Jan’s Bisexual Fantasy With Carole

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Jan’s bisexual fantasy with her friend Carole

Carole was proud of her big tits and ever since they started to develop when she was a teenager at school she was happy to show them off. Now, just over 40 years old and divorced she still took every opportunity to flaunt them. Since her divorce most of her sexual pleasure has come from the frequent use of her rabbit vibrator.

She had just had a nice experience with twin brothers who had come to see her car that she had advertised. She reckoned they were slightly younger than her and in her eyes were very fit and fuckable.

What’s more is that they were black.

As usual she was wearing a low cut top and was more than happy when she noticed that they couldn’t take their eyes off her tits.

She flirted outrageously with the twins and when asked them, ‘do people find it hard to work put who is who?’

One of answered, ‘well my cock is much larger than his.’

To which the other one replied, ‘well everyone one knows that black guys cocks are big anyway, and you can only cum once and you don’t last very long.’

Carole could feel herself getting damp between her legs and was more than willing to fuck them both. Sadly for her they were both short of time and they had to leave quickly. They had a look at the car and liked it and asked if they could come back another day. Carole was more than happy and they agreed for them to return in a couple of days’ time. As Carole led them to the door she was already making plans for that meeting.

As she stood at the gate seeing them off her neighbour from across the road Jan appeared and she walked over to her and asked how she was.

Carole said, ‘Fucking hell Jan, you should have seen those two black guys. I thought I was on for a threesome, come in and I’ll tell you.’

Jan followed her friend into her lounge and they say on the sofa. Carole poured a glass of wine even thought it was still rather early. She started relating to Jan how the conversation and flirting had gone and mentioned the comments about their cocks.

‘I have to tell you the thought of it has made me fucking horny. I’ve never had a black cock but fuck do I want one now,’ she admitted. ‘Anyway they’re coming back in a few days and bringing a deposit for the car and I have to admit the thought of having a threesome with them is really turning me on. Hey Jan how about you joining us – what do you think?’

‘Oh I don’t know, I don’t get much sex from hubby these days so, maybe, let me think about.’ Jan replied.

‘Just think about those two big black cocks, Jan,’ she said.

They finished their wine and Jan went back across the road to her place. Her mind kept going back to what Carole had suggested. Her husband James was not really interested in sex these days and had to rely on her fingers and her vibrator for her sexual satisfaction. One of the things that really appealed to her was that she might be able to get it on with Carole. She had fancied her for a while but couldn’t pluck up courage to see whether the feeling was mutual. They hadn’t had sex for a while and Jan was getting frustrated. The more she thought about what Carole had suggested excited her. She could feel herself getting damp between the legs. She knew her husband was asleep and she put her hand down there and felt herself.

She was a lot wetter than she realised and she slipped a finger inside her pussy. She needed to cum. She quietly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She left the light off so that it didn’t woke James up. She sat down on the bathroom floor with her back against the bath bursa evi olan escort and pulled her nightie up. Her hand went down between her legs and a finger slipped easily inside her. She imagined it was Carole’s finger sliding in and out of her wet cunt. She found her clit and massaged it. In her mind she was calling out, ‘Oh Carole darling, that’s wonderful, finger fuck me darling, make me cum.’

Her orgasm was almost instantaneous and her body started throbbing as she had one of the most intense climaxes for a very long time. She made her way back to her bed. Her husband was still sound asleep and she lay there with that wonderful post climax feeling. Seconds before she fell asleep she had made up her mind about Carole and the black twins.

The next day James went off to work and she quickly rang Carole and told her she had made a decision to join her and the two black guys when they came back. Carole was delighted. Although the two of them had often chatted about their sex lives, that was all that had happened – just talking.

Carole told Jan that the twins were going round to her place on Friday evening at about 7. Jan said she would tell her husband that they were both going out for a girly night out.

For the rest of the week Jan was a bundle of nerves. She had never been unfaithful to James although she had been tempted a few times but now she was going through with it. On Friday she dressed as if she was going for a girly night out – not too daring to make James suspicious but as tartily as she could get away with.

Fortunately it was winter time so it was dark when she left the house and James didn’t see her simply cross the road to Carole’s house.

She rang the doorbell and Carole let her in. As she followed her friend into the lounge she couldn’t take her eyes off her stocking clad legs and high heel shoes. Carole had already poured two glasses of wine and handed one to Jan. She said, ‘Boy do I need this to steady my nerves.’

Carole had a very low cut top on with a push up bra which almost pushed her tits up and over the top of her t shirt. Jan thought to herself, ‘I want to suck those.’

Both the girls were clearly aroused as they chatted about what might happen. They kept looking at the clock and a few minutes later they heard a car draw up outside and a door slam. The doorbell rang and they smiled at each other and Carole said, ‘OK babe here goes.’

Carole went and opened the door and was shocked and disappointed to see only one of the twins standing there. He said, ‘Matthew sends his apologies but he had to work late tonight – sorry.’

The look on Carole’s face was of utter disappointment and as they went into the lounge.

Carole quickly introduced them to each other and told Jan what Steve had said about his brother. Steve said, ‘Look ladies don’t be disappointed, we all know why I’m here and I can assure you I’m more than capable of looking after both of you.’

He laughed and said, ‘After all I’m not the twin with the big cock but I am the one who can cum many times.’

The girls both laughed and Carole handed Steve a glass of wine. The three of them sat on the sofa with Steve in the middle. As Carole sat down her skirt rose up and exposed stockings and suspenders. Steve put his glass down and put a hand on both of the girls knees and said, ‘why don’t you two girls put on a little show for me, you know, undress each other and play with each other.

Carole immediately said, ‘Oh no we don’t do that sort of thing.’

But as far as Jan was concerned this was just what altıparmak escort she had been waiting for and said, ‘Oh come on Carole, he’s come all this way, we can put on a little show for him.’

Jan stood up and held her hand out to Carole and pulled her up. She put her arms round her friend and kissed her on the lips. At first it was just a momentary kiss but Jan persisted with it and soon their lips were locked together. When Carole felt her friend’s tongue pushing against her lips she willingly opened her mouth and took it in. Jan loved the taste of Carole’s deep red lipstick as their tongues met in each other’s mouth.

Both Jan and Carole were getting aroused and when Jan broke away from the kiss and lifted one of Carole’s tits out of her bra a t shirt she was amazed at how big her nipple was. She leaned down and took it in between her lips and sucked deeply on it. Carole had her eyes closed as she stood there getting more and more aroused. Jan put her hand down and lifted her skirt and put her hand between her friend’s legs.

Carole willingly parted them to allow her friend access to her private parts. Jan could feel Carole’s wetness through her panties and slowly rubbed her through the soft silky material.

Steve was enjoying the show and had taken his trousers and pants down and was slowly stroking his large black cock. He thought about joining in but was enjoying watching the girls. Carole had now responded by releasing her friend’s tits and was squeezing and pinching her huge nipples. They were now so engrossed in each other’s pleasure that they had almost forgotten about Steve.

Jan said, ‘Sit down on the sofa.’

Carole did as she was told. Jan took her friend’s skirt and panties down and Steve lifted her t shirt over her head and took off her bra. Jan knelt on the floor in between Carole’s legs and started slowly running her tongue up and down her friend’s very wet slit. Steve was pinching and squeezing one of her nipples while sucking the other one. Carole was stroking Steve’s cock.

Jan reached forward and slid a finger inside Carole’s soaking wet pussy while she continued licking her. Her mouth and face was getting soaked with Carole’s cunt juices and she loved it. She loved the taste and smell of her friend’s juices. Carole’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier as her climax got closer and closer. Jan moved on to her clit and quickly found it and managed to clamp her lips round it, She sucked on it and nibbled on it.

Carole shouted out, ‘oh my god, I’m cumming, lick my clit, suck it, oh fuck, I’m cumming.’

Jan just kept on sucking as she felt her friend’s whole body shake and tremble as an almighty climax crashed through her body.

As her climax subsided Jan sat up and looked at her friend’s face and saw a look of unbelievable pleasure on it. She licked her lips and tasted her friend’s cunt juices and simply adored the taste.

Steve said to Jan, ‘I think it must be our turn now, don’t you?’

Steve said, ‘Lie on the floor.’

Jan undressed and did as she was told. Not only had she never had another cock inside her since she had been married she had never had a black cock in her life. Steve got in between her legs and slid his cock inside her. Jan was already very wet and it slid in easily. Jan was a little disappointed with the position as it was in the missionary position that she had sex with James.

However, as soon as he was inside her she realised that he was much larger than her husband and when he thrust deep inside her and then slowly almost withdrew and gemlik escort then plunged deep inside again she realised that this was totally different and she was going to get a really good fucking.

Carole now knelt beside her and started playing with Jan’s huge nipples. ‘Suck them for me, make them hurt,’ she said. Carole did as her friend asked and loved it as she felt her nipples grow even harder and larger in her mouth.

Jan was approaching her climax as Steve continued fucking her, she loved how deep it was going in and with the pleasure she got from her nipples being sucked and abused she soon had the mind numbing climax her body so badly needed. A few minutes later and Steve was pumping his hot spunk deep inside her.

The three of them had now cum and they sat and relaxed. The girls were sitting either side of Steve and gently playing with his black cock and trying to induce another hard on. Within minutes he was rock hard again.

Jan could feel Steve’s cum trickling out of her pussy and before she could do anything about it Carole was on her knees in between Jan’s legs and licking his cum as it trickled out of her friend’s pussy. Needless to say this arousing Jan again and she lay back with her eyes closed and her mouth open. Steve started playing with her nipples and within minutes Jan could sense another climax approaching. Cumming more than once was something that never ever happened with James. Seconds later she was screaming out with pleasure as she had yet another huge orgasm.

Carole asked Steve, ‘can you cum again? I want to suck you off.’

Steve replied, ‘you bet I can.’

Steve sat on the sofa and Carole knelt in between his legs. His black cock was already hard and Carole opened her mouth and took it all in. She clamped her deep red lips around the head and started sucking. One of her hands rubbed the shaft and was virtually wanking him into her mouth. Her other hand was squeezing his balls.

The sight of Carole’s lovely round arse was too much for Jan to resist and she moved behind her. She reached between her friend’s legs and started rubbing her cunt which by now was getting very wet again. Carole loved the feelings she was getting as Jan carried on finger fucking her. But Jan wanted more and she lay on her back and slid underneath her friend and soon she had her mouth in line with Carole’s cunt. She started licking it very slowly and loved the taste as her friend’s cunt juices flowed out of her and onto her mouth and face.

This is what Jan had fantasised for a long time and now it was actually happening as she ran her tongue all over Carole’s cunt lips. The pleasure Carole was getting was so intense she almost had trouble concentrating on sucking Steve’s cock.

She rubbed him faster and sucked him harder. She felt some of his precum leak into her mouth and knew he wasn’t far away. A few more rubs and sucks and suddenly he exploded in her mouth shooting spurt after spurt of hot cum into her mouth. She collapsed down onto Steve’s chest as Jan brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

Jan had now found her clit and just a few little nibbles and a huge amount of sucking and she was almost ejaculating over her friend’s mouth and face. It was the most intense climax she had ever experienced.

Carole managed to throw herself back on the sofa totally exhausted. Her legs were wide apart with her juices still flowing out of her. Her eyes were closed and as she opened her mouth Steve’s cum started dribbling out of it. The sight of it running over her deep red lipstick was sensational.

Although Jan was not a lover of make cum she licked the cum off her friend’s face and then kissed her passionately on the lips and transferred Steve’s cum back into her mouth.

Jan had at last made her bi fantasy come true and seeing the way Carole had enjoyed it she was sure it wouldn’t be the last time they pleasured each other.

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