Joe’s Fence Ch. 01

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I had moved into this duplex after the divorce. Yes, I was lonely and I was horny and I was jerking off each and every opportunity I had! Well, little did I know that I was in for a big surprise.

The small apartment had a narrow strip of dirt out the side door. I have a small dog who needs to go outside often. So I frequently found myself out in the side yard telling my dog to to do her business.

Last week I went out with her late in the evening. I heard a sound coming from the other side of the fence which made me freeze. It was crazy, but I thought I heard the sound of a guy about ready to cum!

My first thought was to back off and not disturb what was a private moment. My second thought was, “Oh hell, I get to see her jerking off this dude – okay!”

So I slowly went to the wooden fence and peered between the slats.

Was I ever surprised to see not a couple as I had expected, but one lone male leaning back against the bricks of his duplex, and stroking his dick for all it was worth!

He had a firm grip on the rather large penis he was stroking, and he was massaging his balls at the same time. I peered through the fence in fascination as he pleasured himself to the edge of an orgasm and then pulled his hand away at the last second.

His big cock throbbed in anticipation each time he did this. My own cock began to throb in appreciation as well!

Slowly, I pulled down my shorts and began to lightly stroke my hard penis. Damn, it was so hard in my hand, and I was so desperate to cum!

He soon began to stroke his dick in a way that told me this was it. This was the time he would climax. I began to pace him and match his strokes beat for beat.

Pound, stoke, slide Şişli travesti – we mirrored each other as we jerked off outside. It was an amazing feeling, I must admit. Hell – I was ready to cum all over the fence if he did not cum soon!

To my delight he began to thrust and moan as his semen built up inside his long penis. He stroked it and within a few seconds he was pulsing out ropes of cum! He shot his load all over the fence and yard, groaning and moaning as he climaxed.

Fuck, I began to shoot my own load just watching him get off! He would shoot, and my own penis would spasm and shoot out a load of my own!

We went on this way for what seemed to be an eternity – but was actually only thirty seconds or so. He would spurt cum, and my dick would react and shoot a load. Over and over until I was out of breath and feeling weak in the knees.

Just as we finished, he seemed to tense up. He turned his head as if listening for a new sound.

I was afraid I had spoiled it. I mean, here was this stud living next to me – stroking his dickl outside at night – and I had alerted him to my presence. Great.

But at that movement my dog decided to bark. Hell yea! My friend looked as if “well, that was only a dog.” and I was suddenly off the hook! I had gotten away with my voyeurism. And I hoped to have more encounters in the days ahead.


So, I could not help thinking about my erotic encounter with my unknown neighbor. I never saw him out front, and for several nights I did not encounter him outside by the fence again.

I began to despair. What if he knew I was there? Well, I had to think about that.

Would that be so bad? Why wouldn’t he be excited that Taksim travesti I was joining him in his nocturnal excursions? It was a new thought to me, after coming off a bad relationship.

So, I decided to DO something about it. And this is where it gets crazy!

I got a drill, and found a bit large enough to drill a two inch hole in the fence. I drilled it in the afternoon, when I was pretty sure no one was around.

The hole was positioned at the height of my cock – of course. I had made my own glory hole in the fence. But I still had no idea if my friend would show up – or if he’d use the new glory hole.

I waited that night in anticipation. To no avail. He never came out.

The next night I was certain he’d show up. I had a raging hard on and began to stroke my cock as I awaited his presence. No dice. He never came. (But I did!)

The third night I waited until late in the night, but no show. So I went inside. Then my dog started barking. I went to the back door, slowly and quietly slid it open, and lo and behold – my friend was jerking off in his backyard!

I slowly crept forward as I slid my shorts down and off. I was naked from the waist down – and damn it felt good! The night air heightened my senses and my dick was hard as a rock before I reached the hole in the fence.

I crept up and peered through the hole. He was leaning back against his wall, stroking that huge cock up and down. Over and over again I watched as he pleasured himself and built to a raging hard-on!

Gathering my courage, I stroked my own penis a few times to build confidence. What if he did not see me? What if he was not into me? What if he called the police on me?

I was terrified, Gümüşsuyu travesti and excited at the same time. So, gathering my strength, and stroking my cock, I approached the fence and quietly slid my dick through the hole. Just as I was doing the deed – my penis scraped against the rough wood of the fence. I guess it was subconscious or just reflex, but I let out a little moan.

Suddenly my new friend stopped his ministrations. He softly said, “Who’s there?”

I froze and began to try to formulate a response. But I had nothing to say. So I just stood there with my hard dick poking through the fence and hoping he’d just ignore me and forget this all happened.

How could I be so stupid? A guy with that fantastic dick did not need a neighbor glory hole. He was more than capable of getting any pussy he wanted. Or dick, for that matter. I was stupid to ever think…

Just then, I felt a soft hand grasp my dick. I moaned again – not even in control of my own reactions.

He knelt down and slowly took my penis into his mouth. It was heaven! This was definitely not his first time to give a blowjob, and I learned SO much from his ministrations. He swirled his tongue around me, and lightly played with my cock head with his fingers.

I was simply in heaven being sucked to climax by him. Damn. It was incredible.

I felt a sudden pressure and I knew I was going to explode. I moaned loudly for his awareness – but it was only seconds later that my cock began to pulse with delight and spurt warm cum into his moist mouth.

Over and over I came. Pulsing, bucking, moaning, and cumming like never before. I was spent Once I felt his lips slide off with a slurp of my penis, I literally collapsed to the ground.

I awoke to daylight. I was totally naked laying in my own yard. The hole in the fence was glaring at me and I was totally turned on by it.

I knew that this was my turn. But soon it would be HIS turn.

I couldn’t wait.


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