James’ Transformation Ch. 1

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Public Sex

James Jones was nervous. He had been working on this deal for the past six months and now finally it looked like it might complete. James knew that if it didn’t then he would have blown the biggest deal that his small company had ever brokered. To make it worse he had sunk everything into this deal, and that’s what made him nervous. He glanced at his watch; it read two forty one. He then glanced up at the office clock, which read the same. James stood and walked around his desk. He was a tall man at six feet two inches, with short dark hair and dark eyes. He was well dressed in a black pin stripe suit. He glanced around the walls of his office; certificates hung on the wall, one with his bachelors, one with his doctorate. They didn’t really mean much to him but his wife had thought it appropriate to hang them around his office.

The phone rang, James ran to answer it. He listened intently; his brow looking more and more wrinkled as it went on.

“Yes” he said before putting the phone down. He hung his head. The deal had failed. James flopped to he knees clutching his head in his hands. “Shit” he said several times before he stood up. James grabbed his jacket and strolled out of the office. His secretary called him as he walked out. He stopped looked at her. “Sorry Rachel, go home” he said before turning again and leaving the building. He climbed into his Mercedes and drove off slowly down the street. He looked around at the houses and apartments as he drove. Abbey was going to be pissed; he had lost everything, the business, the car, the house. He drove up to his house; it was large with a swimming pool and several bedrooms.

James parked his car and made his way up the steps to his house. He threw his jacket on the chair by the door and made his way upstairs. He made his way to the bedroom and lay down on the bed looking at the ceiling. Abbey was staying with her mother this week and wasn’t due back until Saturday.

James sat on the side of the bed; he looked around the room, his eyes came to rest on his wife’s walk in wardrobe. He stood up and opened the door. She had a vast array of clothes and James just stood and looked around for a while. He looked down at the floor where she kept her shoes. She had hundreds of pairs, every colour and shape you could imagine. As James looked at them he could feel his cock getting hard. He had always fantasised about high heels and it was part of the reason that Abbey had so many. His feet were far bigger than Jenny’s or else he might have tried on a pair. James walked out of the wardrobe and made his way to his wardrobe, he flipped a switch and the light came on. He made his way to the back of the room and pushed in a part of the wood panelling causing it to spring back and open. James reached inside and pulled out a magazine. It was called ‘sissy’, basically a publication for transvestites and cross-dressers. James wasn’t interested in the pictures of men he was more interested in the adverts at the back. He looked through one caught his eye. It read Jessica Fashions for all of you fetish needs; we specialise in high heels in all sizes. James noted the address of the store; it was only a ten-minute drive away and ran down to his car.

It didn’t take long before James was parked outside of the shop. He sat there for a good ten minutes before he had the nerve to go in. He made sure there was no body around first and pushed his way in to the shop. It seemed pretty normal when he entered, very much like the clothes shops that Jenny had dragged him around on many occasions. He wandered round slowly there didn’t seem to be anyone else in the shop. He noticed that the clothes were all women’s, but they seemed to be in women’s sizes also. James started to think that he had made a mistake, maybe this was now just a woman’s clothes shop? James started to make his way towards the door when he heard a voice behind him.

“Can I help you?” A sweet soft voice said.

James turned around to see a beautiful woman stood in front of him, she was or Chinese origin and was dressed in a tight top and check skirt with the highest heels that James had ever seen. “Um” said James feeling quite nervous. “I err” he said still not sure what to say.

“What were you looking for?” asked the girl.

“Heels” replied James sheepishly.

The girl smiled broadly and skipped towards James, “goodie” she said taking his hand and leading him further into the shop. She then led him up a stairwell at the back of the shop and into another big room, from here she led him to a door in the corner of the room. She knocked it twice and it opened from the inside. The girl led James into another room that was full of shelves with boxes on them and rails full of clothes. James was then led into yet another room; this one was practically empty, except for what looked like a dentist’s chair in the middle of the room.

James looked around, the whole room was painted white and there were two other doors apart from the one he just entered. The girl told James to wait and then Bayan Eskort went off towards one of the doors and knocked it, the door opened and she disappeared through it. James took a look around, the room was painted white and apart from the dentists chair there was nothing else in it. The chair was mainly chrome with white leather padding. James heard footsteps behind him and turned to face a man; he was dressed all in black and wore sunglasses.

“Dragonia” said the man softly.

“Excuse me?” replied James a little confused.

“That is my name, Dragonia” the man in black replied.

“Nice to meet you, James Jones” replied James extending his hand.

The man in black looked at his hand and move around James in the direction of the dentist’s chair.

“Please sit said Dragonia as he gestured towards the chair, “let me take your jacket”. James removed his jacket and gave it to Dragonia who walked slowly towards the doors before disappearing behind one of them.

James sat down in the chair; it was comfortable in spite of its sinister appearance. He relaxed back in the chair. He momentarily closed his eyes. He must have drifted to sleep because the next thing James saw was Dragonia stood over him.

“Now” said Dragonia, Ling said that you were interested in heels?”

“That’s right” said James gripping onto the arms of the chairs.

“Please Mr Jones close your eyes and relax, this is going to be a lot of fun” said Dragonia as he moved from James’ sight.

James did as he was told and closed his eyes, he let his arms rest on the seat and once again seemed to drift to sleep.

James woke with a start, “where am I?” he spurted out lifting his head.

“Its alright Mr Jones you are safe” replied a voice behind him.

James’ vision slowly returned and he glanced around, he couldn’t see much but he could see that he was completely naked and had several tubes sticking out of his arms with several different colour liquids either going in or coming out of them. James started to panic but couldn’t move his arms; legs and his neck were all strapped into the chair.

“What are you doing to me?” screamed James as he pivoted his neck as much as possible trying to get a glimpse of whom was behind him.

“Come now Mr Jones, don’t fight it, just relax and take it easy, it will all be over in no time at all”.

James saw a needle come towards his arm and inject him with a clear liquid, his eyes became heavy and it wasn’t long before he was once again unconscious.

James awoke and slowly opened his eyes, his vision was blurry and it took time for his to remember where he was. As his vision returned he could see the white walls and the out line of the dentist’s chair that he remembered being tied into. He looked up at the ceiling and managed to focus on the lights as his vision sharpened up. He looked down and was shocked at what he saw. He was now wearing a light blue dress, with lots of lace and taffeta around the hem, he could see he was wearing stockings with suspenders but that was all he could see from his restrained position. He looked around but couldn’t see anyone. He thought maybe to call for help.

“Help” he screamed out. James closed his mouth as quickly as he had opened it. His voice was now much higher and softer than it had been before. It was woman’s voice. He spoke again only quieter and softer so that he could hear himself again. It was true, what have they done to me? James thought.

James waited for what felt like hours before anyone returned.

Firstly he heard one of the doors open and then close and the footsteps of high heels trotting towards him. Ling peered over at him, “oh you’re awake” she cooed as she bent over giving James an eye-full of her large firm breasts. “That’s good,” she said as she walked away, “I will get Master”.

Master thought James, oh yes Dragonia, the man in black. James shuddered in anticipation of what might happen to him next. James heard Ling go through the door.

A couple more hours passed and the door opened once more this time James heard strong male footsteps combined with delicate female footsteps walking towards him. Dragonia stood right in front of James and looked him up and down.

“Very nice” he said, clapping at Ling. “Release her” he said to Ling.

Ling moved towards James and pulled a lever at the back of the chair, this caused the arm, leg and neck restraints to all come loose. James sat up in his chair. He looked down at his body. The first thing he noticed was that he suddenly had breasts, big firm breasts that stood straight out, he put his hands to them and squeezed them. They were real. The next thing he noticed was his fingernails, they were long and painted red. But they didn’t look strange on his hands that from all appearances seemed to be smaller than he remembered. He looked down his body beyond the hem of his dress; his legs were encased in white seemed stockings that were held up by suspenders. On his feet were some high Anadolu Yakası Escort white stiletto heels that looked amazing.

James looked up at Dragonia who had a big smile on his face. “What have you done to me?” said James in his feminine voice.

“We had changed you James, you are now a woman” he said straight-faced.

“What do you mean by a woman?” replied James.

“You are now physically identical to a woman in every way” replied Dragonia.

“In every way” replied James repeating what Dragonia had just said to him.

James took the hem of his skirt and slowly lifted it. He was wearing some very small silk panties. He lifted the panties and looked in. His face went white. “My god, what the hell did you do with my cock?”

“We removed it, and transplanted it with a pussy, you have everything a woman has down to a clitoris and even a womb. To make it simpler for you, you are now a woman!”

James just couldn’t believe it; he had come in to buy a pair of high heels and was now about to leave as a woman. He couldn’t stop starting at his pussy. He slowly moved his hand down toward it and slowly rubbed it, amazing sensations went through his body making his mouth open as a gasp came out. He gently rubbed his pussy and pushed a finger inside. A moan escaped his lips as he slid the finger out.

“We did make some minor improvements to your genitalia, everything is now even more sensitive which should mean that you will be able to orgasm more easily and therefore more often”, said Dragonia watching James.

James looked up at Dragonia, “Do you have a mirror?” he asked.

“Yes, come this way”.

Dragonia extended his hand; James took it and lifted himself out of the chair. He found it hard to walk in the shoes but after a few steps he found it easier. He loved the feel of the hem of the dress rubbing against his legs as he walked. Dragonia went to the walk and pushed it. The panel swung around to reveal a full-length mirror. James starred at his reflection. He went numb. What he saw in front of him was indeed a woman, some how they had completely transformed him, he was shorter, slighter, prettier, had no facial hair, had no muscle definition in his arms. He had long blonde hair that was tied up into ponytails. For as good ten minutes James just looked gob-smacked into the mirror.

Finally James turned and faced Dragonia and quietly asked, “why did you do this to me?”

Dragonia smiled back at James, “because I can” he replied rather coldly. “There is one final thing that we need to do to you so if you would be so kind as to get back into the chair” asked Dragonia politely.

“You must be out of your mind if you think I’m getting back in that chair,” shouted James.

“Ling” Dragonia said softly.

Ling came up from behind James and wrapped her arms around him tightly. James struggled but it was no use, all of his strength had gone. Ling dropped him back into the chair and pulled the lever down fastening him tightly into place. Dragonia stood over James and pulled out of his coat a small vile of clear liquid.

“You see from now on Mr Jones you are a woman and will act and be treated as such for the rest of your life, you will be Miss Jones, I will leave your first name up to you to decide.”

Dragonia opened the vile and pinched James’ nose he opened his mouth and Dragonia poured the liquid in and forced him to swallow. James’ vision went all blurry and then he slowly passed out.

James woke up shaking. He was cold. His vision returned and he looked down at his naked body, not quite the body he remembered. This body was a lot slighter and feminine, and the most obvious differences being the large breasts he now had and his cock was missing. James’ memories returned he remembered Dragonia and Ling and what they had done to him. He looked around again he was sat in the dentist’s chair but not restrained. He stood up and got his balance. He walked over to the mirror and took another long look. He ran his hands over his breasts and down between his legs, his hips were bigger and his waist narrower. He looked like a woman. Exactly like a woman. How did they do this? Ran through his head. The door behind him opened and Ling walked in, she had changed and now wore a very tight leather dress and very high platform heels.

“Good you are awake,” she said as she tottered towards James.

James just nodded.

“We will have to get you dressed my dear” said Ling taking James’ arm and walking him towards the door he cam in through. She led him into the large room full of clothes rails and boxes.

“Ok” said Ling looking round, “lingerie first I think?”

James stood there watching as Ling opened a box and pulled out some very small white silk panties that were in a G-string.

“Try these on,” said Ling as she tossed the panties to James.

James held them for a while feeling the silk against his fingers.

“Go on put them on” encouraged Ling.

James looked back at Ling Pendik Escort and slowly slipped them over his feet and pulled the up his legs. He pulled them all the way up until they were pressed against his pussy and the string went into his butt. They felt comfortable and little shivers of excitement ran through James’ new body.

James looked back over at Ling who held in one hand a bra and in the other a corset both matched the panties perfectly. “Which one?” asked Ling.

James pointed at the corset.

Ling smiled and brought it over to James, she pressed it to James’ front and his new breasts filled the corset easily. Ling started to lace up the back, pulling it tighter as she went, the feeling of this silk corset around him felt wonderful although it was at times painful when Ling tightened it. Once she had finished she went over to another draw and pulled out a pair of silk stockings. She passed them to James who unpacked them and slowly; careful not to rip them; slid them up his legs. There were suspenders that hung from the corset, James had a little bit of trouble with them but finally he got all four attached.

Ling stopped and admired James, “You look good enough to eat”, she said as she licked her lips. James could feel himself blushing with embarrassment and pride. “Have you thought about what you want to call yourself now?” asked Ling.

“No,” replied James.

“Well I would suggest using a name that starts with the same letter as you old name, saves on confusion, such as Jessica or Julie or Jenny?” suggested Ling thinking of more names.

“Jenny” said James slowly, “Jenny Jones”, I like that.

“Well from now on you will be Jenny, good” beamed Ling as she scoured through a rail of clothes.

Ling pulled out a short leather skirt and threw it to Jenny.

Jenny slid it up her body and fastened it at the waist. It was just long enough to hide her stocking tops but short enough to show off her long slender legs.

Ling then threw over a top that was tight with a low-neck line; it showed off Jenny’s breasts perfectly.

Jenny looked at her self in the mirror, doing a turn here and a turn there, she felt so feminine it was amazing.

Ling came up behind her, “one last thing”, she said as she pulled out a chair for Jenny, “shoes”.

Jenny sat down while Ling wandered off to the back of the room and returned moments later with four different shoeboxes.

She kneeled down in front of Jenny and opened the first pulling out a black patent shoe with a five-inch heel and an ankle strap. Ling held the shoe as Jenny slid her foot in; she did the strap up and gestured for Jenny to try walking in them.

Jenny stood up and walked quite easily in them, she felt a lot taller and she noticed how it made her figure look even sexier in the mirror. Her tight butt pushed out at the back and her soft big breasts at the front. Jenny sat back down eager to see what else Ling had brought her. Ling opened the next box and pulled out a pair of knee-high leather boots. They had a six-inch heel and a one-inch platform. She slid them on over her feet and legs and zipped them up. She strode around looking herself up and down in the mirror. “I look like a dominatrix in these” she commented to Ling as she removed them. In the next box was some black patent platform sandals with a five-inch heel and one inch platform. Jenny spent along time looking herself in the mirror with these she liked the way that most of her foot was seem through the delicate shoe straps. In the final box were some similar sandals but this time the heel and sole were made of clear plastic. Jenny decide on the immediately and put them both on before skipping to the mirror to see how sexy she now looked.

Jenny twirled in front of the mirror, turned to Ling and asked “so what do you think?”

Ling smiled broadly walked up to Jenny and grabbed her butt as she kissed her roughly on the lips.

“That’s what I think,” said Ling as she let go.

Jenny blushed and smiled.

“Next step”, said Ling as she directed Jenny to a makeup table that was surrounded by light bulbs.

“Now pay attention, you will have to do this every day from now on” said Ling as she picked up a large brush.

Ling applied Jenny’s makeup, her foundation, blusher, eye shadow and finally bright red lipstick.

“Wow” said Jenny as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“Yes” replied Ling who had one hand clasped to her own breast as she stared at Jenny in the mirror.

Jenny stood up; Ling handed her a short black leather jacket and a large bag. These are the things that you are going to need in your new life Ling said patting the large bag.

“Good luck” said Ling giving Jenny a hug.

“Thank you” said Jenny hugging Ling back.

“Remember you can come back whenever you wish,” added Ling.

“I will” replied Jenny as she slowly made her way carefully down the stairs on her new heels. She found it strange walking in a skirt, it restricted her steps and made her walk with more of an elegant strut.

She walked over to her Mercedes passing some men as she did; every single one of them turned and glared at her. Jenny suddenly realised what power she now had. She slid into the driver’s seat of her car, started the engine and drove off.

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