Jia’s Awakening Ch 4.5 – Jessa’s story and family secrets

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Jia’s Awakening Ch 4.5 : Jessa’s Story and Family Secrets

Author’s note: This actually takes place between chapters 4 and 5.

She got home from school and threw down her backpack beside the door. Again, no homework that day, so Jessa could relax. Next she stripped off her tshirt and skirt, leaving her wearing nothing but panties. Jessa looked at herself in the mirror, wishing that her boobies would start growing like the other girls in her grade 6 class. But she knew that she had genetics working against her, as her older sister Jia was 15 and still barely had begun to fill out in the chest.

Still, she found herself liking what she saw in the mirror. A cute slim girl with low cut ‘Hello Kitty’ pink panties on, with her glasses and her hair in braided pigtails. She smiled and reached up and gave her preteen nipples a couple pinches. They were just a shade darker than her Filipina skin, but they were there, and were quite sensitive. She was eager to have her sister come home soon so they could play, so she didn’t put a hand in her panties yet. And their mom wouldn’t be home till after her classes at college finished early in the evening.

She grinned at the idea that no one would suspect this bookworm of a girl to be so wild once she got naked. But nothing seemed wrong with it to her, as her entire life she’d been living like this. Jjust last year did the tickling feelings turn into pleasure feelings, so she was just like her sister and mom now, able to enjoy all the physical pleasures that girls could bring each other. But it was kept a secret, just for her little family to know, plus their aunt that lived nearby.

Jessa sat down to watch TV. After an hour, she realized her sister was late. She called her cell phone, but there was no answer. Jessa was a bit sad, as she had been a little worked up from gym class today, seeing all of her classmates changing. She really wanted some loving relief. She could masturbate herself, but it was always more enjoyable to have Jia’s or her mom’s tongue work her little clitty and pussy.

Finally, around 7pm, Jia got home. Jessa could tell her sister was exhausted and a little bit flushed too. She wondered what happened.

“Jia, where were you? I’ve been home all alone for 3 hours, and I was really horny and wanted to play together!” Jessa complained to her older sister.

“I’m sorry sis. I went with Erica over to a friend’s place, and time slipped away, and I’m really tired and just want to sleep for awhile. OK?” Jia replied.

“Awwwww Jia! What were you all doing?” Jessa whined as she watched her older sister begin to take off her clothes.

“Umm, just talking and such, but I’ll tell you more later, I just want to lay down”

“OK, I’ll cuddle with you until mom gets home if you want”

“Yeah right kiddo. I know how you work, you’ll cuddle with me and then try to get your way.” Jia poked fun at her little sister as she finished taking off all her clothes.

“No really, I just want to feel you…” Jessa was replying when she got a look at Jia’s pussy, which was swollen and reddish. “Jia, what have you been up to? I can see you’re all swelled up down there!”

Jia looked at herself in the mirror and saw what Jessa spotted. It really was hard to miss. She beckoned to Jessa to then join her on the bed and took her in her arms.

“Well sweetie, I went with my friend Erica to the home of a neighbour of hers. She’s been enjoying going over there and she told me all about it and wonderful it was, so I decided I finally wanted to try.” Jia paused, then continued with a big smile on her face “I got my cherry taken today by this great guy!” Then she hugged her little sister to her.

“WHAT?!!” Jessa exclaimed. “I thought you didn’t like boys”

“He’s not a boy, he’s a man! And well equipped to please! And he was gentle and wonderful and sweet and can last a long time compared to boys”

“How do you know? Didn’t you just say he took your cherry? What’s going on? How many boys have you been with? I thought that it was just me and mom and auntie!” Jessa shot back rapidfire questions, feeling confused and betrayed.

“Slow down little sister, don’t worry” Jia tried comforting the agitated 11 year old in her arms who was fighting to back away.

“OK, first, I’ve never had full sex with a boy. They just like to have us girls use our hands and mouths sometimes to make them cum. It’s really easy with the boys at school, as it takes just a few minutes, and after they shoot they don’t care about anything else. Me and many of the girls at school do it to get the boys to do things we want them to do, like buy us stuff and such.” Jia explained.

“As for how many, none of your business little sister!” Jia laughed. “But today, Jeff was the first guy to actually put his thing inside me. And he’s older and has lots of self control. He even did Erica for a while as she licked me before he did it to me. Oh my god it was soo good!”

“So you liked it?” Jessa asked tentatively.

“Oh yess, it was incredible” Jia started to gush. But then she saw the look on Jessa’s face. “But baby, it’s not like when we’re together. It’s different. I won’t ever stop loving you or playing with you!” she tried to reassure her sister.


“Really!” Jia told her, then bent down and gave her a big kiss.

“Goodie, I like it too much, and no one else will be as much fun as you and mommy”

Suddenly Jia felt her sister’s fingers probing her sensitive swollen pussy.

“Hey!!” Jia exclaimed.

“I wanna see what it looks like down there. See if you are all loose and saggy!” Jessa teased before she dove her face between her older sister’s legs.

“AAAHHHH Jessa!! Be careful! I’m really sensitive and a bit sore!”

Jessa lifted her face and had a mischievous smile and replied “Goodie!”

Then the preteen bent down and ran her tongue all along the reddened pussy of her older sister. She was rewarded with a loud gasp and body spasm, plus a yummy taste of pussy juice. She then spread the fat little pussy lips and began flicking her tiny tongue all over Jia’s glistening clitty. In just a few minutes, Jessa managed to bring her older sister to orgasm, as she worked over the freshly fucked pussy.

At that moment Prissie walked in on her two daughters.

“Wow, do you two ever stop? You’d think gaziantep lezbiyen you were boys by how much sex you have!” Prissie teased her daughters with.

“Mommy!” Jessa shouted and jumped up to hug and kiss her mom. Prissie enjoyed kissing the girls right after they had been licking the other, getting to taste some of the juices herself.

“Guess what mom! Jia’s not a virgin anymore. She fucked a man after school!” Jessa told Prissie excitedly.

“JESSA!!!” Jia shouted at her tattletale little sister.

Prissie looked from daughter to daughter, then finally said to Jia “Did you enjoy it sweetie? Are you OK?”

“I’m fine mom. He’s a great guy that my friend Erica has been fucking for a few weeks. He wasn’t like the boys at school who shoot in a couple minutes! He fucked us both and then after we showered together and I got to swallow his white stuff. I really liked it” Jia confessed to her mom.

“How old was he?” Prissie asked, expecting somewhere between 20 and 25.

“I think he’s 35 or 36. But he’s got a wonderful cock and is very gentle and knows just when to go harder and when to be softer. He’s not like being with a girl though, and I never want to give up that, but I really did enjoy being fucked too” Jia explained.

Prissie could understand only too well. She had begun fucking at a much younger age of 8, though it was done by force at first, and then for money later, until she was sold to a master and brought to Canada. Then she found herself pregnant when she was 13 years old and cast out by her owner. She had enjoyed the feeling of all the men’s cocks in her young pussy so much. To pay all her bills, she had had sold herself to men as she raised Jia, but after she got pregnant with Jessa she stopped having sex with men altogether. To her shame, she actually had no idea who the father was of either of her daughters. Her older sister Gemma, who had also been sold to a master in the US, eventually found her and came to Canada and helped out with raising her kids. And as time went on, the sisters eventually they became lovers as they had no taboos left due to their time in captivity, which led to how the two of them raised Prissie’s daughters.

“Baby, did you let him shoot inside of you?” Prissie asked her daughter out of concern she might get pregnant.

“Umm, yess, but I just finished my period yesterday so it should be safe, right?” Jia answered.

“Yes baby you should be. But if you are going to do this more, we need to get you some protection like going on the pill”

“I don’t know how much I might do it, but he was really nice and it felt good to have him cum inside me” Jia confessed.

Prissie decided and told her daughter “Well let’s get you a doctor’s appointment and get you on the pill. I’ll take care of getting it all set up and let you know when.”

She got up and kissed her mom and gave her hug saying “Thanks!!”

Then Jessa spoke up “Well I’m never going to let a boy fuck me down there! So I don’t have to worry about that. I only like you two and auntie.”

Prissie kissed her daughter on the forehead and told her “And that’s just fine baby. You can do what you want with your body.” She never wanted what happened to her to happen to her girls.

Then Prissie got undressed and climbed into the bath, while her daughters returned to their previous play.

Jessa wanted her turn at being pleasured now, so as her mom went to the bathroom to bath, she climbed on the bed and called her older sister over. She opened he legs as she laid back, making her wet little slit visible. Jia giggled and climbed onto the bed between her kid sister’s legs. She used two fingers to spread those little lips that were still naturally bare, and took in the site of her inner wet pink. She teased her little sister with another finger, rubbing it up and down. She got it quite wet, and then pushed it in a tiny bit, only to meet the resistance of Jessa’s intact hymen. It made the 11 year old jump a bit, but soon she felt the warm caress of her sister’s tongue.

Jessa was like a little firecracker with sex, and it took less than a minutes before her first orgasm flashed through her young body. As it did, she let out a high pitched squeal and her entire body spasmed. Though hers didn’t last as long as her sister’s or mom’s orgasms, Jessa certainly enjoyed them very much and always wanted more. And it didn’t take much for her to have more. In the next 15 minutes, she had nearly 1 every minute as her sister licked her tiny preteen pussy. She just seemed to get more sensitive as each orgasm built on the last. Finally, she had one massive explosion between her legs that left her nearly unconscious and limp. Jia knew when her little sister had finally finished, otherwise she wasn’t allowed to stop.

Jia climbed up and lay beside her sibling, holding her head on her chest. Jessa realized this on some level and her little tongue and lips sought out Jia’s breast and nipple. They lay like that for awhile, with Jessa gently suckling on her older sister. But it wasn’t maternal for Jia and she got excited again by this. She was enjoying it immensely, feeling pleasure building inside. She didn’t want to touch herself, and wondered if she could actually achieve an orgasm from just her sister licking her sensitive nipple.

After awhile of her enjoying this, she felt the bed move and her mom joined them on the shared family bed. She knew what her mom would probably do, which was climb down between her legs, but she wanted to try something different.

Without opening her eyes, Jia stretched out an arm to her and said “Momma, can you lick my other nipple. And don’t play with me down there. I feel sooo nice and I think if you both lick my nipples, I might be able to have a orgasm like this”

The answer came in feeling a tongue and lips at her free nipple. Jia inhaled sharply at the feeling. While she’d had two girls do this before, she seemed to be in a much more excited and sensitive state than ever before, and this was feeling absolutely magical.

Prissie used her hands to rouse her younger daughter, and Jessa caught on quickly that they were both supposed to just continue sucking on the teenagers small sensitive nipples. Jessa worked her sister’s little nipple with fervor. She flicked her tiny tongue quickly back and forth followed by some hard sucking and then repeated some more. She could see her mommy doing the same kinds of actions to the other one.

Jia could feel the sexual tension building inside of her. It didn’t level off at any point, but was growing and growing like a balloon. She knew that if she touched her pussy at any point, it would cause that balloon to burst, and her orgasm would also explode. But she wanted more and more, so she didn’t touch herself. Also she noticed that this pleasure wan’t building between her legs at her clitty like most, but a little higher up and inside her tummy. Suddenly without warning, a warm glow seemed to envelope her entire body. She arched her back as her nipples became like pinpoints of ecstasy. Her breath was caught in her throat and she could not even cry out to express the feelings that overwhelmed her senses. It went on for a long time like this, seeming to be half of forever, before she ran out of energy and just collapsed. Jia was more than satiated now from all the experiences of the day, and she fell asleep before she knew it.

Jessa was amazed to see her sister like this, and when she fell asleep, her mom assured her that it was all good. So Jessa just curled up against her sister and also fell asleep.

Prissie looked at her two daughters, and knew that a new chapter of their love and sexuality was starting. There would be some tough times with the changes she knew would come, but she also wanted to prepare her girls for it. She came up with some ideas, but for now, she got up and went to work on the homework she had from class today. Her teacher was male, so she couldn’t seduce this one to get a better grade, which left hard work as the only option.

For anyone watching, they would think this was three sisters, as that is how they told their story. Partly to conceal Prissie’s past as it would raise too many questions. Prissie was just 13 years older than her teenage daughter, which is not an unheard of difference for sisters, especially since part of their story was that their mother remarried and the two younger ones were from that second relationship.

Anyone watching would have also found them incredibly sexy to watch. Jia and Jessa were very similar to one another with slender bodies, just one older than the other. They each has cute little bums, though Jia had small swells for breasts where Jessa was still flat chested. And while Jessa’s pussy was still bare, Jia’s was bare only because she shaved it, but she liked the younger look of a bare pussy. Their mom/sister was quite different thought. Prissie, at 28, had lovely C cup tits that were capped by small brown nipples. Her body was a bit wider and more womanly, though she did have the same nicely rounded ass as her daughters. And she didn’t completely shave herself, but kept it trimmed short. Their only other regular playmate was Prissie’s sister Gemma, who was similar in body to Prissie, but she was about 3 inches taller, and not quite as beautiful. Sometimes Prissie and Jia would be with other girls and women, but no one brought those lovers home. At their home it was just for family. They mostly were naked or in panties around the apartment, with robes in the front closet in case a visitor showed up suddenly and they needed to cover themselves. And in the summer, they would sometimes go to the nudist beach to enjoy the sun together. Life overall was pretty good now.

The next morning, Prissie woke up the girls and told them they were about to learn something new. They were a bit curious as to what she meant.

“Girls, there may be times where you will want or need to get something from a man. The best way is by using your feminine charms, also known as your bodies.” The girls giggled at that, and Prissie continued “Unfortunately it also means that they probably will want to fuck you, but you don’t want to get pregnant. So I’m going to start training you today on a girl’s best trick, which will make any man do anything you want.”

They both stared at her wide eyed waiting for her to tell them.

“It’s called anal sex. Men seem to love the chance to stick their cocks in a girl’s butt. Especially young girls like you. Fortunately, anal sex is easier to get used to when you are smaller than pussy sex, Jessa.”

Her daughters giggled, as they couldn’t believe what she was saying.

“OK, Jia you are taller than me right?” Prissie asked.

“Yes, by an inch or so”

“Do you think you could take 10 inches of penis or toy in your bum?”

Jia replied “No way! I’m not sure anything would fit back there!”

Prissie just smiled, then turned around and bent over a bit. As her cheeks spread, the girls could see the base of a dildo. Prissie grabbed it and began to pull it out. But it felt so good, before it was halfway out, she pushed it all the way back in again. She let out a moan as she did this. It had been a long time since she had put anything up her ass before this demonstration for her girls, and she had forgotten how wonderful it felt. Finally though, she slowly slid the entire thing out of her. She knew her girls could see her asshole gaping wide right now, but probably they were watching the 12″ dildo that was now hanging down beside her ass.

She stood fully upright again and turned around to see her girls completely shocked and she laughed.

“Within a month, you will both be able to do the same thing, and this toy is actually 12 inches long. But for today we’re going to start off simply by learning to stimulate each other’s ass” Prissie explained.

Jia was wet already, as she’d had a few girlfriends lick her ass, and she knew how much she enjoyed it. Jessa was quite apprehensive, as she thought this was only something the girls in porn films did, but she also trusted her mom.

“Now both of you get on your hands and knees, and face away from me.” Prissie told her girls and they obeyed.

Then Prissie got down behind them and first spread Jia’s cute ass, revealing the little brown rosehole. She admired it for a moment, then said “Jia, describe to Jessa what you are feeling OK” She then bent down and began to flick her tongue over the teenagers tight little butt-hole.

Jia gasped and her eyes rolled back as she felt that firm tongue of her mom’s play with her bum hole. It was obvious to her that her mom knew what she was doing, as it felt so much better than the girls from school. They were more experimental, but her mom had over 15 years experience, and was now using that on Jia.

“Well someone seems to really enjoy this” Prissie commented as she pulled back and saw her older daughter’s pussy slit glistening wetly. “It helps alot if you play with yourselves while receiving anal stimulation, as it enhances the entire experience.”

Jia didn’t need a second invitation, and she quickly had 2 fingers rubbing her pussy as she felt that knowing tongue return to licking her little asshole.

“Ooooooh it feels sooooo good Jessa. You should start playing with yourself now.” Jia told her little sister.

She heard a giggle, and then Jessa replied “I already am Jia. It’s sexy seeing how your back is jumping up and down as mom is licking you. I can tell how good you are feeling from that.”

Jia looked over and saw Jessa laying on her side with her legs spread, showing off her bare preteen pussy, though it was obscured by the young girl’s hand rubbing herself. Seeing her little sister like that, and feeling her own fingers and mom’s tongue pleasuring her, it was too much and Jia was suddenly thrown into a powerful but fast orgasm. She collapsed afterwards, working to catch her breath as she watched her mom move over to her little sister.

Jessa loved watching her sister’s body writhe in ecstasy, and it made her own little pussy just that much more wet. After Jia fell to the bed, her mom moved over to her, moving Jessa onto her back, spreading her legs and pushing them back. Jessa kept playing with herself as her mom knelt down and lowered her face. Jessa was anxious about how it would all feel. Suddenly she felt a warm firmness pressing at her bum. Her mom started by licking her little cheeks, and it was feeling nice, especially as her own fingers were rubbing her eleven year old pussy and clit. Then she felt her ass cheeks pulled wider and that warm firm tongue pressed directly in between. The shock startled her and her entire body twitched and she let out a sharp cry of surprise. But her mom didn’t let up and continued to flick her tongue on that tiny butthole. After a few more licks, it was becoming more pleasing that shocking. And just like usual, Jessa began having rapid fire little orgasms soon, though there were a little more intense and lasted longer.

After Jessa had enjoyed five of these dual pleasure orgasms, Prissie backed off and looked down at her younger daughter laying there in a state of euphoria. This was a wonderful way to introduce her precious girls to the world of anal play, though it seemed obvious to her that Jia had done some exploring already from how she had welcomed the licking. She wanted to show the girls the pleasures of various types of sex play before it was forced upon them roughly by someone who didn’t care for them and was just doing it for their own selfish pleasure. Her daughters would probably end up being just as wild as she herself was forced to be, but they would have much more fun with it.

As she sat there thinking, Prissie suddenly felt herself being pulled backwards. She was flat on her back, surprised, and saw her older daughter above her. Before she knew what was going on, one wrist was handcuffed to the headboard, and shortly after that the other one too.

“Jia, what are you doing?” she asked her daughter, but knowing that she was probably going to enjoy whatever plans were in her mind.

Her daughter just giggled, and then straddled her mom’s face and placed her very wet pussy over her mouth and sat down. She felt her mom’s tongue began licking her eagerly.

“Jessa, come over here and join us, and bring that long dildo too” Jia told her younger sister. As Jessa climbed over, she grabbed her mom’s ankles and pulled them apart and back. Jessa got the idea, and she placed the dildo tip at her mom’s still gaping asshole and began to push it in. They heard their mom gasp loudly into Jia’s pussy that covered her mouth. Jessa then began to lick her mom’s wet pussy as she pushed the dildo in deeper and deeper. Prissie’s body was twisting around as she felt this double pleasuring, and the girls loved seeing their mom like this.

Jessa had the dildo almost all the way up her mom’s ass, and it was shocking to think that so much could fit up there. She was also having trouble holding onto the big dildo with her little hands as her mom’s hips were twitching and moving around.

Then Jessa had a kinky idea. She looked up at her big sister and said “Jia, watch this!”

She pulled the big dildo out of her mom’s ass, and she saw how it gaped open. She then put her fingers up to the ass and 4 slipped in easily and she began fingering her mom’s asshole. She grinned and looked up and saw Jia watching this action, though she could tell that her older sister was in a haze of pleasure. Jessa worked on jamming her fingers in and out deeper and deeper. Then she had to slip her thumb in too so she could push in farther, when suddenly her entire hand was pulled up inside her mom’s asshole. Jessa felt an incredible pressure clamp down on her wrist and she couldn’t move her hand at all. At the same time their mom let out a very loud cry.

At first Jessa thought she’d hurt her mom, but soon she felt her mom wiggling her hips, seeming to pull her hand deeper. She also could hear Prissie gasping “Deeper, oh god deeper” over and over. Jessa began to push her hand in and then would pull it back. Slowly she could tell she was getting deeper and deeper. She also went back to licking her mom’s pussy while at the same time fisting her ass. Soon she could feel that her tiny arm was buried nearly up the the elbow in her mom’s ass. She licked madly at her clit and could hear her mom’s pleasure building.

An incredible pressure then grabbed her arm and Jessa could feel her mom’s orgasm spasming up and down the arm she had buried in her mom’s tight asshole. At the same time she felt Prissie’s body convulsing and moving wildly against her tongue. Jessa also heard her mom’s cries of joy, muffled by Jia’s pussy that was still planted over Prissie’s lips. The orgasm seemed to go on for a long time, and Jessa felt happy that she could give her mom such good feelings.

Slowly she began to withdraw her arm and hand from her mom’s back door, and it came out with a wet ‘pop’. The three of them lay side by side and drifted off into a very content sleep.

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