Jason’s Trip to Mexico Ch. 05

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Jason’s revenge

Jason eventually heard keys jangling and the cell door opening as he sat up to see El Capitán opening the door and Juan standing there with a concerned look on his face. “Dios Mio, Señor Jason are you all right?!” exclaimed Juan as he rushed over to help Jason stand from the cot. Jason was never so happy to see anyone in his life as he followed Juan out of the cell past the glaring officers.

Juan led Jason out of the jail to his small car that was parked in front. “Don’t worry Señor Jason; I have paid the fine to get you out. I’m sorry it took so long but after your friend came to tell me about what happened to you, I went to your room and found that your wallet was locked in your room safe and I could not open it. I had to wait for the bank to open to get the money, and Pepe also gave some money too. He is covering the hotel desk for me.” Juan said as he and Jason got in the car and he began to drive out of the town up the small road towards the hotel. “Was the fine a lot of money? I can pay you back when I get my wallet.” Jason said.

“No Señor, I feel terrible about what has happened to you here and it is my gift to you so that you will not have such a bad impression of San Ignacio.” Juan said smiling at the handsome stud. “Thanks.” Jason replied while he thought to himself how much he wanted to go home to the states. After arriving and entering the hotel, Jason saw Pepe behind the desk. “Welcome back Señor!” Pepe grinned his gold capped tooth flashing as he leered at the blond hunk. Jason froze for a moment; he began to have flashes of memory of the massage room, being tied down and the ex-wrestler abusing his ass. That bastard must have drugged me or something, that’s why I blacked out. Jason thought at first with anger, then calming himself down and thinking of a cunning plan to get even with Pepe.

“Thanks man, hey maybe later I might take you up on a massage.” Jason said, the wheels turning in his mind as he thought up a surprise for the beefy macho man. “Oh yes I will be pleased to do that for you! I can be available in 1 hour.” Pepe replied his eyes glinting with lust. “Ok dude see you in 1 hour in front of the massage room” Jason replied, as he and Juan continued towards Jason’s room.

As they passed the pool Jason saw a small bar area in the back corner of the building. “Say Juan, would it be ok if I helped myself to a cocktail?” Jason asked stopping next to the empty bar area. “Of course Señor Jason, help yourself.” Juan replied unlocking the small access door allowing Jason to enter behind the bar. “I do not have time to make a drink for you since I must return to assist Pepe with the desk area. Please lock the bar door after you finish.” Juan said as he left to return to the hotel desk.

Jason looked around seeing bottles of liquor and glasses of various sizes. Below the bar counter he saw a small closed cabinet, as he opened it he saw bottle openers and cocktail napkins and supplies, then he saw tucked back in the corner a prescription bottle. Hmmm, wonder what this might be? Jason pondered as he looked at the label. The prescription label was in Spanish, but as he scanned the label he noticed ‘1 o 2’ and the word ‘dormir’ which he knew meant sleep. Hmmm….he wondered, I was going to get Pepe drunk but this will work even better. Jason thought as pocketed the bottle of pills and then grabbed a fancy looking bottle of tequila that read reposado 100% añejo. Jason had no clue what that meant but he figured it was something fancy as he took the bottle and two cocktail glasses with him and locking the door to the bar.

He got back to his room and stripped off his clothes noticing his shorts sticky with cum. He relieved himself then took a very long hot soapy shower feeling much better after he was clean and dressed. Next he took a couple of the pills out of the bottle and crushed them into a fine powder with an ashtray that was on the table then carefully scraping the powder into the bottom of one of the cocktail glasses. He poured the amber colored tequila into the glass mixing the liquid with a spoon until the powder was completely dissolved. He quickly poured another glass of the amber liquid for himself, making sure to keep that in his left hand while watching the clock in his room noticing it was time to meet Pepe.

Jason got to the massage room noticing the door was open as he entered carrying the two glasses. “Hola Señor, please undress and lay on the table on your stomach.” The shirtless muscular ex wrestler said as he flexed his thick muscular biceps and meaty pectorals. “Hey, before we start would you please join me in a shot of tequila? Its reposado 100% anejo.” Jason said remembering the tequila bottle label, smiling and holding the glass out with his right hand. Pepe’s looked at the glass, his eyes widened in surprise as he took the glass of the amber liquor. “Oh senor this is very good tequila! Muchas Gracias!” Pepe said, licking his lips as he held up the glass and said “Salud!” as he and Jason both took a shot. The tequila was smooth with hints of cinnamon, caramel, gaziantep escortlar and oak with a slight smoky flavor at the end. Jason had to admit this was good stuff.

They both finished the tequila setting the glasses down as Jason began to strip off his tank top and shorts, leaving his jock strap on while watching the muscular stocky ex wrestler set up the massage oils and towels. He noticed Pepe was moving very slowly and then he began to lean forward over the table, knocking over one of the bottles. “Hold on buddy don’t keel over on me just yet.” Jason said as he put his arm around the beefy Mexican and lead him over to the massage table letting him fall over on his stomach crossways with his head hanging over the edge already snoring, his butt sticking up.

Jason reached around the beefy stocky ex wrestler, undoing his white pants and began peeling the pants and briefs down over the smooth round brown ass cheeks and thick muscular thighs and legs leaving the man sprawled naked over the table. Jason gazed at the sleeping naked wrestler’s smooth brown skin, his broad back and thick arms and thick muscular legs with his brown ass globes sticking up. This dude looks really strong; I better make sure he is secured down in case he wakes up. Jason thought as he scanned the room his eyes lighting on some coils of jump rope in the corner next to some fitness equipment which he used to tie Pepe’s legs to the table spreading the legs very wide.

He walked over to the wall cabinet where he found some sports equipment including a ping pong paddle which he picked up. He noticed a small bottle of liquid with a rag on top and as he picked it up he noticed a strong chemical smell. Damn this must be what he knocked me out with, this might come in handy for later. Jason thought as he took the bottle over to stash with his clothes.

After a few minutes of searching the cabinet, he walked over to Pepe lifting his head up by his hair and lightly slapping his cheeks. “Wake up sleeping beauty.” Jason smirked as Pepe’s eyes fluttered open and he began to moan. “Que está pasando?” Pepe groaned as he tried to lift himself up then slumping back down on the table. “Well it’s time for your lesson.” Jason replied as he walked behind the muscular Mexican, standing between his spread legs placing his hands on the smooth round bubble butt.

“Damn you have big beefy butt.” Jason said as he grabbed the smooth brown ass globes in his hands and began to squeeze and fondle them causing Pepe to moan. Jason brought his hand up high and back, swinging with all his force…SMACK!-SMACK! – SMACK!-SMACK! – SMACK!-SMACK!-SMACK!-SMACK! – SMACK!-SMACK! – SMACK!-SMACK! Jason alternated the slapping of each globe with his right hand.

“AAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! NO! POR FAVOR!” Pepe was startled out of his slumber as he cried out, lifting his torso off of the table and arching his back his ass cheeks quivering with each smack and his muscular legs straining against the ropes. “Come on Pepe, we’re just getting started but damn spanking your big ass is causing my hand to sting!” Jason smirked as he reached over to pick up the ping pong paddle raising it high and bringing it down hard. SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! – SPLAT! AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Pepe screamed while his big ass cheeks were smacked hard with the paddle alternating back and forth his torso twisting trying to evade the stinging blows. Jason felt all his anger and frustration at being humiliated by the macho Mexican begin to fade, turning into lust as he dominated the beefy stud.

Jason watched the big ass cheeks quivering with each smack as the muscular squat macho Mexican was begging and pleading for mercy. He felt his cock begin to thicken in his jock as he spanked the macho ex-wrestler’s big ass cheeks. Damn I was just going to beat his ass but I’m really getting turned on by dominating this fucker. Jason thought as he stopped spanking the big ass and pulled his jock down releasing his 8 inch thick hard pink cock. “OOOOHHHHH PLEEEEZ SEÑOR, NO MORE!” Pepe groaned as Jason jacked his hard prick that was dripping precum while staring at the plump brown/red ass globes.

Jason grabbed Pepe’s big ass cheeks and spread them wide apart, revealing a hairless tiny little hole deep in the valley between the round globes. “Damn that’s a tight little hole.” Jason said as he let his rock hard dripping cock plop down between the spread ass cheeks, like a pink hot dog between two brown buns. Jason thought as he snickered. “WHAT IS THAT? NO! NO! NOT MY CULO!!” Pepe cried out in panic as he felt the big fat cock between his cheeks, his struggling increasing as Jason rubbed his big pink hard cock up and down between the brown ass globes. “Well I might consider sparing your tight little hole if you suck my big gringo cock and take it deep in your throat.” Jason grinned as he continued to rub his throbbing rod between the cheeks.

Pepe remained quiet until he felt the fat mushroom head of Jason’s cock pressing against his tiny hole. “SI! YES! Please not my culo, I will suck you!” Pepe cried out as Jason walked around and grabbed his head by the hair bringing his cock to the muscular man’s mouth. “Open wide!” Jason said as he eased the fat cock head into the ex-wrester’s mouth. AAARRRGGG! Pepe began to retch and gag as the fat cock head barely entered his mouth and saliva began to drip to the floor.

Jason pulled his cock out and walked over to grab his I-phone from his shorts then he returned and took a few pictures as he placed his cock in Pepe’s mouth, then setting his phone down on the corner of the table. As Jason tried to advance his cock, Pepe mouth closed and he began to gag and retch again, causing Jason to pull his cock out. “I’m disappointed in you Pepe you can’t even take my cock in your mouth.” Jason said shaking his head while the ex-wrestler panted, his eyes watering.

“I will try… please…. let me try again!” Pepe pleaded as Jason put his cock back into the open mouth. Pepe began retching and gagging immediate with the head barely touching the back of his tongue while Jason shook his head. “Sorry buddy but it looks like this cock is going up your tight little butthole.” Jason said as he pulled his cock out and went around to Pepe’s ass.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Pepe cried out, struggling in panic and trying to rise up from the table but the tight ropes that bound his legs spread apart kept him bent over. Jason picked up a bottle of massage oil, as he spread the big round ass cheeks apart and poured a generous amount of oil into the deep crack. He ran his index finger around the tight hole lightly pressing the tight ring. “AAAAAAGGGGHHH! NOOOOOO!” Pepe cried out straining harder against the tight ropes and trying to clench his muscular ass cheeks closed against the probing finger. “You better relax your butt cheeks and your tight little butthole if you know what’s good for you!” Jason said as he smacked the big ass globe as he continued to press his left index finger trying to enter the hole.

He picked up the ping pong paddle with his right hand raising it high then bringing it down hard on the right ass globe. WHACK! “AAAAYYYYY!” Pepe cried out, his anus dilating slightly as Jason advanced his finger to the first knuckle. Jason was able to advance his finger further as he whacked each big ass globe with the paddle, while Pepe cried out begging and pleading with Jason to stop.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The beefy brown ass globes were alternately spanked with the paddle, jiggling and reddening with each swat. He finally had his finger deep in Pepe’s tight asshole pressing on the firm knot of the prostate gland massaging and pressing it as he moved his finger slightly in and out. Pepe was sweating, panting and moaning as the finger pressed and massaged his gland causing his sphincter to spasm around the digit and his egg sized balls begin to rise up.

Pepe’s head was swimming as the gringo worked his big finger in and out of his culo. He had never had anything in his culo before and at first the pain was unbearable, but after a while the pain subsided and the deep probing was causing an ache at the base of his cock and balls. Pepe noticed that the massaging finger deep in his culo was causing his cock to get hard and throb when the finger pressed deep causing him to moan.

Jason felt the tight sphincter begin to loosen as he moved his finger in and out, pouring more oil in on the hole and introduced a second finger pressing deep and massaging the prostate with both fingers causing Pepe to moan. “Good boy, loosen that tight pussy hole for me.” Jason whispered as his own big cock throbbed and leaked precum. Jason squatted down behind Pepe, his fingers deep in the tight hole and saw Pepe’s big egg sized balls pulled up tight against the base of Pepe’s thick throbbing hard cock. He reached up with his other hand and began to stroke the big cock, jacking the brown foreskin back and forth over the mushroom head as he worked his fingers in and out of the hole.

“You like your hole played with?” Jason whispered and he pressed his fingers deep massaging the gland as he jacked the big uncut leaking prick. “Ooooohhhhhh Si!” Pepe groaned as Jason stood, removing his fingers from the dilated hole as he poured oil on his big throbbing prick. He pressed the mushroom head of his cock against the hole as Pepe continued to groan, the head suddenly popping in the tight ring.

“AAAAYYY!” Pepe cried out, his hole spasming around Jason’s big cock head. “Fuck you have a tight hole!” Jason groaned as he reached around the big ex-wrestler and began to slowly jack the foreskin back and forth over Pepe’s oozing cockhead, leaving his cock head in the hole until he felt the spasming subside and the sphincter begin to relax. He then began to advance his big cock deeper into Pepe’s tight rectum causing Pepe to groan until he had his cock balls deep.

Jason began to rotate his pelvis, grinding his big cock deep into Pepe’s tight hole as he slowly jacked Pepe’s big leaking uncut cock. “OOOOOOHHHHH Señor!” Pepe moaned as he arched his muscular back and pushed his big ass cheeks into Jason’s groin, impaling himself on the big gringo cock. “Oh yeah…you like my big cock in your tight ass.” Jason whispered as he began to fuck his cock in and out with longer strokes, his groin slapping against the big brown ass globes. He looked down at the sweating muscular brown beefy wrestler; his legs spread wide and his big round ass cheeks spread open as he watched his fat pink cock sliding in and out of the tight brown hole stretched around his cock.

Plop-Plop-Plop- Plop-Plop-Plop- Plop-Plop-Plop- Plop-Plop-Plop- Plop-Plop-Plop- Plop-Plop-Plop…..

The two sweaty bodies were slapping against each other as Pepe raised his big ass cheeks to meet Jason’s groin as he thrust his big cock deep into the ex-wrestlers tight hole. “Ooooohhhh si papi!” Pepe groaned as the big cock rammed in and out of his hole pressing his prostate gland while Jason jacked his big uncut cock. Jason stopped fucking and slowly withdrew his big cock from Pepe’s tight hole as he reached down to untie Pepe’s legs from the table legs.

He then grabbed Pepe’s shoulder pulling him up to stand on his shaky legs and helped him turn around and lay back down on his back then reached down and brought Pepe’s legs up bending them at the knees. He aimed his big cock at the dilated hole plunging it in all the way in till his balls hit Pepe’s brown ass cheeks. “AAAGGGHHHH!” Pepe cried out throwing his head back as Jason pounded his cock in and out and began jacking Pepe’s foreskin back and forth over the hard cock head.

Pepe was delirious with lust as was being fucked for the first time and realized to himself that although he had always been the ‘Macho’ and had enjoyed fucking many men in the ass, he could not believe how exciting it felt to have the muscular gringo dominate him and how good the big cock felt stretching his hole and rubbing his prostate causing his cock to throb.

Jason reached over and grabbed his I-phone to snap some more pictures of Pepe, his eyes closed in ecstasy with his legs up taking the thick pink cock in his ass and Pepe’s big uncut hard cock against his belly leaking precum then setting the phone down. “You like my big gringo dick in your tight Mexican asshole?” Jason sneered as he pounded the Muscular ex wrestler, smacking his round ass globes hard with both hands as he fucked. SMACK! “Tell me you like it!” Jason barked slapping the big ass cheeks. “OH Si papi! ….me encanta! (I love it) your big verga in my culo!” Pepe said moaning with pleasure as his cock throbbed.

The fucking increased as the two sweaty men moaned. “ME VENGO!” (I’m coming!) Pepe cried out as Jason felt the big uncut cock he was jacking suddenly begin to throb in his hand. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Pepe shot three huge loads on his belly and chest as Jason continued to pound his cock in and out of the hole.

“OOOOOOHHHHH FUUUUUUCKKKK!” Jason groaned as he jammed his cock deep spurting his big load deep in Pepe’s big ass. Jason collapsed on top of the muscular ex wrestler panting his heart beating like a jackhammer as his cock began to soften and he slowly pulled out with a slight pop with cum running out of Pepe’s dilated hole. After a few moments Jason wiped himself off with one of the massage towels and began to get dressed. He then put his phone in his pocket along with the small chemical bottle he had found then he returned to help the shaky Pepe stand up from the table asking him if he was all right.

“Si Señor.” Pepe replied softly with his head down averting Jason’s gaze. Jason lifted Pepe’s chin and looked him straight in the eyes. “I remember what you did to me in here and now I would say that we are even.” Jason said as he picked up his I-Phone, opening up the pictures of Pepe with Jason’s cock in his mouth and Pepe getting fucked with his own cock hard against his belly. Pepe’s eyes widened in fear as he saw the pictures. “Oh Señor….Please don’t show nobody those pictures!” Pepe pleaded with the muscular gringo.

“I will not show these to anyone, but you need to promise me you will no longer drug or rape people anymore, because if I find out you are doing that again I will make sure everyone in town sees these pictures!” Jason said sternly looking deep into the ex-wrestler’s brown eyes.

“Si Senor I promise… I was a bad man before but now I have learned!” Pepe said wringing his hands nervously. “Okay, I will be keeping an eye on you!” Jason said as he turned to leave the room, leaving the naked wrestler alone to contemplate what happened.

Jason returned to his room to shower and clean up then headed out to the lobby to ask Juan for a restaurant recommendation as he was starving. Juan offered to take him personally as his shift was over so they went into town to a small rustic little building off of the square called Cenaduría Doña Marta. They both sat at the plastic indoor outdoor table and chairs and Jason let Juan order as the menu items were all in Spanish. Doña Marta was a short squat dark middle aged woman and was very pleased to have a customer from the USA and was very friendly to Jason, treating him like a special guest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32