Job Interview With a Twist

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This is the sequel to my previous submission, Show & Tell Dinner. If you like this story I would suggest reading the first one as well. I have a few sequels for this story to follow in the future. Thanks for you votes.

* * * * *

The front bell jingled as someone entered the office on the sunny Saturday. I could only think of one person who might come in at that time. I walked out of the conference room where I’d been preparing some paperwork and saw Alice standing nervously by the front door. “Come on in!” I yelled and waved her out of the small waiting room where we detain our clients.

Her smile was warm, but tainted by slight nervousness. We met halfway across the front room to shake hands. “Glad you could make it,” I told her, letting warmth seep from my voice.

She tucked some loose strands of hair behind her ear. “Thanks for seeing me on a Saturday.”

“Not a problem. It’s good to see what this office looks like on a weekend every once in a while, anyway.”

I escorted her through the front room that acted as the secretarial office and down a short hallway to the conference room. I had had the interior decorated with a glass top conference table. The chairs were metal framework with soft cloth stretching across them. Arranged in one corner away from the table were a set of recliners and a couch. Along the far wall stretched a few cabinets, a sink, and a small refrigerator.

“Well,” I said, motioning towards the conference table where I had a pile of papers waiting, “Shall we get started?”

Her shoulders bunched tightly enough that I could feel my shoulders tightening in sympathy. I pulled a seat back for her. She took it and barely breathed a thanks.

I took a seat at the end of the table. Her chair was the first on my right, so we could face each other without being straight across from each other. “Okay. There’s one important matter I want to get out of the way first.” She turned large wide doe eyes to me. “That is: relax. Take a deep breath. I’m not here to interrogate you. I just want to learn more about you. Almost like a date, except without the excitement of wondering when I’m going to kiss you.”

Alice smiled a little, her shoulders relaxing with the fading tension. I began again, “Okay. Now we can get started. Do you know what we do here and what your duties would be if you worked here?” She shook her head and I explained. I watched her reactions as I did so, trying to read her. Watch her reaction to specific words. Learn more about her through her body language than she’d be able to tell me.

The rest of the interview went well. The more we talked, the more she relaxed. True to my word, I stayed professional, only asking questions relating to work and the interview at hand. Alice and I were winding down when the front bell jingled. I didn’t get up, figuring it was just the mailman dropping a package into the unlocked entryway. Presently Katie appeared in the doorway holding a pizza box over her shoulder, waitress style. I glanced down her gorgeous frame to find it clad in a thin white t-shirt and dark blue, skin tight shorts. Her legs were bare, except for the high heels on her feet. I was starting to think she wore heels for jogging.

“Hi Katie. I believe you and Alice met last night.”

Katie approached and extended her free hand in greeting. “Not officially. I’m Katie. It’s nice to see you again.”

We both noticed Alice’s eyes sliding down Katie’s body as she replied, “Likewise.”

Katie gave me a knowing wink and set the pizza box on the table. “I brought pizza. I figured you two would probably be hungry after all that talking.”

I smiled at her. Letting my eyes rest against her breasts where she was taking quite some time to set the box down. Apparently she had decided to go braless. Her tits hung heavily from her chest, the nipples poking against the fabric of the t-shirt.

She straightened. I cleared my throat before talking. “Yes, thank you. I was just about to invite Alice out for lunch, anyway.”

I was in the cupboards retrieving some paper plates when Alice answered, “Oh, thank you. But I ate before I came. I was too nervous to not eat.”

“Nervous?” Katie asked, placing a couple of slices on each plate. “What in the world were you nervous about?”

“I don’t know. Just the chance at the best job of my life so far, I guess. I’ve never worked in an office before.”

“Well, you can relax, ’cause there’s nothing to it. Especially with a boss like Kyle that’s such a push over.” Katie gave Alice a mischievous grin. Without taking her eyes off Alice she slid a hand down my body from chest to waist, her fingers lingering at the button of my pants.

“Push over, huh?” I rumbled. “I think it’s about time I gave you some extra work load.”

Katie’s eyes sparkled with a grin, even as she threw her hands up in mock exasperation. “Oh no, anything but that. I’d hate to work harder for your load.”

We both laughed, settling into the couch with our slices of pizza. Alice joined us on a chair nearby. “Will that be expected of me if I work beşiktaş escort for you?”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“That I also work for your load?” her eyes dropped to my groin for emphasis.

I was quick to respond. “No, not at all. I don’t hire people based on their ability to sexually please me. Katie worked for me for over a year before we decided to make our relationship a little more than boss/secretary.”

Alice nodded slowly. “Good. Because I don’t think I could work here if it was expected of me.”

“You didn’t shy away from his exposure last night, though,” Katie added.

“No,” she said, shaking her head. “I just don’t want to work in a place where sex is expected of me. I want to be able to get my kicks my way, without fear of losing my job.”

“That isn’t going to be a problem,” I told her. “This is a place of business after all, not my private harem. As long as you get your work done, and on time, I don’t care what you do. I really don’t care how you get it done, either, as long as it gets done on time and professionally.”

“It’s a really good job. Kyle’s true to his word, so you’ll have a lot of freedom here.”

Alice looked thoughtful. “Alright, I’m hooked. When can I start?”

“As soon as you’re ready.”

“I can’t start this week. I’d be dumping my shifts on the other waitresses, and I’ve had that happen to me too many times to do it to someone else. Can I start a week from this Monday? Would that be alright?”

I nodded. “Sure, that’d be fine.”

“Yes, it would,” Katie added, sliding her eyes up and down Alice’s body.

“What should I wear? I mean, I’ve never really worked in an office before.”

I explained, “Anything professional, preferably with a skirt. The fashion is up to you, as long as you look good.”

Alice chewed her lip, “I don’t own any skirts. At least, not that I could wear here, fitting your description.” My mind mulled that information, flicking through visions of her in tight skimpy skirts. “I’ll have to go shopping for new clothes, I guess.”

Instantly Katie fixed me with her gaze, a large smile spreading under her shining eyes. “Uh oh. What now?” I asked, already sure of the answer.

Katie slid closer to me, rubbing her hand over the inside of my knee. Her voice was husky as she told me, “I’ll take her shopping if you want, but on one condition.”

“Maybe. What’s the condition?”

“That you pay for everything we buy.”

I laughed. “I see. And what do I get for the cost?”

She leaned in closer to me, resting her head against my shoulder. “We’ll show you everything we buy.”

“That was to be expected. What else are you going to give me?”

Her hand rubbed against my chest. “What would you like?”

“Before you start adding Alice into your negotiations, you’d better ask her if it’s okay with her.”

We both turned to Alice, who was looking at us with confusion. “I don’t know. How much will I be able to spend?” I told her, it was roughly triple what I’d given Katie the day before. Alice’s eyes opened wide. “What exactly do you do around here? It isn’t illegal is it?”

I chuckled. “No, it’s not illegal. I’m just very good at making money.”

“What do you say, Alice? Care to go shopping with me on his expense?”

Alice didn’t hesitate long before nodding. “Alright, here’s my conditions.” I had to negotiate something good for the amount of money I was giving them. “I get to see everything you buy. You pose exactly as I want and do exactly what I want while in the new clothes.” I looked at the girls and they both nodded. “Second, you have to show me at least one outfit before Alice starts working, to make sure your tastes are on track.” Again they nodded. “Third, I want a down payment to make sure I’m really going to get my money’s worth.”

Katie smiled and rubbed her hand across my stomach. Alice, however, furrowed her brow at me. “What kind of down payment.”

Katie answered, “Why honey, I think he wants to make sure we’ll be able to deliver our end of the bargain.” Her hand slid to my groin, her fingers lightly playing against my balls.

“Oh, I see. I’d like to see this money in my hand first, though. To make sure I’m not being strung along.”

“Fair enough,” I said, rising from the couch. I was sorry to leave the range of Katie’s attentive hands, but I had to go to the office to retrieve the cash. I took my time rummaging around in my office, hoping the two girls were getting to know each other better. When I returned I found out just how much hopes can come true.

I reentered the conference room to find the two girls in the chair together. They were pressed together in a deep kiss, their tongues hot in each others’ mouths. Their hands caressed each other, sliding up and down their bodies, touching face, arm, shoulder, and thigh. I laid the money on the coffee table and retook my seat on the couch.

They heard me sit down and broke the kiss. I pointed to the pile of cash and Alice’s eyes opened wide. “I thought you were joking. I never beşyol escort thought you’d have that kind of money laying around.”

“I usually don’t, but this has been a strange week all around. So how about it? Time for my prepayment?”

Katie looked lustily into Alice’s eyes. Fixing me with the same eyes she told me, “Take your pants off first. We want to see your reactions.”

“I don’t think it’s my reaction you’re interested in. More like my erection.”

“Are you complaining?”

I shrugged and stood by way of response. I unzipped my slacks and they were soon pooled around my ankles. I stepped out of them and threw my underwear on top of the pants. When I looked up both girls were looking at the meat dangling between my legs. “Is there a problem?” I asked.

Alice answered first, “No. No, not at all. I was just wondering how much you can cum at one time.”

I looked down self consciously. “Why’s that?”

“You’re balls are huge, and I have a real cum fetish. No offence, but if guys couldn’t spew sperm, I would’ve gone all girl a long time ago. It’s hard to find a guy that can satisfy my tastes.”

“Why don’t you see if you can satisfy me, and I’ll see if I can satisfy you.”

She gave me a wicked smile that Katie mirrored. They rose like cats from the chair. I took my seat on the couch to enjoy the show. I lifted my cock and balls as I crossed my ankles on top of the coffee table, setting them down on my thighs once I was comfortable. I crossed my arms behind my head to give the girls a clear view at my groin and natural reactions.

They smiled and turned into each other, pressing their bodies against each other. Katie leaned down the few inches to meet Alice’s face and once again entered into a long sensuous kiss. Their arms wrapped around each other, embracing each other tightly. Soon, their hands were wandering up and down each others’ backs. Alice’s hands finally found Katie’s neck and gently kneaded the flesh there. Katie cooed softly into their kiss at the touch. Her own hands found the bottom of Alice’s shirt. In one long pull involving a little arm raising from Alice, the shirt was up and off of Alice.

Katie wrapped a hand around each bra clad breast. Her eyes slid my way as her mouth descended and started sucking in pieces of the white flesh. To show my approval I flexed my pelvic muscle, causing my cock to bounce briefly. She smiled and the bra was off. Alice leaned back and closed her eyes as Katie pulled first one dark nipple, and then the other into her mouth. Katie straightened from her work. They embraced each other again, kissing deeply.

Alice hooked her fingers into Katie’s t-shirt. Moments later it was off, Katie’s full breasts dangling against Alice’s tight tits. They kissed again, their tongues thrusting through the gulf between them and into their open mouths. Alice wiggled her naked torso against Katie. Katie responded by shaking her chest, rubbing their tits together. I could see both their nipples stiff and poking into the womanly flesh of the other.

Alice reached around Katie and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her in tight. Their kiss became more urgent as Alice’s lust grew. Alice’s pants came off, shortly followed by Katie’s shorts. They now stood against each other. Katie was naked, not having worn anything under her outer layer of clothing. Alice stood in a satiny pair of pink bikinis. Alice was ready to pull the last piece of clothing between them off when Katie stopped her. I could hear her whisper into Alice’s ear, “Not yet. He likes panties.”

Alice turned to me. She looked startled, like she’d forgotten I was in the room. Her eyes instantly dropped to my rod, already full and stiff. Katie kissed against her neck while Alice stared at my groin.

I patted the seat next to me and indicated that Alice should come join me. She walked towards me slowly. I watched her hips as they swung, turning the skimpy fabric that hid her pussy from me. I pulled my feet off the coffee table, setting them on the ground as far apart as was comfortable. Alice kneeled in front of me. She reached out with her hands and gripped my shaft, needing to use both hands to encircle its girth.

Her eyes never left my meat as she kissed the head gently. I sighed encouragement. Her hands and tongue moved in concert up and down my shaft, eliciting small sighs from me. Katie curled up on the couch next to me. She pressed close. I could feel the heat from her body where her silken skin touched mine. She gently ran a hand through Alice’s hair while she watched her work her ministrations.

I leaned over the short distance required and placed my lips against Katie’s toned neck. I worked kisses up and down her neck and shoulder, eventually adding a hand at her breast. She moaned her pleasure as I worked. When Alice slid her mouth from the head of my cock to suckle my balls Katie sat up on her knees. She faced away from me and threw a leg over my hips. I could see Alice smiling as Katie’s cunt descended towards my cock.

Alice held my prick in position until beykent escort I could feel Katie’s wet opening enveloping the head. Katie pushed down slowly, stuffing my cock into her tight cunt with slow tenderness. Alice watched transfixed as I speared Katie, first spreading her labia, and then pushing through into her moist interior.

Finally Katie hit bottom. She wiggled her hips a little to make sure. Then she lifted with the same tortured slowness. I had to take deep slow breaths to restrain myself from bucking up into her. As she descended the second time I felt Alice pull one of my balls into her mouth. I just about came right then. The feeling of penetration coupled with the manipulation of my sac was intense.

As Katie neared bottom the mouth left my sac to be replaced with a hand. Once Katie was fully impaled she inhaled sharply. She let out a loud pleasurable moan and lifted off of me, faster this time. “Oh yeah!” she breathed, pushing back down. “Suck my clit! That feels so good. Suck my clit as his cock fills me! Oh yeah.”

As she gushed commands to Alice her speed increased. Within minutes she was pounding into me hard enough that I could feel my balls jiggle in Alice’s hand. I had to concentrate not to burst. I didn’t have to concentrate long, though. Katie let out a loud scream and began bucking out of rhythm on my shaft as orgasmic waves pulsed through her body. Alice’s tongue flicked wildly over my cock as Katie’s cunt squirted her cum over it.

I was sweating and clenching my teeth in the effort to not cum before Katie was done. When the orgasm finally left her she slid off of my lap and curled up on the seat beside me. Alice, however, continued licking my shaft, cleaning the last of Katie’s juices from my slickened prick.

I smiled down at Alice. Her answering smile was lewd and obscene with her tongue sticking out to lick my shaft. “You want my cum? How about I cum on those little panties of yours. To give you something to remember me.”

I stood up and moved over out of the way, telling her to take my seat on the couch. I spread her legs with my knees and then kneeled before her, gazing into the smooth pantied crotch. I slid my hands along the inside of her thighs lovingly, worshipping her pantied pussy with my eyes. Lightly I brushed my fingers against her cunt. I could feel her juices making the satiny material hot and slippery against her vagina. Finally I leaned in and placed a light sucking kiss against the inside of her thigh. She let out a moan of encouragement.

My kisses became longer and deeper, each one pulling more and more flesh in my mouth. I flicked my tongue out and traced the hem of the panties at her crotch, feeling her hairless groin with my tongue. I flattened my tongue and pressed it full against her super heated pussy. I could feel the panties squish between my tongue and her opened wetness.

Looking up I found that Katie had recovered and was now snuggling against Alice. Her body was pressed against Alice’s in a deep kiss. Their hands roamed each other, paying special attention to their breasts and nipples. Pulling Alice’s panties aside I smelled deeply of her musk before sliding my tongue against her labia. She moaned lustily into Katie’s mouth. I licked the other labia with the same effect.

Placing my tongue against the base of her slit I slowly slid up along the silken smoothness of her sex until I reached the clit. Pulling back I probed my tongue directly into the center of her pussy, her labia spreading for me as I tasted her sweet juices. I moved my tongue up and found her clit, lightly flicking across the engorged pleasure nub.

She was flowing freely now and my tongue lapped at the precious fluids. She was moaning loudly, openly squirming her hips against my face. Pulling my face away from her cunt I straightened. Alice broke her kiss with Katie to see what the problem was, only to find me sliding the tip of my cock up and down her slit. “I haven’t been fucked by a real cock in a long time. Make it good.”

Katie answered for me as I pushed into Alice’s slick hole. “He will. It always feels good.” With a last effort I fully penetrated Alice’s pussy, her cunt squeezed around my shaft. “Doesn’t that feel so big? Don’t you feel so full?”

Alice didn’t respond immediately, but simply moaned, concentrating on my penetration. I started pushing in and out. After only a few repetitions she told me to stop. “In my ass. I want it in my ass.”

I looked down at my thick shaft buried in her pussy with doubt. “Are you sure? Will I hurt you?”

“I don’t care, just do it.”

I shrugged. What a beautiful woman wants, she gets. For now, anyway. I pulled out of her pussy reluctantly. She scooted forward on the couch, just hanging the bottom of her ass off the cushion. She pulled her legs back, holding her right leg while Katie held her left. Katie tilted her head to the inside to have a better view of my penetration. I shoved a finger into Alice’s pussy, wiggled it around in her juices, pulled her panties farther to the side, and then shoved my finger into her asshole. She moaned, but to my surprise her ass wasn’t as tight as I thought. Apparently she was quite used to anal stimulation. I stuffed my cock into her cunt one more time, only to pull it out and place it against the puckered rim of her anus. Her eyes locked on mine as I pushed into her.

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