Janie and Me: How I Lost… Ch. 02

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Janie and Me: How I Lost My Cherry To Another Girl Ch. 02

I kissed back and before long Janie’s hands were up inside the T-shirt I’d borrowed squeezing my firm, full 34 C’s. As we kissed she caressed my tits-she flicked my nipples with her fingers and pinched and rolled them-to which I responded with tons of moans…she probably thought I was crazy or faking…but I was just so totally hot. I could feel the juices as they started to run from my little virgin cunt-So untouched and un-plundered just jumping to be invaded.

She laid me back against the pillows and removed the T-shirt and hers too as she kissed and licked her way to my supple breasts. As she hung there like a chestnut haired angel above me, I couldn’t help but wrap my hands around her luscious tits and just knead them like dough…gently running my hands across another girls nipples for the first time was something I can’t even put into words.

Janie was 21 and she was ¼ Cherokee Indian-it definitely showed. Her long dark hair tickled my body as pendik otele gelen escort she kissed her way down. Her tan skin glistened with the sweat of excitement. I sat up and pulled her in to meet me-we kneeled there on the bed tits to tits and touched and caressed-eyes sparkling with passion’s newest flame. I knew that this would not be the last time that I would be with her…

Janie’s dark brown areolas staring out at me- I gently lowered my head and tentatively touched my tongue to one of her long, supple nipples. She let out a low giggling mummer as I licked again and then as I could hear and feel her rising excitement I began to flick her nipple furiously with my tongue. I nibbled-I sucked it in and made a meal of the first set of tits I’d ever touched.

Janie’s excitement building had me squirming-there would be no objections as she slid her hand inside my g-string as I licked and sucker her bountiful breasts. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she pendik rus escort realized how excited I was by her-her smell-her touch-her body-

That first touch was heaven, the first soft caress, and her long soft fingers brushing over my clit. We kissed and I massaged her tits in my hands as she fingered my clit in a way that I had never been touched before-sending jolts of electricity through every inch of my young 18 year-old horny body.

She gently touched a finger to my hole, just running it down my slit a bit and found me to be dripping with approval. She laid one finger against my hole and pushed gently against it with out actually going in to see what my reaction would be…and I quaked with excitement. Janie leaned in to me and asked if I was sure…and I could barely whisper -yes- please- between the short panting breaths that were now escaping my lips.

That first hot rush as she pushed inside of me, the tingling as she thrust a finger in and out of my tight little pussy pendik sarışın escort was something that has been unequalled to this day. I felt my legs starting to give way beneath me-Janie quickly but smoothly slid me back against the pillows. She laid on top me kissing me and running her fingers through my hair while using the finger to fuck me like it was her cock as I moaned and panted in her ear.

Kissing her way back down to my breasts she stopped briefly to give them each a squeeze-tug of the nipple with the teeth and a blow of cool air to see just how erect she could make them. Snaking her way down to my belly she made me wriggle with her soft slow touches and places that had always been just tickle spots before- turned into new and uncharted erogenous zones that would forever bring me pleasure now that they’d finally been awakened. Instead of jumping away in laughter from a tickle I now felt myself pressing my body into the soft touches with a gasp of pleasure.

When Janie reached my tan line she stopped. She got off the bed at the bottom and started all over again at my toes. The feel of her wet hot tongue as it slid up the inside of my thighs was a first touch experience I’ll never forget. Finally rubbing her thumb across my clit as she gently touched her lips to mine I think I came right then and there for the first time in my life.

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