Jody’s Gift Ch. 05

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I woke the next day and found Jody gone. She left a note, on the counter, by the coffee pot and I picked it up reading, as I poured my first cup.

“Scott, baby you were awesome last night! I’m not sure how to thank you but I’ll figure out a way! I’ll see you after work. Your Irish Rose!”

I chuckled softly and walked into the living room. I spent a leisurely two hours in Jody’s place, thinking. Thinking and wondering just how fucking lucky one guy could get, Jody was amazing. No – more than amazing, she was phenomenal in her sexual appetite and diversity.

By 9 am I was on my way, back, to my apartment to submit her story. When I finished, I grabbed the phone book and looked up several rental agencies. It was time and I hoped to have a few listings to show Jody, when we met later.

Some two hours, into my search, I was surprised and pleased. I had 6 listings, offering various amenities, and each seemed nicer than the one before. I knew Jody would be pleased and stopped. It was nearly noon and my hunger was peaking, and the decision to shower was automatic.

Another hour later, I was on my way to “Gino’s” and lunch. I had just ordered the Chicken Alfredo, when my cell phone went off.

“Hello, you got Scott, state your business.” I answered.

“You mister – you are my business…What are you doing baby?”

“Having lunch – and you?”

“Just got done. Care to meet later, I’m off at 4:00PM…Outback, for a change?” She asked.

“Sure and I’ll bring the listings…New place remember?”

“Great! You got a few…Already?” She queried.

“Yup and they all sound pretty nice. I think you’ll be pleased, so this next weekend our card is full…That okay?” I answered.

“Ya Scott, you’re the best…See you at 4:30, The Outback – on Becker Street…Okay?”

“Got it, see you then.” And I hung up the phone, just as my noon meal came.

We met, later, as planned and exchanged hugs and kisses before walking into The Outback, arm in arm, chatting about our day. Having arrived early, we had our choice of seating and choose a cozy both near the bar and ordered drinks. I used the delay to hand the real estate listings to Jody and watched as she eagerly read them.

“No way…No fu – you found all these in a single day! Oh Scott…This last one sounds perfect!” She said, grinning wide and turned to hug me.

“All in a days work love. So which ones would you like to look at?” I asked, returning her grin.

Jody paused briefly, “The last one first…Please Scott! And then, I don’t care.”

I nodded, smiled and started to comment when our waiter showed up. Moments later, after ordering, we were alone again and I went on.

“I figured as much – perfect for me because I liked it the best too. So, last one first and then if there is any need we move on – in any order, right?”

Jody eagerly nodded her head and wrapped her arms around me, leaning in to kiss me.

Our evening was easy, with plenty of small talk and easy laughing. Of course the listings were discussed in detail, with Jody pumping me on each and everyone for more information – information not already on what I had given her. Once again, her enthusiasm was overwhelming and I found myself wishing the weekend was already here.

The night ended with a small night cap and we returned to the apartments, choosing to snuggle in tight and talk more. We stayed at Jody’s again, as she had an early morning rise and clothes to deal with – I didn’t. When sleep finally started to take its toll, she rolled over, pressed her ass in tight and lifted her leg pulling my cock between her legs.

I felt her breathing slow down and then a quick tensing of her belly, as she “poofed”, lightly, sending an air shock wave down my cock and giggled.

“Sorry…Just happy and relaxed!” She said dreamily and quietly drifted off to sleep.

Early the next day I woke to find Jody straddling me. She had lowered herself slightly and as she, softly, trailed her nipples round and across my face, I opened my eyes.

“Umm good morning.” I mumbled, enjoying her little treat.

“Morning big boy. Thought I’d start my day off the right way.” She whispered and reached to lift my piss hardened cock.

Before I realized it, Jody had aimed and parted her pussy lips with my cock head and began her slow slide onto my shaft. She bottomed out, sitting more up-right, starting to rhythmically move her pelvis.

I opened my eyes wide and smiled at her and cupped her breasts, as she worked my early morning hard on.

“Jody…You know I just have to pee…Right?”

“Umm, ya…I do, but you know what…You are sure pleasing my pussy right now, so just relax and Jody let work her magic. I’ll give you all you want later…Okay?” She said starting to moan.

I dropped my hands from her tits and firmly squeezed her hips, letting my hands rock with her, as she arched her back and quickened her pace. Nature calling or not, I know I grew more, as I felt Jody uterus again and she cried out, working my cock hard against it.

“Jesus baby I love it Siirt Escort when you do that…You get me there so fast and you’ve got me there now!” She cried out, bending, starting to buck, like a cowgirl on a wild steed.

I watched her tip her back and scream out, as she came, shaking wildly, her hips going into hyper drive, working my manhood deep inside her. She collapsed on top of me, smashing her tits and moaned out,

“Umm thank you Scott…Thank you, I needed that. I love an early morning fucking…It just makes my whole day.”

I caressed her head and rubbed her naked back, working my hand down to her ass, slipping my fingers in her crack and squeezing.

“Umm damn, that feels good baby, but I can’t – I gotta get ready and…Oh shit! You…I bet you gotta pee bad! And she jumped up quickly, leaving my cock to flop down on my belly, soaked with her pussy juice and throbbing lightly, as she ran off to the bathroom.

I chuckled and rolled out of bed and followed her. I walked in to find Jody on the toilet, with a “sorry” kind of expression on her face, and then saw her facial expression change quickly, her eyes lighting up, as she waved me to her.

Approaching, I watched Jody spread her legs wide and pat her thighs, saying,

“Sit down…Slide your dick between my legs and we can both pee at the same time!” and with a grin she grabbed my hips and pulled me down towards her.

I eased down, after straddling her legs and guided my cock between her warm legs. Once I was fully seated she brought her legs together a little and hugged me. In seconds, I released, the relief very much needed; and I felt Jody do likewise, her hot stream running down my shaft, making my urge to pee even stronger.

“Wow – I’ve never done this before and it’s…Is erotic too strong a word?” She asked, looking up at me, a huge smile on her lips.

I cupped her face cheeks and planted my lips on hers as I squirted out my last drops, flexing my cock against her labia. We parted lips and I dismounted her, pulling my semi-hard cock from between her legs, as she watched smiling. I turned to start the shower, as Jody finished up and reached to slap my ass, asking,

“Going to join me?”

“Thinking about it…Unless you’d rather be alone.” I said off handedly and received a second crack on the ass, as Jody stood and pressed into my back whispering,

“Never, now that we have each other…But, no hanky – panky, I’ve got get my butt in gear!”

I laughed and allowed her to enter first, patting her butt as she stepped in and then joined her. As she washed her face, I soaped up her back side and scrubbed her down, from head to toe, relishing every inch I touched. I managed to get a few giggles and Ooo’s, as I worked, but I kept away from the “Hanky” and definitely, the “Panky”!

With a thank you and sweet kiss she left the shower to get ready for work. I lingered a while and finished up, missing her help and decided a quick hand job was in order. I was near climax when Jody poked her head in and gasped out,

“You shit! You’re jerking off and never called me!”

Her sudden appearance startled me and I blushed, stopping in mid stroke, my cock ready to burst. Jody grinned and reached in, grabbing me, and a few strokes later she giggled as she felt my load shoot out.

“And that’s another thing mister…You are wasting a lot of good cum and you damn well know where it should be going – and it’s not down the drain!” and having said it, she jerked me towards the door, opened her mouth and sucked me, draining the rest of what I had. I spasmed as her lips tightened on me and sent one more, fair sized, wad shooting out and she hungrily swallowed it, licked my cock head and released me.

“I see you remember…Don’t forget the next time!” She said, wiping her lips and turned towards the mirror.

I laughed and stepped back closing the shower door to finish, as Jody got ready for work. The thought of not having Jody crossed my mind and I felt my stomach do a flip, nauseating me, and I knew I had crossed the line. I was totally, definitely and deeply in love with this woman.

I opened the shower door, just as Jody walked out of the room, her bare ass adorned only by a small thread of thong material running through her crack and her tits wiggling sweetly. I hungered for her, immediately, but knew I would have to wait. As usual, she was running late.

Jody was fully dressed when I walked into the bedroom, wearing a pants suit that accented every fine feature she had, but not to the point of being risqué. I smiled warmly at her and walked up to kiss her good bye.

“Call me later…Okay?” She yelled out, running for the door.

“I will – bye, have a great day!” I called back, wishing she would stay, when I heard the front door close.

I dressed and headed back to my apartment, feeling I should check e-mail and find out what was going on in the world. Entering, I went to the kitchen and started coffee brewing, then turned on the computer.

As the computer went through its usual start-up, Sinop Escort I opened the curtains and stretched, looking across the courtyard at Jody’s window, smiling. I chuckled softly to myself, thinking about how rapid the past few days had been and how utterly close Jody and I had become in such a short time.

The computer announced I had mail, snapping me from the small day dream and I turned to sit down and start my day. The first couple were the usual “junk” and I deleted them, reporting as junk and went on.

My internet publisher wrote, telling me my story had been received was in editing. The words were, “…wonderful story, looks like your best. You may have hit the real money bracket this time, will advise you on post date. PS: Any more?”

The words were welcome indeed and I sat back thinking of Jody, excited to tell her the news and wondering just how I could thank her. Juan’s Floral came to mind again and I decided to send her flowers at work.

The next couple of mailings were from relatives. The type that never write anything meaningful, but take great delight in sending anything they find “cutesy” on the net. All of which was normally junk, except an occasional odd article or two. I got tired of the mails long ago, but put up with them for obvious reasons.

The last one intrigued me, as I didn’t recognize the sender’s name. The computer advised there were no viruses detected and I hesitated slightly, but opened the mail, curiosity being what it is.

We have mutual friend, Jody O’Malley. I understand you are writer and I have story, if you are interested.

…were the words in the mail, when it opened and I sat back, shaking my head. More curious than ever, I replied to the sender…

Of course, always interested. I assume you got my mail address from Jody. Please advise on how you wish to proceed.

I rose from the table and retrieved a cup of coffee, from the kitchen, and returned to find another mailing from the sender!

I’m free today, would you care to meet? Tina

I smiled, and took a sip of coffee, as the word “intrigue” crossed my mind and typed out another reply.

Tina, love to, I’m free most of the day. Where do you suggest? Scott

The reply was slow in coming and I wondered if “Tina” was having second thoughts, after my quick agreement. I started to rise, feeling that was end of the conversation, when the computer announced another incoming mail, it was Tina again.

Starbucks, on Mason St., in about an hour? Tina

I whistled to myself and typed in my answer, the intrigue feeling growing stronger.

Tina Sounds good, no problem on my end. I’ll see your there in about an hour. PS: How will know you? Scott

Again, there was a fair pause before an answer came through and I sat glued to monitor, waiting.

Long blonde hair/ Red top/ White skirt Tina

I quickly responded with just an emoticon…. ? Scott

I shut down the computer and went to change. I had just enough time to prep myself for this “clan destined” meeting. Satisfied and feeling ready, I walked out and grabbed a cab for Starbucks.

Some fifteen minutes later, I paid the driver and walked into Starbucks, looking for the mysterious Tina. No one fitting her description was standing or sitting inside the building, so I ordered a Latte’ and walked outside to take a seat. Musing to myself about the computer generated meeting, I caught a flash of red, from the corner of my eye, and turned to see a gorgeous blonde turning the corner heading my way.

As she approached I riveted my eyes on her and she turned her head smiling. Her walk was easy and supple, taking long strides. Her blouse, a flaming red, was light and airy, allowing her breasts to move freely, undulating to her stride. She turned into Starbucks entrance and I mouthed the word “Scott” and pointed at myself, causing her to grin widely, just before walking inside.

As the door closed, I dropped my gaze to Tina’s ass and imagined it nearly visible through the light “Mexican” style skirt. The skirt fit tightly around her waist and dropped to “cup” her cheeks and then flowed down and out, swirling, as she entered, the wind catching it.

I sipped my latte’ and waited her return, thinking about the “Mike Hammer” series. “So…Tell me baby, what can, I do for you?” were the words coursing through my mind, when Tina stepped up and I quickly stood, offering my hand.

Tina grinned widely, took my hand, but pressed in and kissed my cheek, rubbing a pair of, what I judged to be, 36C sized breasts against me. Tina was, perhaps, in her late – thirties, but her appearance made that a hard call. Her long blonde hair, framed a face that never saw a day of worry, apparently. Her elbows were the only give away, having the slightly wrinkled skin, belying age.

“Scott, glad to meet you – You are so kind to do this on the spur of the moment!” She purred, taking a seat.

“Not a problem, Tina…In fact, my pleasure.” I replied waiting for her to get situated.

Tina smiled and did a “California flip” Şırnak Escort of her hair, clearing it from one side to the other and, with a slight blush, nodded for me to sit. I slowly sat down, nearly tipping my Latte’ over and she laughed, breaking the ice – sort of.

I grinned sheepishly and apologized for staring, explaining I hadn’t been prepared for someone as lovely as her. With a soft laugh, Tina reached to pat my arm and started the conversation.

“I’m not sure how to begin, actually. I had a talk with Jody a few days back and she gave your mail address. She said whenever I felt ready to contact you, I should. I understand you are writing her story?”

“Yes, yes I am – in fact, I’ve already submitted it and it looks to be hit. Is that why we’re having this meeting?” I replied, playing stupid.

Tina blushed, sipped her coffee, and nodded her head. There was a brief silence, when we both started to talk at once.

“Scott, I’d like…” “Tina, please don’t be…” and we laughed again, melting the ice a bit farther. “Go ahead.” I offered quickly.

“Well…Mostly because of Jody, I’ve decide I’d like to relate my story and have you write it. I’m just not sure how to begin.” She commented, taking a drink of her coffee.

I pulled up my notebook and smiling said,

“Pretty simple really Tina, but I know it can be…Embarrassing, I guess. I told Jody to just start at the beginning. You know, and just let things flow.”

Tina nodded slowly, eyeing the notebook, and I saw the hesitant look cross her face, as I added,

“Hey, I used to have a photographic memory, but I guess the camera died one day, now I have to take notes!”

Tina, raised her hand to her mouth and giggled, the last of the ice falling away, over my comment. We laughed together, and I watched Tina relax, before starting in.

“Okay, Tina…Shall we begin?”

“I’ve had a long standing affair with my son…Michael.” She began, in a nearly inaudible voice, leaning in towards the table and looking around her for anyone in ear shot.

“Tina, perhaps Starbucks was a bad choice.” I replied, looking up and nodding towards the park across the street, adding,

“Lets take a walk – the park is a bit more private.”

Eagerly Tina agreed and we rose, grabbing our coffee, heading for the park. I allowed Tina to walk ahead and smiled as the sun made her skirt truly see through, giving me just a hint of what lied beneath.

We crossed the street together and selected a park bench, surrounded with trees, a shady spot that looked inviting. Tina dropped down, to sit, and exposed a good deal of thigh, as her skirt rose up. As I sat, she thanked me and said this was a much better choice.

“Okay, lets start over…You were saying?” I commented, picking my note book.

“My son…Michael – and I have had an affair, for quite some time.” She began again.

“I see…And would you care to tell me how it got started?” I asked, without looking up.

Tina shifted again, and placed her, left, elbow on her knee. Slowly, she began a nervous rubbing on the collar of her blouse, dropping her fingers to the point where it was buttoned and rising again, as she went on.

“Well…I was a divorcee, for several years, as Mike grew up. I was amazed, as he got older, that he started to take things over. He did things far beyond his years or what I thought him capable of, anyway. He was trying to be the man of the house and I loved him, so much, for trying. I really started to think about him differently, somehow, never really realizing where I was going.”

I nodded in understanding, jotting down notes, as Tina took a breath and continued.

“Well, one day…I came home from work – early, never realizing Mike was home, already. Like any other day, I headed for my bedroom to change. I noticed the door ajar and being curious, I walked up, silently, wondering what was going on, because I always closed my door. I peaked around the corner and there stood Michael! Naked as a Jay bird, stroking his manhood for all he was worth, using a pair of my panties! Well damn… I put my hand to my mouth and backed away from the door, quickly retreating, as I heard him cum!”

“So you didn’t interrupt him?” I asked, looking up at Tina’s lovely face.

“No! I was in shock! I, really, didn’t know what to do! I went into the living room and waited for him to come out. By the time he did, my face was flushed and I felt hot…Excited I guess, and I had all I could handle trying to keep my voice calm.” She replied, her fingers working the collar faster, a far away look in her eyes.

I reached to touch her hand, startling her, snapping her from the self induced state, and she jerked, popping a button free. Blushing, she looked down at her parted blouse, her cleavage well exposed, and gave me wane smile, but never moved to re-button the blouse.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you Tina, please go on.” I said softly, pulling my hand away.

“I never said a word to Michael…I kept that vision inside me for weeks, when something else occurred, that shocked me even more. I was doing dishes when Michael walked up behind me and hugged me – but it wasn’t a normal hug, if you get my drift. He was hard and pressed his…Oh God – penis into my butt, as he squeezed me.” She added in a breathless tone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32