Jewel of the Hoard Ch. 04

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“So, we need new weapons?”

“Yep,” Aries said as he looked over the weapon rack once again. “There’s no way that these can be sharpened. I think time has finally got to them.”

Cadmus growled. “Damn. I really thought they could be useful.”

“Do not worry too much, Cadmus. I’m sure we can find a smithy somewhere in the capital…if we depart for it.”

Two days had passed without Giscela running into any patrols or anyone sent to attack the cave. The Spymaster even went as far as a quarter of the way to Rendelen to check and she only ran into merchants and peddlers. Aries still felt comfortable going over what kind of weaponry they had, just in case Edward had another fire lit under him. But he figured that the nobleman needed to spend time mending his broken heart first.

Cadmus would still leave occasionally to take care of errands which left Aries in charge of the cave and menial tasks. The knight was happy to do so, cleaning and keeping things tidy in the rooms and otherwise. The wisps that followed him around were now less of a nuisance and more like interdimensional pets.

They particularly liked to float around his chest where he had developed a scar. His body had healed okay, but Aries found that there were occasional bouts of pain like he could still feel the arrow lodged in his chest. Cadmus told him not to worry and that it was normal, but Aries did not know what to think about it. He never had a wound healed by magic before, so there were no symptoms or signs that pointed towards an error. Aries figured everything was fine, but the idea of the wound reopening was not absent from his mind. During baths, he made sure not to vigorously scrub the scar.


“Oh, don’t use that worrying tone with me, Cadmus. I know what I signed up for…”

Cadmus frowned. “I do not know if we should even go to Rendelen. You nearly died from an arrow that was shot by one of the King’s guards. If we go to Rendelen, I could be putting you at risk again.”

Aries sighed and rolled his eyes. “Cadmus, I can handle myself. Stop thinking you abandoned me. We talked about this…”

Cadmus was not having it. The dragon rumbled. He always did such a sound when he was upset and Aries was starting to pick up on those little signs. His tail would flick when he was happy, his shoulders would visibly slump when he was sad and his eyes would have this shine about him when he was feeling mischievous. Aries noticed that the last one popped up a lot more in the baths than anywhere else.

“If we go, you must promise me that you won’t leave my side.”

Aries snorted. It was like he had a keeper now. “Fine, I promise.”

Cadmus had a look of satisfaction. “Very good.”

Aries pursed his lips, a quiet pausing coming between him. The knight pretended to inspect the blades in front of him again but his mind was still occupied with the conversation.

“Cadmus, I’m not a child. You cannot treat me like I’m this glass vase just waiting to be cracked into pieces,” Aries spoke up.

“I’m not. I am finding it hard to understand as to why you want to dive head first into a hornets nest. Aries, I had to pull an arrow out of you! I don’t wish to do that ever again.”

Aries stood up and turned around to come face to face with a very upset Cadmus.

“Cadmus, sit down at the table…”

The dragon blinked before making his way over to the table. He pulled a seat out for Aries and then sat himself down. Cadmus followed Aries close, his eyes searched Aries for something but could only find general nervousness.

“You know you can tell me anything,” Cadmus said with a pleasant trill to his voice. His tail flicked back and forth. The only thing that Cadmus needed was an explanation.

“I know, so… get comfortable. This story is going to start from my beginning.”

Aries starts where he promised, with his birth in the stables. In which his mom, Mary, cared after horses belonging to some of the greatest warriors, knights, and philosophers to have ever graced Randelen’s halls. Mary was paid handsomely for it, but her job required her to always be available even when heavily pregnant. Aries mentioned that his mom had often joked that he was always meant to be born in the stables because he belonged among the asses.

He spoke of his growing up as an only child. How he was coddled by his mother because it was so hard to have him. How he was given a strict and honorable upbringing by his father. He mentioned his dream, the one he’d had the first night he was in the cave. Playing with a wooden sword and pretending he was a knight with his friends; of riding on horses with his father. It was a good life, but certainly not easy.

Cadmus smiled, Aries’ energy rubbing off on him. Cadmus had the thought of an ideal life. One that was full of an energetic young Aries under the wing of a firm but loving family. But, the dragon knew what was coming next.

“Leo was deployed in the war against Lanish and he never came home… You know the rest. You know how much I need to find the truth. “

“I…need to remember Ümraniye Escort that part about you. I need to remember that your story is tied with mine.”

Cadmus clutched Aries’ hand tighter. “You have done so much for me. You have nearly sacrificed your life, so if this is what you want, I promise we will find answers in Rendelen. If we can get the King on our side, we can gather documents. Someone has answers.”

Aries looked up at Cadmus’ eyes to see they were filled with determination, a newfound glow that seemed to burn bright as lightning. He was telling the truth. Cadmus had the look that he would be willing to fight the Gods for him or go down trying. There was no doubt that their relationship had changed since they first met.

“Thank you, Cadmus,” Aries said and grabbed the claw that spanned from Cadmus’ index finger to give it a little rub. “I really can tell you anything…”

Cadmus nodded. “Of course. Now… There is something that I wish to discuss with you.”

Aries noted that Cadmus’ eyes shifted back and forth from their hands to his face. The human bit his cheek. He had a feeling he knew what was coming. “Is everything okay?”

“Yes, Aries… Everything is okay. It’s really hard to explain. Although this has been the most chaotic month of my life, I feel like I have never belonged anywhere but here. I thought that maybe I would be alone forever and that I would never find a dragon.”

“Well, you haven’t found a dragon yet.”

“No,” Cadmus trilled, his voice high and light. “I think I have found one. Someone who is very strong, brave, kind, and was willing to take an arrow…”

Aries blushed, his cheeks turning red. He remembered the night when he first took a bath, his hand resting on Cadmus’ thigh. It was not a mistake. It never really was a mistake and it was not stress that brought it on. It was something more. Aries looked over Cadmus, his scales where skin should be and wide wings. Would he ever be able to make such a relationship work?

“Cadmus…” Aries said quietly. “I…don’t know…”

Cadmus shook his head. “Aries, it has been 350 years searching for a purpose and I find it among you. I want you to be with me, and next to me as my lover.”

Cadmus’ electric eyes locked onto his brown ones and held there. There was no lie to his words and it was clear Cadmus had thought about when he would mention such a comment. The last month has been wild and unpredictable. Aries was supposed to kill Cadmus, but instead now he was nursing a wound from an arrow and being asked to take it further with him.

“I cannot live 1000 years. I would only give you one tenth at most….” Aries replied, his heart beating fast in his chest. Why was his mind rushing as if he was about to fight?

“I do not care because it will be the time I treasure the most. I will cross that bridge when the time comes,” Cadmus said with a slow rumble to his voice.

Aries was about to give another reason why it would not work, but could only grin. “How many peeks did you take in the baths?”

Cadmus snorted.

“I’m serious, Aries.”

Aries laughed, the sound like the sweetest honey that Cadmus had ever tasted. The sour expression that Cadmus had to put on was difficult and forced.

“I know…I’m sorry. But, yes. Yes, I would love to spend my days with you. I would love to be with you for the rest of my life!” Aries exclaimed and got up off his chair. Cadmus did the same, his eyes full of joy.

The two wrapped their arms around each other and Aries put his head in the nook of Cadmus’ shoulder. The hug was tight and Aries found himself melting into the embrace. Cadmus placed his head on the top of Aries’ head and held it there, a deep rumble in his chest vibrating through the smaller human’s being. Aries never wanted to leave. He wished he could be here forever and feel the euphoria of jumping into something new again and again.

Cadmus pulled Aries away for just a moment before his muzzle came forward. Time slowed for Aries, the move expected but still coming as a surprise. His eyes dilated and Aries felt a rush. Cadmus noticed Aries hesitation, keeping his muzzle close but not pushing anything. Bringing the bridge of the muzzle close, Cadmus pushed his forehead up against Aries’ and his warm breath washed over Aries face.

They were quiet for an uncountable amount of time. It was not important. The only thing that was important to the two was they were together. Cadmus’ belly rubbed against Aries’ chest and the dragon’s arms wrapped around possessively. Aries adjusted his head, moving it until it rested on Cadmus’ broad chest. It was easy since he was so much taller than him. Aries closed his eyes and concentrated. The first thing he heard was a hard thumping followed by a long breath in. Aries’ head rose along with the dragon’s chest and the knight partially wished he could pull his lover close in bed.

Looking up at Cadmus, Aries’ chin was placed comfortably between Cadmus’ pecs. His brown eyes sparkled and Cadmus’ own never left his knight. Aries Şerifali Escort wished that he could swim within those sapphire eyes. Aries tentatively leaned forward, his neck craning ever so slightly and their lips caressed. Like silk on skin, it was a mere suggestion of a touch. Yet, the chemistry between them cut the air like lightning slicing through the sky.

It was soft and slow, their bodies pushed together. Aries’ tunic and pants provided little maneuver room but he did not care. His concentration was not on his clothes but on the way his lips felt against Cadmus’ own.

As quick as their passions overtook them, they pulled away. Cadmus was rumbling and this time it was not because he was upset. Their heartbeats were in sync and beat against their chests like a hammer coming down on a nail. Hands explored unabashedly and Aries’ breath hitched when a particularly well placed grab squeezed his right hip.

“I am still surprised how strong and resilient you are but you have such soft lips,” Cadmus chuckled and brought his thumb up to Aries’ bottom lip. His lover smiled, his cheeks still rosy.

“How about we go take a bath? It has been a long day,” Aries said with a mischievous glint to his eye. His hands moved along Cadmus’ side and he mimicked the same motion. He squeezed the muscle along the dragon’s hip. The unfamiliar sensation made Cadmus cock his hip slightly to the side.

“Oh really? I see what game you are playing,” Cadmus replied. He brought his tail around, hooking it into the waistband of Aries’ trousers.

“Maybe if you are good,” Aries teased and leaned forward to give Cadmus a kiss on the cheek. His lips met scales, an interesting and foreign texture on Aries’ sensitive lips.

Cadmus held a hand up to his cheek while Aries grabbed his other and led the dragon towards the baths. Both of them stripped out of their shirts in earnest and now stood in just their pants and boots. They wrapped their arms back around one other and felt across their bodies. The stark difference between them could be physically felt. Finger tips ran across muscle and claws lightly trailed down skin. The pointed tips of Cadmus’ claws made their way down Aries’ neck and tickled oh so well as it went. Aries shivered and Cadmus gained a pleased look.

“So where shall I begin first, little sparrow?”

The claw stopped right at Aries sternum, just to the left of the scar from Aries’ injury and he held the tip there. Aries kept a humorous composure, but the low growl to Cadmus’ voice vibrated up through him and his entire being. The taboo of the affair was becoming more alluring to Aries and the handsome stud in front of him was not making his choices easy. The fact that they still had their pants on was alluring. Although Aries had seen Cadmus naked plenty of times, this one was different. There was no function for cleanliness or any other way to read into it as playful curiosity. It was an intense need that was completely acknowledged by touch and sound.

“Let’s take it slow, Cadmus.”

The dragon gave a pleased rumble. “With pleasure.”

Cadmus kneeled which made Aries’ breath hike. Seven feet of dragon now staring up at him with his gorgeous eyes and never leaving his sight. It was a rush, one that Aries was embarrassed to say was going straight down between his legs. His trousers stuck out ridiculously, the top of them laced with white strings tied in a little bow. Cadmus was tickled that he could elicit such a reaction out of his lover and brought his cheek tantalizingly close to the bulge.

Bringing his paw up to Aries’ chest, Cadmus rubbed across the knight’s pecs and felt the blond sprinkle of hair across them. The claw came back, trailing down the bit of hair that made its way into Aries pants.

“So interesting that you have this…fuzz in the first place. This little treasure trail that you have for me,” Cadmus said with a thoughtful chortle and stopped the tip of the sharp extension right before the lace. Aries blushed even deeper. Never in his life had Aries’ body ever been compared to a smattering of jewels.

“I sometimes wonder myself,” Aries breathed out, distracted from the fact that Cadmus’ teeth were right above the lace and shown. There was a pause where Aries thought about how much power that laid inside of Cadmus’ body and it was all his. The dragon could have snapped him in two with his teeth alone but it was clear there would never be such animosity between them ever again. He was his small bird, wings outstretched and ready for the next step.

“I think I like to imagine that it is here for me,” Cadmus said. “That you are mine and belong in my hoard among my crystals and books. Every part of you is more fascinating than anything that I have ever read.”

The thought was comforting to Aries. For so long, he felt like he always had to be in control. That if something was a problem, he would have to be the one to fix it or protect someone. Now there was a shift in his role. Cadmus was…worshipping him in a way. Taking his time like he was a fine vintage that Kurtköy Escort needed to be savored. Aries was unused to such a role so he shifted around uncertain and trying to give Cadmus a better vantage point for whatever nefarious deeds were going through his lover’s mind.

Aries’ breath hitched when the dragon’s sharp teeth latched around one of the strings holding the human’s pants up and he gave it a tug. Aries shook, not out of fear but out of need as Cadmus bit into the waistband and started to lower it down. Down his pants went, further and further until his peach colored skin showed at his hips and then his crotch. The dark blonde hair that was above dipped lower which only made Cadmus hum approvingly. He gave another hard pull and Cadmus had a toothy smile when Aries’ member flopped out. Letting go of the waistband, a new interest was brought straight into Cadmus’ vision.

“Hmmm, almost as big as me…” Cadmus teased, examining Aries over like he was a physician and conducting an operation. The human blushed at the veiled compliment; they were practically the same size.

“You are much more of a pervert than what I expected,” Aries replied with a playful eyeroll. The human brought his hand out and placed it on Cadmus’ cheek, rubbing it with an affectionate stroke of his thumb.

“No, a pervert would do something much more forward. Like so,” Cadmus said with an amused smile. He leaned forward, burying his snout into Aries’ dark blond curls along the underside of his balls. The breath of air that Cadmus took in went straight to his mind and he memorized the scent. It was earthy but not unpleasant. He was happy that Aries had not ended up taking a bath in the morning. He was just clean enough that there was nothing hindering Cadmus’ exploration of his lover.

A warm puff of air brushed against parts of Aries that only further reminded him of the position that he was in. A long, wet lick started from the back of the human’s heavy orbs and made its way up the bottom of the shaft. Aries sucked in a breath as the nimble tongue made its way upward and towards the more sensitive tip. When he made it to the top, his tongue wrapped around and enveloped the thick head.

Just as Aries was starting to shiver and the hand on Cadmus’ cheek moved up towards the top of the dragon’s head, Cadmus’ tongue unraveled around Aries’ shaft and he moved away. The human’s maleness throbbed, a small bead of pre rolling off the tip and dripping down to the rocky floor.

“To see you without any strife on that face of yours has me so enamored,” Cadmus chuckled. “Now, off with these…”

Aries knew better than to think that there was no authority or conviction behind the seemingly innocent sound of Cadmus’ voice. He was giving him a command with no room for argument and he knew that was how Aries wanted it to be.

Smiling, Aries shook his head. “If you want them to be off, then you have to remove them.”

Cadmus may not have an eyebrow, but there were similar muscles at work and he perked one up.

“As you wish,” Cadmus said with a throaty growl. Aries could feel the vibration of it work its way between his spine and raced through his veins like an uncontrolled fire.

The primal look that Cadmus gave Aries told him that the leash that he had Cadmus on was one that could be snapped as easily as a thin twine. The teeth that snagged his pants were no longer pulling at a slow pace but one that reflected the beast that was showing itself. Cadmus was in an almost bowed position with the pants completely down around Aries’ ankles and the dragon looked pleased. He noted the hair along Aries legs and reached for it to rub across it.

“I forgot that you have hair here too,” Cadmus said, the growl to his voice still hanging around. “I wonder if this has a different taste than the previous sample…”

Cadmus brought out his tongue again, licking up Aries leg. Laughing, Aries shifted his calf and thigh so it flexed for the dragon and Cadmus smiled like a dope as his tongue trailed back up to Aries inner thigh. His eyes locked again with Aries’ own as his cheek rested on his lover’s left thigh.

“So, what is the verdict?”

“Distinctly different,” Cadmus said and then smacked his lips as if he had a good meal. “Not unwelcome.”

Aries brought his hand out. “Get up and take off those pants of yours.”

“Of course, my brave knight,” Cadmus chuckled, the playful version of Cadmus back once again, and untied the lace of his pants. Aries’ heart started to beat in his chest again like just before a battle. He watched Cadmus’ clawed fingers rolled out the bow that his pants were tied in and he dropped them down to his ankles. There was no shyness for Cadmus and he pushed the trousers off to the side as if they were a hindrance than anything else.

Aries’ previous details that he made in his mind about Cadmus did not do him justice. The manual labor that Cadmus had been doing was beginning to define him. Aries also found Cadmus doing some of the exercises that he would do each morning and mimicked them. His arms and legs were large and defined, the veins and arteries that pump blood to and from the heart visible near the shoulder blades before disappearing into the peaks and valleys of Cadmus’ arms. His wings extended outwards since he was excited, truly showing the broad stance that he had and his proud stature.

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