Jenga: A Game For Swingers

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The four entered the apartment at about 10:30 or so. Excitement was in the air and sex was definitely on all of their minds. Renee and Dave entered first. Renee was blonde, with a tight little body that didn’t quit. She was wearing a tight white shirt and a pair of black Capri pants. She was outgoing and seemed up for most anything. Dave was a good-looking brown-haired guy. He was quick with a dirty joke and had quite a kinky mind. Eric and Jill came in next. Jill was slightly taller than Renee, with huge tits and long black hair. She was wearing a short little jean skirt and a tight red shirt. Jill got going slowly, but when she did, she would fuck you until you collapsed. Eric also had black hair, peppered with gray. He was quiet; with a quick wit and big brown eyes that looked deep inside to discover your most erotic fantasies.

“Dave, why don’t you get everyone some drinks while I give the grand tour?”

“Ok hon,” answered Dave as he headed into the small kitchen. He poked his head out again momentarily. “Red wine o.k. with everyone?” All agreed and he went back into the kitchen to uncork the bottle and get some glasses. Dinner had gone well. The four genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. While they came from diverse backgrounds, they found they had a lot to talk about. Sports, politics and sex. Especially sex. Its what got them together in the first place. Sex. Hot, wet, sweaty, multi-partnered sex. Now they were beyond the dinner. Beyond the talking and the flirting and the build-up.

“This is the living room,” said Renee. Eric wasn’t listening too much. He was staring at Renee’s ass and body that seemed to be painted into her clothes. He was also rubbing Jill’s ass under her short little skirt while they took the tour. He could tell that she was as excited as he was. He could feel the little black thong wedged between her ass cheeks. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be there for too much longer. Instead, he hoped to see either Renee or Dave remove it. Eric shivered a bit with excitement. He could visualize taking Renee’s top off. Licking her sweet little tits, before he slid down to attack her pussy.


“Huh?” Eric realized that Jill was asking him something. And he had no idea what she said.

“Nice to see you listening as usual,” said Jill. She turned to Renee and gave her the universal ‘men’ shrug of the shoulders and roll of the eyes. Renee smiled with understanding.

“Sorry,” mumbled Eric as he looked around the nicely furnished room. “Nice place you guys have.”

“You’d notice it more if you weren’t staring at Renee’s ass,” said Jill, not willing to let Eric scamper away that easily. He immediately blushed red and found something extremely interesting on the carpet to stare at.

“It’s o.k.,” said Renee, “I don’t mind you staring at my ass.” Eric looked up, surprised at the comment. “Besides,” said Renee with a twinkle in her eye, “I’ve been staring at you rubbing Jill’s ass every chance I get.” Now it was Jill’s turn to blush. Eric felt better.

The three took a quick look into the bedroom. Even though they all knew why they were there, they were still a bit awkward about it. It was also nicely decorated with a large king-sized bed and matching furniture.

“That’s a nice-sized bed,” said Eric, wondering how many could fit on it.

“We like to, um, move around a lot,” said Renee. Eric smiled and thought about the possibilities.

Jill walked over and pushed down on the mattress. “Nice and firm,” she said. She also looked at the size. “I bet you could fit on here pretty comfortably.

“I hope we can find out soon,” said Dave, standing behind them in the doorway. He was staring at Jill’s large breasts, straining hard to break free of the tight shirt that held them in. Barely. He stared openly for a few seconds more, and then realized that six eyes were staring back at him. “Um, drinks are in the other room.”

The four went back into the living room. Renee took Jill for a quick tour of the small apartment kitchen. They were talking about houses as they came back into the living room. Renee sat next to Dave on one couch and Eric and Jill sat together on the other. The wine glasses were set out on a small coffee table in front of them. The conversation was beginning to falter a bit as the usual subjects were explored. The tension remained. Sexual tension. Heightened by the alcohol. Eric continued to rub Jill’s back every now and then, and Dave began to absent-mindedly rub Renee’s leg and knee. Jill’s short skirt was sliding up enough to pique everyone’s curiosity. After some additional discussion about family and kids, Jill’s eyes wandered around the room and spied some board games in the corner. Dave saw her looking at the various games.

“You like board games?” he asked.

“Hmm? Oh yeah,” said Jill, look back at Dave. “I love to play. Eric doesn’t, even though he’s pretty good at them.”

Eric looked over. “Uh, yeah, games are o.k. I guess. What kind do you have?

“You know, the usual, Trivial Pursuit, Scruples, Jenga,” said Renee.

“Jenga?” said Eric. “Everyone loves Jenga!” They all smiled and laughed Beylikdüzü escort a bit.

“Do you really like to play it?” asked Renee.

“Uh, I guess so,” said Eric. “I was kinda kidding.”

“I know,” said Renee, “I just think it’s a fun game.”

“Well, I think it could be,” said Eric. His mind was starting to spin now. Jill looked at him and saw that ‘look.’ That look she knew he got when he was thinking nice kinky thoughts.

“Something you want to share with us?” she asked innocently.

“Hmm, I guess we could play,” he said, “with a couple of, um, changes to the rules.”

Dave walked over to the games in the corner and pulled out the little rectangular Jenga box. “What do you mean rule changes?”

“Well first, do you have anything else to drink besides the wine?”

“Sure,” said Renee, “we have some beer and I think we may have some tequila.”

“Perfect,” said Eric. He waited for Dave to get back over to them with the game and begin to take out the pieces and set up the little wooden tower. Then he continued. “O.k., so we all know that the object of Jenga is to take turns taking out the pieces until the tower falls. So let’s make it a bit more interesting. In order to take a piece out, you have to buy it.”

“So how do you buy a piece?” asked Dave. He was definitely interested.

“Well,” said Eric, “the way I figure it should go, you can buy a piece with either by taking a shot, taking off a piece of clothing or playing some truth or dare.”

“Truth or dare?” asked Renee.

“Yeah, you know, either answer some question with the truth or be willing to do a ‘dare’ proposed by someone.”

“Oh, I know,” said Renee, “I was just thinking about the, um, possibilities.” She grinned and blushed slightly.

Dave smiled. He thought that this could be a LOT of fun. He looked over again at Jill. She wasn’t wearing much. And he didn’t think that she would want to drink too much. “O.K., I’m in.” He looked over at Renee.

“Me too. Sounds like it can be, interesting.”

“Wait,” said Jill. Eric looked over at her. He wondered if she was having second thoughts about proceeding with things this evening. He shouldn’t have worried. “What happens when someone takes a piece and the tower falls down?”

“Hmmm,” said Eric. “Good point.” He thought for a bit. “How about they have to buy the loss and back into the game with another turn.”

“O.K.,” said Jill. She looked at the other couple. “I’m in too. So,” she turned back to Eric, “how do we start?”

Dave got up. “I’ll go get the tequila and a shot glass.” He stopped and turned. “Would a big chug of beer work too?”

“I don’t see why not,” answered Eric.

“Hold on then,” said Dave. He went into the kitchen and rummaged around for a while. He returned with a bottle, a shot glass and a few cans of beer. He set them down on the coffee table and moved the wine glasses as well. After positioning the tower a bit, he sat back on the couch. “O.k., so, um, who should start?”

“Well,” said Renee, looking at Eric and Jill, “I think our guests should feel free to go first.” She smiled at the other couple.

Jill smiled as well, and said “O.K.” She reached over and poured herself a shot of tequila. She looked over at Dave. He took a saltshaker out of his pocket and set it on the table in front of her. From his other pocket he took out a box of lemonheads. Jill looked at them and smiled.

“Sorry,” said Dave. “It was the best I could do on short notice. No fresh limes.” He looked over at Jill who was smiling. “What are you smiling about?”

“Oh nothing,” said Jill, “Just a story that Eric wrote once. It had lemonheads in it too.” She poured a shot of tequila, then licked and salted her hand, picked up the glass and drank the amber-colored beverage. She then opened the lemonhead box and popped one of the small yellow-colored candies into her mouth. She turned to the others and said “smoooooth” in a raspy voice. Jill almost forgot to take a piece out until prompted by the others.

It was Eric’s turn. He debated taking a drink. Nah. He lifted up his foot and slipped off a shoe. No socks.

“Wooo! Take it off!” said Renee. Eric blushed a bit and then took a piece out of the tower. Renee and David took their turns as well. David chose to drink some beer and Renee also took off her shoe. Several rounds passed by. Jill had taken off both shoes and had had three shots. Eric was down to his shorts and had consumed a few beers. David was also in his shorts and Renee, who had a shot and lost both of her shoes, was now up.

“Truth or dare,” she said. The tension in the room went up.

“Uh, who decides what its gonna be?” asked Eric. Even though it was his idea, the alcohol was making things a might bit hazy.

“I do,” said Renee, “and I choose . . . truth.” The silence in the room was deafening. No one was quite sure what to do next. Finally, Jill broke the silence.

“Would you rather lick a woman or be licked by a woman?” Dave and Eric turned and looked at Jill. They were surprised by her question. Turned on. But surprised. “What?” Beylikdüzü escort she asked the men. “If I didn’t say anything we’d all be sitting around looking at each other all night.” She turned back to Renee. “Besides, I want to hear what Renee has to say.”

Renee saw the others looking at her and blushed a bit. “I don’t know.”

“C’mon,” said Dave, “you gotta do better than that, hon.”

Renee looked at Dave, then back at Jill, the over at Eric. She blushed again and then whispered, “Um, ah, lick I guess.”

The other three looked at her and then the game went on. She pulled out a piece from the tower. It leaned precariously to one side, but did not fall. Jill was up next.

“Truth,” she said. Renee smiled.

“Which do you like better?”

Jill looked directly at her. The men were forgotten. Her tongue moved slowly over her lips. “To be licked.” Eric looked over at his wife. He knew that she was buzzed. And horny. Very, very horny. He could feel his cock beginning to grow as he pictured the hot blonde licking his wife’s pussy. The image was very hot indeed. Jill pulled a piece out of the tower. It fell. No one was really surprised. The four were silent, not exactly sure how to proceed.

Dave broke the silence. “I think that the spouse should choose what the loser needs to do,” he said. He looked at Eric. So did the girls.

“O.k.” said Eric. He looked at Jill. “Um, why don’t you take off your top and get more comfortable sweetie.” He paused for a second and then added quickly, “I dare you.”

Jill did not hesitate as she took off her top. She was wearing a bra. David saw that it was a very, very large one. She sat down momentarily, then stood back up, unhooked the back and took it off as well. David could only gape at the huge breasts that now swung freely in front of him. He was definitely turned on. Renee simply stared. She could imagine licking the nipples and squeezing each breast. She felt herself getting wet. Really wet. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Eric collected the little wooden pieces with shaking hands. He stole quick glances at Renee to see how she was reacting to Jill’s naked breasts. He could see that Renee was red. Flushed. Obviously excited. Like Eric’s cock. It was rock hard. Remaking the tower seemed like it was taking forever. Finally, it was ready.

“I, uh, guess I start,” said Eric. He looked at the others. ‘Might as well start off with where they left things in the last round,’ he thought to himself. “Dare.”

David looked at him mischievously. “I dare you to make love,” he said, pausing, drawing out the moment. Eric stared at him in anticipation. “To Renee’s foot!” The girls giggled. Eric groaned. So close!

“Um, for how long?”

“Hmmmm,” said Dave. “Two minutes should do.” He turned to Jill. It gave him another chance to gape at her chest. “Care to time this?”

“Sure,” said Jill, smiling. She thrust her breasts out a bit, teasing David.

“Well,” said Eric, “kinda kinky I guess.” He got up and walked over to Renee then bent down on the floor. He breathed deeply. “Here goes nothing.” Eric knelt in front of Renee. He slowly reached out and lightly caressed her foot with one finger. Renee shuddered a bit, but didn’t say anything. Eric began to trace one, then two fingers up and down her entire foot and onto her leg. Bending forward, Eric first blew warm air onto Renee’s toes, and then quickly flicked out his tongue, briefly touching the bottom of her foot. She gasped and moaned softly. Taking that as his cue, Eric began licking up and down the sole. She flinched. He got to the top of her foot and sucked on one toe. Then two. Then three. Eric massaged Renee’s foot with both hands as he continued to lick and suck on her toes. Renee moaned louder and shifted on the couch. She couldn’t believe how erotic this was. Eric’s hands moved higher onto her legs. He wants to go all the way up, but knew that he was limited to the foot. So he quickly began massaging her whole foot again as he licked and sucked and nibbled. Renee’s hand found one of her own breasts. She was slowly rubbing it without realizing.

Jill had a hand in her own lap. The sight mesmerized her. She could imagine that it was her own foot. Dave was trying to do anything but think about Jill’s tits. He wanted to touch them in the worst way. He loved the size of them. The sounds of Renee’s soft moans were turning him on. His cock was hard and wanted out of his pants. He rubbed his crotch and pictured himself fucking Jill and sucking on one large breast. His cock got harder. Jill happened to glance down at her watch.

“T-time!” she croaked. Eric looked up and slowly took his mouth off of Renee’s foot. He gave it one final soft kiss before he stood back up. Renee, looking at his crotch, saw the bulge. She was ready to rip off his pants and suck on his cock.

“Wow,” was all Renee could muster. The others smiled and silently agreed. Eric took a piece with shaking hands. He was extremely aroused. ‘The game can’t go on much longer,’ he thought. ‘If it does, I’m gonna explode.’

It was Dave’s turn. No one really thought Escort Beylikdüzü about the shots or even the clothes anymore. They were all business.


Eric smiled. It was payback time. “I dare you,” he said, looking at Jill. “To take the rest of Jill’s clothes off.”

Dave looked at him. “Um, that’s it?”

“And,” Eric paused. He stared at all three slowly. The tension was killing them! “You have to get as close as can to her and move you hands all over her body, BUT you can’t touch her!”

“Oh man,” said Renee. “That ‘s a good one!”

Now it was Dave’s turn to groan! Strip Jill naked but not be able to touch her??? He wasn’t sure that he could do that. But, he figured that he would give it a good try. Jill smiled. This was some serious teasing! Dave got up and went over to Jill. She stood. He sized up the little skirt that she was wearing, and saw where it hooked. He undid the hook. Jill put her arms around him.

“Just trying to help,” she whispered into his ear. Bending down, his face was level with her breasts. He couldn’t resist and gave one nipple a quick slurp.

“Hey, none of that mister,” said Renee. She was still aroused from the foot loving, and watching her man strip another woman wasn’t cooling things off at all.

Dave slipped the little skirt down. Jill was now down to her little black thong. She turned and bent over. Showing the other three her ass. After a few second she turned and moved right up to Dave again. “Oops, I guess that doesn’t help you take my little panties off, does it.”

Dave almost shot a load in his pants right then. Jill put her hands behind her back and thrust her chest out. Dave stared for a bit, then remembered his purpose. To remove the thong. He grasped with both hands, and slowly began to pull it down her legs. Dave bent down and helped her remove them from around her legs. His face was now directly in front of her crotch. Her freshly shaved pussy. He could smell her excitement, and the urge to lick and suck on her was overwhelming. He forced himself to rise and stand in front of her.

“Remember,” said Eric. “No touching her. You’ve got a minute and a half.”

Dave stood as close he could to Jill. He could feel her warm breath on his shoulder. He stared into her eyes. Then her raised his hands so they were beside her arms. He moved them slowly down her arms to her hands. He shifted slightly and brought them back up so that his hands were inches from her chest. He got to her breasts and stopped. Dave clenched his hands onto imaginary breasts slightly in front of Jill’s real ones.

“T-this is so weird,” said Jill. It was a strange sensation. She could almost feel Dave touching her, but knew that he wasn’t.

Renee and Eric watched. He reached out and carefully touched her back. Renee flinched slightly, but welcomed the contact. Eric rubbed his hand up and down Renee’s back as they watched the strange erotic dance continue in front of them. Dave’s hands were roaming over Jill’s body now. His hand cupped her sex. Almost. He could feel the heat of her pussy. He longed to thrust a finger deep inside of her. His hands traced down her legs as he found himself staring at her crotch once again. Once again the desire to lick and suck and kiss almost overwhelmed him. He had never been this close to a naked woman without touching her. He didn’t especially like it. As Dave moved around to Jill’s back, she again bent over. Dave found himself staring at her luscious ass. He could now see that her pussy was glistening. Wet. He imagined that Renee’s was probably about the same right now.

“Time!” Eric’s shout almost caused Dave to shove his face into Jill’s ass. Not that either would have particularly minded. At all.

Dave stood up. He was a bit wobbly. He looked at Eric. “You are a cruel, cruel man,” he said, moving back over to the Jenga tower to take a piece.

“Just doing my part to turn up the heat a notch or two.

“I think the thermometer is broken,” said Renee, starting at Jill’s naked body. She wondered what the boys would think if she just started making out with Jill right now. Rubbing her hands all over the other woman’s breasts and ass and pussy.

It was now Renee’ turn. She looked at the others. She wanted to rip all of her clothes off and sit on a nice hard cock. But that wouldn’t be in the spirit of the game.


Jill smiled. She’d been thinking of a good one for Renee for several minutes now. And now, it was time for the fun to really begin. “I dare you to show us, for one minute,” said Jill, looking at the two horny men, “how you use your vibrator to get yourself off.”

“Oh man,” said Eric. He couldn’t wait to see Renee naked. Using a vibrator. Un-fucking-believable!

Renee looked at the two men and then at Jill. She smiled and got up from the couch. She walked past the others and back to her bedroom. Silence. The others couldn’t talk. Dave looked at Jill’s naked body. Her large tits with very erect nipples. Jill could feel his stare. Feel her own pussy getting more and more moist. She looked at her husband. He had one hand in his lap. Playing with his hard cock. Eric was thinking about what he was about to see. Seeing another woman, not his wife, pleasuring herself. Renee walked back into the room. Wearing a little black thong. And nothing else. In her hand she carried her white vibrator.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32