James and Carl after Vegas Pt. 01

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Author’s note: The people depicted in this story are totally figments of my imagination.


When James came home from the big telecom equipment show in Vegas, he discovered that he wasn’t the only one that had a special same sex friend. While he was away Kelley had been suspicious of his activities in Vegas and decided she could play those games too. She and a girlfriend at college had enjoyed some sexual experimentation, so Kelley decided to give it another shot and on the night James returned her friend Lilly was in her bed and James was on the sofa.

The next day was a Sunday. James met Lilly in the morning. There was no animosity. Kelley had discovered that she was in love with Lilly in a way she could never love a man and James felt the same way about Carl. Later that day Carl came to dinner and the four of them talked late into the evening. They decided that James would go to live with Carl and Lilly would move in with Kelley. They all liked each other and this wasn’t the end of their relationship.

James was tired and decided to sleep again on the sofa in his old apartment, then after work on Monday he would pack his things into the car and go to Carl’s place. James was just getting settled on the sofa when he heard muffled sounds coming from the bedroom. Soon the sounds became clearer and louder. He crept to the corner and looked down the corridor that led to the bedroom. He noticed that the door was ajar. After it seemed that the girls were so occupied that they wouldn’t notice, he quietly moved so he could see through the door. Luckily the bed was positioned so that he had a view of the bottom two thirds of the bed.


I could see Lilly from the waist down lying on her back with her knees up and her thighs spread wide. Kelley was on lying on her stomach propped up on her elbows her fingers gently massaging Lilly’s vagina, her index finger on one hand was circling just inside Lilly’s very wet opening. With her other hand she was alternately squeezing Lilly’s mons and labia. Lilly was moaning with delight. Kelley continued circling the entrance to Lilly’s vagina with her left hand and started rubbing her clit with the middle two fingers of her right hand. Lilly responded with a little shriek. They were obviously being quiet so they wouldn’t wake me.

Kelley slid up so that her mouth could reach Lilly’s pussy. Her tongue came out and touched Lilly’s asshole and licked all the way up to her clit. Lilly ooooed when Kelley’s tongue touched her ass, aaaahed when it slid slightly inside her vagina and sighed just quietly saying “yessss, yessss, yessss, oh fuck yessssss” when Kelley sucked on her clit.

Lilly was writhing under Kelley pushing her cunt into her face. Kelley was lashing her tongue at Lilly’s clit and pumping her pussy with two fingers. Lilly shuddered and the sounds from between her legs were noticeably squishy. Kelley moved up on top of Lilly so that I couldn’t see her head but I could tell that they were kissing. Both were moaning. When the kiss broke Lilly said “I need your cock”.

Kelley got up and went to her drawer. She took out a new ‘to me’ dildo. This one had a cock on one end, the other end a larger but shorter bulb shaped protrusion that was angled so that it could fit in her vagina with the cock end jutting out like a man’s cock. She inserted the bulb end in her vagina then reached into the drawer and pulled out a strap. She inserted the cock through a hole in the strap and fastened it around waist and thighs.

My cock was rock hard. This was the strap-on that I had wanted Kelley to buy to use on me. I was stroking my cock and close to cumming. I forced myself to stop and watch.

For some reason, Lilly scooted down on the big bed and turned across the bed in a way that I was able to see her pussy almost straight on. Kelley moved between her legs and placed a pillow under Lilly’s ass. Lilly lifted her legs and spread them wide then lined the cock up with Lilly’s vagina and pressed in. As she leaned forward on top of Lilly, I could see the cock as it stroked in an out of Lilly’s cunt and Kelley’s pussy with the bulb end in it. There was juice dripping from Kelley’s twat and also a stream of it seeping down Lilly’s ass crack. Both girls were getting loud at this point. No longer worried about waking me.

Lilly shouted, “fuck yesss, oooh fuck me, fuck me. God I love your cock. I’m so glad you bought it for me!”

I sighed, thinking ‘it was supposed to be for me.’

Kelley responded, “ooohh yes, I can’t believe how good that feels. Every time I push forward it rides on my clit and when I pull back the other end pulls against my G-spot. With this toy it is better to fuck that get fucked.”

Soon they were both close to orgasm. Lilly came first. “AAAAAGGHHH” she screamed and there was a flood of pussy juice splashing around the cock and down her ass.

Kelley buried the cock to the hilt and rubbed her clit on it for a few seconds then came hard. “AAAAHHH Fuck” she yelled. Her body shook and her cum juices flowed from her cunt Bomonti Escort dripping and mixing with Lilly’s in a pool at the crack of her ass.

I couldn’t help myself. After a couple of strokes I was cumming to. I groaned a little too loudly and knew I was caught. Startled, Lilly and Kelley both looked toward the door. Kelley leaned down and kissed Lilly deeply as they rolled onto their side and the cock slipped from Lilly’s pussy.

Kelley said “James, you may as well come in, we know you are there.”

I was so embarrassed I could feel my face burning. She looked me right in the eyes and said “you may like cock better that pussy but you are going to eat Lilly’s pussy while I fuck you with my new cock.”

I groaned in expectation. Then I thought about Carl. Would this be cheating? My mind said yes but my cock and ass said no. Kelley pushed me onto the bed my face was just inches from Lilly’s dripping wet pussy. Kelley came up behind me put her hands on my ass and pushed me forward. My nose buried into Lilly’s pussy she really smelled good. My nose slid up over her clit and my tongue lapped her juices from her pussy then my lips closed around her clit and I sucked hard. Lilly shuddered. I sucked harder and moaned against her clit. She moaned and pushed against my mouth.

I felt lube run down the crack of my ass followed by Kelley’s fake cock still wet from fucking Lilly. She drove it to the hilt in one stroke and started fucking me hard. “Fuck that hurrrtt!” I screamed. The pain didn’t last long, then the pleasure took over. Carl’s cock was bigger and I wished I was with him but this was a fucking wild ride.

Kelley was pounding my ass, driving my tongue, mouth and nose into Lilly’s pussy. Lilly was getting closer “fuck him harder Kelley, drive his face into my cunt” she cried. Kelley sped up and Lilly’s pussy juice was washing my face. I lapped it up as fast as I could then she screamed “ooooohhh FUCK” and her pussy gushed up my nose, all over my face. Pussy juice stings in your eyes.

Kelley slammed in to the hilt and her juices flooded onto my ass and ran down over my balls. “Fuck Lilly that was hot” she said. I got the point, I was the toy, the link between Kelley and Lilly.

I hadn’t had an orgasm, no one but me noticed. Kelley slid her cock out of me, moved into a lip lock with Lilly. They continued their lovemaking as if I wasn’t there. I went back to the sofa, thought about Carl, and jerked off. The whole experience had been hot but cold at the same time.

I slept like a baby with sweet dreams of Carl. In the morning I made coffee and breakfast for three. When the girls emerged from their love nest, they hugged me and thanked me for breakfast but didn’t mention the sex we had shared last night.

After breakfast I loaded my things in the trunk of my car. As I did a last check in our former bedroom Kelley came in. She hugged and kissed me on the lips and said “I will always love you James. I know our relationship wasn’t right for either of us but we were in love and I really want us to be friends.”

I hugged her tight and said “Kelley, I love you too and I am so happy you understand and especially happy that you have found love with Lilly.” Then I kissed her goodbye and headed to work.

The day seemed endless. All I could think about was Carl and I was totally unproductive. At the end of the day I was off to my new home and the man I loved. I was very lucky not to get a ticket on the way to Carl’s house. I actually arrived before Carl got home and had to wait twenty minutes in the car. When he came home, he parked beside my car. I was out before he stopped rolling. He had a big smile on his face, he jumped out and caught me in a bear hug kissing me deeply. Our tongues tangled and my knees went weak.

“God, I missed you” we said almost in unison.

He took my hand and led me to the door, handing me my own key. He opened the door and we stepped into the foyer. The house was beautiful with high ceilings and tasteful furniture. A curved stairway to the large master bedroom on the second floor. I hadn’t seen it yet but I knew if it had a bed it would be wonderful.

“Welcome to your new home” Carl said. “Time to celebrate” he added.

He went to the fridge and brought out a bottle of chilled Champaign. The glasses were spotless and the bubbly was poured. “A toast” Carl said. “To our new life together”

“Hear, hear” I said.

We drank, kissed and drank some more until the bubbly was gone. Then Carl said “let’s get you moved in.” We brought my stuff into the living room. “We will unpack later. Get your sweet ass up to the bedroom.” He said.

“I thought you would never ask.” I said.

“I didn’t, I told.” He laughed.

I hurried up the stairs. At the top I waited for Carl to open the bedroom door. ‘Wow,’ I thought ‘this is really happening.”

The room was large with a king sized bed. That was all I needed to see. I loved the room. We entered and he looked at me saying “Why are you still dressed.” Bomonti Escort Bayan We both stripped in record time, our bodies melded together. His body engulfed me in fur and I felt completely comfortable for the first time in our relationship. It was all out in the open, Kelley had Lilly and I had Carl.

“Let’s shower and have a little fun before dinner.” Carl said.

The ensuite was beautiful and spotless with a large whirlpool tub with a showerhead on a hose so it could be hand held. A huge two sink vanity with a large mirror. A closet full of luxurious towels and anything else you could possibly need in a bathroom.

“Oh Carl, it’s so beautiful!” I exclaimed. “We are going to enjoy this room so much.” I said with a wicked smile.

Carl turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, then turned and looked at me saying “now stop gushing and get in the shower.”

I stepped in, he followed me the water temperature was perfect. I couldn’t keep my hands off of him any longer. I slid my hands up his chest working his nipples with my thumbs and enjoying the coarse thick mat of hair thinking ‘this is my man, I am the luckiest guy in the world.’ My hands continued up over his shoulders and we embraced. Our lips met, our tongues tangled. Carl was completely in control now. He crushed me to his body and the kiss lasted until we both had to come up for air. He took the soap and lathered me from head to toe, cleaning every little thing.

He handed me the soap and I returned the favour cleaning every big thing. Carl was a dream. He looked like a polar bear with all the hair on his body hanging in lather. He pulled me in for another kiss as we stepped under the shower. The water poured over us and washed away the soap where it could. We were still connected face to face and when the kiss ended I felt Carl’s hands on my shoulders gently pushing down. I went with it and slid onto my knees. The water was pouring over my head and down Carl’s chest as I took his left nut into my mouth and worked it gently with my tongue.

“Aaaaagh fuck, that feels so good!” Said he, as I sucked it and let it pull from my lips on my way to his right nut and gave it the same treatment. I stuck out my tongue and licked his cock from root to head then lip sucked up and down both sides before taking the head between my lips and sucking hard on it. He groaned. I slipped my lips back over the head in a kissing motion, then took a few inches into my mouth sucked hard and slid off again letting my lips kiss the head.

“Fuck James you are torturing me.” He groaned.

“And you are loving every second!” I exclaimed. What’s your hurry? “We have the rest of our lives.” I pointed out.

“Right on.” He said as he rested his back against the wall and turned off the water.

I continued taking a little more of his cock with every down stroke. I was moving very slowly and thoroughly enjoying my feast. I could tell that Carl was having a hard time resisting the urge to thrust. As I worked more and more of his cock into my mouth, saliva started dripping from my lips coating his cock and balls. Before long I was taking him to the root on every stroke and ending it with a kiss on the tip. I could tell that Carl was tensing up and slowed down gauging how much pleasure I could allow him without pushing him over the edge.

He didn’t say a word but I knew how close he was. I slipped my lips off the end of his cock and went down to his balls and licked them before licking his slippery cock from balls to head and back about five times. He was trembling with want and need to cum. I took the head in my mouth again and sucked hard. He survived and held on. I licked again from balls to tip and swirled my tongue around his cock head then looked up at him and flicked my tongue over that sensitive spot just below the piss slit. With no warning and not so much as a moan he erupted and cum shot up my nose into my eyes and hair. I quickly sealed my lips around his cock and captured at least six more slugs of hot cum swallowing hard to keep up. When he was done cumming, I looked him in the eyes and gave him an open mouthed smile. My mouth was still half full of his cum.

“Fuck that’s so hot.” He groaned.

He pulled me up into an open mouthed kiss and we shared his cum. When the kiss ended I used my tongue to clean some that had transferred from my face to Carl’s before letting Carl clean my face with his tongue.

By this time my own cock was drooling copious amounts of precum but I wasn’t complaining. That had been awesome sex and even without an orgasm it was very satisfying just knowing that I had pleased my man so much.

Carl turned the shower back on and we rinsed off before stepping out into warm towels. We dried each other’s back and headed for the bedroom.

“Let’s slip into robes and have something to eat.” Carl suggested.

That was easy for him to say, he just had a fantastic orgasm. I was still hard as a rock. I wanted more but I wanted him to be ready and the time it Bomonti Escort Bayan would take to eat was just about enough time to get him ready to please me.

We went down to the kitchen and while Carl made lunch, I put on a pot of coffee, got some plates and cutlery and set two places at the table. Then I sat on a stool and watched my hunk of a man as he put the finishing touches on our meal. I imagined him naked with an apron tied around his waist and my cock was instantly rock hard again. I kept that image in my head as we ate the omelets and toast he had made. Whenever our eyes met I ran my tongue over my lips and gave him a mischievous smile.

“What’s with the smile?” He asked.

I told him “I was thinking about that nice big cock and where I wanted him to put it.” I didn’t mention the apron. That was my little secret.

He said “eat up you are going to need the energy before the night is over.”

I liked the sound of that. We finished eating and stacked the dishes in the dishwasher and headed toward the stairs. We each grabbed one of my bags in the living room and deposited them in the bedroom. So much for unpacking. Carl walked to the bed and pulled back the covers. He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me hugging me into a passionate kiss. It seemed like we were trying to eat each other’s tongues. When we needed to breathe he didn’t break the kiss just turned it into one that was so tender and loving that it made my whole body tingle. I was like a bowl of jelly. He could do anything he wanted to me at that moment. With our lips still pressed together he swooped me into his arms and carried me to the bed. I was in heaven and soon I would be in seventh heaven.


Today James came to live with me. I couldn’t keep my hands off him and we ended up naked in the shower before he even had a chance to unpack. We had great sex in the shower that ended with James giving me a long slow blowjob. It was complete torture to let him work on my cock with his fantastic tongue and lips. I wanted to grab him by the head and pump my cock down his throat but he made it clear that he was doing this for me and there was no hurry. It all led to a very powerful orgasm with cum flying all over his face and hair before he could get his lips sealed around my cockhead.

We ate dinner and now we were back in the bedroom and I had just deposited him on the bed. God he looked so hot. I laid on the bed and rolled into an embrace with him and crushed his lips in a passionate tongue lashing, lip biting kiss that left us both panting for air. I rolled on top of him and brought my hard cock down on his and ground our pelvises together. He moaned as we broke the kiss and I lowered my mouth to his shoulder and nipped my way up to his earlobe. James turned his head to give me access and thrust his cock against mine. I could feel the precum making us slippery.

I knew what he wanted and I wanted it too but I had to give him some of the same torture he had given me. I moved down so that I could suck and nibble on his nipples. Our cocks separated and he tried without success to pull me back. I alternated between his nipples licking in large circles before capturing the little nubbies between my teeth and biting hard enough to send a jolt through him straight to his cock. My cock was drooling precum onto his legs now and his was making the hair on my belly wet and sticky.

Ever so slowly I licked my way down to his belly button and slipped my tongue in with a swirling motion. James was moaning and squirming and begging and I was loving it. As I moved lower my tongue and nose sensed the mix of our precum on his belly. That wouldn’t do, so I took my time and licked it all up. James was begging now.

“Fuck me Carl. Pleeeese fuck me.”

I paid no attention and when I had licked all the precum from his belly I swooped in and caught his cockhead between my lips. He was dripping delicious precum and I was enjoying his slippery hot cock sliding down and engulfing him to the hilt then sucking my way back to the tip. Slide down, suck up, slide down, suck up. I kept this up until I sensed that he was almost ready to cum before going down and sucking his balls.

“Fuck Carl, I’m on the fucking edge here. Either fuck me or let me cum.”

I looked him in the eyes and slid my tongue up his cock swirled it around his cockhead and then flicked the same sensitive spot the way he had done it to me. His cum flew from his cock all over my face up his chest.

“Aaaaaagh fuck, I really wanted you to fuck me.” He said.

I looked at him and said “you told me, either fuck me or let me cum. I decided to do both.”

I reached over to the bedside table and got a tube of lube. I hadn’t fucked him since Friday night and this was Monday. I smeared lube on his ass and worked into his hole. When 3 finger slid in easily I lubed my cock and looked at him. He was a sight for sore eyes, lying there on his back with his legs in the air his asshole glistening with lube with a look on his face that begged to be fucked. I slid my cock up and down over his hole but made no effort to enter. Without success he was trying to catch my cockhead as it slid past and was groaning with excitement. I took hold of my cock and circled his hole with the head. He was squirming so much I probably couldn’t have hit the hole if I was trying.

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