Jim and Micki: A Love Affair Pt. 02

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Micki whispered in Jim’s ear, “Jim, do you want to fuck my ass?”

When she offered me her tight little ass, my cock immediately began to stiffen. I took Micki by the hand and lead her to the big chair next to the sofa, where Bill her husband was eating my wife Kay.

Kay was sitting on Bill’s face and jacking his dick, licking and sucking between moans of ecstasy as Bill’s nose ground against Kay’s clit while his tongue plunged into Kay’s dripping pussy. Bill’s cock was leaking pre-cum and Kay gobbled every drop up. Jim couldn’t believe how wanton and excited his prim wife was with Bill.

Bill’s hands were on Kay’s ass, spreading her cheeks apart so that we could see here rosebud pulsing as his tongue brought her closer to climax. Bill brought the index finger of his right hand to his mouth and Kay’s cunt and moistened it before rubbing it over Kay’s wrinkled hole. As he worked his finger into Kay’s ass she yelped and screamed yes, yes, yes.

Micki stood up, grabbed a small bottle of Maximus lube, put a dab on her fingers and rubbed it into her puckered rosebud. I sat in the chair and Micki straddled me in reverse cowgirl, taking her hand and grabbing my dick. She guided me to her tight little asshole and rubbed my dick around her lubed hole, begging to have me take her.

I looked over at Kay as my dick began to penetrate Micki, Kay was looking directly back at me and she screamed, “Bill, yes eat my pussy and finger my ass, oh god it feels so good.” She, still looking at me, pressed his dick to her lips and began sucking the pink knob.

Micki’s ass was so tight and yet it felt like wet velvet gripping my cock. I pushed deeper and she exhaled sharply and moaned “oh god Jim”. Her back was to my chest and she leaned her head back so we were cheek to cheek.

She closed her eyes and said, “Yes Jim fuck me slow and deep, I want to feel all of your hard cock.”

She turned and we tried to kiss, our tongues danced together. I closed my eyes and felt her ass cheeks rest around my dick and balls.

I whispered in her ear, “Micki your ass is so tight, I’m going to fill your ass with my semen.”

Suddenly I felt bodies next to me. I opened my eyes and saw Kay and Bill had joined Micki and me on the chair. Bill sat on one arm and Kay the other. Kay was sucking on one of Micki’s breasts and rubbing the nipple of the other breast between her index finger and thumb. Micki’s nipples were swollen and dark with arousal.

Bill was bending at the waist, licking Micki’s tight tummy. Micki began rocking and riding my dick hard and fast. Bill dropped to his knees still licking Micki’s tummy and spread my legs apart so he could get closer.

Bill said, “Jim keep fucking her ass while I finger her cunt. She loves it when I do that.”

I felt his index and middle fingers penetrate her. His palm was cupping my balls and he pressed his fingers against her back vaginal wall. I felt his fingers rubbing the shaft of my dick through the thin membrane separating her ass and pussy.

God it felt incredible. Bill was jacking his dick with his free hand and finger fucking his wife and pseudo jacking me as well. Kay kept licking and sucking Micki’s nipples while rubbing her own clit. The whole room reeked of sex and sweat.

Micki began to moan as she was building to a super climax. My dick started to throb as I was quickly reaching my point of no return. Micki screamed, “Oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming oh god, Yes, Yes.”

I start to fill her ass and suddenly she began to squirt literally soaking Bill kneeling before her. Bill stood quickly still jacking his dick and pushed it toward her mouth. Bill couldn’t hold it any longer and before his dick made its way into her sweet lip, he spewed a huge load covering her face and mine.

I screamed, “Shit Bill, bursa escort what the fuck.” Just as he unloaded another rope of cum, this time covering Kay’s face and Micki’s breast.

Bill said, “Oh god I’m so sorry Jim.”

“Man I didn’t mean to do that.”

I told Bill, “It’s OK, I was just a little taken by surprise, man.”

“Actually it was pretty hot.” Said I as I licked my lips and chin covered in his cum.

Bill smiled as Kay said, “Hell yes honey that was so fucking hot.”

Micki collapsed limp against my chest, Bill’s cum still dripping from her cheek on my neck and shoulder. Kay was hungrily cleaning cum from Micki as if she never could get enough.

Bill collapsed to the floor totally spent. Kay and I just smiled at each other as I removed the rest of Bill’s cum from my face and offered a cum covered hand to Kay. She eagerly licked it clean and then snuggled tight to Micki.

My dick now limp slipped out of Micki’s ass and I felt my warm cum roll out of her ass and cover my balls.

What a night. My two women, two married hot wives. Yes, they were mine forever, both of them.


Kay and I returned to our room, showered and crawled in to bed. Kay didn’t say much on the way back to the room. I broke the silence,

“You were really hot tonight. I got so excited watching you and Bill.”

“It didn’t bother you that I fucked Bill?” Kay asked with a sense of guilt.

“No, that’s not what I said; yes I was jealous because Bill seemed to push all your buttons the right way.” I said in a reassuring tone.

“Well I was jealous of Micki.” Kay said.

“Honey, it was the first time we ever watched each other get fucked.”

“We always were in separate bedrooms the couple of times we swapped before.”

“Besides, we knew the couples very well before.”

“Hell we were friends with the others for a long time before it ever went that far.” I said again attempting to ease her concern.

“I know.” Said Kay as she sat up and turned toward me. “I was turned on as well, watching you and Micki.”

“She’s so beautiful and sexy.”

“Well Bill isn’t sore on the eyes as well.” I said acting somewhat jealous.

“Oh you got the hots for Bill?” Kay said with a smarty little smile, playfully pushing my shoulder with her out stretched hand.

“You know what I mean honey.”

“Bill is a sexy young hot stud and you loved everything he did to you.”

“Didn’t you? Fact is you let him finger your sweet little ass as he fucked you, and you only let me lick.”

“That was really hot watching you and Bill eating each other, I was really hard, harder I think than ever before.”

“Really, it did that to you, me being a wanton little slut excited you.” Kay said as she smiled.

“Hell yes.” I replied.

Now blushing, Kay said, “I really liked it when Micki kissed me. Does that shock you?”

I was now getting an erection and it was visible through the tented sheet covering me. I tried to shift so Kay didn’t notice but that didn’t work out for me.

“You little horn dog, you liked me getting kissed by another woman.” Kay said striking my shoulder again playfully.

“Truth be known, I’ve always wanted to share you with another woman, but was afraid to ask.”

“That’s one of my greatest fantasies, watching you pleasing and being pleased, that’s every guy’s fantasy.” Again I tried to cover my excitement.

“Really, you want to watch me have sex with another woman?” Kay quizzed.

“What if I told you I was curious about sex with a girl?” Kay said.

“I have thought about it some, even got wet a few times and masturbated as if I was fucking a girl and she me.” Kay said as she shifted to get a hand on her panties.

“Since we now have opened that door, tell escort bayan me that you haven’t thought about sex with another man.” Kay said playfully.

“I have seen you get a hard on watching two guys with a girl and especially when one guy is fucking and the other begins to eat out her pussy.” Kay said as she continued grilling me.

“Don’t lie, because I’ve caught you rubbing your dick.”

“OK, guilty. Not that I am gay or anything like that.” I confessed.

“I just wondered if it turns women on like guys get turned on watching girls do it.” I attempted to defend myself.

“Makes me hot to think that might turn you on that’s all.” I said once again to cover my excitement.

Kay continues her deep prodding, “I noticed tonight that you didn’t even hesitate to eat my pussy after you and Bill both fuck me.”

“And when he shot cum all over you and Micki… NOW THAT WAS HOT.”

“Did you like the taste of his cum?” Kay asked as she licked her lips.

“I thought when he stood up and pushed his dick to Micki’s lips that you were going to suck it with her.” Said Kay as her excitement grew.

“Really? That really excited you?” I asked.

“Yes, very much… girls can have fantasies too you know.” Kay said with an eye of lust.

“Wow tonight we have learned a lot about each other that I wouldn’t have even thought of.”

“I love you honey.” I said leaning in to kiss her sweet lips.

“I love you too Boo.” As she returned my kiss. “Good night.”


The next morning, we all had breakfast together. Bill and I and did guy things while Kay and Micki shopped. That evening dinner and a bar then back to the hotel. Tonight we invited Bill and Micki to our room for drinks. Nothing out the ordinary, dinner, drinks and light conversation, we were all very sober and our conversation began innocently.

Bill and I discussed sports and guy stuff. The girls were in deep conversation with each other and I noticed Kay shifting in her seat a lot. They spoke softly and I couldn’t make out what was being said. I asked Bill if he wanted another drink, he said yes and being the good host I ask the girls.

I left and Bill got up to help. When we came around the corner out of the kitchenette, we saw the girls. They were I a passionate kiss and holding each other tight. My heart pounded as I thought to myself, Oh please, please don’t stop.

Bill looked and me and said, “Jim, Micki told me last night she wanted to play with Kay.”

“She told me you she wants to touch Kay’s wet pussy, lick her everywhere and make her cum with her mouth and fingers.”

“You don’t mind do you?”

“Absolutely not, this is a dream come true.” I said.

Bill continued, “Micki said we should just watch, and jack off if we want too.”

“How’s that sound to you?”

“I mean it’s like we haven’t seen each other’s dick before.” Bill explained.

Bill smiled really big and we each sat in the each side chair facing the sofa. Kay was breathing hard and her hand resting on Micki’s thigh very high. High enough to give Bill and I full view of Micki’s beautiful bare vagina.

My dick was growing filling my pants and I had to shift several times to accommodate my erection. I looked at Bill and he too had a huge bulge.

We watched the girls slowly undress each other never leaving that passionate kiss. Micki rolled Kay onto her back, lying on the sofa and softly kissed each breast. Kay was pressing Micki’s head to her breast and moaning. Micki made her way down Kay’s tummy hesitating to lick her belly button and tongue fuck it as Kay spread her legs widely.

I was rubbing my hard dick and looked over at Bill who already had his pants unbuttoned and unzipped with his cock in hand. I stared at his cock, hoping altıparmak escort he didn’t notice.

Bill’s eyes met mine before I could turn away, “Go ahead Jim, take your cock out and jack off with me.”

“Micki loves it when I jack off while she fucks another guy.”

I needed no further encouragement. I undid my belt and unzipped my pants, then stood and let them drop to the floor completely. My dick sprang up and slapped my belly, and pointed straight ahead. I glanced at Bill and he was admiring my dick just as I was his. Never missing a beat Bill continued to masturbate. I sat back down and enjoyed the show.

What a show, Micki was licking Kay’s clit and Kay stared directly into my eyes with total enjoyment. Kay moaned and then gasps as Micki evidentially hit her G spot. Kay was bucking and Micki placed her hands under each cheek and lifted Kay off the sofa while tongue fucking my wife.

Kay screams with a loud shrill, “God yes Micki don’t stop, eat my pussy good.”

Kay pushed Micki back and down on the sofa yelling my turn. Micki said, “Yes my little whore eat my pussy.”

“Eat me like a good little girl. Show your Jim how much you like eating pussy.”

Bill and I kept edging… jacking until just before we came and then easing off. We wanted to last. This was so hot, witnessing my Kay, eating pussy for the first time and loving it. Micki took control of Kay once more, telling her to stand.

Micki motioned for Bill, and Bill stood. His pants hit the floor and he removed his shirt. Bill was totally naked as he walked to Kay. Micki said, “Bill sit and let Kay ride you reverse cowgirl while I eat her.”

I was mesmerized at the site of my Kay fucking Bill and Micki eating her pussy and rubbing her clit. Kay was writhing in pleasure. She rode Bill with her feet planted firmly on each of Bill’s thighs and hands spreading her legs wide. She was totally exposed to me, I could see Bill’s cock sliding in and out, Kay bouncing up and down. She was being fucked so good, so deep. Bill’s cock was pulling her lips out when he withdrew and them pushed them back as he penetrated deep.

Micki turned her head to me and said, “Jim come over and enjoy your wife’s pussy with me.”

“Come here and lick her good while she is being fucked hard by my Bill.” I stood, stepping out of my pants and tossing my shirt aside. I took my place beside Micki and took my first taste of Kay and Bill. I licked Kay’s clit and suck on it paying close attention to her dripping labia. I licked at times on Bill’s shaft enjoying the juices he and Kay were generating. It was hot raw sex. Kay screaming, Micki moaning and me slurping, Bill could only grunt.

Micki had managed to place her index finger and thumb around Bill’s shaft and was holding it steady as Kay bounced up and down. Suddenly Kay did something she never did before.

Kay began shouting, “I’m going to pee, oh god I have to piss… oh yes don’t stop god don’t stop.”

“Fuck me Bill, oh Jim lick me, I’m cumming and going to pee. Shit oh god!” Kay moaned.

Kay began to squirt for the first time in her life. Kay soaked my face and covered my chest with her sweet nectar. I buried my face deeper in her pussy. Micki pulled Bill’s cock out just as Kay rose and bam… it went right in my mouth.

Shocked at first, I was amazed at how good it felt in my mouth. Bill grunted again and shot a huge load directly in my mouth. I gaged but managed to keep most of it in and swallowed. It was warm, like mine and a little more salty.

Kay yelled, “Fuck Jim, that’s so hot, suck his dick.”

Micki chimed in as well, “Oh god Jim that’s so fucking hot. Suck him.”

Bill shouts, “Fuck yes that feels incredible.”

“I’ve never had my cock sucked by a guy before, Jim don’t stop man that feels so good.”

That’s how the evening ended. Micki, Kay, Bill and me was sharing cum. The girls feed it to us, all of us cum swapping. Kay had her first Bi experience and so did I. Kay had her first squirt ever. Would Kay and I ever do it again… maybe? Well probably.

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