Jerry The Pan Sexual Nurse Prologue

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Jerry The Pan Sexual Nurse


I had always been adventurous. Up for anything and game. My loves included being outside and being around people. I played team sport and joined clubs. I had a lot of friends with a lot of different interests. I never really said no to a good time and my definition of a good time could be pretty extreme. A party could be rock climbing and sleeping under the stars or tripping on shrooms in my friends basement. The point was I was usually up for anything.

I’m six two and have been a life long athlete and have the build to show it. I have a shocking colour of red hair and big blue eyes and I always got a lot of compliments on both. My hands were long and sensitive and my body was well proportioned. With freckled cheeks and eyes that lit up when I smiled. I was attractive and I knew it. No soulless ginger here I loved everyone.

I knew by high school there was something a bit different about me. I was attracted to people and they were attracted to me. Their gender didn’t matter, it didn’t play into what I wanted. I was horny too, like always up for some. I had dated lots of girls but towards the end of high school bursa escort I started openly dating boys too.

Sure some people picked on me but I was on the basketball team and a big, strong guy so no one really bothered messing with me. Besides all that I was always friendly and usually had a kind word and a smile for everyone. To be honest I was to busy getting laid to worry much about anything else.

I got a scholarship for basketball and headed to college to study nursing. I always liked helping others and blood and gore never bothered me so it seemed a good choice. I started school with a steady girlfriend Dani. She was a cheerleader and smoking hot and super smart. She was more than enough to keep my interest.

She was tall and strong with long legs and long chestnut hair. Her eyes were dark and always laughing. She had a small waist with generous hips and a juicy ass. Her breast were magnificent. Large and firm she actually wore two sports bras to keep them from jiggling too much during her cheer leading. I used to love watching her practice. It really turned me on.

One day while I was watching her I noticed my basketball Coach, Denny waving me over. I had no idea what he could want as today wasn’t a practice bursa escort bayan or game day. We were on off season right now. He beckoned me over to the back office and I followed him in.

Coach Denny was our youngest coach and frankly adorable. He had a sweet face and always looked happy. He had a soft brown, full beard and lovely brown eyes. A short, hairy guy with a fuller figure everyone just wanted to cuddle him all the time. In fact we nicknamed him teddy bear for that reason.

The back office wasn’t exactly private. It has a long window against one wall that looked out over the gym, even the door a had a small box window in it. So you could imagine my surprise when the Coach first closed the door then walked up to me and put his hand right on my crotch. I was absolutely shocked. I had never had anyone approach me so bluntly before. He just held his hand there firmly and looked up at me with his beautiful brown doe eyes. I felt myself getting hard.

“Coach Denny?” I started to say.

He put his mouth on mine and started rubbing my cock. At first he was gentle but as I got more and more excited he reached down my shorts. He roughly squeezed the head of my cock and our kissing got deeper and rougher. escort bursa My hands locked around him and he rhythmically stroked my shaft. Suddenly he dropped to his knees before me taking my shorts and underwear with him. I cast a nervous glance at the window and saw that no one was near enough to see anything.

He started with the head taking it into his warm mouth. His hand reached around and grabbed hold of my ass. He worked the rim with his dexterous tongue while his hands spread my cheeks apart and played with my asshole. I grabbed his head to encourage him and he happily took my whole cock into his throat. Working my shaft up and down while fingering my ass was more than I could bear. Moaning I could feel my balls draw up and tighten as I got ready to come.

Coach Denny moved back to the head sucking it hard and fast. Moaning louder I looked up to see Dani in the window. She was watching us, her cheer leader skirt hiked up, and her hand was deep down the front of her white panties. Her mouth was open and her eyes half closed and she was working her clit hard. I drove my cock down the Coaches throat and I came with an intensity I had never experienced before. Coach Denny stood up and we held each other for awhile just cuddling.

It was an amazing experience, life changing for me. I had always been hornier that most and this confirmed it. Coach Denny and Dani were only the beginning of my great sexual awakening. Let the fun and games begin.

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