Jane and the Red Eye

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Years ago on a Red Eye (transcontinental night flights) from California to Boston I had my first and only encounter with the mile high club. Well, actually it was closer to the five mile high club because we were above 25,000 feet, but regardless, it was an experience I’ll always cherish. Just thinking about, reliving and visualizing the feelings and sensations while writing this has rekindled the excitement.

Her name was Jane and we were co-workers, both married (not to one another) and, at the time, felt we were in love. I now know it was more lust than love, but we were young and infatuated, spending as much time together as we could.

It was the mid ’70’s and Red Eyes were always less than half full. We had first class seats and after the plane departed, the flight crew turned down the lights. We got some blankets and pillows because the plan was to cuddle and sleep during the flight. Putting the arm rest up, spooning, we covered ourselves with a single blankets. My left arm pulled her close and, being a young, sex crazed lover, I started to feel and play with her breasts. I quickly and happily discovered that Jane had left her bra in her suitcase (during this time women always wore a bra when in public). Unbuttoning her blouse, I slid my hand in to enjoy the texture and shape of her exquisite orbs, tweaking and teasing her sensitive tips.

Jane lay there enjoying the attention, sensations and affection. Soon, her left arm moved back across her body, stopped at my crotch and she unbuckled and opened my pants. Reaching in, her hand slipped around my excited member and she pulled me free. As her hand moved slowly back and forth, the thrills and sensations were indescribable.

With her hand continuously moving, remaining still was difficult. To reciprocate, I slid my hand down her body and slowly eased her skirt up. To my surprise, Jane’s panties were keeping her bra company. It was verboten for a woman to be in public without panties. Finding unhindered access, even though it couldn’t have possibly happened, I know I became twice as rigid. My hand, trying to return the favor, lightly eased across her legs and the Mound of Venus, searching for the Cliffs of Venus, which, because of her bent and together knees, was inaccessible.

We lay cuddling, touching and teasing for what seemed an eternity. Somehow, Jane could tell when I was close to releasing because her hand would stop and just hold me. After a few minutes, she would start to gently squeeze and relax, Antalya Escort a milking motion from her little to index finger, then the repetitive cycling would restart. Was it pleasurable? You bet, but it was also torture, being on the edge and not releasing. I wanted to groan, shout, yell, do something, but being in an open, public area, covered with only a thin blanket, I forced myself to remain still and silent.

After three or four times of bringing me to the edge, stopping, milking and then the repetitive slow cycling, Jane gently rolled toward me, spread her legs and lifted her left leg and placed it over my left thigh. As she turned, her hand never stopped cycling and for the first time since cuddling, I could see her face. Her eyes were closed as if sleeping, no signs of tension were present and her lips had a subtle, playful smile. She was definitely enjoying herself as she teased, pleased, tortured and held me in the palm of her hand (in more ways than one).

Now, on her back with her legs parted, it was time for payback. Being young and inexperienced, my instincts was to attack her love button and insert a finger or two. But, turnabout is fare play so I started ever so slowly, gently touching, tickling, teasing down one side, across the perineum, up the other and across the Mound of Venus. Over and over, occasionally allowing a finger to touch the silky smooth outside of her labia minora, but staying mostly on the labia majorta. Each pass circling at the top while moving closer and closer to her prepuce, intentionally avoiding her clitoris. As her hand continued to cycle, my hand reciprocated and I watched her face closely. The smile had departed, her brow was furrowed and her eyes were tightly squeezed shut. A soft, almost feline purr could barely be heard but could be felt throughout her body. And then her hips started to move, ever so slightly, following my fingers. She was trying to reposition her body so my fingers would touch other areas, but I resisted, continuing the slow, soft circular touch.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, the purring and her hips stopped, her eyes opened starring straight ahead. With her left hand continuing to cycle, she reached down with her right and grasped my wrist, trying to reposition my hand. When I realized what she was doing, I completely removed my hand. A soft, almost inaudible “Oh” escaped her lips, her faced turned toward me and her eyes focused on me. When she released my wrist, I returned to the soft, slow, gentle Antalya Escort Bayan touching, but now with a twist.

My fingers traced the labia minorta, both the outer and inner lips, down one side, across the perineum, up the other only to graze her extruding clitoris. Each graze caused her body to shutter, and the purring volume would increase slightly with each bump.

With her ear next to mine, I whispered how my tongue was jealous of my fingers, how it longed to slide across the smooth, tender, nether region and please her. How I wanted to have my head between her legs, to kiss and flick her clitoris, savoring the texture and the aroma that was uniquely hers.

Oh, how I ached to gaze up across her body while enjoying her nether region, to watch her goddess like body as she reached nirvana, shuttering, whimpering, moaning. And it was so true, I ached to have her behind closed doors, to please her as the Venus she was, enjoying her sexuality, sensuality and passion, to kiss freely as a true lover. But our present surrounding limited our ability to lavish pleasures on each other.

By now the seat under Jane was soaked, and she was aching for release. Her hips were again moving ever so slightly, and we were both at a heightened state of arousal. To this day I cannot figure out how she knew when I was getting close but she always stopped just before I came even though she was lost on a pleasure journey of her own.

We lay like this, touching, petting, pleasuring each other for what seemed like hours, both ready to explode. Abruptly, Jane stopped purring, opened her eyes and starred at me. She removed her hand from my crotch and repositioned her hips. With her left hand, she reached between her legs, grasped and guided me into her. As I slowly inched forward into that precious, moist cavern, her eyes widened. When I was fully inserted, her eyes closed and the purring resumed. Her hips once again started their circular motion never rising more than an inch or an inch and a half off the seat. Surprisingly, Jane had an additional talent that I was unaware of.

As her hips circled, at the apex she’d flex her vagina muscles and continue the circle. Ninety degrees later her muscles would relax until she reached the nadir, flex again and at two hundred seventy degrees relax. The squeezing, relaxing, squeezing, relaxing muscular repetition was the new, exquisite talent. I could feel her clitoris brush against me from the first right angle Escort Antalya to the nadir and up to the other right angle. The sensations I felt while rolling around inside her, oh I wish I was a better wordsmith able to describe sensations and feelings, but I know I could never do them justice. I hope its sufficient to say that I could have spent the rest of my life coupled with this exquisite lady, coupled in this position. I’ve searched for other lovers who had these innate abilities and I have never been able to duplicate the sensations and feelings.

We had completely lost track of time as we laid there enjoying the sensuality of the other. Jane was becoming more and more aroused with each circle and flick of her clitoris. Suddenly, her eyes opened and she starred at me, then she kissed me a deep passionate kiss. As our tongues played, she started to moan and I knew she had fallen over the edge. Then, with her hips still circling and her body shuddering, I too released and it felt almost like a vacuum was sucking the flood from my body.

I’m not sure if it was her orgasm or the flexing and releasing of her vagina muscles, but I can still to this day feel the fluids being pulled from my body. And oh, how pleasurable. We were both kissing and moaning, refraining from making to much noise but completely lost in this sensual moment of pure pleasure, time standing still.

Afterwards, still connected, we both collapsed. I’m not sure, but I think we fell asleep in this position because the next thing I remember was the stewardess announcing that we were on our final approach to Logan and would be arriving at gate something. Jane slept through the announcement, so I woke her so she could rearrange her apparel before arrival. When her eyes opened, she looked at me and smiled, a sensual, loving smile that could have easily melted the heart of Michaelangelo’s David and would surely have aroused him. We kissed, a long, slow, deep, passionate kiss, warm and tender, a kiss that expressed our feeling so much better than mere words.

After landing, as we were deplaning, two stewardesses stood by the cockpit to bid adieu to the passengers. As I passed one, a young blond, she said “Bye Bye”, smiled and winked. I’m sure I turned red, embarrassed, not because of what we had done, no, red because we had been discovered. I never told Jane about the smile and the wink, but thinking back on it, I should have. Jane would have gotten a kick from knowing that we pleased a third person while pleasing each other.

Jane and I separated about a year later. We didn’t part amicably, a fact that I still regret. To this day I think of and miss her. She was a wonderful lady that captured my heart during a special time in my life and, in my own way, I’ll always love her.

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