Jamaican Experience Ch. 02

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Jealous of Naomi as her tight pussy swallowed my husband shaft whole, my husband choking her as her moves are Devine up and down grinding deep with rhythm I have never seen before. Her fake boobs bouncing as she starts jumping up and down bringing herself to a shattering orgasm before I have even managed to fit this humongous pole into me. Naomi is a true beauty her tight body is a sculpture as she moves and moves better than anyone I have ever seen before. She makes my juices flow lubricating myself more and more for this monster.

She carries on grinding away intensely as I struggle to stretch for this large black beast inside of me. I feel it getting deeper into me, immediately my pussy contracts with pleasure begging for more as he pushes deeper into me, I know I can take it all as he coasts in and out of me stroke by stroke getting deeper, it’s slow but amazingly intense. He starts to build rhythm as I can grind down onto him our bodies interlocking as I experience my first orgasm Kadıköy Sınırsız Escort and if he wasn’t so deep into me I would have fallen off. My world has meaning as new parts of my insides twinge and relax contracting on this pole in places I didn’t know possible I reach down to feel him, he still has a whole 4 inches to go…

Meanwhile Greg is teaching the young girl stamina, she is bent over pillow over her head almost passed out, but I can see her determination as she thrusts back every stroke groaning, she is a winner and she is determined to make my husband cum. Ever y stroke cum oozes down her caramel legs out of her tight pussy and off gregs creamy shaft. They are working their way through the karma sutra as she is now reverse cowgirl. This position is sure to get Greg, as watching her caramel voluptuous butt perform wonders of movement on my husband’s shaft makes me cream all over james.

It’s right then my husband looks over at me just as my pussy Kadıköy Suriyeli Escort pops james smashing my cervix as I scream in pleasure and 12 inches finally take me and I shatter, fall into his arms his 6ft 5 frame controls me and he screws me harder and harder we are finally there, un restricted passion. Intensely going harder. Greg shoots his load deep into Naomi. Naomi relaxes and one more time climaxes in one move as she sits up swirling round Greg’s hard worn out cock and is now in his arms.

Greg holding her tight and not taking his cock out of her they both watch as james and I finally are hitting our stride right as the sunrises over the Jamaican resort.

James now on top roughly pinning my legs by my head is ploughing full strokes into my sopping pussy, I’m trying to fuck back as he holds me down and is vertically pounding into me, screaming as people walk past to breakfast just floors below our balcony. My voice unable to work as my pussy Kadıköy İranlı Escort clenches, contracting every few minutes as he takes me to pleasure I didn’t know existed. My husband and Naomi slowly grinding deep into each other as all they can do is fuck and watch this legend destroy my pussy.

Finally I get it how I want it, he has me bent over the balcony as we thrust intensely people looking up at me while I try and match him screw for screw, bouncing up for me desperate for him to cum in me, I can only imagine how intense his build up will be after 6 hours, I have never had someone last so long in one sitting! I feels his balls tense as he pulls my hair, going harder holding himself deep into me this machine let’s his load go, shooting not once not twice, it was never ending. It was leaking out as he still was cumming. I hear Naomi and Greg grunting as they too climax.

Naomi pulls him off me, sucks his cock as I too lick my hubby dry, pussy leaking from our cents as Naomi now starts eating me clean.. needless to say I returned the favor to put on a good show for our studs.

Time for a quick sleep and then the pool.

Greg calls the hotel and makes sure james is our tender all week (we have now got him living in our second bedroom… Naomi in one of the rooms too).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32