Job Interview Down Under

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This is a true story…only the names have been changed to protect the guilty pleasured couple.

* * * * *

For a couple of years now I have worked outdoors picking flowers in a nursery. At the time it was a suitable job cause I wanted to spend more time out doors and be close to the guy I’d been dating for 2 years.

Then he decided to call it quits, said he needed a change and he was gone. I was shattered at first but then I started thinking I needed something new and exciting in my life. I am only 24 years old. Why not starting by look for a new job? I was sick of wearing trackie dacks and sloppy joes in winter and singlets and shorts in summer and keeping my long black hair up under a cap all day. I wanted a job that I could get dressed up for.

So, I started checking out jobs in the paper.

One night while I was online with a friend, I told her that I had quit my job and was now looking for something else to do.

“Must be that time of year everyone needs a change,” she says. ” My friend has resigned her job as a receptionist today cause she wasn’t getting along with her boss.” I asked what that job had entailed and it sounded like I could handle that. I’d have to travel into town each day, but I could handle that too.

She gave me the company name and said the man to speak with is Mr Johnston. In the morning I called and secured an interview for the job.

Well, now I had some serious shopping to do. I needed some new clothes to wear. So I went shopping and bought some new shoes with heels and a couple of skirt suits, tops to wear and a new handbag.

I got up early on the day of the interview, showered and took my time dressing. I slipped into a pink bra and panties and admired my long sexy legs and great body in the mirror. Working in the nursery had been very kind to me, it kept me fit. I slipped on my black skirt, sprayed some Allure perfume all over and slipped on my pink V neck top which clung nicely to my breasts. A few more finishing touches, I grabbed my jacket and bag and ran out the door.

Apparently Mr Johnston was just finishing off another interview when I arrived, so I had to wait a few minutes outside his office. Good, it gave me some time to get myself together. The door opened and a guy walked out and I heard a man, which turned out to be Mr Johnston telling him that he’d let him know one way or another about the job tomorrow.

Mr Johnston looked at me. I smiled at him.

“You must be Rebecca.”

“Yes sir, I am.” I replied. He invited me into his office and gestured for me to sit in the chair while he sat on the sofa in front of me.

“So, Rebecca, tell me about yourself and why you want this job.”

I was nervous, crossing my legs I began to talk. He listened, watching me intently. I uncrossed my legs and moved a little as he started asking me some questions. He could tell I was nervous and said “Rebecca, it’s ok, don’t be nervous, let’s just chat about why you want this job and what this job entails.” I relaxed a little as we chatted for 15 minutes or so and then he offered to show me around the office.

When we came back, he sat his desk and I sat opposite him. I removed my jacket. He passed across some papers and asked me to fill them out.

While I was doing that I felt his gaze on my breasts. His gaze excited me and my nipples became hard and pressed Dikmen Escort against my pink top. I looked up at him.

“Rebecca I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before, but you have the most interesting eyes.”

I smiled and said “Thank you Mr Johnston” and got back to filling out the papers. His phone rang and I finished the paperwork as he spoke.

I got up and moved around behind his desk checking out the amazing view from the wall to wall window. The whole of Sydney Harbour was sprawled out beneath me as I leaned forward and checked it all out.

I heard him end his call and I said, without turning around, “Mr Johnston you have an awesome view from here.”

In a deep husky voice I heard him say “Rebecca, I have an awesome view from here too.”

I slowly turned around, leaned against the window sill smiling at him. I checked out the bulge in his pants and the lust in his eyes.

He grabbed the papers I had filled out and read them.

As he’s reading I’m checking him out. I’m thinking to myself… he is so, hmm, well he’s ok looking, he’s close to 50 for sure, but there is something so sexy about him, about the way he looks at me, the way he makes me feel.

He looks up at me and he looks so damn sexy sitting there. I smile at him. “Rebecca I know this may seem out of line, but do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, it’s ok, and no I don’t.”

“Unbelievable” he says. “You are such a sexy looking woman.”

I don’t know what to say…and I just stand there in front of him and blush from head to toe. “He stands up and I move from the window towards him with my hand outstretched to shake his hand. “Thank you for interviewing me Mr Johnston” I’m saying as I’m shaking his hand.

I feel an attraction to this man as he pulls me forward gently and kisses my cheek and I kiss his. He kisses across my cheek and meets my lips. We kiss as his hands start touching my body. He touches my breasts gently while looking into my eyes for approval to do so. He has approval.

His other hand moves down to and over my butt. He pulls me close to him and I can feel that bulge in his pants I was looking at earlier. He takes my hand, walks me to the office door and locks it.

He turns around and we start kissing again.

“OMG, you are so beautiful” he murmurs. “Come with me Rebecca, come with me baby please. Will you help me fulfil my ultimate office fantasy Rebecca?”

I don’t know what to say, he’s so sexy and he’s got me feeling all sexy and worked up already.

“I’ll try Mr Johnston.” He leads me back to his desk and sits in his chair. I’m standing in front of him with my back to him. His hands start running up and down my legs. “Lean forward Rebecca,” he whispers and as I do I hear him moan. He touches my butt and starts running his hands all over it.

He begins kissing my butt gently and slowly starts turning me around. “Rebecca, I’d love to see you, all of you without that skirt and top.”

I smile at Mr Johnston and reach up and peel off my pink top. I unzip my skirt and take it off as well. He leans back in his chair…checking me out. “Shall I take my heels off too?” I ask him.

“No Rebecca, leave those on please,” he replies.

“Turn around for me Rebecca,” and I do, coming back to face him I see the lust in his eyes.

“Mr Johnston, don’t tell me the rest of Dikmen Escort Bayan your fantasy, let me see if I know how that fantasy goes. Let me begin acting it out for you. What do you say?” Mr Johnston just nods his head.

So I gently push him back in his chair, give him a long wet kiss as I reach down and touch his hard cock before leaning my butt back onto his desk. I move back a little and bring my feet up so that I have one foot on each arm of his chair.

I begin running my hands through my hair and down to my bra, feeling my breasts with one hand, the other still is running through my long black hair.

I slide my hand inside my bra and squeeze my nipple, throw my head back, and moan. I lift my breast out of my bra and reach around with my other hand to unclasp it. I remove my bra and place it on Mr Johnston’s desk.

My hand moves down my tummy while the other grasps my breast, teasing my nipple, squeezing it. My hand moves over my panties and then back up and slides inside them. Mr Johnston’s eyes are starring right between my legs as I start touching my pussie lips, feeling my clit and I begin to moan.

“Mr Johnston, I don’t think having panties on is part of your fantasy is it?” I say. Mr Johnston simply shakes his head. “Help me remove them then.” Mr Johnston leans forward as I lift my butt off the table and removes my panties for me. “Thank you Mr Johnston.”

I make myself comfortable again as he watches. My heels are back on the arms of his chair, my right hand begins working my pussie, gently at first, teasing my clit, sliding back and forth. Mmmmmm… it feels so good.

I lean my left hand back on Mr Johnston’s desk as my right hand continues to work my clit, teasing it, rubbing it and pulling on it. I lift my butt off the table and supporting myself with my legs on Mr Johnston’s chair and begin fucking myself with my fingers. His eyes are riveted on me.

“Mr Johnston, I’m going to cumm for you sir, is that part of your fantasy?” He just nods, he finds it hard to talk. Mr Johnston’s hands a stroking my long smooth legs. My fingers sliding in and out, my pussie positioned in front of his face.

“Rebecca, I have to taste your pussie” he says whispers in a hoarse voice.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh Mr Johnston, I’m about to cum…help me cum, Mr Johnston, lick my pussie, lick it please.” And with that, his hands go under my butt. I feel the tip of Mr Johnson’s tongue touch my clit.

“Oooohhhhhhh Mr Johnston” I moan.

Mr Johnston begins licking my pussie and my fingers. I move my right arm back, leaning on elbows, supporting myself, as his tongue slides between my slick, wet pussie lips, flicking over my clit, mmmmmmm, licking my pussie all over.

My bald pussie loves to be licked. “Oh Mr Johnston, your going to make me cum sir” and I feel his tongue slide inside me. “Mmmmm yessss that’s it sir, fuck my cunt with your tongue, omg yessssssssssss yessssssssssssss oh yessssssssssssssssssssssss,” as my clit quivers on his tongue and my pussie gushes her sweet nectar all over his mouth.

Mr Johnston lowers me back down onto the table, stands up and takes me into his arms as his pussie nectar drenched lips come down on mine in a wild, hot, sexy passionate kiss. He begins to undo his pants.

“Rebecca, you got my fantasy exactly right. I’ve always wanted to sit here Escort Dikmen in my chair at my desk and watch a beautiful young woman masturbate and cum for me that way. Now please allow me to share with you the next part of my fantasy.”

He removed his pants and sat back down in his chair. His cock was rock hard and huge. He moved up to the edge of his seat so that his cock was only an inch or so away from my pussie which was spread in front of him. Slowly he begins to masturbate while I watch him.

Every now and then the head of his cock would touch my cunt and he would moan in delight. I was watching as he stroked that cock back and forth, back and forth until he couldn’t hold back any longer and he shot his cumm all over my pussie. “Ohhhh,” I moan, it felt wonderful having hot streams of cumm shooting onto my clit like that.

He leaned back in his chair and I brought my right hand back to my pussie and started working his cumm in, rubbing it all over, pushing it inside of me, working it in so well that as Mr Johnston watched me doing that I had to cumm again. And I did. “Ohhhhhh yesssssss, ohhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss, yessssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssssss.” I moaned. I was so turned on by the way his cock shot all that cum over my pussie that I came two more times.

Mr Johnston’s cock was hard again and there was a fire burning in his eyes, he moved my legs off his chair and stood me up, turned me around and leaned me forward onto his desk.

I felt his cock moving up and down the crack of my ass, then I felt the head of his cock just sitting at the entrance to my pussie. With a long slow push, his cock head became buried inside me.

He pulled out slowly then pushed all the way back in before starting a wonderful fucking rhythm as his cock enjoyed the tightness of my cunt around it. I could feel his balls, filled again with cum slapping against my butt as he moved in and out of me.

I parted my legs a little further, reached down and grabbed his balls rubbing them against me, gently pushing them against my clit and then it happened.

This low moan started building up and getting louder as Mr Johnston moved in and out of me. He reached up with one hand and grabbed my breast while the other hand moved around and started rubbing my clit. He didn’t let up, his cock sliding in and out, rubbing my clit, squeezing my breast and then he said “Come on Bec, cumm with me” and with that, my pussie juices gushed all over his cock as it exploded and he shoot his cumm deep inside me as he let out this unforgettable moan of pleasure.

He leaned forward onto my back and kissed my shoulders, my neck and I turned my face and kissed his lips.

“Rebecca, thank you for making my fantasy come true and thank you for you, you gorgeous woman.”

He helped me up, turned me around and helped me get dressed as he tried to dress himself at the same time. We just kept smiling at each other. We shared another long, passionate kiss.

“Rebecca, I have to run these papers and other applications by my colleagues later today. Can you be here at 10 am tomorrow?”

I smiled at him, knowing that I couldn’t possibly have a working relationship with this man after what we just shared.

“Yes, of course I can Mr Johnston.” And with that, I grabbed my bag, kissed him one last time and said…”Mr Johnston, I’m so glad I was able to share your fantasy with you because it’s always been my fantasy to have an interview exactly like this one. Thank you.”

I won’t be there at 10am tomorrow and if he wants to reach me, he has all my details on that paperwork I filled out.

Next interview please.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32