Jennifer Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: New Romance

It was almost noon when Jennifer awoke from her slumber. She felt wonderfully rested and refreshed, considering all that had transpired the night before. She knew she could explain away her absence from morning classes and didn’t give it a second thought. One of the advantages of being a straight “A” student, was that you could goof off once in a while and get away with it.

As she showered, she thought of Dan. If she hurried, she could still make it to chemistry class, which was her first class with him, anyway. Her mind turned to the previous night at the drive-in, and she began to get excited. She couldn’t wait to see him again. She’d never felt to happy in her whole life.

She quickly finished her shower, and dried her hair. She rifled through her closet for something to wear, and chose a relatively conservative medium length black skirt and a gray silk blouse. As she slipped the blouse over her shoulders, the coolness of the fabric made her nipple harden and she smiled as she buttoned it up the front.

Dan will like this, she thought. She tucked it tightly into her skirt, grinning as her nipples showed plainly through the soft silk. She pulled a black jacket out of her closet and put that on too. She didn’t want to be TOO obvious. She just wanted to be ABLE to be obvious when the opportunity presented itself…

She slipped her shoes on her feet and started to leave. She paused in her doorway, though, and turned around. Standing in front of her mirror, she smiled at her reflection, then hiked her skirt up to her hips. Her eyes gleamed wickedly as she slid her panties off and put them back in her drawer. Letting her skirt fall back into place, she turned to leave.

Her parents had already left for work, and Jeff was still sleeping. She quietly closed the front door and walked to her car. As she pulled out onto the street she felt deliciously naughty. The cool air from the front vent felt wonderful on her naked pussy, and as she drove to school, she slid a hand up her thigh, shivering with excitement as she felt her nakedness.

She parked her car and felt her excitement growing as she walked across the parking lot, buttoning her jacket. She heard whistles coming from the gym and grinned as she slipped inside the front door. Just as the class bell rang.

The halls were full of students hurrying to their next class and Jennifer made her way through the throng, greeting her friends as she passed them, but keeping her eyes peeled for Dan.

She grinned and waved as she saw him standing in front of his locker. Dan’s’ whole face lit up in a smile when he saw her wave and move towards him. He’d been thinking of her all morning, just passing time until chemistry class.

Jennifer walked up to him and kissed him, letting her tongue poke out to tease him a little. Dan groaned and pulled her tight, eliciting a small squeal of delight.

“You look wonderful, Jennifer!” Dan gushed. “God, you’re gorgeous!” Jennifer grinned at his flattery, and posed for him as he looked her up and down.

“You’re not too bad yourself, Danno…” she laughed. Her eyes drifted down to his crotch, then back to his face. They stood silently for a minute, just enjoying each other’s presence, until the bell jolted them back to reality.

Jennifer realized she hadn’t even made it to her locker. “My books!” she yelped. She turned to run to her locker, but Dan stopped her in mid-stride.

“We can share mine,” he said calmly. “We’ll just have to be lab partners today, I guess. Think you can stand it?” He grinned at her and took her arm as they hurried to the chem lab.

“I guess I can put up with you for a day…” Jennifer laughed. “Do you know anything about chemistry?”

Dan was about to answer, but stopped as they saw Mr. Redfield, the chem teacher standing at the door, and holding it open for them. He had a frown on his face, but they knew he was half kidding. Redfield was pretty cool. Being the youngest teacher at the school, he related better to the kids. Most of the students liked his classes.

Jennifer and Dan smiled at him and mumbled their apologies, then hurried to find their seats. Dan had always preferred his seat at the front of the class until today. He felt a small sense of loss as Jennifer had to take hers a couple of seats back from him. But at least they were in adjoining rows. When he turned around he could see her smiling face. It would have to be good enough until lab time.

As class began, he turned and passed an extra notebook and pen to Jennifer. She smiled her thanks, then poked her tongue out, running it sensually across her upper lips. Dan could only stare hotly as she grinned at him. As he turned back to the front of the classroom, he crossed his legs to hide his growing boner. He shook his head and tried to concentrate.

The forty five minute lecture part of chem class seemed to take hours to get through. Dan found his mind wandering continually to the angel sitting behind him. He knew Jennifer was thinking similar thoughts, for every Antalya Escort time he’d turn to look at her, she was looking directly back at him, smiling that sexy smile of hers.

He swiveled sideways in his seat, pretending to leaf through the textbook in his lap, and turned to look at her again.

Jennifer had slouched down into her chair, hiding herself behind the student in front of her, and was grinning back at him. She was holding her pen to her lips, and was absentmindedly running her tongue around the end of it. As he watched, she pushed the pen further into her open mouth, rolling her tongue around it in wide circles. All the while, she was grinning like a cat.

Dan remembered the wonderful feeling of her mouth on his cock last night and his cock began to harden in his pants. He pushed his textbook down into his lap in an attempt to stifle it’s growth, but it did no good. His eyes dropped to Jennifer’s magnificent legs. Her skirt had hiked up her thighs, exposing most of her crossed legs, and, as Dan watched with a growing pain in his crotch, she slowly uncrossed them.

Jennifer was getting excited. She loved to tease and Dan was such a good “subject”. She saw him adjusting the text book and knew his cock was probably hard underneath it. Her mouth began to water as she thought of it…long, thick and full. She squeezed her legs together, sending a tingle through her pussy, then looked up at Dan as she slowly separated them.

She saw his eyes narrow as he tried to focus, then open wide as he noticed her lack of underwear. She kept her legs parted, until she was sure that Dan was certain his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him, then closed them slowly. She grinned wildly at him as she pulled her skirt demurely over her legs.

Jennifer winked at Dan, then turned back to the front, pretending to focus on the lecture, but in reality, feeling pure excitement course through her entire body. She’d never been this brazen with anyone other than her cousin, and could barely contain herself.

When the lecture class ended, Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn’t sure how much more she could stand. There was a ten minute break until lab time and the class began to file out of the room.

Except for Dan, who stayed in his seat, seemingly intent on finding a certain passage in his text book. Jennifer, though, knew the real reason, and walked up the aisle to stand in front of him.

“So…what’d you think of class?” she asked innocently. She leaned on his desk and began to flip through the pages of his book. When she looked up, Dan was staring with a pained smile on his face.

“God, Jen…you’re making me crazy!” he whispered. Jennifer grinned and clasped her hands behind her neck, pretending to yawn and stretch. Her breasts pushed out against the fabric of her jacket.

“Am I…” she teased. “Gee, I’m sorry… I didn’t realize…” She smiled down at him, keeping her hands behind her neck.

“Jen, stop it!” Dan pleaded. He leaned forward in his seat. “My cock is as hard as a rock right now!” His pained expression grew. “I’ve got to walk across the hall to the lab…How can I with a hard-on?!”

Jennifer unlocked her hands and leaned close to Dan’s face.

“I’ll bet I could make it go down…” she whispered. Dan groaned and closed his eyes in frustration. Jennifer grinned, enjoying his suffering as much as he was. “Do you want me to suck your cock, Dan…?” she teased. “How about it? Do you want me to suck your cock like last night? Do you want to come in my mouth…?”

Jennifer was whispering fiercely. Her own words exciting her as much as Dan. She kept on with her tormenting, loving the reaction she was getting.

“I love the feel of your cum in my mouth, Dan. I want more of it… ” She stood up straight, and smiled lovingly down at Dan. His eyes were pleading for her to stop, but were on fire with excitement.

“I’ll meet you in the lab, partner…” she said in a normal voice. She ran her fingers through his hair. “And don’t be late…” She smiled and turned to the door. “A good partner is hard to find…” she said as the door hissed closed. Dan smiled at her parting joke. And a hard partner is good to find, he finished for her.

He waited until the bell had rung before getting up from his seat. His cock was still half hard, and there was a noticeable bulge in his pants, but he’d have to chance it. Holding his books in front of him, he walked over to the lab. Luckily, he didn’t pass anyone, and was able to get to his table before the teacher arrived. Jennifer was waiting for him with a sinister smile on her face, holding his lab coat out for him. She stared at his crotch as he walked towards her, and he felt his cock beginning to expand once again. He took his coat from her and hurriedly put it on, buttoning it to his waist.

He looked at Jennifer and grinned, then shook his head. He gave her a mock frown.

“You, Jennifer Grayson, are an evil, evil, mean woman…” he whispered. Jennifer laughed and leaned towards him. “After school, Antalya Escort Bayan I’ll show you just HOW evil…” she breathed. She turned away, and then turned back to him.

“And I was serious about sucking your cock…” Dan groaned, his cock once again expanding to full hardness. He was very thankful for the long lab coat now. Jennifer grinned and went to work.

The experiments they were doing were relatively simple ones and allowed plenty of time to talk quietly. Mr. Redfield let them all work, moving up and down the aisles of tables and observing, occasionally giving advice or corrections. As he reached the back of the lab, he noticed that the table that Dan and Jennifer were working at had liquid boiling over from a beaker being heated on the Bunsen burner.

He saw the two of them standing very close together, obviously caught up in their conversation. He walked over to them silently.

“You’re boiling over, Ms. Grayson…” he said, with a note of exasperation in his voice. Both kids jumped at the sound of his voice. And as he looked down, he saw Jennifer’s hand pull quickly out of the front of Dan’s lab coat. Her bracelet caught on a button, though and she had to reach down to free it. She turned to him, with a flushed red face, a look of shock written all over it. It was suddenly obvious that they’d been doing more than just talking.

Mr. Redfield shook his head, then let his eyes drop to Jennifer’s chest. Her lab coat was unbuttoned and pulled to the side. Her chest was heaving from the shock and excitement, and her nipples were standing out prominently. Her blouse was unbuttoned just enough to show a teasing expanse of breast flesh. Redfield’s mouth was suddenly very dry. He tore his eyes from Jennifer’s tits and looked into her eyes. They were absolutely smoldering. He coughed lightly and reached for the burner valve, turning it down.

“Must be a different experiment…” he grinned. He could feel his cock twitching as Jennifer grinned back at him. She reached over to remove the beaker, and he noticed a wetness glistening on her hand. He grinned again and shook his head, as he turned away.

“Don’t let it boil over, guys…” he said, moving to another table. “I don’t want to clean up the mess…”

He went about his business, and Jennifer turned back to Dan with a huge grin.

“That was close…” she giggled. Dan rolled his eyes. “Yeah, it was close…I almost came in your hand!”

Jennifer giggled again and began to clean up their bench. “Well”, she whispered, “That would have been fairly messy. And I’d hate to make Mr. Redfield clean it up…” Dan laughed out loud, and Jennifer joined him. A few members of the class turned to look, and then turned back to their own work.

“Besides…” Jennifer whispered, leaning close, “I told you I want it in my mouth…” She smiled as Dan groaned once again.

“Time to put it away, everybody!” Redfield boomed from the front. “I don’t want to have to clean anything up!” Jennifer looked up and grinned when he saw him looking at her. Dan didn’t notice the glance, being busy putting their stuff away. Jennifer felt herself getting excited at the fact that her teacher was flirting with her. She smiled to herself and moved to help Dan.

The bell rang just as they’d finished and they followed the class towards the door. She let Dan go out first, and turned to the teacher.

“Thanks, Mr. Redfield…” she whispered. She stood in the doorway and watched as her teachers eyes returned to her breasts. “No problem, Ms. Grayson. See you on Thursday.” Jennifer smiled sexily and turned to meet Dan.

They both felt their excitement grow as they moved towards the exit. By the time they reached the door they were almost running. They decided to take Dan’s car, leaving hers in the lot. Dan opened the door for her and Jennifer slid in, letting her skirt ride high on her thighs. Dan almost tripped as he ran around the front and Jennifer was laughing as he got in.

“Relax, Dan…” she laughed. “We have the rest of the day!” She slid her hand up his thigh until she felt his cock under her fingers. “On second thought, let’s get outta here quick…”

Dan laughed and peeled out of the parking lot. “Now THAT is a school day!” he grinned. “I’ve never been that hard, that long, in my life!! God, you are hot, lady!”

Jennifer laughed with him. “You were pretty hot yourself, big guy…Your cock was so hard in the lab. I wanted to suck you right there!”

Dan grinned and headed for his house. His family was away for two days, and he knew they’d have the whole place to themselves. He couldn’t wait to feel her soft lips around his cock. He was ready to explode!!


Dan unlocked the door to his parent’s house and let Jennifer enter. He paused to get the mail and the paper, and walked into the den, placing them in a pile on the desk. He put his keys on the stand in the foyer, and walked into the living room. He was surprised to see that Jennifer wasn’t there. Her jacket was laid on Escort Antalya the couch, and her shoes were on top of it. He smiled and walked into the kitchen.

Jennifer was sitting on the counter of the center cabinet island. She had a beer in each hand and a sexy grin on her face. He stood in the doorway, drinking in the sight of her. His heart was pounding hard.

“You are absolutely the most gorgeous girl in the world, Ms. Grayson….” he said softly.

Jennifer leaned back on her elbows, expanding her grin.

“Did you enjoy my show, today…” she asked with an excited smile. Dan swallowed hard and nodded.

“I’m glad you liked…” Jen whispered. She set one bottle down an ran her hand down her leg, stopping when she reached the hem of her skirt. “I enjoyed showing it to you…” she breathed. She drew her hand slowly upwards, bringing her skirt with it. At the same time she let her legs drift apart, spreading them wider as she pulled her skirt to her waist.

Dan simply stood there, breathing heavily as he watched Jen move her hand to her neatly trimmed pussy. She slid her finger up and down her crevice, then cocking it slightly pushed it between her lips. She stared at Dan as she began to finger herself, pushing her finger all the way in, then drawing it out and rubbing it over her clit. She sighed as Dan began moving closer, then pulled her finger out of her cunt and offered it to him. Dan groaned and sucked her finger into his mouth, laving it with his tongue, moaning as he licked her sweet juice from it.

“Let me eat you…” Dan said, his eyes full of fire. “Let me lick you…”

Jennifer moaned low in her throat as Dan pushed her back onto the counter. He lowered his face to her pussy and gave her a giant lick, flattening his tongue as he glided over her wet lips. The taste of her excited him immensely and he began to eat her with a passion, fucking his tongue deep into her pussy, sucking her clit, and sucking her juices as they poured from her. His face was sopping wet and he brought both hands to her asscheeks. He spread her legs wide and parted her asscheeks, then pushed his face lower.

Jennifer squealed with delight as she felt Dan’s tongue pushing against her asshole. His nose was buried in her pussy as his tongue probed her tight hole. She relaxed her muscles as best she could and groaned as Dan’s tongue pushed inside.

She fell back on the countertop as Dan moved up once again to her pussy. It was dripping wet now, and Dan delved in with delight. He probed and sucked feeling her hips buck as she began to come in his mouth. He swallowed gratefully every drop she gave him, and pushed his tongue deep searching for more.

Jennifer’s head moved from side to side as her boyfriend drank her cum. She pulled his face into her with both hands until she simply couldn’t take anymore.

With a cry, she pushed Dan’s face away. “Enough!” she sighed, ” I can’t take anymore! God you’re good with that tongue!!” She leaned for ward, getting her balance again on the counter. She pulled Dan’s face to hers and began to kiss and lick him, sliding her lips through her own juice, loving the taste.

She hugged him tightly as her orgasm waned, her face buried in his shoulder. When her breathing returned to somewhat normal, she looked into his eyes.

“My turn now, Dan….I’ve been waiting all day for your cum….I want it…NOW…” She pushed him a way and jumped down from the counter. “Come here…” she said, leading him into the living room. She stood him in front of the couch and reached for his belt. She quickly undid his pants, and pulled them down to his ankles as she knelt in front of him. She couldn’t resist taking him into her mouth, licking him wetly before releasing him. Then she stood up again and pushed forward till he sat down.

Jennifer leaned forward and removed Dan’s shoes, then pulled his pants the rest of the way off and stood up.

“Watch me…” she whispered. She brought her hands to the buttons of her blouse and undid them one by one. Dan’s’ cock bobbed as he watched this angel take her clothes off in front of him. Jen grinned and pulled her blouse off, tossing it aside. She cupped both of her breasts as her hips began to move.

“I’m going to suck your cock, Dan…” she murmured. “Just like I promised…. I’m going to suck you off until you come in my mouth…” her hands moved around to the back of her skirt. Dan heard the sound of a zipper and her skirt dropped away. She kicked it aside and stood there, returning her hands to her tits.

“Then I want you to fuck my tits, Dan…” She slowly began to drop to her knees, watching his expression of growing lust. “I want you to fuck my tits…and I want you to come there…I want to feel your cum on my tits and on my face…”

Dan was ready to explode, and she realized it. She dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth, sucking wildly as he pumped into her face. She pulled off for one last tease…

“Come in my mouth, Dan…” she grinned, then returned to his cock. Dan yelled out and his balls began bobbing. His thick cum, that had been building up all day long, burst from his cockhead and flooded Jennifer’s mouth. He saw her cheeks balloon out from the force of so much liquid, then watched as her throat muscles began to move as she swallowed his semen.

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