Jennifer Pt. 03

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Jennifer, wife and pet Part 3

(Fetish, Petplay, Puppyplay, consensual, reluctant)

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

Read Parts 1 & 2, first.

Jenny becomes used to life as a puppy.

The days that followed, were relatively uneventful and followed pretty much the same daily pattern.

They practiced Jenny’s behaviors, even though she had them down pat. She avoided any punishments and Mark rewarded her periodically for her good work.

Maria, and Carlos continue to disdainfully ignore her, whenever she bumped into them. Over time, she got used to their constant presence, and she was no longer as humiliated when they saw her living her puppy life. It also, to some extent, made her less paranoid. She no longer lived in a constant state of fear over discovery.

The two lovers had sex every day, most often of their favorite doggie style, but also in more conventional positions. Mark did like it when she rode him, as he could admire her body and play with her nipples. Those sessions were usually the highlight of her days, and his too.

As Mark had always intended, Jenny spent the vast majority of her time in ‘all fours’ mode. She missed being able to talk to him the most. Being able to walk on her two feet and use the bathroom like a human were the other things she longed for.

Mark did start a new practice. He would put her on her leash and take her for long walks, looping around the fence that outlined their big property. It was good exercise for him, and tiring for her. Afterwards her paws and knees were always sore, but not terribly so.

All in all, Mark enjoyed himself immensely and Jennifer learned to just put up with her life as his puppy.

Their love for each other held it all together.

It was weeks later, when one morning their routine was interrupted. That day, after breakfast, Mark declared that it had been a full month since Jennifer had donned her outfit, and that it was now necessary to remove it and clean both it and her body. Apparently, as good as the high-tech materials used in its manufacture were, they couldn’t handle permanent wear.

Jenny didn’t remember hearing that when she was first introduced to the suit.

She is also surprised and shocked that it had been a full month since she began her new life. Amazing!

After the first few days of discovery and learning, she had just been living day-to-day as a puppy girl, and not worrying about things like weeks and months.

The thought of being out of her suit was very exciting, but also for some reason a little scary too. By this point, she was so used to the outfit and her life, and comfortable in it too, that she got nervous thinking about being out of the thing. A clear case of resistance to change, she thought, wryly.

Of course, as she thought about being out of her Golden Retriever outfit, her dreams of being free to be a human woman also came back with a vengeance. And so did her worries about their marriage, their love for each other and their long-term relationship and happiness.

It all made her head hurt!

Mark is also nervous. He’s afraid that something might be wrong with his design and that the suit may have some sort of structural failure, and more concerning, he worries that it may have damaged his lover’s body or skin in some unforeseen way. He couldn’t live with himself if his beloved wife, his Jenny puppy, was somehow physically hurt by the suit.

The few things that he’d obviously missed during his design work, haunted him. They had all been simple and for the most part easily addressed, but still it showed that he and his design wasn’t infallible.

He was, of course, also worried about Jennifer’s reaction. She had originally donned the suit, at his insistence, without fully understanding its implications, especially his long-term plans. He knew that, and it had always been one of the things he had felt guilty about. It seemed to have all worked out, though, as she seemed to be happy enough in her role. But would she be willing to put the suit back on after it and she were cleaned? Assuming no damage, of course.

He had a plan to mitigate that possibility, but he didn’t know how he would handle it if she flat out refused to put the thing back on, and fought him, kicking and screaming, like she just might be justified in doing.

And this would be a monthly occurrence. It had to be, as the suit was unique, a one-of-a-kind, untested in any viable lab setting. If she put it back on, this time, would she put it back on next month, or the month after that?

He supposed it would be a good test. That if she did agree to wear the suit again, it would be a positive and happy sign that she had ankara yabancı escort come to terms with her new life and was willing to continue it, for now and for the future. That would be wonderful!

It all made his head hurt!

Mark escorted her to their bedroom, explaining that he thought it would be the most comfortable place for the ordeal. She figured it would be, although she remained frightened, but she did want out of the suit.

Positioning her next to the bed, Mark got to work on his laptop, and issued the commands that allowed the hood to be disconnected from the collar. He then unzipped it, unplugged it and peeled it off of Jennifer’s head.

She gasped as the mouthpiece slipped out past her lips. Her mouth felt stiff and grubby. And she was still making faces, moving and stretching it, when Mark gently grabbed her, turned her around and with a hand on each side of her head, kissed her deeply and passionately. She giggled in delight and kissed him back.

Only then did he give her a chance to breath and to use a damp hand towel to wipe her face and head. She took a moment to slip into the bathroom and rinse her mouth out at the sink. It also allowed her to steal a quick glance at her face. It didn’t look too bad, but her bald head looked terrible! She sighed, shook her head in disgust and went back, anxious to get naked.

She walked back into the bedroom, smiling.

“My God, I’ve missed that,” Mark said happily.


“Your smile!”

“Ah,” she said, smiling even more broadly, and she kissed him.

But she broke it off quickly, “please continue.”

Mark sighed and again turned to his computer, and issued the commands to unlock both her tail and her front plug. He then disconnected the pretty tail from its mount and laid it out on the bed.

The collar was next. First, he disconnected the suit and then unlocked and removed the two halves of the device. He carefully set them aside and moved on to the suit. But he had to wait while Jennifer twisted and tilted her head, stretching her neck; enjoying the feeling of freedom.

“Are you done?” He asked plaintively.

“Yes, I suppose.”

“Good, then bend over, and spread ’em,” and he pushed high on her back, forcing her to bend at the waist.

He squatted down and carefully removed the two plugs from her pussy and ass. She moaned as they slid out, and then she stood back up. Jennifer discovered that she felt kind of empty, down there. She kind of missed the plugs, and that surprised her.

Mark took a couple of minutes to clean the things. And inspecting them, he declared them in proper condition for reuse.

Jennifer was amused, but anxious to get on with the process. “Come on, let’s go, here!”

“All right, all right. I’m just inspecting my work.” And he chuckled.

He moved on to free the suit’s hidden back zipper and began slowly pulling it downwards. Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief as he slowly rolled the zipper down her back, all the way to her butt. Opening the back seem, allowed the suit to loosen up around her torso, and it felt good. Really good.

With the back open, Mark moved around to her front and began pulling first one sleeve and its integrated paw, and then the other off of her arms.

He was relieved when he didn’t see any obvious issues with her skin, other than their pale white coloring, from lack of sun.

Jennifer though was groaning loudly as she tried to use her hands and fingers for the first time in a month. The muscles and joints of her hands were locked, horribly stiff and resisted all her efforts to move them.

Mark, understanding, began working on them to massage some life back into them and open them for her. She cried in pain and frustration, but eventually they seemed to come back to life and she was able to wiggle and move them as normal. It was a huge relief, for both of them.

She still hadn’t said a word, throughout the entire battle with her poor fingers, and it made Mark nervous. But perhaps she was just taking it all in, and felt that no comment was necessary.

“Are you all right now?” he asked to break the ice.

“Yes, I think so. But that really hurt.”

Her hands were finally functioning, and she was able to focus on Mark’s next moves.

He had started peeling the suit off of her chest and down her torso. The first thing Jennifer did, with her reasonably flexible hands was massage her breasts. Looking down she could see that they too were Ivory white, but the skin did look all right. And when her tummy was exposed, it looked the same, pale but smooth and soft.

He continued peeling the thing off her body, slowly and carefully. Until he finally reached her ankles.

He had her sit on the edge of the bed, so he could remove her feet from the suit’s furry back paws.

When he at last pulled her feet out of the boot-like portion, she giggled with glee, and tried to stand, but as soon as she did, she groaned loudly, and fell back on the bed. “Oow, Ouw! bahçelievler escort Cramps, Ouw!” she moaned in agony, gritting her teeth.

Mark quickly grabbed her legs and started working on them to relieve the pain. Eventually, with both of them massaging and rubbing on her poor feet, ankles and shins, they succeed in getting the muscles to relax.

“Damn! that hurt” she groans as things finally settle down.

“I’m sorry, hon, your feet have been held at that angle, in those heels, for so long they needed a good stretching.”

“Yah, I know.”

He let her rest for a few minutes, before starting the next, phase. While she relaxes, he ducks into the bathroom and starts running a hot bath for her in the big, seldom used tub. He adds plenty of oils and suds, so it will be ready when she’s free of the rubber panties, which have to come off, next.

Returning he smiles, “your bath is filling, my lady, and will be ready when we get those wonderful panties off.”

‘Wonderful?’, she thinks, derisively, and then starts preparing herself for the final ordeal.

When he started peeling the panties, off her waist, she reached down and helped. Whatever lube he’d used was, surprisingly still there, and the latex slid down fairly easily.

It goes pretty well until the stretchy panties, were down off her waist and clear of her hips and butt. As he starts to pull them down her thighs, the cuff that was embedded in her pussy, that had held her open, began to pull out of her, and that really hurt!

“Ow, ow! Mark stop, it hurts!” she cried. And she grabbed for her crotch.

“I know honey, almost done, let me finish. It has to come out.”

And with that he continued, slowly until the tube literally popped out and her poor pussy was able to close itself for the first time in a month. Again, she collapsed back on the bed, uncaring about the trickle of body fluids that had followed the thing out of her body.

With her laying back on the bed, Mark was able to slide the panties quickly off her legs, and set them aside.

“There, all done. As soon as you can, you need to get into that bath and soak. Let me know when you’re ready and I’ll help you.”

A couple of minutes later she declared herself ready and Mark helped her over and into the big tub, now full of hot water and foamy suds.

Once she was over the initial scalding, she settled down and sighed at how good it felt.

As she relaxed, with her eyes closed and her brain numb, Mark started washing the panties and the plugs in one of the sinks.

Leaving them to soak, he told her, “I’m going to leave you now, and soak the suit in the bathtub in the guest cottage. Back in a few minutes.”

She sighed an acknowledgement. As he headed out the door.

It was something like twenty minutes later that he returned to find her alive, and moving, adding more hot water to the tub.

“Feeling better?” he asked as he walked in.

“Yes, honey I am. Thanks.”

“When you’re done, why don’t you take a nap. I’ve got to finish cleaning and drying your suit.”

She laid there in the tub, for at least an hour, before deciding that a nap, fully naked, in the soft sheets would be a great next step.

She did feel a lot better as she crawled out of the tub and dried herself off with a big bath towel, rubbing her skin vigorously. Another wonderful feeling that she had missed. Still a little damp she grabbed her favorite skin cream and applied it everywhere. Even on her head. Now that’s weird, she thought, and sad too.

Once the cream had soaked in, she wandered out and to the bed. She sighed contentedly as she slid under the sheets. She lay quietly, unmoving, flat on her back for a while just enjoying the feelings, until she finally rolled onto her side and dozed off, one very happy woman.

She woke up slowly to Mark speaking quietly to her.

“Lover, it’s been three hours. Are you ready to get up, yet?”

“Umm, I suppose,” she said as she stretched luxuriously, and kicked the covers off, revealing her beautiful body to her husband. There was something of an invitation, there, they both saw and felt it.

But it ended when Mark asked, “Are you ready to get dressed? Your suit is clean and dry, and fully tested. I finished while you were asleep.”

“Put it back on?” she said incredulously.

“Yes, of course.”

“I don’t think so,” she said, tensing and pulling the sheets back up to cover herself.

“Jennifer, please. I only took it off of you because it has to be done. We have to make sure that your skin is okay, and that the suit is too. But now we can get back to normal.”

She was momentarily surprised, that he had called her ‘Jennifer’. He hadn’t called her by her real name in a month. But then her focus turned to the word ‘normal’ and that got to her.

“Normal? What do you mean by normal? I haven’t lived a normal life for a month.”

“Honey, you’re right, I know. It’s not really normal. We’re a normal and loving couple in most balgat escort respects. You know I love you with everything I am. And part of that comes from your acceptance of the lifestyle that I created for us.”

Jennifer stayed quiet, listening to him. A lot of what he was saying sounded nice, and she did love him just as much as he loved her. And he had created a nice and comfortable life for the two of them. The money and the house, and all of that. But…

When she made no comment, or argument, he continued.

“Jennifer, lover, part of what I created for us is this outfit,” and he picked up the hood.

“This is my best work. Oh, the stuff I built for NASA made us rich, and gave us this wonderful life, but this suit, with you inside it is my proudest and most wonderful achievement. And it makes me the happiest man on the planet.”

He stopped and stood quietly looking down at her, and she could see tears forming in his eyes. She’d never seen him cry before and it touched her deeply.

“Please lover. I made this thing, just for us. So we could live like we have been for this past month. I’ve never been happier. Please, let’s continue the way we have been. You’re so wonderful as Jenny, and you’ve gotten so good at it. You know you’ve become really good at being my puppy, don’t you?”

She couldn’t believe it, but she was starting to actually consider his request. He was convincing her that she should put the outfit back on and go back to living as a puppy.

She did love him, and being married to him, and she loved the house, and the comfortable life his well-earned wealth provided.

And she understood how much work he had put into the suit, and how important it was to him and to his psyche. And, she realized, if she did love him so very much, she should be willing to sacrifice and do this thing for him.

She looked up at him as if to confirm her conclusion, and saw in the expression on his face, love and hope and concern, that she really had no choice.

Finally, she sighed and then answered, “yes, I suppose I am good at being your replacement Penny.”

“You sure are, you haven’t been punished in ages, and I know you enjoy the rewards.” And then smiling broadly, ‘And the sex is fantastic!”

And she smiled at that, not only at his enthusiasm, but in agreement. The sex was the best!

He saw her smile, and encouraged, and relieved, and happy he bent down and kissed her. And she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him and kissed him back, and it felt really, really nice.

But she was still hesitant to commit to resuming her four-legged life. “But right now? So soon? Can’t we wait a while? Can’t I enjoy being, ah, human for a while?”

He smiled at her, “honey, you know the longer we wait, the harder it will be. I’d love to crawl in there right now, and cuddle with you, but if I did that, I’m afraid we’d never get out again. Or if we did, we might lose our nerve and ruin everything.”

He kissed her again and she kissed and hugged him again.

“Please, let’s just get it over with. It will be easier if we just do it, right now.”

Oh Damn! She said to herself. He’s got me.

“All right,” she sighed, “lets, do it.” And she pulled off the covers, and he stepped back, relieved and happy as she stood up. They kissed and hugged one more time, before he reached for the tube of lubricant for the panties and they started the dressing process.

Just as it had been a month ago, the panties and their plugs were the hardest part, but as her pussy and anus had learned to accommodate the dildos, they were inserted with much less pain, this time.

Her feet, too were used to the tall heels they had to accommodate, and after that the suit slid on easily. Although she hated pushing her hands into the paw gloves. They were such a pain, to use and to take off.

She marveled, though, that her body seemed to accept and even welcome the covering, this time.

The collar, made her shiver a bit. Accepting its weight and more importantly, its implications as the home of the all controlling system, was perhaps the hardest part.

She knew what was coming when he positioned the mask in front of her face and like her other parts, her mouth seemed to accept the fitting that slid behind her lips.

Jenny seemed a bit dazed when he sealed the hood and completed connecting it to the suit and the collar.

She didn’t even hear Mark when he declared everything done, and the system test complete.

She snapped out of it when he attached her tail and slapped her on the butt.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“Yes, I guess. It just feels weird to be back inside. Back in my suit.”

She said it kind of dreamily and, then repeated “my suit,” as if to confirm it in her own mind.

Mark, overjoyed by her return to his version of ‘normal’, hugged her “God I love you, and everything you do for me, for us. And for our happiness.”

Then he released her, “come on, I’m starved, let’s go eat. You can stay on two feet, for now. We’ll get back to ‘all fours’, later.

Oh, joy. She thought. And followed him out to the kitchen.

They worked again, side-by-side at the counter preparing lunch. They both enjoyed the togetherness. Jenny had gotten much better with her paws and was even able to use a table-knife for some tasks. Her tiny digits still didn’t allow her to use a sharp knife to cut any foodstuff that required it.

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