Jessica Ch. 01: A Picnic

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Thanks for checking out my story — this is the first in a series about Jessica. While I changed the name, the story is very much real! Feel free to let me know your feedback and thoughts.


I first noticed Jessica at the gym where I worked out. She sold gym memberships and worked the check-in desk there and she would occasionally grab a workout during lunch. She was young, beautiful and fit and had brunette hair, an incredible ass and amazing upturned breasts with nipples that always seemed to be hard.

My name is Nick — Nick Newman. I was about 30 years old when I first met her and she was only 23. I was a suit and tie professional working in an office and would break the stress of the day by going to the gym everyday for a lunchtime workout. I’m about 6′ 195lbs and I think most consider me to be a pretty good looking guy. Because of my workout regimen, my body fat was low and I really did have washboard abs.

In those days men wore pretty tight shorts or spandex working out. I never wore underwear which only served to accent the outline of my package, especially if I was partially aroused which wasn’t difficult to be in a gym with gorgeous women abounding. When Jessica worked out, I would always sneak peeks of her in the mirror while she worked the StairMaster or did stomach crunches. I knew she was much younger than me but she had me captivated. We became familiar enough to each other that we would say hello and soon we both knew each other’s name.

When I saw her lift on the bench press, I would kindly offer to spot for her and she did the same for me. One day while struggling with weights on the decline bench, she asked if I needed a spot and I readily answered, “Yes please.” She was wearing baggy workout shorts as she stood over my head with her legs slightly apart to give her leverage with the bar. As I looked up to place my hands on the bar, I immediately saw she was wearing nothing underneath her shorts and my eyes met with the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Barely 18 inches from my face was a nice bush framing her protruding pussy lips.

As I stared in amazement up her shorts, she looked down and caught my gaze and I said the only thing that could come to my mind at the time. “Nice view,” I said. She turned a little red but didn’t make a move to change her position and as my cock began to stiffen, I struggled through my set.

Next it was her turn to bench and as I stood over her, I now had a half hard cock and she could plainly see the shaft and head through my tight spandex. She stared at my crotch and smiling, she looked me in the eye and returned the compliment saying the exact same thing back to me.

I knew at that moment that I was going to fuck this woman but what I didn’t know is that we would eventually become lovers and move in together. There was a minor flaw in my thinking and that was I was married Sivas Escort to a gorgeous, Scandinavian blond. But after 6 years of marriage our love for each other had diminished and although we still had great sex, I was vulnerable and looking.

I soon found myself finding a reason to go into work on weekends and I would still hit the gym for a workout. Jessica was there many of those Saturdays and we soon became friends. We would flirt but I could never work up the nerve to take it any further. I stared at her beautiful body and full lips and wondered what it would be like to kiss her and run my tongue over her hard nipples.

One day I finally asked her if she would like to take a drive up with me to the mountains the following week and she agreed. It was fall in the Rockies and the Aspen leaves were starting to turn. The next weekend on a sunny cool day, I put together a little picnic and put some beers into a cooler, grabbed a blanket and we met and headed up into the hills in my pick-up truck. The conversation was loose and lively as we sipped beers, listened to good tunes and drove though the pines taking in the fresh air of the mountains.

I soon found a secluded spot for a picnic and we pulled off a dirt road into the trees. We were alone up there which was strange given it was a weekend. I spread out a blanket and we were soon kicking back talking and laughing. I was taking my time when all of the sudden she leaned over and kissed me full on the lips and we started making out ferociously. Our tongues were quickly exploring each other’s mouth and my hands soon found her braless breasts.

When my fingers brushed her nipples they literally sprang to attention — they were so hard I thought they might rip the shirt she was wearing. As my hands rubbed her 34″ tits and nipples, her hand soon found the massive bulge in my pants and she began rubbing my cock and tracing the mushroom head through the jeans. I lifted her shirt and my eyes met with her hardened pink nipples for the first time.

“Suck them,” she commanded me as my lips and tongue took one in my mouth. As I sucked her pink nipples she began squirming. My tongue drew a trail to the other nipple leaving a hot wet path between her lovely breasts. She furiously rubbed my cock and then started unzipping my jeans as we writhed around on the blanket. I wasn’t wearing underwear so when the snap was undone, my eager cock leaped out seeking her attention. She reached in and grabbed my hard member as I licked and sucked her nipple.

She grasped my shaft and began pumping me and as pre-cum began oozing from the slit, she softly moaned her approval. I lifted her shirt over her head and she was now half naked. My hand found the place between her legs and I began rubbing her mound through her jeans. She was turned on as I rubbed her pussy from the outside, feeling her warm, Sivas Escort Bayan moist wetness make its way to my fingers. She tugged at my cock and soon went towards my lap and engulfed it in her mouth.

I could tell right away this wasn’t her first time giving head. She expertly took my cock all the way in as she pumped the base of the shaft with her hand. She would occasionally pause to run her tongue over the slit of my cock head and lick my pre-cum, something that sent lightning bolt shivers throughout my body. Jessica squeezed my full balls as I felt the cum boiling inside me wanting to blow.

I wanted her to come first so I forced her off my cock and rammed my tongue into her mouth tasting my pre-cum and musky man cock on her lips and tongue. This turned s both on even more as her hand continued to pump my now slick cock up and down. I laid her on her back and unsnapped her jeans and pulled them off her legs. As I did, I saw her glistening pussy for the first time, wet with desire and red and swollen from being so turned on. It was hairy but closely cropped and her swollen pink labia lips pushed from the matted hair.

I spread her legs and could see that a trail of wispy hair ran from the bottom of her pussy to her pink asshole. Lying naked on the blanket, her brown eyes were lust-filled as they begged me to take her. Looking at her, she was even more beautiful than I had imagined. My fingers soon found her wet pussy. I ran my fingers up the outside of her labia lips teasing her as they wantonly brushed across her clit sending shockwaves through her body. Her juices were flowing freely as a wet spot soon formed on the blanket and the sweet scent of her womanhood rose to greet me. I had to taste her.

My tongue first found her clit as I licked it and ran my tongue all over it causing her to squirm on the blanket even more. I held her waist tightly as my tongue lapped up her cunt juice and massaged her clit. She was driving her pelvis into my face as I reached underneath and let my fingers tease her ass and hole.

She jumped as my finger ran over her bud, soaked from the pussy juices running out of her. I lifted her ass off the blanket and ran my tongue from her clit to her rose bud licking and sucking as much of her wetness as I could. My face was soaked as I licked my way back up her body, going for her beautiful hard nipples again and then ramming my tongue in to her gasping mouth.

She was wild with desire as she licked and sucked my tongue and my glistening face, tasting her own cunt juices and driving her even wilder. She was hot and insatiable and I couldn’t believe she loved the taste of her own juices. I’ve had other women that were repulsed by this but I later came to learn that Jessica not only liked cock, but she liked pussy as well. Fine by me since I am bisexual as well but that’s another story Escort Sivas for another time.

As she devoured my tongue, my cock head gently rubbed and teased the opening of her hot wet cunt. She grabbed my hips and tried to force me to enter her pussy but I resisted since I wasn’t quite done with the task at hand. I went back to eating her pussy and focused my attention on her now very swollen clit. My tongue, combined with her forcing her cunt onto my face, soon had her moaning even more and I could tell she was close to orgasm.

A few more flicks of my tongue and she screamed out that she was cumming and her body began to quake and convulse uncontrollably as more of her juices gushed from her steamy cunt. As her spasms subsided, I wanted to lick up her juices but she was too sensitive right after her orgasm. As we lay side by side and kissed, her hand again found my raging hard cock and she began to pump it again.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said with a wicked smile as I laid on my back and she began to run her tongue all over my cock head. My balls were full and it was slightly painful as she gently squeezed them. She took my cock all the way to the base and my pubic hairs were now rubbing her chin. She began pumping my penis with her hand but she never let the head out of her mouth.

I was the one squirming now as my pelvis thrust up so I could fill her eager mouth with my manhood. She was taking every inch of me now and simultaneously pumping my cock as I could feel the cum rising and boiling to the surface. I knew I was about to explode and wasn’t sure she wanted it in her mouth so I tried to push her head away from my throbbing meat. Jessica sensed that I was about to blow and was having none of that as she brushed my hand away and continued sucking.

My moaning got louder as I arched my hips and erupted into her waiting mouth. The first jet caught her by surprise as she flinched momentarily but as I unloaded jet after jet of cum into her mouth, a soft moan from her signaled her approval. She pumped me dry as an orgasm for the ages subsided. Finally, she took one last lick of a remaining dollop of cum on my head, looked at me and smiled and our tongues met again.

“That was great,” Jessica purred in my ear. “I can’t believe how much you can come.”

She was right. While I’m not exactly Peter North, I have big bull balls and they produce massive amounts of semen. I knew from this moment that we were going to be very compatible in a sexual way. That afternoon I ate her pussy and brought her to orgasm one more time and she took another one of my loads in her willing mouth and swallowed every drop.

As I drove Jessica home, we talked about that first day when we worked out together. She told me that after the workout, she had one of her co-workers (who happened to be gay) go into the locker room to secretly check me out while I was showering. Apparently, he gave Jessica a good approval rating of my cock and body and she decided that she would have to check me out for herself. That day in the mountains she sucked my cock twice — the first of hundreds of blow jobs she would give me during our relationship.

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