Jason , Sara Ch. 02

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Jason woke up 2 or 3 of times during the night, having to go to the bathroom. (His small bladder, which was a family trait, plus the alcohol he had consumed both contributed to this.) Unlike other times, this time he actually enjoyed waking up as he remembered the evening’s events, from lying on the couch with Sara to her blowjob.

Each time, as he got back into bed, he snuggled into her, kissing wherever his lips happened to land and caressing her breasts. Sara, in turn, never seemed to fully wake up, but she always made noises of appreciation when his lips or hands touched her. Once she reached down to his cock, stroking it a bit.

He finally woke up around 8 and knew he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. He caressed Sara for a bit, snuggling into her as he did. Finally though, his bladder got the better of him (again) and he did his morning routine – bathroom, shower and shaving.

He had hoped the noise he was making would have woken Sara as well, but when he finished she was still sleeping. Rather than wake her up directly, he decided to see if coffee and breakfast aromas would do the trick. Sure enough, he was just getting ready to put her breakfast sandwich together when she emerged from the bedroom into the bathroom. “Be as quick as you can, please, Sara,” Jason called, “Breakfast is ready in 3 minutes.”

Sara mumbled something unintelligible but all the same, she was at the breakfast table within 3 minutes. Jason was just putting out coffee, tomato juice and their breakfast sandwiches. It seemed they were both ravenous, scarfing down their meal very quickly with little conversation.

Sara then suggested they take their coffee in the living room, where the sun was streaming in. They were both wearing bathrobes, neither of them too concerned about what the other might see if they fell open.

Sara opened the conversation by saying, “Jesus, Jason, is there anything you can’t do? First you make me feel so good with your hands and lips on my breasts last night, then you give me such a load of your man-juice and now you make me breakfast! Fuck, it just doesn’t get any better than this!”

Jason grinned and turned red at the same time. He took a sip of his coffee to cover his embarrassment and said, “I’m very happy that I please you, Sara. But maybe it can get better than this… for both of us. I have something in mind for today that may keep you amused – but only under certain conditions.”

Sara was more than intrigued and her eyes widened. “What have you got up your sleeve, Jason?” she asked, reaching out to stroke his leg under his robe.

“First, Sara, I need to get some stuff out of the way,” Jason said as he removed her hand from his leg, although he continued to hold it. He saw her eyes change again, this time indicating that she was ready for a serious discussion.

Jason began, “I don’t need or want Jasmine to find out about us. I’m not especially proud of cheating on her. So please don’t post any of this on social media – not facebook or twitter or linked in or linked up or fucked up or fucked in. Especially not the pics I took last night!”

He continued, “Please keep them to yourself and for yourself. I expect we’ll have this 1 time together while Jasmine’s away and probably never again.”

“Having said that, Sara, I am so much enjoying your company and especially your wanting to explore your sexuality – I can’t get enough of it! You’re also encouraging me to explore my own. After our time together is over, I want to be able to look back on this as a beautiful interlude with no regrets at all.”

“Jason, I feel much the same way you do. I also feel less than great about the Jasmine part. I love being able to explore my sexuality with you and seeing you do the same. I give you my word that I won’t share any of this on social media sites. (Incidentally, I know that you made up some of those sites and I love your sense of humour!) I realise that this will be over when Jasmine returns – in the meantime, I plan to make the most of every minute of it!”

They both smiled the biggest smiles at each other, hearing that they were in sync . They had to kiss and embrace after their declarations. Sara finally broke the embrace, wanting to know what plans Jason had for them today.

“Well, Sara, I saw how turned on you were about seeing 2 guys together on the puter last night. So I hoped you might like to go to a porn theatre with me this afternoon.”

Seeing her eyes light up, he cautioned her, “You’d have to do exactly as I say and never be out of my sight. I’d want you to dress like a guy to go there.” Sara was almost dancing with excitement and Jason had to restrain her.

“Sara, listen to me! A porn theatre can be an unpleasant and dangerous place for a woman – I’m there to protect you. If that sounds sexist and macho, then that’s the way it is! If you don’t agree to my rules, then we don’t go.”

Sara took a deep breath to calm herself. “Okay, Jason, I hear you. I’d love to go to a porn theatre with you. I only have Demetevler Escort a very vague idea of what to expect and I would love to see if it matches reality. I’ll never be out of your sight and I’ll do just as you say (I know that you would never ask me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with – that’s one thing I really like about you). But what did you mean about me dressing up like a guy?”

Jason smiled at her words and replied, “Well, I’d want you to either bind your breasts or wear loose clothing to make them less noticeable. And maybe you’d wear a hoodie to cover your hair and face. Do you have any baggy sweat pants? What about makeup to make it look like you have a five o’clock shadow? In short, I want you passable as a guy as I get you in the door.”

“After that it’s less critical but you need to know this, Sara: the more you make yourself known as a girl, the more attention you’ll get. And, almost certainly, there will be some attention you won’t like.”

Sara thought for a moment, trying to absorb all of this. She thought she had some suitable clothes at home that would suffice to downplay her feminine features. Then she started to wonder how Jason knew all this.

It very much sounded like he had firsthand knowledge (she chuckled to herself at her unintended pun). Playing it innocently with big round eyes, she said, “Jason, do you think we’ll see two guys together? That would be so exciting!”

Jason smiled at the excitement in her voice. “I’d be surprised if we didn’t, Sara. Most likely we’ll see several pairs of guys together and maybe some three and foursomes too.”

“Really, Jason? How do you know all this?” Sara couldn’t keep the grin off her face as she sprang her trap.

Jason went red again (a common occurrence whenever he was around Sara, he was discovering), both at the question and at his gullibility for not realising where Sara was going with her questions.

Sara decided to have even more fun with him. “So, Jason, just how far does that blush go down your chest?” she said, opening his bathrobe and getting on her knees in front of him. She played with his nipples and then took one of them into her mouth, while rolling the other between her thumb and forefinger.

His cock immediately sprang to attention in his briefs. She used her free hand to bring his briefs down in front and started stroking him. All the while she looked up at him with an impish grin.

He pulled her up with his arms and kissed her deeply and thoroughly, one hand on her breasts, the other on her ass, pulling her into him. He could feel his hardening prick against the material of her panties and he took his hand off her breasts and shoved himself inside them, loving the feeling of the silky material against him.

“Fuck, Sara, you are terrific!” Both hands now went to her ass as he brought himself against her wet slit, kissing her again. They finally broke the kiss, both a bit breathless from the speed with which their morning passions had developed.

“Sara,” Jason panted, “As much as I like what we’re doing, you need to know that if I cum before we go, then we won’t be going. I…uhhh…I go there to get off. If you get me off before we go, then we won’t be going.”

Sara nodded and stepped away from him, doing up her robe. “Then I guess I’ll just have to get you excited as we drive there. I want to stop at my place, change my makeup and change into some suitable clothes. Can we get some lunch en route? And remember, you need to tell me about how you know about this place as we drive.”

Jason smiled (Jesus, she was so sexy!) and went to get dressed. He put some thought into what he would wear, hoping to please Sara. He finally chose a blue striped short sleeved shirt and blue shorts with grey accents. (Not only was he trying to please Sara, he was also thinking about what a hassle too much clothing (such as jeans) could be in a porn theatre.)

Sara, in the meantime, was in the shower. She was so much looking forward to the experience. She knew she wanted to be at her best, despite the fact that she wouldn’t be able to wear any scent or dress up or look like a girl in any way.

Sara finished her shower and darted between the bathroom and her room clad in only a towel. Jason caught a quick glimpse of her and thought that the towel was an underappreciated fashion statement.

He cleaned up from breakfast, read the paper and generally waited for Sara to be ready. He didn’t have long to wait, Sara being more than anxious to go. They left, with the first stop being Sara’s place so she could change into her male guise for her 1st porn theatre visit.

Sara emerged from the house so changed that Jason didn’t recognize her at first. It was only when she got close to the car that he realised it was her.

Not only had she changed her clothes but it seemed her whole demeanor had changed. Her gait was different (she told him later that she had put a very small pebble in her shoe), she smiled much less and she Demetevler Escort Bayan dropped her voice as well as saying less.

As she got in the car, she said, “K, let’s go” in a gruff voice. Jason realised that she also had put something on her face (he wondered if it might be shoe polish) to give herself a trace of a beard and mustache.

Knowing that this was Sara, he was now turned on by her boyish looks and ways. He laughed at himself, to think that he could be turned on one minute by her femininity and then by her (bogus) masculinity.

Next stop was a restaurant that Sara wanted to try for lunch. While there, Jason told Sara (at her insistence) that he had been going to two different theatres for about the past two years, perhaps once a month on Wednesdays, when it was easiest for him to get away from work. Less frequently, he went there on Sundays afternoons when Jasmine was involved with her church.

“And what do you do there, Jason?”

Jason, already blushing and looking straight ahead said, “Sometimes I get sucked off and sometimes I take a cock in my mouth or against my ass. I’m not necessarily proud of any of this, Sara, but sometimes it just feels so good! Frankly, having sex with strangers is quite a turn-on for me.”

After some thought, Sara replied, “Jason, I can see how difficult it is for you to tell me this stuff and you need to know how much I like the fact that you trust me enough to tell me.”

“Thanks, Sara, it is difficult for me but at the same time it turns me on talking about it with you.” As they were leaving, Jason said, “Look, there’s a liquor store across the parking lot. I know you weren’t crazy about the rum yesterday – would you like me to get something more to your liking? A vodka cooler maybe or a bottle of wine?”

“Jason, number one, do you notice everything or what? And number two, you have to be the sweetest guy I have ever known!” They grinned at each other, Jason going slightly red. (He noted that he was becoming more able to control his blushing as time went on.)

On Sara’s suggestion, Jason got her an assortment of half a dozen coolers. He also got a bottle of wine, Jasmine’s absence making that more feasible. As he returned to the car, Sara gave him the nicest smile. They started off again and, soon enough, she put her hand on his inner thigh and began making strokes against the outline of his cock.

Twenty minutes later, they arrived. He found a place to park and he turned to her and said, “Jesus, Sara, I could stay in the car with you all afternoon, you doing that to me!”

“Jason, don’t you even think about it! I

want to see guys with guys and we’re going to that theatre!” Jason put up his hands in mock surrender and said, “Okay! Okay! We’ll go! But first, you need to know some more stuff.” Sara rolled her eyes but listened attentively.

“Sara, I can’t stress this enough. I don’t want you out of my sight! If one of us goes to the bathroom, then we both go! And something I didn’t mention before, Sara: I don’t know how much you’re going to watch and how much you might participate. But you need to know that the choice you make is entirely your own. Don’t let anyone, myself included, ever force anything on you if you don’t want it. You can also stop whatever you’re doing, even if you’re half way through it. Are we clear on that?”

“Yes, very clear, Jason. You really take protecting me seriously and I love you for that!”

“Then let’s go have a time. Not a word until we get past the ticket counter!”

They opened the door and went up the narrow stairs to the 1st level. Jason paid for both of them at the ticket counter and pointed out the bathroom to Sara. There was also a small area that had DVD’s and blurays for sale. They went through a closed door to a small room with about 10 mismatched chairs and a large TV which was showing straight porn. They were the only ones here. The only light was from the TV and the exit sign above the door.

Jason indicated they should sit in a somewhat hidden area. Sara’s hand immediately went to his crotch, as she had been doing in the car earlier. “Sara, are you okay? We can go home now or leave anytime you want.”

“Jason, I’m fine!” Sara said, managing to sound both pleased and exasperated at his protectiveness. “Other than the fact that I’m so excited, I’m about to jump out of my skin! Is this it?” she added, looking around, somewhat disappointed.

“No, this is only the warm up. Another flight of stairs (he indicated it with his head) is the next level. That’s where most of the action happens. There’s another room like this with gay porn on the TV. There’s also 4 small booths which have glory holes.” (Sara nodded, indicating that she knew what they were, although she had never seen one.)

“There’s an alcove that has a bench which is very dark and private. Finally, you’ll see lots of guys standing in the hallway, advertising themselves. Often enough, guys will be openly stroking themselves in the Escort Demetevler main room and someone else will reach out to help them. Some of them like to be as discreet as possible and others like to show off.”

“Can we go to the next level now, Jason?” Sara asked as she gave his cock a particularly good squeeze. They both stood up and Jason couldn’t resist kissing her, his hands on her ass.

“Jesus, Sara, you don’t know how excited I am about being here with you! And I’m more than pleased that you’re excited about exploring your sexuality and that you want me to share in that. This is beyond my wildest dreams!”

They went up to the next level, the staircase being even narrower than the one before. At the top of the stairs, they did a 180 and went down a short hallway to the gay theatre. Mismatched chairs were arranged in a rough semi- circle around the TV. Gay porn was on and there was no sound. There was no one else present in this area.

“We might be the 1st ones here. That gives me a bit of time to show you around, but I hope, for both our sakes, that it won’t be a slow day,” Jason whispered, in case there was someone else in the rest of the theatre (which was dark enough and had enough hidden alcoves that there could well be someone else there.) “We’ll go into the other area, which is darker and will allow our eyes to adjust more quickly.”

Jason led the way, making sure Sara stayed close to him. He showed her the doors of each of the private rooms with their attendant glory holes. He had her slip into an alcove that a guy would occupy if he were taking advantage of the glory hole.

Since the room was unoccupied, the glory hole had a sliding panel across it, which could be slid open from the inside. The opening was oblong to accommodate varying heights. “Have you ever used one of these, Jason?” Sara whispered. Jason held up his hand, indicating he would answer her in a moment.

“First, I want to show you the private alcove that’s really dark.” Jason took a few steps with his hand out in front of him, gingerly, and turned a corner. (It was dark enough here that he knew he would bump into someone before he was able to see them.)

There was no one there and Jason took Sara’s hand, letting her feel the bench and then having her sit down with him. They were pretty close together, the alcove only being about three feet wide.

“Are you okay, Miss – oops, Mister Jumpy Skin?” Sara squeezed his cock by way of answer. He took a deep breath and answered her earlier question: “Yes, Sara, I have used the glory hole before – just once, the last time I was here.”

Jason continued, “I usually like skin on skin contact with partners but I had been there about 6 hours and I hadn’t cum yet. This guy had just slid open the panel and I took advantage of it.”

“He started sucking me right away – I can’t describe the feeling of being sucked without being able to see your partner or know just what he’s going to do. I wonder if a blindfold would accomplish the same thing.”

“Did you cum, Jason?”

“Oh yeah! I’ve always found that thinking about sex for a period of time before sex makes for a more satisfying climax. I came like a banshee!”

As Jason had been speaking, they could hear that a few others had come up the stairs. Jason knew (from experience) that they would likely be congregated in the TV room at first. “Want to go into the TV room, Sara?”

“Whatever you want, Jason – I’m in your hands!” She giggled and stood up in front of him, lifting her loose top and drawing his hands to her breasts. He groaned and rubbed her nipples under his palms, After a minute of fondling, he broke away, saying, “Fuck! You sure know how to get me all riled up, Sara! But let’s see if we can get some action for you to watch.”

He drew her top down and motioned to her that she should precede him out of the alcove and into the TV room. He was right behind her, guiding her, as she wasn’t familiar enough with the place yet.

There were 3 others already in the TV room. A guy with a flamboyant mustache had his cock out and was openly stroking himself. Another guy with baggy shorts was stroking himself inside his shorts and a younger bald guy was watching Mustache (with an occasional glance at Baggy) much more than the TV.

Mustache made no attempt to cover himself as he looked the newcomers over with a frankly appraising eye. Apparently he liked what he saw as he lifted his ass and brought his jeans down to his ankles, now fully exposing himself. His expression made it clear that he would welcome some attention.

Jason nudged Sara, asking her with his eyes if she would like to suck him. She whispered, “I’d rather suck you, Jason. That might encourage some of the others. Are you okay with that?”

By way of answer, Jason led them to two seats, taking his cock out as he sat down. Seating Sara beside him, on the far side of the room away from the other patrons, he put Sara’s hand on himself and she leaned over, taking him in her mouth. It wasn’t long before she stopped and brought her face to his.

She asked him (with mimes) if she could get on her knees in front of him and take his shorts down further. He nodded yes, and she did just that, Jason helping by lifting his rump. He put his hands on her shoulders, caressing her.

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