John Meets Sandra Ch. 8

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This is the final part of John Meets Sandra.


A few weeks had past since our honeymoon.

It was a Saturday, so I slept until noon. When I then got up I looked around in the apartment, Jamaar’s door was closed so I guess that Sandra hadn’t gone up yet.

Even though I had completely accepted Sandra’s need for black men, I did wish that now that we were married that she would sleep in my bed a bit more often.

But still, I was married to the woman I loved.

I went out to the kitchen and got myself something to eat. As I sat there eating Jamaar’s door opened and Sandra came out.

“Good morning.” I said to her smiling.

“Oh good morning honey.” She said back with a smile on her face.

She had come out with an open robe. Sandra looked awesome, I could see her gorgeous body, her big breasts that swayed as she walked and her well shaved pussy.

I had almost gotten rock when she closed her robe.

“Slept well.” I asked her although I knew that sleeping wasn’t what she had been doing in Jamaar’s room.

“Well, I got a little sleep at least.” She smiled.

“I’m just going to wash up and take a shower, and then I’ll join at the table.” She told me.

She then disappeared into the bathroom.

A few minutes later Jamaar came out from his room.

“Hey cuckold.” He said to me.

“Hi.” I said back.

Cuckold was his new nick name for me.

“Tell Sandra that I’m just going over to Tyrone’s, I’ll be back in a few hours.” He told me.

“Ok.” I said.

Then he left.

A half an hour later Sandra came out from the bathroom. Before she came over to the table with me, she went into the bedroom and got dressed.

As she then came over and sat down at the table, she gave me a little kiss.

I then looked up at her.

“Maybe you could sleep in our bed tonight.” I asked her being hopeful.

“Well honey, I would like to, but you know that Jamaar has some rules about that.” She told me with a little smile on her face.

“I know, I just thought.” I said.

“I guess I could come in for a while tonight, so that you can lick me clean.” She told me.

I smiled.

“Ok.” I said feeling very glad.

I was very happy to eat her clean after Jamaar had finished with her. That way I got to feel her smooth body. And if I was lucky I even got to feel her soft breasts, and maybe even get to suck on those hard nipples.

An hour later we were sitting on the couch watching some TV, when the phone rang.

Sandra answered it.

“Oh hi Jamaar.” Sandra said.

It was Jamaar on the other end.

They talked for about ten minutes, and then they hung up.

She came back to the couch with a small but nasty smile on her face.

“What did he want?” I asked her.

“He wanted to tell me that he and some of his friends are coming over later.” Sandra told me.

“For?” I asked knowing the answer.

“For some fun.” She told me.

“Well actually honey, we’re going to have a breeding party.” Sandra then told me.

I looked at her a bit confused.

“A breeding party.” I asked.

“Yes, Jamaar and his friends are going to impregnate me.” Sandra then told me as she looked at me.

“They’re not going to make you pregnant, are they?” I asked in a troubled voice.

“Yes, and don’t look so stunned honey. I’ve been wanting this for a long time.” Sandra told me.

“But… but I thought that we might someday.” I tried to tell her how I felt.

“Oh honey, did you think that you were going to get me pregnant someday. Oh that’s so sweet.” She said smiling at me.

“No, I’m going to have a black baby.” She then told me.

“But…” I tried to say something.

“Honey, you can still be a dad to he or she.” Sandra told me.

I looked down on the floor.

“I guess.” I said feeling very jealous.

I thought to myself that this must be the ultimate humiliation. I imagined what people would say when they saw me and Sandra with a black child.

“Well I should slip into something a bit sexier don’t you think.” She then said.

“And John, they’re going alt porno to be here soon, would you let them in and make them comfortable.” Sandra then asked me.

“Ok.” I said reluctantly.

I had to make the same guys who were going to knock up my wife, feel comfortable. Although this was making me feel very “uncomfortable”, I didn’t want to make Sandra feel unhappy. About fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang.

I went over and opened it.

“Hello cuckold.” It was Jamaar and his friends.

There were two other big black guys along with Jamaar.

“Guys, this is John the wimp, he’s Sandra’s husband.” Jamaar then told the guys.

They laughed a bit at me.

“Why don’t you hang up our clothes.” Jamaar then told me as they all handed me their jackets.

I felt a bit more humiliated than usual because I knew what was going to happen.

Then as I had hung up their jackets, I went into the living room where they had sat down on the couch and on a chair.

“Where’s Sandra.” Jamaar then asked me.

“She’s in the bedroom getting changed.” I told him.

“Yeah, she probably wants to look good for her breeding.” Jamaar said and the guys grinned.

“Go and get us some beers will you cuckold.” Jamaar then told me.

I reluctantly did what he told me and went and got them some beers.

As I overheard them talking, I found out that the two other guys names were Conrad and Darryl.

“Hey wimp boy, come over here.” Jamaar told me.

So I went over to the guys.

“Yes.” I asked.

“So wimp, how does it feel to know that your wife is going to be knocked up by a black man.” Conrad then asked me.

I looked down and didn’t answer.

“Now be a good cuckold and answer him.” Jamaar then told me.

“Or I will have you sit in your room, whilst we do your wife.” Jamaar told me.

I didn’t want to be locked in my room, and I knew that if they told Sandra to tell me to go to my bedroom that she would.

So I answered them.

“It…it feels…humiliating.” I said in a low voice.

They all started to grin and laugh.

“So you thought that you would get to knock her up, did you.” Jamaar then asked me.

“Ye…Yes.” I told them.

Then they started to laugh even more.

I felt so humiliated.

“Speaking of his wife, where is she?” Conrad then asked.

“Yeah wimp, go and check on that slut for us.” Jamaar told me.

Even though I had heard them calling her a slut before, I still didn’t like it. But I knew that Sandra did, it made her feel more submissive she had told me.

So I went to her bedroom and checked on her.

“Honey, are you alright.” I asked her through the door.

“I’m fine, come in here John.” She then told me.

So I joined her in the bedroom.

“It’s just that this being a special party, I wanted to wear something really hot, and I can’t decide between these two outfits.” Sandra told me.

Sandra was standing there in her bathrobe holding up two outfits.

“Which one do you like the best, the lace lingerie or the see-thru lingerie.” Sandra asked.

They both would look awesome on her.

“I don’t know, you would look gorgeous in either one.” I told her.

“Oh you’re so nice honey, but I just don’t know which one to choose.” She told me.

“And another thing honey, I stopped taking the pill last week.” Sandra then told me.

Then it hit me hard, she had really decided to get pregnant by these black guys. She smiled at me as she then went back to her outfits.

“Well I have to decide which outfit to wear so, it’s going to be…” Sandra said.

“Honey you should go out and see to our guests.” Sandra then told me.

I guess she wanted it to be a surprise for me as well.

So I went back out to the guys.

“She’ll be right out.” I told them.

“Good, we can’t wait to get some of that nice pussy.” Conrad then said.

The guys cheered and finished the beers that they had in their hands.

Then a moment later Sandra came out.

“Hi guys, have you missed me.” Sandra then said.

“Wow…Damn…Nice…” The hd abla porno guys cheered on Sandra.

Sandra was wearing her see-thru lingerie. And she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. You could see her large firm breasts, with those hard nipples pointing straight out. And her nicely shaved pussy.

“Now that’s what I call a woman.” Conrad said.

“That is one hell of an outfit.” Darryl said.

“Didn’t I tell you that she was one nice slut?” Jamaar then told them.

Sandra smiled.

“Why don’t you come over here.” Jamaar told her.

Sandra’s big tits bounced a little as she walked over to Jamaar. Jamaar was sitting in the couch along with Conrad, Darryl sat on a chair beside them.

As Sandra came over to Jamaar, he reached over and grabbed her ass. He started to squeeze them and then spread them apart.

Conrad and Darryl watched and saw her pussy as Jamaar spread her cheeks.

“That pussy looks real inviting.” Darryl then said.

“Well why don’t you come over and try it.” Sandra said smiling.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Darryl said as he stood up a walked over to Sandra.

He stood behind of her as he reached down and placed a couple of fingers against her hot pussy lips.

“Mmm, that feel nice.” Sandra moaned a little.

Conrad then also stood up next to Sandra, as he reached over and grabbed her breasts. He squeezed and pinched her nipples on the outside of her thin see-thru lingerie.

Then Conrad leaned over and gave her a long kiss on her mouth. Sandra quickly opened her mouth and gave him her tongue. They were soon sucking eagerly on each others tongues.

Jamaar who was sitting in front of Sandra as the other guys felt her up, had now pulled down his pants and taken out his long thick black cock.

A few minutes later Sandra saw his stiff erection.

“Mmm Jamaar, is that huge black cock for me.” Sandra said in her sexy voice.

“Oh yes.” He said as he stroked it.

They had told me to sit down on a chair a bit away from the action, but I could see everything. I saw my beautiful wife Sandra get down on her knees in front of Jamaar, as she then opened up her sweet lips and took that big cockhead of his into her mouth.

“Yeah baby suck that dick.” Jamaar grunted to her.

“I love sucking your black cock.” Sandra moaned as she slurped on his organ.

By now the other two guys had stripped down and were now standing on each side of her, holding their huge hard-ons next to her face.

She took a quick look up, and then Sandra took a hold of each of their cocks and started stroking them, whilst she gave Jamaar head.

My own dick was really itching in my pants, and I knew that I couldn’t last much longer.

Sandra had now gone over to sucking Conrad’s thick black shaft. She was using a lot of saliva as she slobbered on his cock.

Sandra was soon switching between each of the three men’s organs. Soon she also went over to sucking and licking their huge balls.

“Yeah, suck my balls.” Conrad grunted out as Sandra had her lips around his balls.

“You like me sucking your balls.” Sandra asked in her nasty voice.

“Yes slut, suck ’em.” Conrad grunted.

“Well guys, should we stuff that pussy of hers.” Jamaar then said.

“Oh yess, please.” Sandra moaned.

Jamaar then grabbed a hold of Sandra and lifted her up, and then put her down on the couch. As Jamaar stood between her legs stroking his cock, Sandra got her fingers down to her pussy.

“Please put that big cock of yours inside my pussy.” Sandra moaned.

“Are you ready to get filled up?” Jamaar asked her.

“Oh yess.” Sandra moaned.

Jamaar then leaned down and got on top of her. Then he took that stiff knob of his and placed it up against her wet pussy.

With a nasty grin on his face he began to slowly push it into her. Slowly inch by inch, further inside of her.

“Ohhh yesss, shove it in.” Sandra moaned.

As he came half way in, he then quickly shoved the rest of his long shaft into her.

“Ahhh goddd yesssss.” Sandra moaned out.

A moment later she got a cock shoved into her mouth. rokettube porno She quickly began to suck on Darryl’s cock whilst Jamaar was pounding her.

“Ahh…ahh…ahhh.” She moaned.

Then a minute later Jamaar pulled out of her, but Conrad quickly switched with him. And soon Conrad had pushed in his entire length into Sandra’s eager pussy.

He began to slam his cock into her hard, making slopping noises as his balls hit her ass.

“Oh yesss, fuck meee.” Sandra moaned out real loud.

“Ahhhhhh, I’m cummingggggg.” Sandra screamed out as she had an incredible orgasm.

Conrad kept on pumping her for another couple of minutes, but then he pulled out and was replaced by Darryl.

“Turn over.” Darryl grunted to Sandra.

Then as Sandra got up on her hands and knees, Darryl got up behind and slipped his big black cock into her hot pussy.

As he kept on pounding her pussy he then grunted.

“Are you ready to get knocked up slut?”

“Yess, knock me up with your delicious black seed.” Sandra moaned out.

“Ahh…ahhhhhhh.” Darryl then grunted as he began to shoot his load deep into her.

“Oh yess, I can feel your hot cum inside of me.” Sandra moaned.

“Take it.” Darryl grunted as he made a couple of last thrusts into her.

He kept his cock inside of her until it had gone soft.

“Now turn over.” Conrad then told Sandra.

Sandra turned around and was now on her back again with her legs spread.

Conrad then got in between her legs and started to pound her pussy.

“Ohh yesss you black stud, fuck me hard.” Sandra moaned.

As I watched this I felt my own pants fill up my sticky cum.

“Ahh…ahhhh.” I made a soft moan as my cum filled my underwear.

As I did this I wished that I was the one inside of Sandra.

“Yeahh baby take itttt.” Conrad then grunted hard as he spurted his sperm into her womb.

“Yesss cum in me.” Sandra moaned.

He shot load after load of warm cum into her awaiting pussy.

“Yeahhhhh.” He then grunted as his final drop spurted its way into her.

A minute later as he pulled his softening dick out of her, he was replaced by Jamaar.

“Are you ready for your last cum load?” Jamaar asked her.

“Yes shoot your hot load into me, knock me up.” She moaned as he started to fuck her.

Sandra’s pussy was already filled with cum so as he began to pump her, it made some real sloppy noises.

“Ahhh yeahhh.” Jamaar soon began to grunt heavier and heavier.

“Yeahhhhhh.” He then grunted out loudly as he came deep inside of her.

Stream after stream of thick sperm were shot into her already filled up pussy.

“I can feel your hot cum Jamaar.” Sandra moaned out.

“Yeah slut, take it.” He grunted.

He then made a final thrust into her as he unloaded his seed deep inside of her. Then he leaned down and gave her a long french kiss.

Then as Jamaar pulled out of her, some of the cum leaked out of her pussy.

“Well cuckold, how does it feel now that your wife is probably pregnant.” Jamaar grinned at me.

I looked at Sandra whom was smiling to me.

“Come over here john.” She told me.

So I walked over to Sandra who now was sitting up.

“Now honey, thank these studs for knocking up your wife.” She told me.

I looked at her and then I looked over at the guys.

“Thank you.” I told them reluctantly.

They grinned at me.

Then a month later Sandra came back from the doctor’s office.

I looked at her as she came over to me.

She was smiling.

“I’m pregnant.” She told me as she then took my hand and laid it on her stomach.

I looked back at her and made a little smile.

“I just know that you’re going to make a great dad to our black baby.” Sandra told me.

I was a little unsure about this.

And then 8 months later, she delivered a healthy dark skinned baby boy. The doctors and nurses looked a little confused at me as they saw the black boy. I can’t say that I didn’t feel a little humiliated.

As time past by, I accepted the situation and even grew to love the baby as my own. He is now 7 years old and knows only me as his father.

Though it might get a little strange as he gets older and learns about the fact that he’s black and I’m white.

But Sandra and I still love each other as much as we love our son, and I’m sure it will be ok.


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