Jenny and Carrie Ch. 10

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It was now May, and their college year was over, and both ladies were still holding onto their perfect GPAs. They both had moved back into their old room at home. Both ladies had won both of their Q school events and were no officially going to be on both tours. But right now they were with Janice and Ann working on getting ready for their first pro diving competition.

During their first practice, both Ann and Janice noticed that the ladies were both physically than they had ever been. Which both women knew was a plus for the ladies. After their practice that day they all sat down for their post practice talk.

“Well I will say this for both of you ladies, I noticed that you are a lot stronger than ever.” Janice complemented Jenny and Carrie.

“Thank you. Sis and I stayed with both of our practices at school, and decided to add weight training and running to help us both out.” Jenny explained.

“Great for the both of you and as you both can see it does help out a lot. And on you ladies it really shows.” Ann said. Then Janice started to explain to Jenny and Carrie, all about the pro side of diving. She told them everything they needed to know about it, and what each could expect from it as well. Their first competition was to be held in New York City on June 8th. They both were to compete in an LPGA event that week in New York anyway, so they would be there and ready when Ann and Janice showed up. Until then the ladies practiced hard in both practices until they had to leave for their first PGA competition held in Florida, which was the Honda Classic. So they wouldn’t be practicing diving until they got home the following Monday. When Janice also would take over and coach them in their weight training also, she had it set up with Gold’s gym. Finally Monday came and Janice put the ladies through their routines with the weights. The ladies were tired after coming in 2nd and 3 rd in the Honda. But to Janice’s surprise both ladies were very serious about this part of their training. By June 1st, both jenny and Carrie appeared to be in the best shape of their lives. They with James and Holly took off for New York for the LPGA. Which they ladies won their first LPGA event on the tour, then after James and Holly took the ladies over to where their diving competition was and handed them over to Ann and Janice. They hugged and those 2 left for home. It would be 2 months before Jenny and Carrie would golf again.

They all spent the 3 days before the competition either in the pool or in the weight room, training with all they had. On the 7th, at 4:30, the night before the competition, before they left the complex, Janice led jenny and Carrie over to have massages and use the whirlpool. After an hour massage, and about that long in the whirlpool, for relaxation, then the ladies got dressed, and left with Janice who took Jenny and Carrie back to the hotel, and up to their room, and told them good night hugged and kissed each, and left for hers and Ann’s.

Jenny and Carrie took their shower and made love in there under the spray of the water, and then they both fell into their bed nude. Neither really had the strength to put their gowns on, as soon as they covered up they passed right out.

At 8 am on the 8th, Ann called their room. So both ladies could get mentally ready as they dressed for their competition. When they met down in the hotel’s restaurant, after Janice had ordered cereal and juice for Jenny and Carrie, She and Ann noticed the looks in each lady’s eyes again, the deadly serious and determined look that had bored itself into their pretty blue eyes. It appeared that Jenny and Carrie were both prepared to unleash the powerful storm that they had ever released on everyone today. Most likely, what fire both up most was since this was

their first pro diving competition, their rankings were27th and 28th. This had to surprise Jenny and Carrie 27th and 28th. That had to be a tremendous boost to the ladies fierce determination alone. Both were out to disprove those rankings and get their rightful ranks of 1 and 2. They each were going to get them at all costs and it started today.

When they got to the complex, they did their warm ups and held their short practice, and went into the locker room with Ann and Janice, for their pep talk.

The competition started off at 11. The first day was solely for the elimination rounds. As it started, and had gone through 4 dives, both Jenny and Carrie noticed that no one was attempting dives as hard as theirs were. But, they were close to it. As par usual under Janice’s advice, they each started off slow conserving their strength. On their 7th dive Janice finally gave the ladies the signal, which meant for them to step it up. And that’s just what Jenny and Carrie did. They both poured it on leaving every one far behind them. Now ‘The Hayward Storm’ was causing causalities. At the end of the springboard part of the elimination, Jenny and Carrie took over 2nd and 3rd. Jenny and Carrie started the platform off in top speed. The both Escort Göztepe stormed out in front, and stayed there from start to finish, getting 1st and 2nd in it. After the elimination rounds were completely finished, everyone there realized that the ‘Hayward Storm’ was here, and that it was a very over whelming force that they just couldn’t deal with. Now every competitor of theirs knew that they each were in trouble, big trouble.

Back at their hotel, the ladies were both extremely exhausted and it showed. Both had from Wednesday through Saturday to train and practice seriously to get ready for the main competition. They both had now realized that they had to bear down, and build up their strength up if they were to keep this up. Plus the both needed a lot of rest and sleep to rebuild their mental edge and also store up their momentum. Both had used it all up today even their reserves.

Jenny and Carrie woke up at around 10 Wednesday morning, both feeling very sore and stiff. Neither of them could ever remember a time when they had ever felt this mentally and physically drained before. After they woke up completely they called Ann and Janice.

“Hello?” It was Janice who answered.

“Good morning Janice, its Jenny and Carrie.”

“Good morning to you ladies too, how do you both feel this morning?”

“Both of us are extremely sore and stiff. Not only that but both of us are completely drained mentally and physically.” Carrie told Janice.

“But even so, we both know we need to get our weight training in today.” Jenny


“Yes ladies. You both do dears. Go ahead and get ready, and I’ll take you ladies over, where first we will get you both extensive massages, then we will have our serious weight training, and since they have an indoor track here, we will also put some miles on your shoes as well.”

“Great! We both will be ready in about 20 minutes, see you then.”

“I’ll come by them. See you both in a few.” Janice said and they hung up.

After the ladies had one and a half hours of massages, they each felt ready for their weight training. At 3, Jenny and Carrie had just finished with their weights and running five miles. Janice led them back again for another massage, and a dip in the whirlpool. They were back in their room at 6, getting cleaned up and making love, then they dressed for dinner.

“How did the training go with the ladies today sis?” Ann asked Janice.

“It went very well dear. Those two ladies are very impressive, to watch. Both of them are strictly serious about this part of their diving. So, much so, that when they started to get tired, Jenny and Carrie both kicked it up another gear, and put all they had into it. Neither were about to give up on it at all.”

“That’s great! I know I’m really proud of those ladies.” Ann stated with a big smile. About 30 minutes later, Ann and Janice picked up Jenny and Carrie. Then they took the ladies to a really ritzy looking restaurant for dinner. Where both Jenny and Carrie both ordered grilled chicken, a salad and drank water. Both ladies knew that neither could afford to indulge in food.

At 10, they all had finished eating, and headed back to their rooms. When they got the ladies’ door, those four hugged and kissed good night. Then Jenny and Carrie entered their room and closed the door. Then they got undressed and got in bed and Carrie lay down on top of Jenny and they started kissing heavily both had their arms around each other. As they were doing this Carrie’s hand was making its way south on Jenny, who spread her legs to accept Carrie probing. After two hours of making love they hugged and covered up and passed out in each other’s arms. They both had practice for tomorrow, and Saturday it was back to the gym for them. Then on Sunday they had short sessions in both, and the rest of that day Jenny and Carrie were going to relax and get all the sleep they could for the competition on Monday. So it went without saying, that both ladies through all they had into their practices and training.

Monday morning at 8:30, the competition finally started, with the springboard. Jenny was to dive 2nd and Carrie 3rd. As usual Janice advised them to start off slow for the first four dives, and then the ladies kicked it into overdrive quickly blowing past all of their competitors. To Ann, the “Hayward Storm’ didn’t appear to be just a storm anymore. Now it was like a deadly and very powerful type of storm, like volatile hurricane hitting land. She leaned over and explained this to Janice. So, during the rest of this competition, they both sat and renamed the ‘Hayward Storm’ to now called the’ Hayward Hurricane’. They finished just as the scores for the last diver were relayed and the announcer said Jenny’s name.

“For Ms. Jennifer Renee Hayward’s last dive, she will do her famous 31/2 back gainer with 2 full twists.” After the cheering died down, Jenny got set and did her dive perfectly. After she exited the pool, Carrie was announced and her famous dive, Caddebostan escort a 51/2 with a full twist. And she nailed it. Both ladies got perfect 10’s on their

dives. Jenny and Carrie have won their very first springboard competition on their first try at it. Then on Wednesday, they both took the platform competition also. Jenny claimed first overall and received $250,000 and Carrie got $200,000 for 2nd over all, and they got their big trophies as well. Then they left for home on Thursday.

At home they slept heavily for two days. Those ladies were so out of it that they couldn’t move. So, on Sunday, they held a conference with their family and Ann and Janice. Telling each that there was no way that they could handle both diving and golf. That what they had to go through in New York showed them that. If they did do both, they knew that their bodies would break down. So, they would finish this year in diving and would officially retire and stay with golf. Everyone smiled and hugged the ladies and was happy that they decided to concentrate on one sport.

So, the ladies were happier and it showed as they trained very heavily, pushing themselves way past their limits, because their second competition was just 2 weeks away. This would be held in Miami. The purse for this one was 1st: $500,000 and second: $475,000. That was as far down as the ladies wanted to see, like always just first and second.

That Monday, after a very heavy practice, the ladies got home and went up to take their shower, to which they also, made love in there. As they dried each other off, they stood shocked, as their bodies had gone and changed again on them. Both ladies were very hard developed, the muscles in their arms and legs were poking out and their stomachs were very hard and flat. Both ladies actually loved the way their bodies looked now, both had their hands all over each other feeling the transformation. Then they entered their room where they got involved in a loving kiss, Carrie pushed Jenny back onto their bed and lay down on top of her not breaking the kiss. They both were so deeply into each other and their kiss, that they didn’t notice their door wasn’t shut completely. Katherine had come up to talk to them, and stopped short and looked at Jenny and Carrie through the slot in the door. She was smiling, because she had finally got the answer she wanted to ask, without asking the ladies, it was right in front of her. She quietly closed the door so nobody could walk by and she what she had just seen. She walked down to the den, where she and Leslie took their little girls to Linda for their checkups, and get them done on them too.

Once there Katherine had to talk to Linda after all the checkups were finished. Leslie sat out in the waiting room with Liz, Jess, Carole, and Sheryl. Linda asked how the ladies were coming with defeating their shyness. To which Katherine told

her what Jenny and Carrie had told them when she asked that day. To this Linda nodded her head.

“Sis, I have had a long talk with Alice about the ladies. And this you just told me falls in with what she stressed. Now, you will have to be calm and clear on this I’m about to say here. Kathy, if they haven’t even begun trying, and are not asking for help with it, she told me that they might have decided like a lot of women who live through this, to just forget it and become lesbians instead. Now we all know that Jenny and Carrie probably won’t be regular lesbians, they probably will turn to each other as lovers. Seeing, that we all know of all the love they already share in their sisterhood, that this would make the most sense.” As Linda said this she saw Katherine’s big happy smile.

“Sis I think that started a long time ago.” Then Katherine told her about the scene she watched earlier today.

“Well sis, that’s what has taken place, they both decided to love one another instead of trying again with men. Now please don’t be ashamed of them. This is very natural for Jenny and Carrie. So just let it grow for their sakes.” Katherine said she would and wasn’t at all sad or ashamed in their choice. And she would have this talk with Leslie and when or if the ladies asked for help in their now relationship, she and Les could really help them out.

As Katherine drove home she explained everything Linda and she talked about and what she had seen. Then she asked Leslie if the ladies asked would she like to help her teach and help the ladies. Of course Leslie smiled and told Katherine she would love to help.

Once the ladies had made love and both were still lying on their bed with Carrie on top of Jenny kissing.

“Sis, you have to know now, as much as in love as we are, we both are going to get caught in our love. I know mom and Dad will be hurt when we tell them, they can’t help to be hurt because they need us both to give them grand children. And I think we should do now before they catch us, before we have the chance to tell them.” Jenny said between kisses.

“Yes dear. Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan We definitely need to do that. Because we both are so in love, even though we hide it the best we can. It has to be showing through. Like Val said we have it pouring off us. Because I know and I feel that we each now hold the others hearts. I hold yours and you hold mine. Maybe later we can try and get married just to have kids, but I can’t and you can’t love men when we have our heats, so we don’t have any o give to men. We will go with our plan to live together as married couples. That is if you want to try it.” Carrie told Jenny and starting to kiss Jenny’s neck.

“Sis I know you and you alone hold my heart and I know now that I hold yours. But, I don’t even care to have a man near me. Dear to have kids we can get artificially inseminated. This would be a hell of a better idea.” So that’s what they would do, to have children, if they couldn’t try to get married. They hugged and kissed then Carrie got up and helped Jenny up and they went and dressed each other placing kissed under each other’s bras and panties, then they put dresses on and sat back down and talked lying in each other’s arms. As Katherine knocked on their door and entered. She smiled at her daughters, as they got up and hugged, she could smell the ladies on each other. They sat down talking when she again asked Jenny and Carrie if they were going to work on overcoming their shyness.

“Mom we tried that after it happened, and the harder we tried, it really broke us up. We both wanted husbands and kids of our own. But, now we don’t care to even try any more. The way we see it would cause us less pain that way. And as far as sis and I having our own children, all we can think of is either adopting some or being artificially inseminated. It’s been a long 1 and a half years now after, and we are still at the same place we were when we started.” Jenny told Katherine.

“We each probably would like to overcome it, and have husbands and children, and make you and dad grandparents. But, for Jen and me no matter how much we are helped over it, neither of us will ever be able to love men with our hearts.” Carrie added.

“What do you ladies mean that you won’t be able to love men with your hearts?” Katherine asked, but she knew now what the answer was.

“That is something we both need to explain to you, Les, dad, and Claude. So, let’s get her up here and Jen and I can explain it for you both.” Carrie said and they called down for Leslie. She showed you with their little sisters.

“Yes dears. What’s up ladies?” Leslie asked as those five sat down on the bed with the 3 of them.

“Sis and I have some big news for both of you, but, we don’t think it should be told with the girls in here it might confuse them.” Jenny said. “Then we both will have to figure out a way to tell Dad and Claude.”

“Well they can go back down to the show we were watching, ok girls?” She said and the girls got up and hugged the women and left for the den.

‘OK now ladies. Now you can try and explain what you both need to explain to us?” Katherine asked gently.

“Well earlier this year, we both made a very big decision. After we both figured out that neither of us would ever be the same as we each were before what happened to us. That meant no matter just how much we were helped along. We each know this will hurt you, hearing this, but we noticed that we now have to tell you this. The reason we haven’t told any of you before is twofold for us. We had to figure out the

best and less painful way to tell it. And last we each wanted to wait and see how it matured and blossomed. So, we hope neither of you will be mad or ashamed of us and this decision we have made.” Jenny explained.

“Ladies I don’t see how either of you could think we’d ever be disappointed in you. Nothing you ladies could ever decide would ever change that for us. I think I know where this is headed, because Linda warned us all about this, after it happened to you ladies. We all are very prepared for this. But I’ll let you both tell us about it.” Katherine said and looked at Leslie who was smiling brightly. “Ok ladies now got ahead and take all the time you both need to tell us.”

“Ok, but do us a favor here. Please bear with us as we try to explain this, because it really feels weird telling anyone. But, we’ve both noticed that now we have to tell, because we have had someone already tell us it shows. And we both want to, before it exposes itself before we get this chance. That is, mom and Les, we’ve both fallen in love with each other. Not just in a sisterly way either, we mean really in love. We know that this is and we both would be called lesbians. But, we want you both to realize on big point in the difference between us and other lesbians. That being that neither of us is in love or attracted to other women, what we have here is just between us.” Carrie stared it off.

“Right It will only be Car and I, in this relationship. Mom now this is what we meant earlier when we said we wouldn’t be able to love men with our hearts. And that’s because we each hold the other’s heart. So, we don’t have one to give to men. We probably will one day overcome the shyness, for one reason, and that is we will want kids of our own.” Jenny finished.

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