Janes Calamity

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The dirty, broken sign said “Welcome to Bloodstone”. Jane rode alone along the dusty track, into the small town. It didn’t look very welcoming. A few rough looking men loitered the street, they were all dirty and unshaven and just starred at her as she slowly rode past.

Four days ago, Jane had rode into her sisters’ small ranch, up north. She was looking forward to seeing her sister and niece again after drifting for a while, earning money by gambling and bounty hunting. She soon learnt that her sixteen-year-old niece, Amy had ran away with a man. A scum-bag gambler named Jason Mathews, who Jane and her sister both disliked, but who Amy thought she loved.

Her sister was worried sick and so was Jane, she knew the savage world around her and was wise to it, but Amy was just eighteen and innocent, and that idiot Mathews didn’t have the sense to protect her. So Jane promised her sister she would find Amy and bring her back. She wasted no time getting on the trail of Amy and Mathews, and asked around wherever she went.

Now it bought her here in this Shit-hole of a town. Jane didn’t like the thought of Amy spending any time here. She knew this type of place; a wild fringe town, dominated by bandit gangs, with a corrupt sheriff allowing a high level of lawlessness. It was no place for a young woman. Jane felt uneasy, but she had to find her runaway niece before any harm came to her.

She stopped outside the Saloon and dismounted then tied her horse to the railing. A couple of older men were sitting on a bench outside the saloon. She heard them commenting, “Hey looky at that Bill, that cowboy’s got big melon tits.”

“Yeah I noticed, best thing I seen all week, reckon she’ll let us have a squeeze.”

Jane strode up to them, she chose to ignore their comments. “Have you seen this girl?” She asked them holding out a sepia photograph she had of Amy.

One of the old fellows seemed to study the photograph carefully, the other was intensely studying her chest.
“Might have seen her a few days ago, not sure though. Why don’t you ask the boys inside, they can be real friendly.”

“Thanks I will.”

Jane entered the dank Saloon and the first thing she noticed was the strong stink of unwashed men. The room was filled with rough bandit types and all their eyes seemed to turn to her. There wasn’t a woman to be seen. She strode confidently up to the bar, she wasn’t going to be intimidated by the room full of starring eyes and lusty grins.

“What can I get you luv?” the big, stocky barman asked her chest.

“Whiskey.” said Jane, she produced the photo of Amy “…I’m looking for my niece, has she come through here?”

The barman poured her a shot of whiskey then took the photo and studied it,“Nope never seen her before, pretty girl though.”

Jane was studying his face as he looked at the picture and spoke, her gambling instincts told her he was lying.

Jane downed the shot of whiskey and pondered her next move. Then she felt a hand on her ass and a gruff voice said, “I got five bucks for ya sweetheart, how about you show me a good time?”

With great speed Jane turned and grabbed the hand and snapped the middle finger. The big bearded man let out a high pitched wail of pain and grabbed his hand. Several other men stood up and approached her. “Now that wasn’t very lady-like.” said one of them.

“Who the hell said I was a lady?” replied Jane, standing defensively, “I don’t want no trouble, I’m just lookin’ for my niece.”

“Oh we do want trouble.” said the man as he came at her.

Jane Quickly grabbed the whiskey bottle and smashed it over his head. Another man punched her hard in the ribs. She turned and stabbed him in the guts with the broken bottle. She dodged a third mans’ punch and sent him reeling with a left hook. Jane couldn’t believe how fast it had come to this, she knew she couldn’t fight them all off so she drew her pistols, pointing them at the men closest to her, causing them to stop.

“Anyone else wanna fuck with me?” she called out “…You’ll get a fuckin’ bullet.”

Then came a sudden blow to the back of the head that knocked her unconscious, the big barman had whacked her with the butt of his shotgun.


As Jane slowly came around, all she was aware of was an intense headache. Then she was aware of a pain in her arms, she tried to move them but couldn’t. Her eyes suddenly flipped open, and she looked around as her mind screamed out that she was in danger. A bare gaol cell was all she saw, brick walls, iron bars, a dirty bed and a bucket in the corner. Sunlight streamed in from the small, barred window.

She became aware that she was left hanging by her arms which were tied up to the bars. She was able to stand and took the strain off her sore arms above her. Jane looked down and to her horror she saw that her shirt had been unbuttoned and her bra was removed, her large breasts were exposed in front of her. ‘Those Bastards!’ she thought, the last thing she remembered was fighting those unruly thugs in the Saloon.

“Hey, sheriff she’s come around.” She heard a man call out from the open cell door beside her. A man entered the cell, he was a stocky, ugly man in his forties. He was wearing a black hat and dark coat with a sheriffs star pinned on it, Jane saw two other men with him.

“Get me down from here!” Jane demanded. “You’re a law-man, you can’t treat me this way!”

“I’ll treat outlaws any way I see fit!” replied the sheriff. “You come into my town starting trouble, and you gotta deal with me!”

“I didn’t start any trouble, those Pricks in the Saloon did.”

“Who cares? I got me a big set of tits to play with!” The Sheriff moved forward and grabbed Janes tits, groping and squeezing them.

“Let go of me you Perverted Fuck!” Jane spat out angrily, and drove her knee into the sheriffs crotch making him double over in pain.

“AAAGH FUCKIN’ BITCH!! …Get her pants off!” He ordered.

Jane kicked and struggled as the men undid her pants, and slowly pulled them off as she made it as difficult as possible. “Your problem bitch, is you think you’re a man. Wearing pants, getting’ into bar fights!”

The Sheriff approached her again, this time the others made sure they had a hold of her legs. “We’re gunna have to show you what you are!” He roughly pulled down her baggy white underwear, revealing a bushy patch of brown pubic hair and the mound of her vagina. He roughly rubbed his fingers on her pussy lips.

“Aaaagh No!, Stop that you Bastard! You’ve got no right!” Jane yelled.

The Sheriff just gave her a cruel smile. “Yeah, I’m gunna fuck you good, bitch!” He turned to the others “Get her down, we’ll fuck her on the bed.”

The other men laughed and cheered as they untied her. Jane struggled and fought like a wild stallion as they pushed her onto the bed and held her down on her back. “Spread her wide for me boys!” the men got hold of her legs and pulled them wide apart.

The Sheriff had his hard cock out. “Looks like you didn’t do any damage, whore, I‘m ready to go!”

“You rape me, you Ass-hole and I promise, I’ll fucking kill you!” Jane said angrily.

The Sheriff just smiled and got between her legs. He pushed his cock-head past the lips and thrust the whole length inside Jane. “Aaaaagh Ungh” Jane gritted her teeth in pain.

The Sheriff gave a few more hard thrusts. “…You’re fuckin’ dry bitch!” he said pulling it out again.

He spat on his hand and roughly penetrated Jane with two wet fingers. He pulled them out again and wiped more spit on his cock, before pushing it back in. His ass bobbed up and down as he fucked with deep pounding strokes.

Jane couldn’t believe this was happening, her worst nightmare, she was being violated by a man. She was helpless to do anything gaziantep lezbiyen as the hard cock painfully thrust deep into her again and again. The Sheriff began groping and squeezing her tits again. He moaned in pleasure as he fucked her, which made Jane furious. How could her body be giving him pleasure, when she wanted nothing more than to make him suffer.

Eventually the Sheriff said, “Uh, Uh, Yeah! I’m Cumming!” and Jane felt sick, as she felt a hot, wet load of cum spill out inside her. He Pulled his cock out of the violated cunt, “Ah yeah, that was good! Who’s next?” One of the men released his grip on her and she took the opportunity to strike out fiercely but the Sheriff was quick to grab her again.

“Whoa!” he said, “…She is a wild one. At least she’ll be nice and wet for you now, Frank.”

“Thanks boss, she looks like a good bit of pussy!” He rubbed his cock at the opening for a few seconds then pushed it in. ‘Oh god, not again’ thought Jane ‘all three of them are going to rape me’.

She felt a horrible squishiness in her cum-filled pussy as it started getting fucked again. At least it was less painful than being fucked dry. Her big tits were being continually man-handled by all three of them. Jane had no choice but to endure the rape as it went on and on. Eventually Frank came in her pussy, just as the Sheriff had. Cum dribbled out of her when he pulled out.

Jane braced herself for another rape as the third man got into position. His cock penetrated the soaking wet cunt and he began bouncing his ass between her thighs for several minutes like the other men had. She was relieved when she felt him spill his cum inside her, ‘thank god, now this ordeal is over.’

“Did you enjoy that bitch?” said the Sheriff, “Getting fucked by three hard cocks!, bet you feel like a real whore now!”

“I am going to kill you bastard, bet on that!”

The Sheriff laughed “Well, I better not let you go then. …Come on boys.” The three men left the cell and locked it, leaving her lying naked on the bed, with cum dribbling out of her violated cunt.


Jane tried to clean herself up and got herself dressed again, her boomer knickers had been ripped off and she didn’t know where her bra was, so she had no underwear.

The sheriff and another man had left the building, leaving one of the deputies there. Jane seethed in her cell. It wasn’t her style to feel sorry for herself, she just tried to think how she could escape from here, make good on her death threat and resume her mission to find Amy.

She looked out the small cell window and saw a horse stable with a few horses in the yard, she recognised her own brown and white horse there. She thought about Amy, the barman was hiding something, maybe she could get to the bottom of it. She went to the cell door, she could see Frank in the next room, he was just sitting at the desk getting stuck into a bottle of whiskey. “HEY! …Frank is it?” she called out.

Frank turned to her surprised. “What is it whore? You want some more dick?”

“I wanna know what happened to my niece, she was here wasn’t she?”

Frank stood up and casually wandered over to her. “Your niece eh!, she young and pretty, petite, got brown hair like yours, and pert little titties?”

“Yes, have you seen her?” Jane said hopefully.

“Real tight ass-hole, moans like a whore when she’s getting fucked?”

Janes heart sank. Did they rape her as well? Or was he just messing with her head? “What did you bastards do to her?”

“I think you should ask the sheriff that. But don’t worry, I think you’re a better fuck. You got bigger tits, and more fight in you.” Frank walked away again.


A couple of hours later the sun set, and the cell became dark and gloomy. The sheriffs office was lit with kerosene lamps. The Sheriff had returned to the cell. “What have you done to my niece?” she asked him.

“You mean sweet little Amy?”

“Yes, you fuckers had better not have hurt her!”

“She’s fine. In fact I’ll take you to her.” He instructed his deputy to open the cell. Janes’ pulse quickened, now could be her chance to escape. But he said he would take her to Amy. She decided she had to know where Amy was first, then they had to escape together.

Jane let the two deputies grab her arms, then, lead by the sheriff, she was marched out of her cell and through the office. She noticed a well used bed in the corner. The Sheriff must sleep there.

Jane was surprised to be taken across the street, back to the Saloon. Its’ lights spilling out onto the street and the noise of drunken rowdiness was coming from it. The men all stopped and starred as she was dragged through the doors. Then the room was filled with their laughter, obscenities an perverted suggestions.

“That fuckin’ whore!” yelled a man approaching them “…my finger hurts like a motherfucker!” he pointed out a poorly bandaged finger. “…Just give me an hour alone with the bitch, I’ll teach her suffering.”

“No you won’t!” said the Sheriff, stopping him getting any closer. “She belongs to me now, and I don’t want anyone damaging her.”

Jane was pulled through the room toward the staircase. A sea of lusty hands grabbed at her tits and face. They forced her up the stairs. The stocky barman joined them. “Hey Bob, we got a visitor for young Amy.” said the Sheriff.

“She’s with a customer right now.”

‘A customer?!’ thought Jane, her heart sank ‘oh no!, not that!”

“We’ll see her anyway.” said the Sheriff.

They dragged Jane down the corridor and opened a door. Jane didn’t want to see what was inside, but they forced her in. The room stank of sex. Jane took in the horrible sight of a fat, hairy naked man on a double bed, laying naked under him with his cock inside her was Amy. She looked so small and helpless under the big man, she just lay there not moving.

“What the fuck?” said the fat man. “Hey I’m not done with this whore yet!”

“There she is Jane, she’s a good little earner for me and Bob!” said the Sheriff.

“You sick Bastards!” said Jane. “She’s only sixteen.”

“Aunt Jane!” said Amy, only just realizing she was there. She looked at her aunt hopefully, her eyes looked red and puffy from crying, “…help me!”.

“She’s a real little slut now.” said the Sheriff. “…Been fucked by everyone in town.”

“Hey do you mind?” said the fat man giving Amy a few more thrusts. “I paid my five bucks for this bitch!”

“Allright lets go fellas.” said the Sheriff.

“No! …Amy, I’ll get you out of here, I promise!” Jane struggled as she was dragged out again.

Back out in the corridor Jane was fuming again, “DAMN YOU, EVIL BASTARD!, You can’t do this! Let her go now!”

“She Come to town with some loser four days ago.” said the Sheriff, “He seemed to offend someone in the Saloon, and got shot. The men took a liking to this young girl, she would have been gang-raped, tortured and probably killed if I hadn‘t stepped in. Now if anyone harms her, they answer to me. She‘s doin‘ this town a great service. Women, even whores, don‘t like to stay here. And men gotta fuck.”

They took her to another room like the one Amy was in. “Now you can help her out by sharing her work-load.”

“NO! NEVER, You sick fuck!”

“Strip her and the tie her up to the bed. She’s a fighter this one.”

Jane yelled and struggled violently as the three men, with great difficulty tore off her clothes, and tied her arms to the steel railings at the head of the bed. One of the deputies began to tie her in a spread eagle position. “No wait. Bend her legs up and tie them to the top of the bed.” instructed the Sheriff. “That way they’ve got access to her pussy and ass-hole.”

They struggled with her some more and eventually managed to get her secured in the degrading position with her feet tied to the head of the bead and her crotch and ass sticking out in front of her. Jane let fly with a steady stream of angry obscenities. “God damn boss, I see what you mean by ‘a fighter’, I’m exhausted.”

“Yeah, we better gag her mouth too, I don’t want anyone getting bitten. She’s a wild filly, we need to break her in and tame her. Hey Bob, lets give Amy a break, tell all the boys that this bitch is free tonight only, first come, first serve. Just be sure to keep Cletus away from her.”

Jane was gagged with a piece of cloth. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She blew her chance to escape and now she was going to be raped again, many times. “Your in for a cock filled night bitch!” The Sheriff teased the bound and gagged Jane. “…You’re gunna get your brains fucked out!” he laughed. He leant over and prodded at her exposed ass-hole. “Tell you what, that little bum freckle is doing things to me, I bet you’re a backdoor virgin huh? Yeah, I’d like to be the first to fuck that tight little hole!”

“Nnnnngh…..nnngh…strrrrrr” Jane cried out into the gag as he got out his cock and stroked it hard.

His deputies cheered him on as he got onto the bed and positioned himself at her ass. He spat on his hand and rubbed it onto his cock. The Sherrif took hold of his cock and pressed the fat cock head into the small anal opening. Jane screamed into the gag as he slowly forced the sphincter open and pushed his member down into the clenching hole.

“Ahhh yeah! You are a tight assed bitch!”

The Sheriff leant over her and pulled his cock back before thrusting it into her again. He looked into her teary eyes as he sodomised her with long hard strokes. Jane couldn’t believe how painful the ass-fucking was. The cock in her ass felt huge and extremely uncomfortable, and she just wanted desperately for it to get out of her ass. But it didn’t, it just continued to fuck her.

Jane tested the bonds, struggling to get free, but she found she was secured tightly, she had no hope of stopping her painful ass-rape. “How do you like taking it up the ass bitch? Does that feel good? I reckon it feels fuckin’ good.” It seemed to go on and on until he came inside her, just like he did with her pussy.

The cock came out of the clenching ass-hole with a plop. Jane just felt relieved that that thing was finally out of her ass. The Sheriff got up off the bed. “Reckon I’ll be doin’ that again.” he said. He went to leave the room. ”…You boys be quick if you want another go. Then she’s open for business.”

Frank was quick to get on the bed and get his hard cock out. “Yeah I wanna try this ass-hole out.”

Jane was filled with dread as the cock pushed its way in and she got that horrible feeling of a big dick in her ass again. Then the horrible feeling of it pounding her as the stretched ring of her anus squeezed the moving shaft and the fat cock-head pushed deep into her bowels over and over again.

She had to endure it for several minutes until it came, shooting another hot load inside her, and pulling out from the tight grip of the hole. It was soon replace with another cock, as the other deputy continued the anal assault.

When the deputies were done with her, they left the room. There was a long line of men down the corridor and along the staircase. The man at the front of the line said, “All-right, now I can get me some free pussy!”.

Jane saw the big bearded man enter the room and drop his pants. He looked over the bound woman. “Oh, into bondage are we melon tits?” He got on the bed and his big hands groped at her tits. He looked at her violated ass-hole with cum leaking from it. “Yer into anal as well, that’s good!” His big cock was hard and he pushed it into her ass-hole. Jane couldn’t believe it, she was getting another ass-rape, these brutes weren’t going to show her any mercy.

The man violently thrust his big dick up her ass as he squeezed and groped her tits until he was done. Leaving her with another load of cum up her throbbing, busted anus. He left the room and straight away another man came in. He didn’t waste any time getting on the bed. At least this man didn’t put it in her ass, penetrating her vagina instead. Janes pussy was still tender from getting raped three times earlier in the day, and it hurt as the dick pounded into her. Once again the rape continued until he came and pulled out.

The man left and another hairy, rough looking man came in. ‘Oh God’ thought Jane, ‘how long is this going to go on for. They’re raping me one after the other. I’m going to lose my fuckin’ mind’’. The man stuck his hard dick up her sore ass. Then There was the continual pushing, as her hole milked off the invading prick.

Her tits were getting sore from all the squeezing and groping and her legs were sore from being tied up in that awkward position. Jane hated being so helpless, at the mercy of all these brutes ‘there’s gotta be something I can do.’ she thought.

Her hands were tied with rope at the head of the bed. Even though she was bound tightly, Jane knew that rope could be loosened if you keep applying pressure to it. She tried using her strength to pull her arms apart, the rope didn’t give at all, but one thing Jane learnt in her experience is that persistence pays off. She strained against the rope again, and then again and again.


A few hours passed, the stream of men into Janes room was constant. the Saloon was full of men who had fucked her, with some of them going back to do her again. Word had got around town, and even to bandit gangs camping on the outskirts, that there was a new whore with big tits and tonight she was free, if you waited your turn.

Jane was covered in sweat and cum. Her ass had mercifully gone numb, it was getting used more than her pussy. The faces of these men were blurring into one another, they were all the same to her now. Thrust, thrust, thrust until they cum and get replaced with another.

Jane kept her sanity by concentration on her task, the muscles in her arms burned, and the rope felt like it was cutting her up, but she continued to strain against the rope in short bursts. She was starting to make some progress, the rope had slightly loosened. It wasn’t near enough to set her hands free, but it gave her hope, and she continued on, despite the pain and exhaustion and the constant fucking.

Hour after hour slowly ticked by. Every time a man finished fucking her, Jane hoped it would be the last. But it never was, another man always came in and stuck his dick into her again. ‘God damn it, how many of these beasts are there? surely everyone in town has fucked me now!’ But she recognised some of the men coming back to do her again.

When were their lusts going to be sated? when was the Sheriff going to come in and say that was enough? or was she going to be fucked to death? She continued to work the ropes the whole time. The little progress she made was unfair, considering all the effort she put in just to tell herself not to give up, but she kept at it.

It had been over five hours, five hours of constant fucking, taking cock after cock. A scruffy bearded man was pumping Janes’ bruised, cum-slick pussy until he groaned and pulled out, and stroked it a few times and added to the cum on her belly. He wiped himself with a rag and left the room. Seconds passed and no one entered the room, for the first time that night Jane was alone.

‘Oh please god. Let that be it, let these beast be finally finished with me.” Jane still continued to work the rope, she had to get out of here, she wouldn’t be able to stand another night of that.

Fifteen minutes later, another man entered the room, it was the Bar Keeper. He looked Jane over,
“Phew, you’re a mess girl, all those cocks did a number on you, Sheriff Jackson wanted to break you in, I hope he hasn’t ruined you. I didn’t really agree with his idea of givin’ you away for free, but at least you gave us a big increase in bar sales.” He got a rag and tried to wipe the cum from her crotch and ass. “Good luck tryin’ to find the father if you get pregnant.” he laughed. Then he dropped his pants and stroked his cock, Jane groaned into her gag, the raping still wasn’t over.

“I was the one who bought you down, and I only get to fuck you after everyone else in town has had a piece. At least the ass-hole is still good, no matter how many times its been fucked.” He got on top of Jane and put his cock up her ass. By now it was numb and at least Jane could barely feel it. He fucked her ass like so many others before him and came inside her. He climbed off her again. “Why don’t we call it a night whore?” then he extinguished the kerosene lamp and the room went dark. He left, closing the door.

Jane couldn’t believe he left her like this, still tied up in that horrible position, still messy with cum and sweat. Her tits felt bruised, her insides felt like they’ve been rubbed raw and were filled with the sticky cum of scores of men.

In the darkness, in her mind all she could see were cocks, big hard cocks, she felt like one would be pushed into her any moment and start thrusting away. She shook off the images, and went back to working the rope. Alone in the darkness, with soreness and pain all over her body, and fighting off heavy exhaustion, she continued to strain against her bonds, in short painful bursts.

Hours crawled by, and Jane kept at it, stubbornly refusing to give in and let the exhaustion pull her into sleep. She was definitely making progress loosening her bonds. Then after what seemed like forever she had a breakthrough, the rope slipped open a couple of millimetres.

She tried to pull her hand free, but it wouldn’t go. Jane just grit her teeth and tried harder. She pulled against the steel bed frame with all her might, the rope cut fiercely into her hands. She blocked out the pain and pulled and pulled, until suddenly her hand slipped free. Exhilaration washed over her as she moved her hands in front of her, she unwound the rope and rubbed at her aching wrists. She could feel the wetness of blood, it didn’t surprise her.

Then she removed the gag from her mouth. She moved her arm down and rubbed her sore crotch, getting sticky cum all over her hand. She wiped the cum with the gag and got to work untying the rope around her left ankle. She undid the knot and let her leg slip down onto the bed. She stopped herself moaning in pain, the muscles in her leg were badly cramped. She rubbed her aching thigh. She untied her other leg and did the same.

Finally she was free from her bondage. Her body was sore all over, but it felt good to be able to move and stretch after being held in the same position for so many hours. Jane couldn’t stand straight away. Her legs throbbed painfully as circulation returned to them. Her heart was thudding, she did it, she managed to escape her bonds but she wasn’t out of the woods yet.

When she was able to gingerly stand up, she searched the dark room for her clothes. She found her pants and put them on, cum still leaked out of her holes. She tried to find her shirt for several minutes but couldn’t find it. ‘Where the hell did it go?” Jane decided not to waste any more time, she didn’t know how long she had till dawn, and she wanted her and Amy to be gone by then. She tried the door, it was left unlocked, obviously they thought they didn’t need to lock it with her tied up.

She moved silently down the hallway, to the room Amy was in. Her door was locked. ‘Damn!’ Jane thought, knocking it down would make noise and this would all be for nothing if she got caught. She needed the key. Where would it be?. Then she remembered when the bar keeper dropped his pants before raping her, she heard the jingle of keys. They were in his pants.

Jane crept back along the hallway, he had to sleep in one of these rooms. There were six doors in the hallway. Jane tried one by the stairway first. She opened it slowly and despite her efforts to stay quiet it let out a loud creak. There was snoring coming from a bed in the room. This must be it. She silently crept in. In the dim moonlight she could see his pants draped over the back of a chair and slowly moved over to it, she didn’t know if he was a light sleeper, but she didn’t want to take any chances.

She carefully picked the pocket with the skill of a master thief and managed to quietly remove the set of keys, and leave the room with the man still snoring away. Jane crept back down the hallway and tried a few keys, before unlocking the door to Amys’ room. Amy was asleep on the bed wearing a dirty, stained frock.

Jane moved over and gently nudged her. Amy woke with a fright. “It’s me honey, Aunt Jane.”

“Aunt Jane?” she said reaching out and hugging her “I knew you’d come for me. They …they were …raping you …all night, I could hear them.”

“Forget it honey, come on. I‘m gunna get you outa here.” Jane took Amys’ arm and led her out the door. They both walked down the hallway as quietly as possible. As they moved down the stairs, some of them made a loud creak, making Janes’ heart race.

The Saloon was now dark and empty. Jane went behind the bar and grabbed the shotgun that was kept under the counter, the same shotgun that whacked her on the back of the head and started all her troubles. She also grabbed a bottle of spirits. “Do you really need that?” Amy asked softly.

“Yes” said Jane tearing a strip of rag. She opened the bottle and took a long swig, then proceeded to stuff the rag into the top, making a Molotov cocktail. “Behind the Sheriff station is a horse stable. Find my horse and get her ready to ride, let the other horses go.”

“Come with me Aunt Jane, I’m scared.”

“You’ll be fine, there’s just somethin’ I gotta do, Now Go!” Amy unlocked the door of the Saloon and quickly moved out into the night.

Jane searched in the dark until she found a book of matches. She stood at the door and lit her Molotov, before throwing it at the bottles behind the counter. An explosion of flames lit up the Saloon. The bare breasted Jane quickly ran across the street with the shotgun in hand as the Saloon started to burn behind her.

The first rays of sunlight began to peer over the horizon. The flames spread and grew and soon a shout came from the Saloon, “FIRE!….FIRE!”

Slowly the town began to stir. The door to the Sheriffs Office opened, and the shirtless Sheriff Jackson came out and stood in the street and watched the Saloon burning. “Oh Shit!”

“I gave you enough warning you Rapist Son of a Bitch!” came Janes’ voice behind him. The Sheriff turned around, and his eyes went wide in horror to see the topless Jane standing a few meters from him with a shotgun pointed at him.

She aimed the shotgun at his crotch and pulled the trigger. There was a loud BANG! and the big man dropped. He let out a blood curdling scream as his blood spilled onto the street.

There was another scream across the street. “AAAAGH! Help me! I’m on Fire! AAAAAAAAAAAGH!” It was the Bar Keeper, burning up in the Saloon. Jane disappeared behind the Sheriffs Office, as more men came out into the street to see what all the commotion was.

Amy had Janes’ brown and white horse saddled and ready to go. They both got up onto the horse. Jane groaned as she sat on the horse, her raped pussy and ass were still extremely tender. “Are you Okay Aunt Jane?” Amy asked.

“I’ll be better when we get the hell out of this shit-hole town.” They rode off away from the town as fast as they could, heading into the rising sun.


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