Jessica Takes Control Ch. 06

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“WTF, where did you get that name from Jessica?”

“Now now little sis, calm down. I’ll tell you all about it later tonight.”

“No, I want to know NOW.”

“Nope, I told you later. Gtg, see ya later Angel. Actually, I kind of like that name, somehow though I don’t think you are quite an angel.”

Jess ignored all the other demanding messages, she would just have to wait. Her evil side was definitely stirring; she could feel it begin to swell in her loins. Like a smoldering slow fire, soon to reach into a hot burning desire that would be difficult to extinguish, if not impossible.

“Come here mother, we need to talk and get my plan in place.”

“I knew this was coming, I’m not sure I’m prepared for it, Jess.”

“You better be mother, because you will have to be. Wanted or not, you are going to help. I’m going to tell Kris all about our new arrangement, perhaps not all but most. She will obviously be shocked and upset. At least I think she will be upset, who knows.

“Yes ma’am, I will do my best.”

“I know you will mother and the reason I know is because you want it, you want to feel her lips kissing you, her tongue probing between your legs and inside your cunt. You also want to fuck her, you want to fuck your youngest daughter, don’t you mother?”

“God damn it, yes and you know I do. If you must know, I want both of you at the same time. In any way you want us. There, I said it and I meant it. It’s shameful but I do.”

“Well my dirty little mother, you just may get your wish. I do think I’ve turned you from a cock whore to a pussy whore haven’t I. An incestuous soccer mom pussy whore bitch. Now I’ve got some things to do, come here and kiss my ass and make it a deep hard kiss.”

Jess relished in her dominance, something so simple as the words she spoke or just having her mother kiss her ass for her sent a pulsing through her veins. The feel of her lips on her ass cheeks made her want more but she held back for now. She looked at her mother, on her knees as she finished kissing her ass. The shameful look on her face was one she just couldn’t get enough of, not nearly enough.

Throughout the day Kris constantly texted and called but Jess never answered. She wanted her to stew over her emotions. She wanted her to feel afraid even and to aimlessly wonder about it all. Her state of mind would be critical to getting what she wanted, the more vulnerable she felt, the easier it would be for her to manipulate her precious little sister.

She heard Kris come in and went immediately upstairs where Jessica was. The look on her face was one of worry and doubt. Her words rushing through her trembling lips and barely audible.

“Tell me Jess, I need to know how you found out and what all you know. Please tell me.”

“Sit down Kris and I’ll tell you all about it, I also have some other things to discuss. However, you look awfully tense, I was just about to smoke a little weed. I think you should join me, you need to calm your nerves down.”

Jess inhaled the bowl and handed it to Kris, “more Kris she would say, big deep tokes” after passing it back to her.

“God Jess, I’m already stoned now please tell me.”

“OK, here is the first part which is actually the easy part. I saw your phone light up when you were sleeping. Thinking I may need to check and make sure it wasn’t an emergency or something I saw the pic and read the message. My curiosity had grabbed me and I looked through the rest of your pics and messages. I know, I probably shouldn’t have but I did. Of course, I could only conclude that you are a stripper and you work at that place where the other girls in the pic work. Now answer me, am I right? Never mind, I know I am. The question is what to do? You know if Daddy finds out he will be really pissed. I suspect he will take your credit cards away, stop sending money and even take the car back from you.”

“Jessica, you won’t tell mom or dad, will you? Please don’t. I don’t make enough money there, I only work two nights a week and I can’t afford to lose anything. I sure as hell don’t want to move back home.”

“It’s not mom you have to worry about. As a matter of fact, she already knows. I told her and even showed her the pictures.”

“Oh fuck you didn’t? Why? She is going to tell dad I know. I’m fucking screwed, thanks a lot!”

“No, you’re not, slow down you haven’t let me finish. I told you mom won’t tell unless that is I want her to. You see, we have a new arrangement but I’ll get to that in a minute. Do you remember that time I stole a necklace from the store? You were going to tell on me but then told me you wouldn’t if I did all your chores, laundry and anything else you wanted for two weeks. I did it all if you remember, well, the time has come for repayment.”

“We were teenagers! That was 2 years ago! Childs play, this isn’t child’s play Jessica. This is serious and it’s blackmail. What? You want me to wash your fucking car or something.”

“Oh you’re right about that, it’s not child’s play Kris. I Kumköy escort can wash my own damn car, that’s not what I want. What I want is much deeper than that.”

“What about mom? You told her already, I know she will tell so I don’t think you can really get away with this. Whatever “this” is.”

“She won’t tell; I’ll prove it to you. However, understand a few things first. She is not quite so goody two shoes. Also, she likes what I do, she wants it and craves it so don’t think she is being harmed, either mentally or physically. You just sit back and see for yourself.”

“Just what the fuck are you talking about?”

Jessica opened the door and she could see her mother sitting nervously on the edge of the bed. She had a confused look on her face, unsure of what was going to happen or what Kris’s reaction would be to her new role. Through her uncertainty, she was still prepared, still wanted to go forward and see what would happen.

“Come here mother, I need to explain a few things to Kris and I need your help.”

“Yes ma’am” she said as she entered the bedroom.

A look of bewilderment had already come across Kris’s face. The mere words of Yes Ma’am seemed to startle her but keeping quiet she let Jessica continue.

“Mother, Kris believes you may tell dad all about her stripper job. I need you to assure her that you won’t say anything unless that is I want you to. Now tell her, no promise her you will be silent about it.”

Looking at Kris she managed to follow Jessica’s instructions. “I swear Kris; I won’t say anything. I know what would happen if I did and I don’t want that for you. I promise and I swear I won’t say a single word.”

“Now you see Kris, your little secret is safe but if that’s not enough for you then I have another way of proving it to you. It’s quite different than what you may expect so be prepared to be somewhat surprised, shocked even.”

Squirming a bit and a little uncertain but very curious. “Ok Jess, I’m confused but go ahead.”

“You see, mother and I have a special relationship, unlike what it used to be. I won’t get into details as to how it came about right now but I will later. I don’t expect you to understand at the moment but just follow along. Who knows, you just may like this newly found situation.”

“Damn, what are you talking about and what’s the deal mother?”

“Mother, I think it’s time to show Kris how well you behave, don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am, I think so.”

“What the fuck! Yes ma’am! What the fuck is going on.”

“Just wait and see Kris.”

“Get on your knees mother, at my feet and look up at me.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Now mother, you won’t say anything about Kris being a stripper will you.”

“No ma’am.”

“Good girl, now kiss my feet mother.”

From the corner of her eye, Jess could see Kris was becoming more uncomfortable. Still, she remained quiet but somewhat in a state of shock. Unable to comprehend the entire situation, her eyes fixed with a deep puzzlement of confusion that seemed to mirror her constant fidgeting.

Jess wanted to be careful, too much too quick could have a reverse effect. After all, how does one tell another that their mother is an incestuous pussy whore? It was becoming increasingly obvious that perhaps it was best this way.

“That’s enough mother, now go to your bedroom while Kris and I discuss this a little more.”

“Yes ma’am”, her mother once again obeying; before leaving she walked over to Kris, kissed her cheek and softly told her, “It will be ok baby, I promise you, it will all be ok.”

“What the fuck is this Jessica, this is fucking crazy.”

“Let me explain then. You see, our innocent little mother isn’t quite so innocent. I came home and found her with a cock in her mouth, not Daddy’s dick either. Some other man, at first I was hurt and confused but then decided, what the fuck. I was going to have some fun with it and that’s exactly what I’m doing. So, I’m blackmailing her, just like I’m going to do with you, my precious sister.”

“I don’t fucking believe you, I think you are just playing a game or something. I don’t know what but I’m not fucking playing along.”

“Oh really, you think it’s a game Kris, haven’t I showed you already how she behaves for me? There’s more also, a lot more. Understand, though, like I said, our innocent mother likes it so if you think I’m hurting her you are wrong. Now listen one more time, either you follow along, do as I say and want or Daddy will find out all about you being a stripper. You know what he’ll do and you know he will.”

“Fuck, just what am I going to have to do and for how long? A day or two?”

“Let’s just say, you are going to be my bitch, surely working at strip club you know what a bitch is don’t you “Angel”? That’s what mother is, she’s my bitch but she’s not enough for me. I want you too, I want you to be my bitch, do as I say and as I want. For how long, that’s hard to say. Until I’ve had enough.”

“This is fucking insane, Kumköy escort bayan your bitch! Surely you don’t mean what I think you mean?”

“Yes, I do, just like mother is, and if you don’t believe me then I will just have to show you. I’ll prove it to you later this evening. For now, though, go wash my fucking car.”

Jessica could feel her emotions taking control, ordering her sister to do even normal things such as washing her car gave her a rush. The force by blackmailing only added to the excitement, leaving Kris with no other alternative than to obey her every command, regardless of how much filth was involved. She watched her huff and puff as she grabbed the keys to Jessica’s car. Mumbling words she couldn’t understand as she passed Jessica. It didn’t matter, she was obeying none the less. Just the way Jess wanted.

Jessica walked into her mother’s bedroom and found her sitting on the edge of the bed, eavesdropping perhaps the best she could. “Mother, answer these questions for me. A simple yes or no is all I want to hear, an honest yes or no at that.”

“Yes ma’am, I will answer honestly I promise.”

“Do you like it when I beat your ass until it turns purple and red?”


“Do you like really rough and mean fucking?”


“Do you like my pussy Mother?”

“God, yes I do.”

“Do you want it Mother?”

“Yes, fuck yes!”

“Then take off your clothes and bring me my belt, lay over the bed with your ass up.”

Jessica grabbed the belt from her mother’s hand and slapped her across her bare ass before she could lay across the bed. Not giving her time, she wrapped her hands around her mother’s long blonde hair and jerked her down to the bed. The slaps started slowly and became faster and harder. Each sound of the belt sent shivers through Jessica’s cunt and she became wetter and wetter. Her mother’s whimpering turned into screams as she fiercely beat her ass. Still, she didn’t stop until she reached the point of needing her mother’s mouth on her cunt.

Grabbing her stretched out arm she pulled her over to her back and climbed on top of her face. “Eat it mother, eat my fucking cunt like a good bitch.” Her mother’s wet mouth couldn’t stop, her tongue licking, sucking and slurping all of Jessica’s juices as if she couldn’t get enough. Jessica put all her weight on her mother’s face, smothering her with her cunt until she couldn’t breathe. She would raise up every few seconds and allow her to take a breath before slamming back down on her mouth, grinding her cunt all over to smear her pussy smell on her face. She wanted to cum but held back, that was for later, that is for her sister she thought to herself.

She slowly raised up, slid down and licked her pussy from her mother’s lips. “Good fucking bitch you are mother, now don’t touch your horny pussy, leave it alone. There will be plenty of that later.”

Kris sat in Jessica’s car as she went through the car wash, her mind began to swirl around in a frenzied rush, part excitement and part worry. Her thoughts switching from one scenario to another in rapid succession. never stopping long enough to consider all that was about to happen. Yes, she admitted to herself, there was a certain amount of excitement as she recalled Jessica’s words, “make you my bitch”.

It sounded so vile and yet she found herself getting turned on by them. Angry at first, hurt and even feeling sorry for her mother at the image of her on her knees kissing Jessica’s feet.

She thought back, her mother didn’t seem to be hurt, she didn’t seem to mind at all. The more she thought about her mother’s reactions the more she realized Jessica was right, her mother fucking likes it.

She didn’t know everything but she suspected there is more than her mother just kissing Jessica’s feet. The images flashing through her mind both repulsed her and turned her on. Could she be right, could they really be having sex, is that what Jessica had in store for her also?

That’s what she really means by “my bitch” Kris concluded. The more she thought, the more she realized that is exactly what it is. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she said to herself, now fucking what should I do. To refuse is a risk, to go along is just so damn perverse and yet the allure is fascinating.

She picked up her phone and began to text Jessica, “OK sis, I’m through washing your car, is there anything else I can do for you before I come home?”

Jess looked at the message and began to decipher the meaning of the words she was reading. Hmmm, looks like she has come to her senses. “Yes, there is Kris, first though “sis” is not what I am to be addressed as. Ma’am, yes ma’am and the related proper words are to be used. Do you understand me?”

“Yes ma’am, I do.”

“Good girl, now before you come home you are to take off your panties, put them in your mouth and leave them there until you arrive, don’t take them out until you walk in the door.”

OMFG Kris thought to herself, what a nasty thing to do, what’s Escort Kumköy gotten into her! She read the message over and over before replying. “Yes ma’am, I’m sliding my panties off now, putting them in my mouth and on the way home.”

“Perfect, now don’t be texting and driving and keep your fingers away from your cunt little sister.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Kris couldn’t help herself, she slid her hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit, she pushed her fingers inside her and realized just how wet she was. She wanted to cum, she wanted to ram her fingers deep and fast but held back. A flush of embarrassment overtook her, humiliated at her panties in her mouth as she drove home.

Jessica and her mother were waiting for Kris when she walked in the door. Unbelievably, her black lace panties dangling from her mouth. She seemed to be a little unsure, nervous and embarrassed to say the least. However, Jessica was pleasantly surprised at her willingness to go along. Maybe all three of them have something in common after all, a sexual desire with a common thread for sure, an incestuous streak that has become more prevalent, albeit with a hint of hesitation.

“My my my Kris, you follow instructions very well, at least I think you do. Come here to me and give me your panties.”

As Kris walked over she peaked through the corner of her eye at her mother. She was dressed in a short black skirt, a red button up blouse that was partially unbuttoned. Her bosom poking through and her cleavage on full display. Was that a slight grin from her lips she thought? She seemed to be enjoying herself for sure.

Jessica stood up as Kris walked over to her, she grabbed the panties and tossed them to her mother.

“Smell them mother, can you smell your daughters pussy?”

“Yes ma’am I do” as she deeply inhaled her daughter’s scent.

“I want you to wear them, put them on.”

Her mother started to walk to the bedroom but Jessica stopped her. “No mother, put them on right here, you don’t need to hide it, we all know what is going on. As a matter of fact, stand in front of the TV so we both can watch you.

As usual, she obeyed Jessica, reaching under her skirt she pulled her panties off that she was wearing and slid Kris’s damp panties on.

Humiliating it was as both her daughters watching her perverted little task followed exactly the way Jess wanted.

“Good girl mother, now grab your panties from the floor and put them on Kris. Don’t rush it, I want to absorb every little movement and every little moment.”

“This is fucking weird Jess”, Kris blurted out.

“Godamn it, Kris, that’s your first mistake, don’t fucking argue with me, another outburst and you’ll get an ass beating just like mother does when she doesn’t behave. I fucking know how strange it is, we all do and it’s going to get a lot deeper. Now keep your ass still while mother puts her panties on you.”

Sensing Jessica’s seriousness she relented and lifted her feet one at a time while her mother slid her panties on her. Her hands gliding slowly up her legs, purposely she thought and touching her more than she needed to. Such a degrading feeling rushed through her and yet one that was more exciting than any man had ever touched her, or woman for that matter.

“Oh that’s perfect, now give me your hands Kris.”

As she did so, Jessica brought her hands to her face and smelled them.” I think I can smell your pussy on your fingers, Kris. Smell them, mother, see if I’m right.”

“Yes ma’am, I can smell a little on her fingers, just a little, though.”

“Hmmm, I thought so. Lick her fingers mother, lick her pussy from them, lick them clean.”

She took her hands and brought them to her mouth, before licking she began to smell them again, deeper this time and longer. She looked up at Kris as she put her fingers in her mouth, their eyes totally fixed on each other and one at a time she sucked her daughter’s fingers, licking and still smelling as she tasted her daughter’s pussy.

“If I recall correctly, I told you to keep your fingers away from your cunt didn’t I Kris?”

“Yes ma’am, you did.”

“Well then what should we do about disobeying me? What do you think Mother, should I give her another chance or spank her ass?”

“Give her another chance I think, after all, she is new to this but she’s trying I can tell.”

“You’re right mother, she is trying but I believe in discipline, I don’t think I’ll wait. What I will do is be a little easy on her ass the first time. Now the question is, am I going to spank her or will I let you do it for me? I know, we’ll both do it, take turns, 5 slaps for me and 5 slaps for you.”

“Don’t worry Kris, it won’t hurt much the first time, if you don’t follow my rules and do as I say the next time will be worse, a lot worse. Now pull up your skirt, pull down mother’s panties that are on your ass and bend over the chair. I want those panties down around your ankles too, don’t take them off. Now say yes ma’am and do as I told you to.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Jessica couldn’t help but marvel at her sister’s bare naked ass, it was so perfect, like their mother’s luscious ass. She wanted to grab it, bite it, eat it and fuck it. She wanted her, wanted to kiss her and bury her face in her cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32