Jealous Mom

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I’ve been in a jealous mood lately. My daughter Danielle has been bringing her boyfriend Jake around the house. Jake is tall, thin and he has dark hair. I’ve been looking at his body and I noticed he has a large bulge in his pants. Jake is so friendly towards me. My husband has been barely paying attention to me these past months.

Sometimes when Jake leaves our house I go into the bedroom and take my clothes off. I get out my dildo and I rub it all over my pussy. When I get worked up I will slide it into my body until I explode. My mind is always on Jake. I got lucky one Saturday. My husband was out golfing with his buddies. Danielle went shopping with some of her friends. I was all alone when the doorbell rang.

There stood Jake.

“I was supposed to meet Danielle or did I get the dates wrong?” He said to me.

“She shouldn’t be too long. You can come in and wait if you like,” I told him.

Jake came in and sat down on the couch. I excused myself and went back to the bedroom. I changed into some different clothes. When I came back out I had on a pair of tight fitting pants. I got rid of my bra. My nipples were hard under the shirt material. I came back out and I saw Jake’s eyes glued to my body. At least I had his attention now.

I sat directly across from him. I wanted to make sure he got a good look. I asked him what he was going to do with his life. He and Danielle had just graduated college. He said he wanted to find a good position and settle down. I asked him what kind of women he liked. I think this embarrassed Jake.

“Do you like mature women?” I said to him.

“I do like a woman who knows what she wants,” He said almost innocently.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I stood up and shed my top. I thought Jakes eyes would pop Antalya Escort out of his head. I finished things off by taking off my pants and panties.

“Is this something you might like?” I asked him.

I didn’t give Jake a chance to recover or answer me. I walked over to the couch and sat on Jake’s lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed him hard on the mouth. Before you knew it our tongues were touching. We kissed awhile and then I stood up.

“Why don’t you get your clothes off,” I said.

Jake didn’t need to be asked twice. He stripped down in record time. I got to see his bone for the first time. He was already hard for me. His dick was thick and he must have been a good eight inches in length. I got directly over Jake once more. I lowered myself until his mushroom found my opening. Jake pushed his cock up into my body.

God, did he feel enormous. It took me a little while until I had his erection completely inside me. I was moaning, to be sure.

“I need your cock Jake. Please give it to me hard.”

Jake knew just what to do. As I slid up and down he brought his hips up and fed me his prick. We were grinding against each other. I hadn’t been fucked in so long. I wanted to make this last. My husband was nowhere as large as Jake. He was stretched my tight hole with each stroke he gave me. I needed my young lover in the worst way.

Jake did reach up and cup each of my tits. He squeezed them at first and then he pulled on my nipples. I began to scream as he worked me up into a hot boil. I was hearing the slapping noises as our bodies rubbed together. I couldn’t tell you how long we went at it. There was no way I was going to let Jake pull out.

“I need your cum Jake. Every drop of it,” I told him.

Jake Antalya Escort Bayan didn’t need to be told twice. A few more minutes of pushing deep into my body and then he erupted inside me. My head snapped back as I felt his warm juice filling my pussy. Jake had a lot of his seed to give me. I could feel it running out of me. That didn’t stop Jake continuing to fill me with his long staff. When Jake finally stopped my body was shaking from the fucking I just took.

I lifted myself up and saw his cum dripping out of the tip of his dick. I knelt down and finished Jake off. I wrapped my lips around his spent prick. I swallowed the remains of his load. I don’t think Jake ever experienced lovemaking like this before. I wanted to make sure he would be coming back for more.

We got ourselves cleaned up from all our hot sex together. I told Jake he should probably go before everyone got back.

“Danielle was going to be away for just a few minutes, was she?” Jake said to me.

I just smiles and let him draw his own conclusions. We did exchange phone numbers and Jake said he would contact me later. My husband and Danielle did get back. My husband wanted to tell me about his golf game. I could care less. Danielle had to show me the new clothes she bought. I tried to look interested but my mind was on Jake.

I wanted him to fuck me again. I could still feel his seed deep in my body. I just wondered what he was thinking right then. I didn’t have all that long to wait. Later that evening I got a text from Jake. Was I free to talk? I went down into the basement. Everyone was in bed by then. I told him to call me. The phone rang and I answered.

“I can’t get you out of my mind Andrea,” He told me.

He told me he was hard Escort Antalya right now. If he could have me right now, he would take me hard with his cock. I was get wet just hearing Jake talk like that.

“What about Danielle?” I asked him.

“You are a better lover than Danielle,” he said to me.

I told Jake He could have me anytime he wanted. My pussy was all his. I was all worked up by the time we finished talking. The next part was more difficult. Finding a time and place for us to meet proved harder than I realized. We finally found a Saturday when we could meet. We got a room at a cheap hotel and Jake took me for the second time. I spread my legs for him and Jake took hold of my ankles and placed them on his shoulders.

He drove his fat cock deep into my belly. I screamed my fool head off as Jake took me roughly. His big balls were bouncing off my ass cheeks. He felt bigger than the first time we had sex. Jake said he had to have me. He couldn’t get me off his mind.

“Treat me like a whore Jake,” I told him. “Fill me with your seed.”

That is exactly what Jake did. He came prepared with a full load. I felt him squirt hot ropes of cum deep into my passage. I held on tightly as Jake made me his possession. We did go twice that day. Jake took my ass as well. It hurt like hell as he rammed my bottom with his hard bone. He did give me the last of his cum that day.

When we finished my pussy and ass felt so sore. I didn’t care. I now had Jake as my lover. I wasn’t going to give him up easily. It is now a few months later. Jake and Danielle aren’t seeing each other. Danielle suspected that Jake was fooling around on her. He didn’t have as much time for her as in the past. She doesn’t know that I have been fucking Jake all this time.

My husband is clueless as well. Maybe he has a lover on the side. I don’t really care at this point. I know in the back of my mind that Jake won’t want me forever. I am twice his age. I am going to hold onto him as long as I can. I need his big cock ramming me as much as possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32