Jen’s Journal

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Jen’s Journal

Hi I am Jen, and the following 12 journal entries chronicle the most memorable of my seductions during the last year-2011. Please note these entries are not chronological.

Before I get into them (hehe), a little bit about myself, I am 28 as I am writing this, a US citizen with an Irish heritage ( and therefore the stereotypical physical characteristics-reddish hair(which I wear in a pixie cut), fair skin, freckles, upturned nose, lips similar to k.d. lang’s, think of Catherine Walker), 5’4″ 110 lbs, B cup bra(which quickly becomes C cups if I put on weight), my aureoles are about 2″ in diameter medium pink color with prominent nipples that stick out a ½ ” when I am aroused, six pack abs, very close to Playboy centerfold ass, and oh, hazel/green eyes. Growing up I was the tomboy type and knew early on that I was different. I played all types of sports in high school, including gymnastics, and in college was a Phys Ed major (surprise LOL).

My pussy is shaved* and sometimes I spring for a Brazilian, leaving a trimmed landing strip that stops just before the clitoral hood( I don’t want hair getting between my clit and a females tongue or lips). The outer lips are thick and meaty and pinkish, the inner lips are medium thick and poke out from between my labia majors about ¼ ” in their non aroused state and ½ ” aroused. My labia minors are pinkish but with a darker pink tinge along the edge. Most of my seductees enjoy my pussy lips. NOTE: The largest inner lips I ever ate protruded a full 1.5″ below the outer lips, and I still have wet daydreams about that lovefest.

On the Kinsey scale, I am a 5.3, which means that once a year, around Thanksgiving or Xmas, I need a cock to suck and fuck, but for the other 51 weeks I passionately suck pussy. I was confused about why I felt different and it was not until the summer before college that my cousin Lilith removed the confusion and introduced me to the bursa otele gelen escort delights of Sappho. I never looked back. The details of that seduction are for another time.

Fortunately/unfortunately I am a trust fund baby and live in a town house in the West Village. My father was very wealthy, but he and my mother were killed in a car accident when I was 12. They left a trust for me and gave me the townhouse in their will, with my Aunt Joan, on my mother’s side, being the executrix of the trust. Cousin Lilith was Aunt Joan’s daughter. I was born with a silver vibrator up my cunt, but I don’t flaunt it.

I work as a personal trainer in a major NYC gym chain, don’t need to, but it makes me happy and I don’t think of it as work. I have a MS in Kinesiology and Biomechanics, am a ASFA certified Pilates instructor ( Contemporary/Modern style), certified Physical Therapist and NCBTMB certified Massage Therapist.

To further my ability to train clients ( and seduce them if I decide to) I have equipped my top floor ( which is sun filled and airy) with several pieces of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda chair, others), a specially designed massage table, and several devices/aides used only for enhanced love making. The massage table and sex devices deserve a more detailed description:

Massage table – I had it specially built and added features to it that make it more functional for enjoying sex. I have added adjustable small platforms that attach to the head legs and are used for standing on so that when your lover is lying face up on the head support, you can step on the platform and will then have your pussy just inches above her waiting mouth, and with a slight drop, you can give her what you both want. Sucking, licking, biting, tonguing you from clit to asshole, you will both be in ecstasy. At the foot end, the table can split, so that I can spread the escort bayan table apart, your legs spread apart and your lovebox and balloon knot are there before me, as I kneel down, eagerly waiting for my mouth , tongue, teeth and lips.

The love swing, select vibrators, special chair and electro stimulation equipment I keep in my front east room, light airy, big. The love swing I got from Adam & Eve, the Fetish Fantasy model, and it has provided me with many lustfilled hours of cunt licking and sucking. The electro stimulation device is a Zeus 6 channel power box with all of the female E-stim accessories. This magical device has given me countless hours of pleasure, both giving and getting, and several clients only want this done to them, of course, they still get to eat me as I shock their nipples, clit, cunt lips and asshole with electricity.

I don’t do strap ons or dildos, but I have several selected vibrators that I found enhance the love making. If I want to be fucked, I will get a real dick in me, so the fake ones are bullshit, as far as I am concerned.

I restrict my clientele to females, this provides me with opportunities for seduction. Who wants testosterone fueled frat boys drooling all over you with fantasies of fucking a sweet nookie hole. I may come off as sounding like a cunt hound, which I admit to, but I still see most of my seductees on a regular basis and we enjoy each other. There is affection in our love making.

Going to bars, any bars- straight, gay, lesbian, I find distasteful and counterproductive to achieving my goal, which is the seduction of a willing female. Consensual sex is what makes it hot for me, loving freely exchanged, each looking to be totally satisfied and to make their lover totally satisfied. Straight bars are full of dudes walking around with erections looking to stick it into any slit that comes into view. Lesbian bars are full of bull dykes mudanya escort looking to dominate and control, filled with rage and jealousy, swaggering around, tough talking. Give me a fucking break, if I needed that shit, I would go fuck a guy. Hahahaha.

I don’t believe that every women is a lesbian inside, there are women who are a 1 on the Kinsey scale. I only pursue women who show me they have an interest in being seduced. As my seduction advances and I sense any resistance, I will pause and re assess, looking for the clues that can tell me if I should stop or continue- her eyes, her words and phrasing or lack thereof, body language, voice tone. Outright hostility is of course a clear signal to back off. If the clues leave any doubt as to whether or not my advances are welcome, I go the direct route, and tell her that I am trying to seduce her, and ask her to indicate in some fashion if I should stop or continue- yes or no,nodding her head yes or no, taking my hand in hers and holding it or placing in anywhere on her body, or placing her hands anywhere on my body and drawing me nearer, a smile on her face. Consensual adult sex is what makes lesbian love so powerfully attractive to me. The feeling of skin on skin with a women is like a drug for me. To date, I have made love to 189 women (the 12 encounters enumerated here are part of that total). From my initiation at age 18 until I was 22, I was a serial monogamist, loving only 4 women, when I turned 23 I had no sex at all for a year with anyone, but from 24 till now, I have been making love to 25 to 50 women a year, age 26 was my most prolific, I seduced and enjoyed the fleshly delights of 50 women, going 7 days straight at one point, and for 1 incredible day, ate the pussies and asses of 3 women for 12 hours nonstop. My clit went numb for 3 days. I can’t do that anymore.

*I find hairy pussy a turn off, even closely trimmed bush is unacceptable, because it hides the most beautiful part of a woman IMO, her vulva. If a women that I am making love to does not at some point early on (2nd time for instance) shave, then I end it. There are too many females willing to have sex with me and shave/wax their beaver for me to waste time and effort on one who will not shave.

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