Jellybean Pt. 02

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** Part 1 introduces a lot of the storyline before they make it to the doctor’s office **

“Hey, sleepyhead, you awake?” She woke up to him rubbing her back and whispering in her ear. She yawned and turned over to look at him.

He was already up and dressed, wearing a white button up, navy tie and grey slacks. For a doctor, he liked to dress nicely instead of wearing scrubs. It was his clinic after all, he could do whatever he wanted.

She rubbed her eyes and smiled at him. “Good morning.”

“Good morning, love. Did you sleep well?” He sat down on the side of the bed.

“Mmm, yes I did. You already off to work?” She cuddled into the blanket thinking about how loving he was last night.

“Yeah, I’m running a bit late – but I’m really looking forward to our appointment today. Can you be there in about an hour?”

She leapt up from her sleeping position. “Shoot! What time is it? I need to call in to tell my work I can’t make it today.” She frantically searched for her phone around her side table.

“Woah woah, it’s okay. I already called in for you. Doctors orders.” He winked at her.

Relief shot through her. “Wow, thank you, babe.” She was so grateful to have someone she could rely on for a change.

He started to put his shoes on. “Alright, I’ve got to get going to take care of a couple of things, but I’ll see you in one hour at my clinic, okay? Oh, and maybe take a bath to relax before heading over. It’ll help with the…de-tensing.” He winked again and headed out the bedroom door.

When she heard the front door shut, she started to get out of bed and get ready for her appointment. The clinic was walking distance so she had plenty of time.

‘What does one wear to physical therapy…for a vagina?” She thought out loud. She walked to her closet to take a look at her wardrobe. She had been to regular physical therapy before to help loosen her tight hips, maybe she should dress how she dressed for that. Cropped hoodie, short athletic shorts, warm socks (because clinics are always so cold). She should probably skip panties, since he’ll make her take them off anyway.

Her heart started racing as that thought crossed her mind. Had she thought through this enough?

She decided not to overthink it and take her bath. She went to the bathroom and turned on the hot water. She pulled out her epsom salt, and some eucalyptus and frankincense essential oils and dropped a few drops of each into the bath. Then, to top it off, she added a sprinkling of dried rose petals.

After lighting some candles by the rim of the tub, she stripped off her clothes, played her favorite lo-fi hip hop mix and lowered herself into the tub. He was right, her muscles were already loosening up a bit. She laid back and shut her eyes, enjoying the silence of the morning.

After 20 minutes, she got out of the bath, dried off and dressed. She had just enough time to drink a protein shake and head out. She usually worked out early in the mornings but the physical therapy was taking precedence today.

She arrived at the clinic 5 minutes early and didn’t know if she should come in through the lobby or if there was a side entrance he wanted her to come in from. She hadn’t actually visited him at his clinic before, so she didn’t know it well. The front lobby would have to do.

“Hi there, can I help you?” Said a male receptionist when she walked in.

“Hi…um…I have an appointment for 9am, I think.” She started to fidget with her purse a little, not knowing if he had officially put her in his appointment calendar or if she’d have to explain this very personal situation to him.

“Ah, yes. Welcome to our clinic. I’ll let him know you’re here.” He seemed to understand and walked through the doors to the treatment area.

After a few minutes of waiting awkwardly, she saw her boyfriend’s head pop out from behind a door. He had put on a white lab coat over the outfit she had seen him in that morning. “Hey, you. Come on back.” He had a clipboard and everything. She smiled and walked over to follow him through the door.

As they were walking to their treatment room, he said “Wow, you look great. So relaxed.” He rubbed her back as he said this, making her feel more comfortable.

“The bath helped.” She said, smiling. She was grateful to him for making small talk because she was feeling really out of place.

“Alright we’re here. Take a seat on the patient bed for me.” He said, as he shut the door behind him and locked it. Then, he pulled over a roller stool and rolled over to where she was sitting.

He searched her face. “What are you feeling right now?” His hand moved to her knee and it felt nice and warm compared to the clinical environment around them.

She kind of blurted out her feelings in her uncomfortable state. “I really don’t want your employees to know what we’re doing. Do they know you have an appointment with your girlfriend? I can just imagine what they’re thinking right now.”

He had a look of understanding on his face. “They don’t çekmeköy escort have to know what we’re doing if you don’t want them to. I can keep the paperwork private. But they do know that you’re my girl. I can’t keep that a secret. And as far as what they’re saying…well, I’m the boss, so I’d like to see them try and say something.” She hadn’t seen him assert his dominance like that before. It was kind of sexy. She looked down, getting embarrassed about being turned on in a doctor’s office.

“Now, are you ready to start? I want to make sure we make full use of this time.” He returned to the gentle voice that she’s used to. He walked over to an arrangement of tools and gadgets and pillows aligned on a counter.

“I think so…what is all this stuff?” She started to get flashbacks of metal clamps being inserted inside her and tensed up.

“These are all the things I wished I had last night to help you.” He picked up a wedge-shaped pillow and brought it over to her.

“Now, lay down for me and let’s put this wedge pillow underneath your lower back. It’ll help change the angle and take the pressure off of your entrance. I was beating myself up last night for not having one for you.”

“Oh, that’s okay.” She brushed his worry aside, a reflex she has when there’s too much attention being put on her.

“No, it’s not, baby. It’s not okay. I want to be able to take care of your needs. But don’t worry, now that I’m starting to get more acquainted with your body… I’ll make sure to be well-equipped.” He winked at her and gracefully laid a kiss on her cheek before she had even had a chance to process what he just said.

“Okay, I’ve turned up the temperature in this room so you won’t get as cold but it’ll take a little bit to warm up. Would you still be okay with getting undressed now?”

“Sure. Should I take everything off or just my shorts?”

“I think everything would be best. But leave your socks on. I don’t want you getting too cold.” He said with a slight twinkle in his eye. She blushed.

As she was undressing and getting back on the table, he went back to the counter to grab a few other items. He walked back with what looked like a slim dildo the width of a thin pipe cleaner and a bottle of lube.

“What is that?” She asked him, eyeing the slim dildo.

“It’s the smallest size insertable that can be made. I thought we’d start here so I can get an idea of just how tight you are.” He explained, while applying a liberal amount of lube to it.

“Okay, spread those pretty little legs for me, sweetie. Let’s get you nice and relaxed.” He put the dildo aside and pulled some warm oil from his white lab coat pocket. He put some on his hands and began to massage her inner thighs, knees, and calves. It felt really good. The room was beginning to warm up and she was starting to feel really relaxed.

“Mmm, you look like you’re enjoying this.” He said, smiling.. He was beginning to massage closer to her outer lips.

“I am. Your hands feel really good right now.” She said in a tranquil voice.

“Good. I’m going to start soon. Don’t forget to take breaths like we practiced last night okay?” He grabbed the dildo and leaned against the patient bed so that he could get a better angle for insertion.

Her body was already starting to tense up with the idea that he was getting closer to putting something inside of her.

She felt his fingers rub her clit and the entrance of her pussy, probably getting acquainted with where everything was located. He must’ve applied lube because it felt extra slippery.

“Fuck me, baby. You are so fucking wet right now.” He said, continuing to rub circles around her delicate spots.

She began to blush, realizing her body had reacted to him asserting his dominance in the doctor’s office in their earlier conversation.

He chuckled and got close to her ear. “Does it turn you on being a patient in my clinic?” He gave her a kiss on the neck.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.” Her nipples were hardening at this naughty scene she was in. The thought of where she was and what she was doing was hard to wrap her mind around and she was feeling fuzzy, similar to how she felt when she’s had a couple of drinks…

He leaned into her, putting his face against her ear. “No…don’t apologize. I’m going to make you feel so…so good, beautiful.” She felt the touch of silicone near her entrance and knew that he was trying to insert the dildo. She began to take deep breaths in preparation.

“That’s it baby. Deep breaths, that’s my girl.” She loved when he whispered in her ear with his deep vibrato. It sent shivers down her spine.

She felt the dildo going in, and it didn’t seem to hurt at all but it also didn’t feel like much. Her body was not tensing up, but maybe this size was too small. He realized this, too. He took the dildo out and put it aside.

“I think your body can easily handle this size, which is great news. But unfortunately, I don’t have an insert cevizli escort in the next size up yet and I don’t think you’re ready for the other sizes I have…” He trailed off, thinking deeply about what to do next.

She waited, feeling a little sad that they may have to cut their appointment short if he didn’t have the tools he needed.

“Would you…sorry, this is completely unprofessional and I wouldn’t normally do this, but, would you be open to me using my fingers to try some things on you? Now that I know you can take that size, I think my hands are a good size up.”

She didn’t know why her face was flaming red. I mean, it’s her boyfriend asking her this, not a random doctor, but for some reason, the doctor’s office environment made this whole situation feel very naughty. But if using his fingers would keep them continuing down this path, then she was open.

She smiled up at him. “Yes, let’s try it.” She kept her legs spread, indicating that she was ready when he was.

“Mmm, this’ll be fun.” He said, chuckling, getting closer to her and leaning his body in so that he could get a better angle with his hands.

He slid his hands to her mound and kissed her neck, suckling on her soft skin and leaving a slight pink mark. “Just relax your body for me, I’m going to take such good care of you.” He whispered as he lightly touched her entrance, drawing small circles around her inner lips to spread her wetness around.

The sensation was overwhelming. She started taking deep breaths to stay relaxed, knowing how tight she would be.

“That’s it, stay here in this place with me and let me love you,” he whispered.

He continued making gentle circles and then started to slowly enter his index finger into her tight little hole. She let out a muted whimper of fear as he was entering. She could feel herself tensing. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ve got you. I’ll go…slow.” As he said that, the tip of his finger entered into her. She started to feel very warm, tingly and full.

“’s in.” She said, shocked by this fact. He was actually able to get some of his finger inside of her…and it felt good.

“Yeah it is, I’m going to keep going, okay?” His movement was a little quicker this time and he slid in almost halfway with his finger. She let out a gasp but remembered to relax and breath again.

“Mmm, that went in pretty easily, princess.” He chuckled. “How do you like it?” He asked as he started to move in and out slightly, pushing up when he got all the way in.

She let out a sudden moan and her nipples turned rock hard; goosebumps began to form all along her arms. “W-what are you doing to me?”

“Oh, that?” He pushed up again,, making sure to graze along the top part of her pussy. “That’s your g-spot.” He smiled a sly smile as he began to thrust with his finger.

“F-fuck, it’s insane. Keep going…please don’t stop…I’ve never felt like this before.” It was getting harder to maintain her breathing but it was sure getting easier to forget her previous trauma with sex.

He smiled and chuckled. “Oh baby, don’t worry, I’ve got all day with you.” He brought his second hand to her clit and lightly rubbed it while increasing the speed of his finger inside her. “I’m going to help you get everything you want inside this tight little pussy.” She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as he moved. His words and the deep vibrato of his voice were intoxicating. Then, he began to slow down again.

“But first, I’m going to go nice and slow…small strokes…right.on.your.g-spot…” With every word, he thrusted in, then out, making her go crazy. She felt so safe in his arms. She couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. She was all in and she wanted him to know.

“C-can you suck on my nipples?” She asked timidly, not knowing if he wanted to do something like that.

He looked up at her expectantly. “Really? Are you ready for that?” He smiled and waited for her to think it over.

“Yeah, please. I want to feel your lips on my hard nipples.” She knew he would be gentle without her having to ask, given his previous actions.

“Then I’d love to, sweetheart.” He moved the hand that was caressing her clit to her right breast and massaged it while looking into her eyes. He then removed the finger that was inside her and licked the juices off. “Fuck you taste good. I need two hands for this.” He winked at her and began to massage the other breast, too. This went on for about a minute.

“Mmmm, I can’t wait to suck on these…delicious looking nipples.” He said tenderly. The waiting was killing her, she wanted him to ravage her.

“Please do it. I can’t wait any more.” She pulled his head onto her breast. He laughed gently and let out an aroused groan. He was enjoying how much she was enjoying this. He started massaging and flicking the nipple of the breast he wasn’t licking.

The way his tongue touched her nipple, she couldn’t control herself. She let out a loud moan. He erenköy escort stopped licking and put one hand on her mouth.

“Shh baby. We don’t want anyone coming in here. I’m not even close to being done with you.” He kept his hand on her mouth and went back to what he was doing. Lick by lick on her nipple, her pussy was getting more and more soaked.

It was as if he could tell how wet she was getting because he looked up at her from all the sucking and asked “Would it be okay if I went down on you for a bit? I’m feeling a bit hungry.” His hands massaging her breasts felt so good that she was feeling a little delirious and the next thing she knew, she agreed.

Smiling, he got onto the patient bed and removed the wedge pillow from underneath her. Then, he leaned on top of her, giving her a soul-sucking kiss before trailing kisses down her body to her secret spot.

She could feel his warm breath on her pussy lips as his mouth got closer. He put his hands underneath her, gently grasping her ass cheeks to make sure she stayed still. His tongue reached her inner lips and he lapped gently at her entrance, taking in her juices. “Mmm you taste so good.” Her clit was throbbing even more in anticipation. She was trying so hard not to moan loudly.

He looked up to see if she was enjoying it. “That’s my girl. You’re doing such a good job staying quiet for me. I’m going to lick every inch of your sweet little pussy.” He went back to work, this time moving to her clit. His tongue was so warm and soft and knew just how delicately to lick. The circular motion mixed with his deep moaning was driving her insane. She accidentally let out a squeak. Understanding how difficult it was for her to keep quiet, he moved one of his hands to her belly and gently rubbed it, making her clitoral stimulation less intense and more like a massage. It was so sexy how knowledgeable he was about the pleasures of the female body.

As he continued his relentless licking and sucking, she felt herself reaching an orgasm. Her body was warming up and her breathing was becoming more shallow.

“Ooh, baby, was that a quiver? Do you need some release?” He slowed down his licking but continued the circular motion on her clit that was driving her insane.

“Fuck, I’m getting so close. I don’t think I can be quiet anymore. I want to cum on your tongue.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you, baby girl.” He stopped licking for a second and handed her a small pillow from under the patient bed. “Put this over your mouth for me while I take you over the edge.”

He moved back down to her pussy and started licking in delicate circles. This time, he licked her entrance and rubbed circles on her clit with his index finger. His rough, strong hand was just the right pressure.

“Ooh, my.god…I-I’m…c-cumming.” She moaned loudly. Her back arched, she pushed his head down into her. He held her tightly and made sure he could keep his mouth on her as she squirmed and her hips bucked. Her toes curled; she couldn’t think about anything but what she wanted to do to him.

“Mmmm, I can taste your cum, baby girl. You taste so sweet.” He said as he lapped up her wetness. “Did you like that, sweetie?” He asked, massaging her breasts and resting his head on her pelvis.

“Babe, I need to feel you inside me.” She didn’t know what was coming over her but she knew all of a sudden that there was an ache inside her that could only be filled by him.

He looked up and smiled. “I’d like nothing more…But, I need to make sure you can take me first.” He got into the big spoon position and his body warmth was a welcome feeling to the chilled room surrounding them. He spread her legs so that one was hanging behind his hip and he had access to her clit. He rubbed it a little and then started playing with her entrance. He used her wetness to lubricate his finger and started to kiss her neck.

As he continued these motions, he began to insert his middle finger inside. To her surprise, there was no pain as he entered, just a tight feeling.

“Oh wow, it’s going in so easily,” she said out loud. She closed her eyes to try and enjoy this moment.

“That’s right, baby. Looks to me like you just needed the right person to give you what you need,” he said. She turned her face towards him and he leaned to kiss her passionately on the lips.

He increased his speed as he inserted his full finger inside and made sure to graze her g-spot again. In and out, relentless motions, making her lose her senses and just focus on her pleasure. She was gripping his thigh, trying to hold back her loud moans as he finger-fucked her like never before.

“I can’t take it anymore.” She barely got the words out when she felt a rush of wetness coming out of her pussy. The warmth of her arousal was at an all-time high. She had no idea what this was but she wanted him to finger her harder – to drill her pussy like a jackhammer.

“Oh fuck yes, baby. Squirt against my hand. You like when I put this fat finger up your tight, wet little pussy?” His arm muscles were flexed while he kept the momentum going. This only turned her on more.

“Yes, babe. Please don’t stop.” Her squealing and moaning was even surprising her. She didn’t know she had that in her. She felt like she was losing her mind. He kept drilling her pussy with his finger, hooking up to stroke against her g-spot until she squirted again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32