Jan in California Pt. 05

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Jan and Armond

We sat quietly, enjoying the shenanigans around us. Multiple pairings and triplings of all preferences and affiliations. Kathryn had obviously done a great job of curating her guests.

Then I saw him. Walking out of a side door, carrying a fresh tray of drinks, he towered over the writhing mass of bodies. I pointed, subtly and silently, and Jan followed my gaze.

“Oh my yes. There he is. Can we get his attention?”

“Well, he is passing out drinks'” I suggested, “he’ll find his way to us eventually.”

“Yes, or …” Jan stood up. With everyone else either laying or kneeling on the mats, even Jan’s short stature called attention. And she was arching her breasts forward as her fingers spread her pussy. In the dim light of the playroom/movie theater her alabaster skin shone like a beacon.

Armond changed course, abandoning anyone who might have wanted a drink. By the time he got to us, his giant dick was hard and sticking straight out a foot in front of his shaved pubis.

Jan took a drink off his tray. “Thank you. I’m told you are Armond. My name is,”

“Milady Janice. I was hoping to serve you.”

“And I was looking forward to servicing you Armond.” She placed two fingers on either side of his foreskin. “May I Armond.” He hesitated. “Please?” Jan licked her lips.

“You may, Milady.”

Jan pulled back his foreskin, which seemed to take forever to reveal his long, thick head. Jan lost her breath, looking at this amazing piece of manhood.

“Lover, look. I must.”

Jan leaned forward as though a magnet was pulling her toward Armond. Her mouth opened as it neared its target.

Armond pushed forward and Jan’s mouth stretched around the massive head. I noticed her body quiver, as if she’d had a small orgasm. She started to stroke his long cock, slowly at first as her mouth pressed further. Then there was another hand on his dick. “Forgive me, but no,” Kathryn was standing in front of Jan, her hand blocking any more stimulation. “Armond is supposed to be serving drinks, not getting his dick sucked by my favorite ass slut.” Armond lowered his gaze as if in subservience, but I realized he was staring at my dick. He looked up at me, then at Kathryn, then back to my dick then to Kathryn. I winked at him and he grinned that Jason Momoa smile.

“Kathryn,” I said, slipping my arm around her naked waist and taking a step away from Jan and Armond. “I was trying to decide for tomorrow between the wine tour and hot air balloon.” I took her hand and put it on my cock. She started stroking me, almost automatically. “Which would you recommend for the most… god your hand feels so good … the most fun?”

We were now several feet away from the other couple and Jan had at least six inches of Armond’s 12 in her mouth. The big man was caressing her white hair as he rocked slowly forward and back.

“Well,” Kathryn was explaining, yet her attention was clearly on the organ growing in her hand. “Um, that depends on what you…” a drop of pre-cum oozed from my slit. “…what you want? The wine tour is leisurely and slow, taking you time to…” I lifted the pre-cum from my cock and fed it into Kathryn’s mouth. “Mmm ….to enjoy … the aromas and the … the flavors.” She knelt down to kiss the tip of my cock, then let her tongue slide down one side and up the other. She pressed her nose to my scrotum, inhaling deeply before continuing, “The balloon ride is fast and … fuck you taste good … and thrilling.”

I heard Jan shriek and looked up in time to see her lifted in Armond’s huge arms, her arms around his neck and her head thrown back as she was lowered onto his large dick.

Kathryn nibbled my balls. “It’s 2000 feet up … finger me, darling … with nothing but fresh air and a wicker basket between you and the ground. God, yes.”

I slid two fingers into her wet pussy, pushing deep and spreading them wide to touch her completely.

Kathryn again buried her face in my pubic hair as I watched Jan getting seriously reamed.

“OH FUCK, Armond. You’re a gift from heaven. SO. FUCKING. BIG!” Jan humped down with every word.

I shoved my dick into Kathryn’s mouth, hoping to distract her from the disobedient employee who was fucking my girl. “Suck my dick, Kathryn, you sexy bitch.” She groaned around my cock.

Jan was clawing Armond’s back while he bounced her on his cock. I noticed others from the group were gathering to watch. Alan stepped forward, caressing Armond’s ass. The big man rocked back into his touch as he continued to fuck my girl.

“God, Kathryn, I want to taste you. Lay down so we can sixty-nine.”

“Oh yes, sir,” she was quick to obey. I laid on top of her, pressing my thighs to her ears as I lowered my dick to her mouth. The smell of her pussy, grabbed my brain, yanking me down devour her cunt.

When I glanced up, Thomas and Carole each had a hand between Jan and Armond, him squeezing her tit and her, grabbing his pectorals. Jessica was on the floor, licking Carole’s pussy. Thomas was gaziantep masaj salonları jacking his big dick. Alan’s face was between Armond’s ass cheeks, licking for all he was worth as Karl sucked his lover’s dick. Jan’s shrieks were piercing my soul, “SO BIG. HURTS. FUCK ME ARMOND.”

I sucked Kathryn’s large clit as she pushed her face deep onto my cock. Using two fingers, I started fucking her wet cunt, sliding them in and out along her tight passage. “Yes, sir. Finger-fuck my pussy. Suck my clit. You’re making me cum!” Her mouth closed around my cock as her pussy gushed onto my face. The smell and feel of her triggered my climax. I fucked her mouth deep and shot a large load of cum down her throat.


I looked up to see Jan, her face blotchy and sweaty, tears rolling down her face as Armond seemed to have lost and interest in being careful how hard or how far he was shoving his big cock into the woman in his arms. Peter was fucking her ass while Thomas and Carole both mauled her tits. Thomas’ cock erupted, spewing cum all over Jan and Carole and Jessica, whose head Carole was holding tight to her pussy as her body convulsed.

Kathryn nudged me, licking the cum from my cock. “Go to her. Your lover needs you.”

I scrambled to my feet, rushing over to kiss Jan’s tears. “I’m here, baby. I’m right here, Jan.”

“He’s so big, Lover,” Jan sobbed. “It hurts, but feels so good. I’ve cum four times. He’s shot his load twice. Cunt is sore. Make him stop, Lover. Please.”

I stepped to the side, putting my hand on Armond’s chest. “Armond. Armond, stop. Milady Janice has had enough. Let someone else share your love.”

Suddenly Jessica, Carole, and Marge were crowding around him, begging Armond to put Jan down and fuck them with his huge cock. He looked at them, then at me, then at Jan, weeping in his arms. His face crumbled as he lifted her off. Jan whimpered as cum poured from her wide pussy.

I took her in my arms. Armond’s big hand cupped her face. He seemed unaware that Marge was sucking the head of his huge dick while Carole and Jessica licked Jan’s cum from his shaft. “I am so sorry Milady Janice. I did not mean to hurt you. When I get going, I forget…”

Jan managed to smile up at him. “We all lose our minds a little when it comes to great sex. And that’s what it was, Armond, great sex. It was exactly what I asked for. Just more than I expected.” She leaned into my hug, “And as for you, Lover,” she kissed me, then licked my face, “Thank you for distracting Kathryn.”

“It was my pleasure.”

I felt a hand on my ass. “No. It was entirely my pleasure, sir.” Kathryn was standing behind me, one hand on my ass and the other in her pussy. “Your tongue is magical and your cum tastes scrumptious, as always, but you still owe me a proper, man-woman, cock in my cunt, missionary fuck!” She glanced at my dick, then at Jan. “Which I’m obviously not going to get tonight. This woman needs your attention. It’s still early. Get some sleep. I’ll book you for a private balloon ride at sunrise. That should be comfortable enough given the lady’s… delicate condition. Be in the lobby by 5am. Good night.”

Jan put her arm over my shoulder and we limped toward the door. I saw our hostess turn back to the free-for-all of sucking and fucking and ass-play that surrounded Armond.

She spread her legs and raised her arms, proudly naked and horny as could be. “Kathryn needs fucking!” She shouted. “Who will it be?” There was a loud cheer and offers to volunteer from both men and women, as we stepped into the hall and closed the door.

+ – + – + – + – + –

Jan’s recovery

A few steps down the hall, Jan stopped and began weeping again. “Stupid, Lover. I was so stupid.” I scooped an arm behind her knees and lifted her up. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me through the tears. “This is my night to be picked up by handsome men.” She forced a smile and I walked as quickly as I could, her cunt dripping on the hardwood floor, all the way back to our room.

Once inside, I asked, “Bed or tub?”

“Bed first, Lover, while the tub fills.”

I set her beautiful naked body on the large bed. “Hand me my purse, Lover.” I found it on the dresser and handed it to her before going into the bathroom and starting the hot water and baby oil.

When I came back into the main room, I was greeted by a sight that would have been delightfully pornographic any other time.

Jan was sitting back on the bed with her legs bent and spread wide. Her fingers were pulling open the lips of her pussy. In her other hand was a small compact mirror that she was using to examine her abused cunt.

I sat next to her, caressing her back. “Everything ok? Do you want me to take a look?”

“I don’t see any bleeding or tearing. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt for you to check, after I’ve had a bath. It’s a bit of a mess down there.”

She put the mirror back gaziantep masaj salonları escortları in her purse. “But I tell ya, Lover, for a while there it was this girl’s dream come true. That incredibly big cock just for my cunt. Everyone joining in to touch me or lick me … who was in my ass?”

“I think that was Peter.”

“I’ll have to find him tomorrow and thank him.” She was smiling again. I helped her stand and walk to the tub. “It was a stupid thing to do. Letting that many strangers have me when I had no control, no way to climb out of the man’s strong grip. And no desire to! I just kept cumming and cumming.”

“I’m sorry I got distracted. I thought you were having fun.”

“I was! I looked up, and there you were, sixty-nine with Kathryn. So hot, lover.”

Jan held my hand as she stepped in to the tub. Her eyes closed. “Perfect,” she said and began lowering herself. She hesitated as her pussy touched the water. Then carefully let the heat and baby oil do its work.

Once settled back against the porcelain, her breasts floating high enough that her nipples were out of the water, Jan closed her eyes and started moving the water around, spreading the moisturizing baby oil across her tits and nipples, along her stomach and down to her groin.

Her sterling blue eyes opened and she looked at me, sitting on the closed toilet with my dick in my hand.

“Having fun, Lover?”

“Um hm,” was all I said.

Jan started rubbing baby oil along her labia, spreading her legs to let the hot water find its way inside. Her fingers curled under the hood, finding her clit and stroking it gently. She looked at me and smiled.

“Jack off for me, Lover. I want to watch you cum.”

She slid her hand further under the water, gasping at the sensitivity of her abused flesh. She relaxed and started rubbing low on her pussy while fingering her clit with the other hand.

I waited until she was looking at me again before I squeezed my shaft, forcing a large amount of pre-cum from my slit. Her tongue flicked across her lips as I pressed my palm onto the fluid, spreading it around the hard ridge of my large head.

Jan pouted adorably.

Using the pre-cum as lube, I rotated my fist around the sensitive head, my abdomen tightening in flinching spasms at how good it felt.

Jan watched, enraptured, as her fingers moved deeper into her cunt and faster on her clit. When I started jacking my shaft with the other hand, she closed her eyes and tilted her head back with a deep moan. “God, Lover. So hot.”

When she opened her eyes again, I pushed another big glob of pre-cum onto my tip. This time Jan glared sternly when she saw it. I scoop it on two fingers and sucked them into my mouth, making a show of licking all along and in between the fingers.

“Much better,” she cooed with delight before gasping again at the stimulation of her fingers. I was yanking the skin up and down my shaft, grabbing my balls as I jerked harder.

Jan looked concerned, “Oh Lover. You’re so mean to my favorite cock.”

“He loves it,” I gasped between words. “He lives for it. I do this everyday when you’re not around. I think of your tits and your cunt and your ass…”

“And my pubes?” Jan lifted her hips out of the water, her fingers pounding her cunt and clit.

“YES!” I shouted, knowing I was close. “YOUR AMAZING PUBES ON YOUR INCREDIBLE CUNT!”

“Oh yes, Lover. Don’t stop. I’m going to cum.” The water was churning at her groin.

“Oh God baby. I’m close. My balls are boiling. I’m going to…”

Jan stared at my cock, big and swollen, my hands beating the long shaft and purple head, faster and harder. “Yes, Lover. Cum for me. I want to watch. Show me how you cum when you’re alone and horny. SLAM THAT COCK. SQUEEZE YOUR BALLS! CUM FOR ME! CUM, LOVER, OH GOD YES!”

Her words had driven me over the edge. Cum shot from my cock; long thick streams arching higher than my head and onto my chest.


More cum spewed free, coating my legs and my hands. I kept pumping, watching Jan be consumed by her orgasm, her face and tits red from more than the hot water.

She sat up in the tub, oily water running over her tits and around her nipples, her hands still busy at her cunt.

“Get over here. I want to suck you. I want to taste your yummy cum!”

I stood up quickly stepping along side the tub, still jacking cum from my cock. Jan closed her mouth around the head, sucking the last squirts over her tongue.

Releasing her pussy and clit with a sigh, Jan took my cum-covered hands in her oily ones, bringing them to her cheeks, smearing the still-warm cum on her face, then her tits. She shuddered with another orgasm.

“Ah, Lover. Who needs a gang bang when we have this.” She licked my palms. I leaned forward to kiss her wet hair.

“Now I need a bath.”

She dipped her hands in the water, then masaj salonları gaziantep rinsed her face and breasts. “Take me to bed and I will lick you clean.”

I took one of her hands and helped her stand. The other hand was still jerking my cock forcing the remaining cum to ooze onto her fingers. She fed them into my mouth, so I could enjoy my own flavor.

I handed her a towel from the nearby rack, then unplugged the tub. Once again I marveled at this amazing woman, in her 60s, mother of two, as she pulled the towel over her amazing rack and wide hips. She dried her pussy very carefully.

“So careful? After being so rough just a moment ago?” I chuckled.

“Adrenaline can do amazing things, Lover.” She held out her hand for help out of the tub. She put a hand on my chest and kissed me. “That really was something watching you masturbate. So different than what women do. So dramatic. So violent. So arousing.” She looked the cum stuck to her palm. “So messy,” she chuckled, licking it off. “Come on. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

I picked her up again and carried her to the bed, taking advantage by kissing her mouth and sucking her tits.

“Keep that up and things will only get messier,” she said with a sigh.

“That’s my plan!” I set her on her feet next to the bed, then leapt onto the mattress, laying on my back with my cock standing straight from my pubic hair.

Jan smiled and sat next to me. “Look at my man, all hard ‘n’ shit.”

“Adrenaline can do amazing things,” I grinned.

She kissed my cock head. “Well, since this probably has the most cum on it, I suppose I should start here.” She took me in her mouth, immediately deep throating me without a whimper or a gag.

Her mouth was warm and her tongue, soft. Jan hummed a nameless tune as she contented herself with the pleasure of my dick. She licked the long underside then swirled her tongue around the head. I jerked my hips at the thrill of it.

I was growing longer in her mouth. Jan had backed up so only the head was between her lips and under her tongue. Her fingers jerked my shaft with violent tugs, as she had watched me do. She lifted her mouth, smiling at me through swollen lips, “Jacking you off will never be the same, Lover. Now I know how you like it.”

Still grinning, she pumped my dick hard, stretching the skin over the head and using her spit as lube. Her fist grew tighter and her jerks got faster. “Going to make you cum, my sexy man.”

She sealed her mouth over my swollen head, once again sucking and licking as she pumped my shaft.

“I LOVE THIS COCK!” Jan shouted before lowering her head and dragging her teeth across the ridge of my head.

“FUCK JAN YES GODDAMN!” My cum shot into her mouth she quickly gulped it down, making room for the second load which heaved from my balls and launched from my dick as she continued to Jack me off. “GOD FUCK STILL CUMMING CANT NO PLEASE OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH FUCK JAN!”

A third load emptied into her mouth, this one squirting from the corners and down her chin. Jan took a huge swallow and a breath, “God, Lover, I think that one made me cum.”

She continued to stroke me as the last sperm oozed from the head, easily licked off and swallowed, or scraped off and shared.

“Adrenaline,” I sighed.

Jan licked my cock, then my balls, then worked her tongue deep through my pubic curls. She lifted her head up with a satisfied grin. “That’s got the cock clean, that does,” I’m not sure where the bad cockney accent came from, but I laughed and she continued. “Now let’s see about those abs, eh, Govner. Looks to be a bit of ‘slippery and chum’ on them, you naughty lad.”

And so went the rest of the evening. Jan licked my cum from one part of my body, only to “discover” more on another part, and always with oral diversions whenever my cock got too hard.

I tied to pull her into a sixty-nine so I could return the favor, but we quickly realized her cunt was still too sore for even that. So she continued to lick my fingers and pecs and face and tongue.

When she rolled me over and ran her tongue up my ass crack, I chivalrously mentioned I hadn’t spilled any cum back there. Jan said “Fuck that. I just love licking your ass.” And so she did, licking and fingering my asshole until we both climaxed.

At the last minute I remembered to set the alarm clock before we both fell asleep.

+ – + – + – + – + – +

Up, Up, and Away

The alarm went off much too early. It took a few minutes to remember why; the ride to the hot air balloon left the lobby at 5AM.

Jan rolled over and groaned, evidently no happier to be awake than I was. She started to sit up.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’ll let you know,” she rolled up onto her butt. “Owowowow! Squeezing the clit between my thighs was not a good idea.”

“So. A hot air balloon ride at sunrise. Are we sure?”

“It’s always been on my bucket list. But first,” Jan stood up, “Walking ten feet. Wish me luck.”

I watched her ass wiggle as she limped toward the bathroom. She left the door open, so I sat on the bed, idly caressing my cock, enjoying the distinctive sound of a woman pissing. I also heard a slight grunt of pain, probably as she wiped. Then the shower running.

I dialed the resort operator and, to my surprise, Kathryn answered. “Good morning, sir. How is Jan getting around this morning? I hope you’re not calling to cancel the balloon ride.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32