Jean-Michel’s Orgasm

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It was one of their rare and cherished Saturday’s together. Jean-Michel had already given Karin many intense orgasms. It gave Jean-Michel intense pleasure to cause Karin to moan and squeal as the orgasms washed over her wave upon wave. They were lying there in her bed wrapped in each other’s arms, skin to skin—relishing each moment.

“It’s your turn now!” Karin tells Jean-Michel as she slips out of his arms to retrieve their box of “gardening tools” as they jokingly refer to their box of love toys.

She tells him to keep his eyes closed. From the box, she retrieves a pair of vintage lady’s gloves. Jean-Michel has no idea what is in store for him. She puts on the gloves, and positions herself beside him. She begins to massage his shaft and lightly caress his nut sacks.

“MMMM!” Jean-Michel groans. “That feels good.”

Karin smiles, “You have no idea what I’m touching you with—do you?”

“Your fingers!”

“Well—yes and no.”

He opens his eyes and looks down to find Karin’s hands ensconced in the vintage gloves—and smiles. He tells her how soft it feels.

“There’s more,” she says.

She removes the gloves. From the toy box, she pulls a pre-World War II Japanese silk scarf—Jade green and rust in color. She folds it in such a way as to make a blindfold. She gently places it around Jean-Michel’s head. He promises that he can’t see anything.

Back to her box of surprises. She pulls out a bottle of Tingling Massage lotion—wintergreen scented/flavored. She pumps some into her hands and rubs them together. Again, she begins to massage Jean-Michel’s sabot shaft.

“Do you know what that is?” Karin asks him.

“No,” he says.

She leans over and blows gently, and the cool tingling begins.

“Ahh, now I do—it’s that tingling lotion. It feels good.”

Karin positions herself between his legs, and takes the head of Jean-Michel’s rod in her mouth, and moves down as if to take it all in.

Jean-Michel Sinop Escort groans with pleasure at the sensation of her velvety tongue as it teases his dick, and the gentle graze of her teeth as they slide over the most sensitive parts of him.

“Oh baby—fuck my dick with your mouth!!! That feels sooo good.”

She continues in this manner for some time. She massages and strokes his nut sacks while paying lingual homage to his shaft.

Karin still has more surprises for Jean-Michel. When she is satisfied that he is rock hard—as hard as blue steel, she decides that it is time for another sensatory treat for her lover.

She moves back to the box of surprises, and retrieves a feather. Of course, Jean-Michel, still being blindfolded has no idea what the next surprise will be. She moves up beside him and traces the tip of the feather down his cheek.

“It’s a feather,” he says and laughs.

She smiles to herself, and traces the feather down his chest and lightly grazes it over his nipples.

“Ohh,” he groans.

Down, down, his belly, around his navel and into his inguinal areas she traces the feather lightly over his skin. She touches the tip of his penis with the feather, and grazes it gently over the shaft.

“Ohhhh” he groans again. “Oh my God! That feels soo good.”

She continues her pleasure torture with the feather over his nut sacks, and then back up his shaft.

Jean-Michel tells her that the sensation is almost indescribable, but it feels so very good. He tells her when she has touched the most sensitive spot. She overloads his senses by strumming the feather over that spot again and again. Jean-Michel’s dick is definitely blue steel by this time.

Yet, Karin isn’t finished with pleasuring her lover just yet. Back to her box of love supplies. This time, she comes back with a bottle of Astroglide. Again, Jean-Michel is still blindfolded, and has no idea what Karin is up to. Sinop Escort Bayan

She positions herself comfortably between his legs. She puts some of the lubricant on her hands, and begins to massage his nut sacks and perineal area—purposefully avoiding his love shaft. Further down she moves her hands. She begins to digitally rim him with her index finger. He begins to moan. Karin looks up from her ministrations to his derriere to see the expression on his face as she begins her pleasuring of him. He has a smile on his face, and she is pleased.

She slips a finger inside him. He moans again. She pulls out, and slips her finger in again, a little further. Again, he moans. She moves inside him a bit further, and begins to move her finger along the edge of his prostate. He really moans this time.

“Is it all right if I put in two fingers,” Karin asks him.

“Oh yes!”

She puts a little more lubricant on her hand and very gently slips her index and middle fingers inside him. She can feel the external and internal sphincter muscles tighten on her fingers as she gently moves inside him.

She moves deeper, and Jean-Michel makes a louder moaning sound.

Karin asks him if he is ok, and he says that he is. She tells him to let her know if she gets too rough—she doesn’t want to hurt him—only wants to give him intense pleasure. He said he would tell her.

She gently strokes his prostate with her fingers. He moans those pleasure moans—so similar to her own pleasure moans in intensity—but on a deeper masculine timbre. Karin is finding that giving him pleasure the way he pleasures her is intensely satisfying. His breathing has become somewhat shallow and his moans more intense the more she massages him.

“Karin—I want to cum. Tell me how you want me to do it. There are so many ways I would like to do it.”

“Tell me, Jean-Michel, tell me the ways you would like to cum.”

“I could cum in Escort Sinop your hand. I could cum in your mouth. I could cum inside you. Tell me how you want it.”

“This time—lover, I want you to come inside me. I want you to fuck me doggy style. We will get you to the point where you are almost ready to explode, and then I want you to fuck me hard from behind.”

“Yes I want to put my hard cock in your quim!”

At that, she moves her fingers a little deeper inside. He moans loudly. She must have triggered a nerve, because he raises his legs high, and she is able to fully massage his prostate. His moans become more intense as she delves deeper into his most inner recess with her very talented fingers.

“I feel it. I’m ready to cum now.” He says urgently. He pulls off the blindfold.

Quickly, they reposition themselves. She is leaning over the edge of the bed with her knees braced against the side, her legs open wide, and her torso down on the bed. He is behind her, and with his sabot, blue-steel love shaft, he plunges home.

“What do you want me to do?” He asks her again, knowing full well what she wants. He just wants to hear Karin say it.

“I want you to fuck my quim deep with your dick!!”

He holds her hips and they begin to move together urgently. Within a few strokes, they gain their rhythm. Each calls out with every inward stroke. Their movements become harder and faster.

“Ohhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” they are both calling out simultaneously as they cum together. He plunges again and again through his orgasm—calling out as he shoots more cum in Karin’s quim. She tightens her muscles and milks his shaft as she feels his hot jism inside her. “Ohhhhhhhh,” he calls out one final time and holds her hips tightly against him as the last of his orgasm passes.

He leans over and kisses her on her back, and gently withdraws. They tumble back into the bed together, holding each other tightly.

“Baby Girl—you’ve drained me dry—there’s nothing left,” he tells Karin.

They deeply soul kiss and then settle into their favorite spooning position—her back to his belly with his arm around her and his fingers resting lightly on her nipple, and drift off for a little rest—after their intense lovemaking.

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