Jamie’s Family Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are at least eighteen years old.

When her mother left, I was left with the task of raising Jamie myself. It’s easier for me to say “left” than it is to say she died. I wasn’t prepared to be a father when she was born, but as they say, there’s no manual on how to be a good parent. I learned as I went along, picking up the tricks of the trade as time passed. When her mother died, the feelings of inexperience and uncertainty flooded me once again. The only solace I had was Jamie’s aunt who checked in on me from time to time.

Jamie was a beautiful young woman. She was a spitting image of her mother, yet she retained a healthy mixture of features from both of us. She had her dark, straight hair and my green eyes. Her Aunt Sharen always said Jamie had the nose of her grandfather and the build of her grandmother. I don’t know where she got her high cheek bones from, though, but in all, I don’t think anyone could contest that she was certainly attractive in almost every way.

Her mother departed us five years ago when Jamie was thirteen, and now at eighteen, I thought I had the single dad thing figured out. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you when you least expect them. Jamie approached me one day with one of those curve balls.

“Dad, do you have a moment?” she asked.

“Of course. Give me a minute to finish this document and I’m all yours,” I said, giving her a quick smile, and began typing again.

I closed the laptop once I was finished and swung around in my chair, facing Jamie as she sat on the love seat behind me.

“What can I do for ya, kiddo?”

She studied me briefly while fidgeting with her jewelry and asked, “Dad, this is about sex. I know we had ‘the talk,’ but it wasn’t really enough, ya know?”

I thought back to said talk and recalled me providing her with the typical birds and bees routine as any parent would.

“No, I can’t say that I actually know. What’s on your mind?” I said, a little confused.

“I think I might like girls,” she stated bluntly.


I was mature enough as a father and she was all grown up so I thought I was prepared for anything she would throw at me in that arena. I was not prepared, it seemed.

“Do you mean you like only girls, or do you like girls as well as boys?” I asked, attempting to see if I was going to be of any use to her at all.

“I don’t know, I haven’t had sex yet, so it’s hard for me to accurately answer that,” she said, with a small crinkle of confusion on her forehead.

I internally let out a sigh of relief at her admission, but that information made it quite a bit more difficult for me to help her.

“Okay, well, I don’t know how much help I can be here, but I know someone who might have a little experience that can maybe answer your questions.”

I immediately thought of Sharen. Jamie grew up oblivious to the sexual life her mother and I had and even more so, that of her aunt. Her mother and Sharen were very close and shared a lot between them. I was one of them at first. When her mother met me, she and her sister were sharing an apartment close to me. She was very honest with me from the start, saying I was the target of a shared fantasy of theirs.

They weren’t having sex with each other as far as I was aware at the time, but they wanted to find a guy who would be willing to please them both. I was told up front that they were sisters but that they had no sexual contact with each other. I later found this to be subjective, but I was living every man’s dream. We carried on like that until Sharen found a boyfriend and I fell for her sister. I was still very close to Sharen but didn’t carry on like that again until after my wife died.

It started with the initial visits to make sure we were okay. She would come over often and stay for long periods of time. During those visits, we got kind of reacquainted. Then, it was almost like a courtship for friends with benefits. We felt each other out about possibly resuming our previous physical relationship and after a couple years, we finally started where we left off. That trailed off about six months after it started, though.

“You’re talking about Aunt Sharen, aren’t you?” she asked, a little disappointed it seemed.

“I actually am, yes. She is the older woman in your life, and I feel she could best help you in this regard. I certainly don’t want you looking up information on the internet or asking an inexperienced friend,” I informed her.

“I guess that’s true. Do you know if she has… experience?” she interrogated me.

I certainly wasn’t going to tell her about our past.

“I don’t know,” I lied, “but she is a woman and I think she might have the right perspective for you. Would you like me to ask if she’ll talk to you about this? I don’t see her saying no,” I added.

“Please and thank you, Dad. I’ve just had feelings lately I don’t really understand, and I wanted to ask questions,” she told me.

“I understand and I appreciate you coming to me. You know otele gelen gaziantep escort I’ll answer any question have as long as I know the answer,” I reminded her.

She hugged me and asked me to let her know what she says. I told her I would and picked up my phone as Jamie walked out of the room. As I was texting Sharen, Jamie stopped at the door and spun around, grasping at the door frame.

“Dad, would it be okay if Kat stayed over tonight?”

“Sure, honey, you know she’s always welcome to come over here,” I told her.

Katerina was Jamie’s best friend since grade school and the only one she ever routinely had stay over. Jamie wasn’t overly popular, but I recall thinking she would be more into bigger sleepovers as a young teenager.

She smiled at me and left the room as I resumed texting.

Me: Hi, Sharen, do you have a moment?

Sharen: You know I do!

Me: Jamie hit me up with a situation I’m not prepared to deal with myself.

I saw that she was typing but it would stop. This happened several times before she responded.

Sharen: Did she say she thinks she’s gay?

Me: LOL! Close, but no. She said she think she might like girls. She hasn’t had sex yet so she can’t speak from experience about whether she’s bi or straight lesbian.

Sharen: You’d like me to talk to her, I gather?

Me: I would owe you big time.

Sharen: Yeah? What would you owe me? 😉

Me: Why do I feel like I know where this is going?

Sharen: Because you know where this is going. Look, you know I’m single now and we should be getting together a little more often.

Me: You’ve always been straight forward with your thoughts…

Sharen: Yes, and it’s a lot better than beating around the bush. We’re not getting any younger, you know.

Me: Obviously.

Sharen: So why don’t I come over and we talk about the direction to go with Jamie and then we talk about what we’re doing?

Me: I don’t know… I mean, I doubt you lost the magic you had back then, it’s just been a while.

Sharen: Tell me you haven’t thought about it.

Me: I’m not saying I haven’t. I just wasn’t expecting this conversation at all.

Sharen: Well, now it’s happened. I’ll come over, bring some food and I’ll talk to Jamie, then we’ll sit and chit chat… maybe more. 😉

Me: Kat’s staying over tonight, so it’ll just be us… talking. But I think I might need that.

Sharen: I think you might.

Having thought the conversation was over for the moment, I got up to go get things straightened up for dinner and Sharen’s arrival when my phone buzzed again. The lock screen indicated that Sharen sent a picture, then my phone buzzed again with a text from her.

Sharen: Maybe this will remind you?

I hesitated to open the phone as I thought things were moving way too quick, but I supposed I was thinking with my other head and opened it. She was naked in the picture, showing only her ass to me via a mirror. It’s been almost twenty years since I saw that ass and it’s not changed much. Her back was to the mirror and her top twisted so she could take the picture. She had dark hair like Jamie, brown eyes like her sister and a great looking ass. Had it been later in the evening, and perhaps after some drinks, I would have engaged this turn of events a little more. Instead, I simply replied with the drooling emoji. I thought twice about it, but what harm could there be in resuming this relationship again? Her sister is gone, and she is single again. Why shouldn’t I have her?

Later at dinner, I let Jamie know Sharen would be coming by.

“But Kat will be over,” she reminded me.

“I know she will, and I told her that, so she’s just going to come over and hang out, but she will talk to you whenever you’re free.”

We finished dinner and she helped me with the dishes and cleaning up. Kat came over shortly after, and it didn’t dawn on me until I saw her that she might be the one Jamie was questioning herself about. I wondered if anything was going on between them as I watched Kat enter the kitchen. She was nineteen but graduated the same day Jamie did. She had shorter brown hair and was of a slightly darker natural complexion than Jamie was. With a couple piercings and a tattoo, I wouldn’t call her the rebellious one, but certainly more adventurous. This gave rise to my suspicions that maybe they were experimenting with each other.

It wasn’t long after Jamie and Kat went back to their girl cave when Sharen came over. She let herself in as she often did and came straight to the living room where I was watching TV and having a couple drinks. She sat next to me and asked how things were going.

“Nothing changed since before. Kat and Jamie are back there,” I said, pointing to Jamie’s room, “and I can’t stop thinking about your ass.”

“I thought you might like that,” she said while leaning closer to me, “and I have no bra or panties on right now.”

“Moving a bit quick, gaziantep otele gelen escort aren’t we?” I asked, turning to look at her. She had an intense look in her eye as if she had been planning that encounter for a while.

“What purpose is there in waiting? We were hot for each other back then and the only difference is that my sister is no longer with us,” she said, reaching over, rubbing my cock through my pants.

I wanted to get right to it, but I was afraid Jamie, Kat, or both would come out here for some reason and catch us. That was the last thing I needed was to be caught fucking the person I was about to send Jamie to about a sex related topic.

“You’ve got me in a mood here, and I want to fuck you, but I’m concerned about being caught. Especially after the talk I had with Jamie this afternoon, ya know?” I said, hoping she would have planned this all out.

She shifted her ass over a little, turning more towards me and reached for my zipper.

“Sharen, she’s going to catch us,” I whispered anxiously, the TV almost overpowering my voice.

She didn’t respond. She unbuttoned my pants, lowered my zipper and reached through the opening of my boxers to retrieve my cock.

“I’ve missed this fella,” she said as she lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth.

She was always a perfectionist when it came to sucking cock. She always used her hand in conjunction with her mouth and knew exactly how to make me cum. I reached around her and fondled her tit as she kept sucking. I exhaled deeply, knowing I was about to cum soon when she abruptly stopped.

“That was just a sample. I’m going to use the lady’s room. When I get back, you’re going to take me to the kitchen and bend me over the table and fuck me properly like you used to,” she informed me.

My head was swimming as she walked away. I wasn’t expecting any of this. I grabbed my cock and jerked it, waiting for her to hurry back so I could fuck her. It’d been so long, but I remember what she liked. In the last few months of us fucking back in the day, she used to like me to fuck her doggy style while sticking my thumb in her ass. It seemed she was getting into the double penetration scene, but then everything came to a halt. Her sister wasn’t that adventurous, but she did have her moments. I was anxious to see if she developed any new kinks over the years. I was about to learn about one of them.

After some time, she returned to the living room, almost skipping back to the couch with her hand attempting to cover a huge smile on her face. She plopped down next to me and grabbed my arm.

“Guess what the fuck I just saw,” she said, shaking my arm with both hands.

Since she went to the bathroom, I cannot imagine anything in there being that exciting. Plus, she made me horny as fuck, so I wasn’t terribly interested in whatever she saw. I wanted to bring her to the kitchen like she demanded and fuck her. I shrugged indicating my indifference.

“So, I was in the bathroom, and I heard an odd noise back there, so when I was done, I used the sound of the toilet to mask the noise of me opening the door and walking down the hall. I figured it had to come from Jamie’s room,” she said energetically, “and I wasn’t wrong. Like, can she not learn to close her fuckin’ door, or do you just never check on her?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked hastily, noting she was killing the mood, “I don’t need to check on her. She’s eighteen and she can do almost anything she wants in her room. What did you hear?”

Sharen laughed. “It’s not what I heard, dear, it’s what I saw investigating the noise I heard,” she said, grabbing my cock and rubbing it again. “Jamie’s door was partially open when I crept down the hall and I saw Jamie on her hands and knees with her face between her friend’s legs.”

I wanted to act surprised. I might have been had she not mentioned anything to me earlier. What shocked me was how hard my dick was getting having been informed my daughter was engaged in lesbian sex just down the hall. I grabbed Sharen by the arm and helped her off the couch.

“Are you turned on by your daughter eating pussy? Are you turned on so much that you want to shove that hard cock in me?” Sharen teased.

“You put my dick in your mouth and you expect me to not want to fuck you?” I said, dragging her to the kitchen.

Once there, I positioned her in front of me and reached around to undo her jeans. I slid them down and sure enough, no panties. I bent her over by pushing her between her shoulders with one hand and pulling her hips towards me with the other.

“Stick that cock in me,” she almost shouted, “and pull my hair!”

“I will if you can be quiet!” I snapped back.

I did as she instructed and grabbed her hair with one hand as I guided my cock inside her with the other.

“Fast or slow?” I asked, knowing she used to like it fast and hard.

“Slow, brother,” she stated, surprising me.

She’d gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan never called me brother before, despite it being legally correct. She’s referred to me as her brother-in-law before in front of me, but never directly related to me that way. Everything was going in a strange, new direction.

I grabbed her hair and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy.

“Ohhhh, god,” she said while exhaling, “deeper!”

“I remember we used to fuck like rabbits on the weekends. Is that what you want? You want me to fuck you every minute of every day?” I asked, pulling my cock out until the head was just inside her.

“I’m your fuck toy. Strip me and fuck me whenever you want!”

“You’re not my toy. You’re my woman. If you want cock, you’ll come here,” I instructed her.

“Yes, brother,” she replied.

“You do that, and I’ll not seek pussy from anyone else, understand?” I asked her sternly.

“Yes, brother.” She replied again.

“Call me brother again.”

“You’re my brother,” she repeated.

When she said that, I slammed my cock into her, and she gasped.

“Still want it slow, sister?” I said, playing her game.

“Fuck me as you see fit.”

I did exactly that. I changed speeds and motions often, intending to keep her on the edge of her seat. After a while, I attempted to remind her once again how things were. I reached around and put my thumb near her mouth.

“My dirty brother!” She said, a little too loud for my tastes, but taking it in her mouth regardless.

I removed my thumb after a moment and was about to start massaging her asshole when she reminded me of her first time with my thumb in her ass.

“I remember the first time this happened. Your cock was in my pussy, and you stuck your thumb in my ass without asking. You’ve learned a lot since then, bro.”

“And you liked it,” I retorted.

“I never said I didn’t,” she said, pushing back on my cock.

I gently inserted my thumb in her ass, and she moaned, way too loud.

“I swear to god, they are both going to come out here and see that her dad is fucking her aunt and then I’ll have a lot of explaining to do!” I chastised her.

“Then hurry up and make us cum!” she said, turning and smiling at me.

I fucked her with my thumb at the same pace I was with my cock, and that was what she needed. The trick with Sharen was that when she came the first time of the night, I usually did too. I don’t know if it was the hotness of the situation, the way she used her muscles, or maybe the noises she made when she came. Regardless, I shot my load in her as she was cumming.

“Remember, stay in until you fall out. I love feeling you go soft inside me. I wish it would work the other way around, but I work with what I got,” she said.

About a minute passed before I slipped out of her and watched as my cum dripped from her pussy.

“I’m going to go clean up. I’ll join you for TV after that!” she said, apparently directing me to the living room.

She went off to the bathroom and I pulled my pants back up and went to sit down. I got caught up in what was on the TV when I heard footsteps down coming towards me.

“Get everything cleaned up?” I asked as I turned to look

“She’s not cleaned up yet, Dad!” Jamie said.

I must have looked dumbfounded because she put her hand on her hip and gave me that look as in “I know what you just did, so don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about” and the face to go along with it. I decided to play dumb.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Dad, we heard you and Aunt Sharen having sex. Could you not go to your room?” she asked, not concerned that I just fucked her aunt, but rather where I did it.

“I knew she was being loud. Damnit! Look, Jamie, it’s-” I started.

“Dad, it’s okay. I know you, Mom and Aunt Sharen used to mess around together,” she said, blowing my mind. I must have made it obvious.

“Don’t act shocked, Dad. You may have given me the ‘birds and the bees’ speech, but mom talked to me about that a while ago. Just before she died, she told me a lot more,” she gracefully informed me.

I can imagine the look on my face.

“It’s fine, Dad. I’ve known for a while and I’m fine with it. Aunt Sharen is pretty hot, so go for it.”

“As hot as the friend whose legs your face was buried between?” I asked without thinking.

“Not quite!” she said, winking at me and walking away.

Well, there’s a conversation not too many dads can say they’ve had with their daughters, I thought to myself.

I replayed it over again in my head and don’t think there was any other way to play that without being an asshole and we had a better relationship than that.

“All cleaned up!” Sharen announced as she walked in the room.

“Yeah? Well Jamie was out here. She heard us fucking and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut about knowing she was eating out her friend,” I blurted out.

Sharen didn’t seem surprised. It’s like the whole thing was a giant set up to get me involved in something.

“Is there something I should be aware of? Did you know Jamie is aware of our activities together before she was born? She didn’t seem bothered by any of that or any of this!” I said, almost panicked.

“Yes, I am aware. My sister shared a lot with Jamie before she died. It wasn’t the preferred time, but she knew she wouldn’t have much time to do it. There’s something else you don’t know.”

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