy and running down the inside of her thighs. Sly removed his right hand from her ass and slipped the last two fingers on his hand into her soaking slit. He never got tired of feeling her tight hole close on his digits. Her juice should be bottled as silky lube he thought. It was like putting your fingers in the finest oil. As he filled her slot she gasped and eased down on his fingers to get them farther inside. His knuckles brushed her super engorged and sensitive clit which was standing out almost an inch from her swollen glistening lips. She caught her breath and almost lost it as a buzz went straight up from her clit to her brain. Her eyes closed and she saw stars for a second. It wouldn’t be long she thought. It was coming.

Sly felt her shudder and her pussy clamped to his fingers. Still working her clit with his tongue he slipped his fingers out and inserted his fore and index fingers into her sucking hole as it tried to close and slipped the other wet fingers straight into her asshole in one motion. This little maneuver is known to Jolene as the Spock. Jolene’s pussy and asshole were simultaneously stimulated and a shock like a lightning bolt blasted through her core causing a sharp intake of breath and a stiffening of her legs. At that moment Sly knew to get his lips directly on her clit and suck and flick as fast as possible because she was gonna blow.

Involuntarily Jolene leaned her pussy into Sly’s mouth and grabbed his head shoving it in until he thought he might drown. If anyone on the beach could see that far up on the deck in the dark they would have seen her legs buckle and her head fly back as a scream of ecstasy started from her throat and died a strangled death in a high pitched gurgle. Sly’s mouth was filled with a squirt of elixir of pussy juice so silky and sweet it could have been honey. He had all he could do to hold her up from collapsing. Standing up and wrapping his arms around Jolene, Sly picked her up into his arms. Her head lolled back and he saw her eyes rolled back in her head as she spasmed and jerked. It was the big O she wanted.

The first time Sly saw Jolene have a real orgasm he was freaked out because he thought she had died of a heart attack. Now after being with her so long he knew she would recover but not until morning. Slowly her eyes rolled back and she focused and took a deep breath.

“Oh my fucking god, that was great,” she breathed. With that she fainted. Sly carried her into the bedroom and placed her on her side of the bed covering her with a sheet. It had been a long day and he knew she would be up with the sun raring to go. Being Jolene’s boyfriend was not for the feint hearted. He lay down beside her and was fast asleep in seconds.

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