Joan Takes Charge Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Those who do not like stories about bodily functions should read no further. All characters are well over 18.


After three weeks of having assumed charge of the household after her mother’s death, Joan, the youngest of the four siblings resident in the family home, seemed both confident and pleased. She now was in complete command of everything concerning the expansive and well-appointed house she had been left in charge of by her mother when her parents were killed in an accident.

This included every Friday’s session where the missteps and misbehaviors of her three older siblings were reported to her by each of them. This was followed by her administering whatever discipline she deemed appropriate. For the three—Emily, 28, Ken, 30, and Jill, 32—the humiliation of reporting to their youngest sister, who was only 24, for punishment had started to fade as they faced living their lives. They also knew that for as long as they resided in the home, even if they married, they would be subject to Joan’s authority just as they had been to their mother’s.

This week, Joan had had to discipline her brother Ken for the first time. She as with all of them had seen him and the others with their pants down but it was different when he stood in front of her describing his misdeeds and requesting that she punish him mildly. Joan decided that Ken would be spanked this first time and motioned to him to lower his trousers and undershorts and then assume the traditional over-the-lap position.

Ken lay across his sister’s lap, over her tweed skirt that she wore for this occasion and realized he had grown hard so was embarrassed, of course, when Joan adjusted her skirt so that his erect member was caught between her stockinged legs. He hoped that he would not disgrace himself by ejaculating on her hose.

Ken had a serious girlfriend, Andrea, in whom he confided his home situation. Andrea had been incredulous at learning that her strong, independent boyfriend had been spanked by his mother and now by his youngest sister. Worse was the realization that if they married and lived in the house, which had ample space for all of the siblings, married or single or with families, she would be subjected to Joan’s rule and ability to punish her on her bared bottom!

Andrea made her feelings known to Ken, who admitted that the whole situation was definitely not normal but that he and his sisters accepted it as the price of living at the well-equipped home they all treasured.

“It was tough when Mom was around,” he said calmly. “Do you think I really liked being spanked in front of my sisters like I was still a little kid. They felt and feel the same way, but we all loved Mom and like being with each other. Honestly, sweetie, I do have the feeling that you may not be up for this but I’m just asking you to think about it. Joan, yes, is as dominant as Mom was. I don’t really know why Mom left her in charge but it’s what it is.”

Andrea told Ken she loved him and that she would do whatever they both agreed was right for them. Thus she decided to visit during the so-called family time when Joan heard the weekly reports and acted on them.

“I’m going to warn you, darling,” Ken rejoined. “She may just decide to discipline you just because she will know she can. I really wouldn’t regard it as something mean on her part. It’s just that she has the authority and will likely use it to see if you will ultimately be willing to accept this as part of the price of being with me and being in the house. Were you initiated into a sorority?”

Andrea admitted to Ken that she had been initiated into a college sorority.

“Can Bostancı Escort you tell me about it?” he asked.

Andrea blushed and not for the last time that day, it turned out.

“I almost walked out the first day when we were made to strip to bra and panties,” she said in a soft voice. “But then I realized that I really liked them—both my fellow pledges and the sisters. So I put up with the paddling…and more,” she added.

Ken did not question her further but figured that this experience made her more open to what he had regarded as his family’s special kind of weirdness.

So later that day, Joan greeted Andrea with friendliness but when Ken confessed in front of his siblings that he had not changed the sheets after Andrea had spent the night, which was a standard procedure to be followed by all, Joan told him in front of them all and Andrea, that he would be caned for his offense.

Andrea then spoke up and said that she felt this was a very weird kind of way to behave, and that when she and Ken married, she felt this should end. Joan smiled and asked her if she had spoken to Ken about exercising the option to move out and incur the costs that that would involve. Andrea’s face flushed and Joan could see that she was excited by the danger of which she had apparently been unaware so that her nipples were clearly visible.

“Andrea,” Joan said, as she decided to tackle this challenge immediately, “if you wish to stay over here in future, a privilege that all of us have been able to enjoy, you will have to agree to submit to my authority which will continue should you both marry and stay on here.”

The lithe blonde Andrea, who was 29, and thus five years’ Joan’s elder, looked at the others for support but saw none. She instantly realized to her dismay that Joan had done her preparation and not only had achieved recognition of her governing status but had spoken to the others about Andrea’s possible challenge.

She thought quickly and submitted, “Miss Joan, I apologize for questioning your authority. I am ready to accept whatever you deem to be appropriate discipline for my error.”

Joan smiled at her and told her she would not hold it against her and hoped they would be warm friends.

“But first, Andrea,” she went on, “I’m afraid you will have to be punished over my lap after Ken is spanked.” Andrea’s face colored but she nodded her acceptance.

Joan decided to make the situation clearer by reading from the will provision that had placed her in her position of authority.

“This is what the will of my late mother provided,” Joan began. “My youngest daughter, Joan, appears to me to be the most able to carry on my responsibility of maintaining discipline on a weekly or as-needed basis in the home. All who reside in the home will by remaining or becoming resident in the home subject themselves to such discipline as Joan in her discretion determines most appropriate to maintaining good order and behavior in the home. To be precise, this authority includes her decision to impose any kind of corporal or other punishment as she may determine necessary. She is hereby empowered additionally to impose punishments of her own devising should she feel such impositions are needed for her to fulfill this duty.”

“Very well, then,” Joan said summarily, “we shall proceed. Ken, this is for not changing the sheets after your evening with Andrea, and you both should be aware that Petra noticed the stains you left when she cleaned up. As you know, the staff here report to me as a condition of continued employment so you should expect them to do so and not harbor any grievances against Ümraniye Escort them for any reason.”

Ken and Andrea both blushed at this recognition of their having had sex in the bed and the obvious discovery of the indicators that they had been making love on the sheets.

Joan began spanking Ken’s soon-to-be-red bottom until he began thrashing about and showing his male parts to them all, all of whom of course were female.

But finally Joan was finished with him and after he kissed her and thanked her ritually for his discipline, which was required, she beckoned Andrea with her little finger.

Andrea bent over Joan’s tweed-skirted lap and casually pulled her panties down and off after she unzipped her own skirt. Her attractive bottom was now on view to all, as were her feminine charms visible frontally, although somewhat obscured by her plentiful light pubic hair.

Joan told her that she would be punished with the small rod and Andrea suddenly feared what she had agreed to accept. Then Joan added that this meant she would also be figged for the punishment.

Andrea did not want to admit that she did not know what this involved, for even Ken had not expected this refinement, which their mother used only rarely when she wanted to intensify a punishment.

Joan reached into the drawer of the sideboard behind her and extracted a small carved piece of ginger which she now slowly inserted into Andrea’s tight hidden bottom-hole after generously inserting some vaseline there with her finger.

Andrea felt violated at the finger and then the fig going into her bottom which no one, not even Ken, had yet plumbed. Now she had this funny stimulation of her nerve endings from the fig and her insides down there began to sting as it released its juices once these penetrated the vaseline coating her rectum now had.

Now Joan lay the rod across Andrea’s ample bottom and drew it up, than flicked it with her wrist to impart a stinging stroke. Andrea somehow resisted the huge urge to rub her bottom after jumping up. Joan was pleased that she exercised such strong self-control.

But now Joan applied herself and flicked her wrist with the rod twice more on Andrea’s pale bottom, watching angry stripes emerge across her bottom cheeks. Andrea kept herself in place although she now feared for how long this punishment might proceed, and worried that she either would jump up at a stroke or possibly lose control of her sphincter and humiliatingly pee herself all over Joan’s tweed skirt and hose.

“Miss Joan,” she asked in what had become a rather juvenile tone, “I’m afraid I may lose control if you don’t permit me to use the little girls’ room.”

She looked at Joan’s impassive face and heard the younger woman tell her that everyone was expected to take care of their bathroom needs prior to the Friday session. She mentioned in passing that this rule had been established by her mother.

“But since you are new to this, Andrea,” she said, only mildly condescendingly, “you may relieve yourself right now into this bowl,” and she handed the bowl to a shocked Andrea, “yes, you can squat right here in front of me.”

Andrea surrendered what might have been left of her dignity and squatted and let her pee stream fly into the bowl, where it made a loud ping and then the usual noise of fluid hitting the sides. She placed the foaming brew down on the side and told Joan she was ready for the rest of her punishment.

Joan decided that Ken’s girlfriend had been humiliated enough and gave her about 12 medium spanks and told her she could retrieve her panties and skirt.

Andrea was surprised Anadolu Yakası Escort later at dinner that the sisters and brother did not hesitate to tease Joan as well as each other during the continual banter. They had all apparently accepted the youngest sister’s inherited role of house dominatrix. But that didn’t keep everyone from treating one another as equals when it came to the long-practiced family jokes and routines.

Later, Andrea told Ken when they were in bed that the experience of being disciplined by his youngest sister had turned her on.

“I don’t know why,” she said with a grin, “but I guess I’m game for some of that.” She told him that she felt her pussy getting very wet when she was being spanked by Joan, especially when Joan administered the strokes with the little rod.

“And that stick she stuck in my ass,” Andrea exclaimed. “That did start to sting but it made my clit expand and its sensitivity was incredible! Sometime I will tell you about what went on in the sorority but it did produce very similar feelings.”

Ken responded as he felt appropriate by gently spreading his girlfriend’s long lovely legs, observed that her cunt was very well lubricated, when he then proceeded to insert his very hard member deep into her steaming pussy. They proceeded to thrust and parry for quite some time but there was no interruption from anyone else.

The eldest sister, Jill, had invited a classmate over to study. Her friend, Clarice, knew that her graduate school classmate still was punished in this juvenile manner at home.

“Jill,” she said with a grin, “it was bad enough when your mother spanked you but now, your youngest sister exercises that kind of authority?”

“Clarice,” Jill responded with a smile, “if you keep bringing this up, I will have you come to next week’s session so my sister Joan can show you how it works…on your bottom!”

“How about you show me now?” Clarice said, a bit tentatively. “I do want to know if I could take it.”

Jill looked at her friend closely. Clarice had shown some signs of being submissive and possibly even bi or lesbian. Jill herself was bi although she had not ever mentioned that to Clarice.

“If you really want that, sweetie,” Jill said calmly, “I will put you through your paces. But I will hit as hard as my sister or mother so I hope you’re ready. You also will know what humiliation means.”

Clarice stood up, standing 5-6 without her heels, and slowly pulled her tweed skirt above her waist, disclosing rather plain white cotton panties.

Jill put her thumbs in the waistband of the panties and slowly drew them down over Clarice’s hips. She assumed the persona of a disciplinarian.

“You will place yourself across my lap now,” she intoned, “so that you will know what happens in this house to naughty girls.”

When Clarice complied, Jill reached into her handbag and retrieved a small rod much like the one that Joan had applied earlier to Andrea’s bared bottom. She started flicking her wrist to apply strokes to Clarice’s cute bottom.

Clarice responded by both exclaiming that it hurt and starting to move her bottom in rhythm with the strokes. Jill enjoyed seeing her friend begin to writhe in obvious pleasure and started to tease her between her legs with her finger. Jill ran her finger up and down Clarice’s wet labia and then inserted her finger slowly into the small anal rosette enough to feel Clarice start to have contractions in her vagina that indicated she was orgasming.

“Glad we could please you, sweetheart,” Jill commented dryly. “Now I really would feel better if you would bring me off with your tongue down between my legs if you don’t mind.”

She quickly slipped her own sopping panties off as Clarice responded to her direction and moved between Jill’s spread thighs. It did not take much application of her tongue to Jill’s hairy quim to produce a nice orgasm for the eldest sister.

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