Jogging Quickie Ch. 02

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{This story contains a myriad of drug use, unsafe sex, and a number of other things that exist in a much less problematic way in the world of gay fantasy. Please go into it knowing ahead of time that this is a very intense sex story featuring certain activities that might not be your bag. Just a fair warning before you find yourself offended by the more extreme elements of domination and submission. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18}


Roland threw the large bedspread off which left only his soft, Egyptian cotton sheets. They were a dark navy blue with white filagree trim.

I could tell how badly he wanted me and it turned me on so much. We climbed up onto the bed and started to make out hard on our knees. Roland grabbed my cock and jacked me and I jacked him. We were hard again and I was moaning into his mouth as he did the same with me. He was so much stronger than me and it turned me on how much he eclipsed me in size.

His cock was so comically huge in my hands and I felt so submissive to him when I touched him. I loved playing with his cock.

His tongue massaged mine and he pushed me down onto my back, as my legs stretched out in front of me. He spread my legs and took his place between them as I wrapped my arms around his neck and legs behind his back. I loved this. This was so sexy and intimate. I knew this man was going to take care of me for the rest of the night and I was so turned on by his swagger.

He kissed me and rubbed his cock against my balls and crack. We pushed our naked bodies together and both of us were making the most animalistic noises. It was frenzied.

“Are you gonna be Daddy’s slutty little boy for the rest of the night, Preston?”

“Mmmm, yesss Daddy, I want that sooo bad,” I couldn’t believe how submissive I was being for him.

“You wanna be my slutty boy?” He reiterated the concept to me, and he pushed his fat helmet against my rosebud, teasing me as he said it. He knew the affect this would have.

“Fuckkk, ohmygod, I’m so fucking turned on for you Daddy, I want to be such a nasty slut for you, Daddy!” Who was even talking? I had the most supreme belief in this character I was playing for him. I was horny as I had ever been. He loved the way I was speaking to him and I heard him grunt into my mouth as we made out harder and he ground into me harder, as my legs seem to spread even wider, hoping he would just slip back inside me.

“Good,” he sat up suddenly and his powerful arms lifted my lower body up so that my legs were bent back beside my head. My lower back was literally lifted off the bed and my cock was so hard that it was literally pointing directly downward at my face. If he somehow made me cum in this position I would give myself a facial…and I couldn’t believe it, but that thought made me even hornier for some reason. What in the hetero fuck was happening to me???

I felt him lick down my balls and perineum as he kept his strong hands holding my legs and spreading my hole.

His hot tongue finally reached my anus and the tickle of his slithering lick-stick made me moan a wanton whore noise I’d never heard come out of my mouth before. It was like some sort of pheromonal mating call from the depths of my woods.

He ate me out. Like you would eat a slut out. He slapped my ass and tongue fucked me and flicked his tongue across my balls as he held me up, bent and spread.

He pulled my cheeks apart and spit his saliva into me. Again and again. He was getting me ready with his expert mouth.

“Are you ready for Daddy’s cock, slut?” He asked, in between lewd, window-washer licks of my sensitive taint.

“Yessss, fuckkk meee, pleeease Daddy, I neeed it,” I couldn’t believe it but my sensitive ass was literally winking for more. My very tight buns wanted to be fucked again.

“You want Daddy to bareback fuck your slutty little hole? Is that what you want?” As he said this he began to lower me down so my legs were around his waist again. He was going to fuck me. I was breathing nervously fast again. I wanted it.

He reached behind my head and grabbed a brown bottle off a nearby nightstand shelf. His spit more from his mouth and it fell all over his throbbing cock. I reached out to grab his dick and stroke him.

“Yes Daddy…please fuck my ass…I wanna be your SLUT tonight…I wanna be dirty for you,” I was so turned on by him. I was so turned on by the way he was talking to me, and the way it made me want to talk back to him.

“Do you know what poppers are?” He asked me, and he stuck a couple of fingers into my mouth and I sucked on him immediately like they were a second cock. God, I truly was accessing some new side of myself and it was exhilarating.

I was a very straight male. I was sure of it. I jacked off to lesbian porn. And threesomes. And cumshots. And I guess…some other things now. Fuck.

“No,” I told him, and I wondered if this was some sort of special lubricant. “What are they?”

“Well…it’s tandoğan escort a fun little sex enhancer…and Daddy wants you to take a sniff.” I watched him unscrew the cap of the little glass bottle and then he stuck the bottle beneath my nose. I was breathing in a little and caught a whiff of the heady chemical aroma, and felt a thrill shoot through my body. I was nervous and scared and incredibly turned on by the idea of being made to do something like this. Another mystery box was about to be checked. I was going to do as I was told to do.

“Hold your left nostril closed and take a very deep sniff with your right nostril. I’ll hold the bottle for you. I want you to sniff for ten seconds. Do you understand?” He told me. And I shook my head yes.

I did as my Daddy told me. I pushed my left closed and breathed in while counting to ten in my head.

The smell wasn’t necessarily pleasant, but it was evocative…in the way that gasoline fumes at a gas station can be. It felt naughty. It smelled like a club you’ve never been to. A newer, darker, room at the end of a sexual dreamscape.

By the time I got to the number ten, something intense was taking over my entire body. It was this breathtaking rush of dazzling warmth, and I felt a sudden high that made every part of me feel incredible.

My blood vessels dilated and my muscles relaxed and suddenly, all I wanted was Roland’s giant cock thrusting inside of me. I NEEDED to be penetrated. That word specifically. PENETRATED.

“Fuckkkk meeeeeeee pleeeeasssse, Daddddddy,” I moaned to him as he screwed the poppers cap on and pushed his spit-coated cock all the way into my ass like a deep sea welling rig, making Exxon richer from the very first pump.

“OHHHHHFFUGGGGHHMMMMEEEEEDADDDDDDDDDY!” His cock felt better than it had ever felt inside me. The poppers had left me feeling like a ravenous cumwhore. I wanted to be drenched in his semen.

“That’s it…take Daddy’s big cock and tell me what a slut you are.” He demanded. His thrusts were like those pneumatic crushing arms, and my aroused ass bounced him back up and took each new impact with drunken admiration.

“Fuckkk. Yessss. Daddddy. I’m. Such. A. Slutttt. For. You. I’m. Such. A. Dirty. Sluttttt. Ughh. Fuckkk. Yussss. Fuckkkk. I. Lovvvve. Yurrrr. Cockkk. Ughhh. Yessss. Fuckkkk. Meeee. Dadddy. I. Love. This. COCCCKKKK. Iloveyoufuckingmeeee! IlovebeingyourrrrSLUTTTTTTDADDDDDDDDY!” It was almost like his dick was fucking each new word out of my whorish mouth. I had malfunctioned with cum lust.

I pulled him into me with my legs around his waist and he pounded me with the type of dedicated pace that was usually reserved for his most submissive conquests. Even his wife didn’t usually like to be pounded this hard. His cock was just too big.

But I wanted to be pounded. I needed it. I needed to be as slutty as I had ever been tonight. My own cock was dripping precum and I loved every moment of this pounding I was taking.

“You are such a good little slut, Preston. I think from now on your need to be Daddy’s little boy…and you need to start coming over here every week. And every week Daddy will train you to be a bigger slut for this cock.” I couldn’t believe how badly I wanted what he was saying. I did want to be his slut. I wanted to give up control and let this man fuck me whenever he wanted. I wanted to take direction.

“Yessss, fuckkkk…” he was fucking me so good during this verbal sexgasm, and his fwapping against my ass was literally like music to my horndog ears. God, he was so fucking hot. “I want that, Daddy. I want you to tell me what to do tonight. I want to be submissive for you. I want to be a cumslut all night for you.” I wanted to say dirtier things to him. I wanted to show him how naughty I was ready to be. I wanted to be liquid sex for him.

“Good boy. You’re gonna get very used to coming home with cum leaking out of your ass. You’re going to be my secret little cumslut boy. And you’re going to learn to crave the taste of my cum in your mouth.” I literally smiled when he said that. I had never been so mentally seduced by a partner. He was literally conducting kink symphonies inside my head while fucking me senseless the whole time.

“Dadddddy,” I moaned to him. I wanted him. I needed him. I needed so much more of him. Inside me. Deep inside me. Filling me up. Making me his slut.

He flipped me over now and I was on my knees. He fucked me on my knees but pulled me back so he could bite my neck and pull my hair while he rocked upwards into me.

I was whimpering through this boning. My ass felt incredible. He pushed me down onto my stomach now, and he spread my legs wider.

“Here,” he held the poppers back up to my left nostril this time. I repeated my first sniff and it was wild how much these fumes changed me.

I’d never been such a cock-raging slut than I was in that moment. I would’ve literally done whatever tunalı escort Roland told me to do.

“I’m your cumslut Daddy. I your nasty cumslut.” I told him so assertively. I was his cumslut. I knew it more than I knew anything.

But all he wanted was for me to arch my ass up, as he wedged two pillows beneath me to position me for a proper breeding. He grabbed a third, smaller pillow, and now my ass was really arched, like Kim Kardashian holding a Champagne flute on my derriere. I was literally wiggling my ass for him that’s how fucking gay-horny these poppers made me feel. Holy fuck I couldn’t believe it was possible to want cock this badly. Much less at all. But I needed him against my prostate again. I needed him to take me and force me to be his completely taken fuck boy.

“I need your cock, Daddy. Pleeasseee.” I wiggled more for him. My hole felt empty when he pulled out and I was completely begging now, with my voice and my gyrating hips.

He grabbed my cock and somehow managed to bend me back so that it was pressed down against the pillows, facing the same way my legs were. This arched my ass even more towards him and I felt as he impaled me again, as he began to deeply fuck. And fuck. And fuck. Whoa. My cock bent backwards along the pillows and rubbed in a delicious way.

“Take that cock, slut.” He said to me. And I did.

“Yes Daddy,” I replied. I took him and I loved it.

“Take that cock and moan for your Daddy. Moan like the little slut you know you are.” He was so fucking hot with every single word he said.

And I did moan for him. I moaned loudly. I moaned the way a whore moans when she’s taken in an orgy. I honestly felt so horny for his hot load, I wanted to scream. I’d never craved cum before. But now…it was my sudden obsession.

“DADDDDDDDY I WANTTTTT YOURRRR CUMMMMMM!” I moaned loudly to him, my voice surprisingly high-pitched, as his hips pounded into my ass and he fucked me like the sluttiest slut of all the sluts. The sounds of slapping skin were pornographic.

Every felching fwap made me feel like an oiled up Pornhub girl getting rammed by some stable stud in what I always thought was sort of laughably over the top when I saw it in videos.

Yet here I was, my cock pressing backwards and leaking rivulets of white lava as his head bludgeoned by male G spot like a fuck machine made by an advanced robotics firm.

“Preston, are you ready to take your Daddy’s cum?” He fucked me, and my cock was throbbing with pleasure. I was just being bent down against the pillows and was still getting close to cumming.

“Yessss Daddddy, I want your cum.” I said it so easily. I had never craved cum so badly before.

“I’m gonna breed this slutty ass, Preston,” and that was right when he reached back and began to jack just one side of my cock, with two of his fingers. He pushed my shaft against the pillows and even this small of a touch pushed me over the edge.

He launched his horse into my barn and I swear I never wanted to leave his bed. My ass vibrated and my cock began to pulse.


His hose exploded inside me and that pulsing throb of his pipe in my hole with his teasing jacking motion, caused my throbbing penis to milk a large spasm of my own cum onto the pillows.

I screamed and bit the bed. I gripped the sheets hard as my first anal orgasms came out in low, rumbling waves.

“OOOOOOHHH DADDDDDDY!” I moaned for him, and he kept fucking me, knowing what he was doing. I moaned to let him know that I was so appreciative of how he was taking care of his slut.

“That’s Daddy’s good little slut…cum from that cock. Cum with your cock barely being touched like the nasty slut boy you are.” I couldn’t believe how hard he still felt inside me as I came.

When we were both finally done oozing splooge from our hoses, he finally popped out of me and I gasped with the change of shape my now empty ass experienced. I popped my ass up even further to reposition my cock facing forward again.

My hole was gaping towards him and I was still moaning softly for him, as if I’d just given birth.

“Stay there,” he told me, and I did as I was told.

He left and came back from the bathroom with a piping hot towel and I mewed as he slowly began to wash my hole and cock. He rubbed me down so lovingly and tender, considering how absolutely dominant he had just been in fucking me to an orgasm.

I still couldn’t believe my cock had been milked into cumming as he jacked me with barely his fingertips. That was something I thought was a sexual urban legend.

My heart was beating fast against the bed as I made pleasurable noises during his cleaning. I was slumped with my ass still popped up, and my cock was a half chub, smearing more cum all over his pillows and sheets.

“Looks like my slutty little boy can cum just from being fucked…that means you REALLY like cock, Preston,” türbanlı escort he said proudly.

“Fuckkk…I think I do really love cock.” I giggled at him as he cleaned himself up.

I turned around and met him on my knees.

We kissed softly in the bed and I put my arms around his strong shoulders and neck again, as he pushed my sweaty hair out of my face.

“Wanna get some water in the kitchen and have another drink?” He asked me, with that million dollar JAG smile. Fuck, this man was my absolute Daddy and I was drunk off of his vibe.

“Yes! Great idea!” I was still jazzed with excitement for the rest of our night. I was still thumpingly horny for more. I was, quite literally, visiting Wonka’s Kink Factory.

We traded off trips to the bathroom and then went downstairs to their giant kitchen. He opened a drawer and took out a packet of brown crystallized powder.

He filled two pint glasses with water and then handed me mine. I eyed the baggie as he made two more whiskey sodas, and then he handed me one of the drinks.

I took a comfortable breath as I sat up on one of the leather bar stools that hugged three sides of the large kitchen island. We were both naked and covered in sweat and cum. But he looked so fucking good naked. He had a Greek hero body and I constantly got distracted with the various muscle groups he maintained so well. It was a delicious physique. He was so damn good looking. I was proud to be his bottom.

“That was fucking fun,” I said to him, as I finished off my water and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. He was staring at my mouth I could tell.

“Yeah,” he said, approaching me and standing between my legs at the barstool. We kissed softly for a moment. I loved the way he smelled. There was something after-shave fresh, mixed with laundry detergent. It was sexy.

We drank our cocktails in between kisses and touches.

“You have been such a good slut for Daddy tonight,” he said, as he took a sip of his drink and I loosely flexed my legs on the outside of his, pulling him into me.

“Good. I wanna be a slut for you. I like being a slut for you. It turns me on. A LOT.” I was so turned on telling him this. I LOVED being able to say this to him. We were so comfortable with our dynamic already.

“Good. I like to hear that. I think I’m gonna breed you for the rest of the night.” He said matter-of-factly. “I can usually cum three or four times…especially when I’m partying with a slutty boy,” he bragged, and it was undoubtedly true, I knew. I wondered what he meant by partying, but then I eyed the baggy again.

He saw me looking at the bag, as he played with my rising cock in his hand. “Have you ever done a party drug?” He asked me, like it was the most innocent question.

I shook my head no. I wasn’t even sure what drug it was. My wife and I had dabbled in some fun drugs, but it had been a while.

“No,” I giggled at him, already nervous about what I knew he was going to tell me to do next, “What…is it?” I queried, my fingers fidgeting around my cocktail glass as he caressed my cock in a teasing manner. I also felt his snake getting hard as he pressed against my balls. He always felt so big.

“It’s Molly. It’s amazing for sex. Technically…you’re not supposed to drink beforehand…but we’ll still have an amazing fucking time on it. And you’ll love it. It’ll allow you to be really submissive for me tonight. Would you like to do that?” He asked me, and of course I knew there wasn’t any choice. I had already established that my consent was automatic tonight.

“I wanna do…whatever my Daddy wants me to do,” I told him. And when I said that he looked down into my face and grabbed my neck and chin in his hands as I gulped in his control. My breathing got shallow.

He looked so fucking hot standing over me. My asshole twitched and my body shuddered with need.

“Good. That’s what I wanted to hear you say,” and he shoved his fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them hard, milking them and wishing they tasted like his dick.

He opened the baggy with his other hand, and then took his fingers out of my mouth and spilled a small sprinkle of the powdered drug onto his finger. Then he grabbed my cocktail and handed it to me.

“This doesn’t taste good…just make sure you swallow it off of your tongue and then you can chase it,” he told me. “Open your mouth for Daddy,” he said.

I did as I was told. I opened my mouth and his finger pushed the drug onto my tongue. I allowed myself to wince at the weird laboratory flavor, before swallowing it down. It definitely wasn’t Pixie Stix.

“Are you gonna take some?” I asked him, grabbing his cock in front of me and jacking him as we talked, showing him my continued dedication.

“Yes,” he said, and I watched him pour some more of the Molly out onto my cock and then lower himself down to engulf my dick in his mouth. My hands gripped his hair as he licked the drug off of me, and I loved how deep he was able to suck me down.

It didn’t last long. He came up and we kissed again, as my wet boner flopped out.

The drugs began to make their way into our blood stream over that next thirty minutes.

“Come on…let’s go back outside and sit in the spa again,” we grabbed waters and headed back to the glorious jacuzzi.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32