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Gregory A. Patrick


Jaiden � Chapter 123

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Greg Patrick


“Granny, do you or Ginny have some friends you would trust to keep the children Saturday night? Peyton and Jaiden are always doing something for Dale and me, and we would like to take them out for a surprise dinner cruise on Saturday night.”


“Charley, do you want a whipping? Nobody is going to keep our grandbabies except Ginny and me, do you understand me?” “Yes, mam, I do. I just don”t want you and Ginny to get stressed out by being with the babies too much.” Ginny didn”t say a word as she headed to the den to check on her grandbabies. As she passed Charley, she walloped him well on the right side of his butt! “Ow, that smarted.” “Yep, it did, and if you bring any more of that nonsense into this house about someone else keeping our grandbabies, it will hurt again, understand, son?” “Yes, mam.”


“Granny and I talked about how all four of you need a night out together -without the children. So, we”ll keep the children Saturday night if Peyton and Jaiden have the night off; Gampy and the Reverend can come over here and eat dinner. We”ll fix the children some fried catfish and make them some broccoli salad.”


When Ginny said that, Granny covered her mouth and leaned against the dining room wall and died laughing. She knew Charley would have a come-back to the broccoli comment, and he did. “Ginny, can the children have green beans instead of broccoli?” “Now, Charley, you know those children love broccoli salad when it is processed so they can eat it!”


“Yes, mam, they do love it, but it doesn”t like them. We can”t take what it did to the babies last time; they stunk – and Peyton and I got sick smelling them.”


“Charley, that red hair on the top of your head is glowing like a hot fire, so I know your brain is in overdrive right now worrying about getting stunk out of the house. Think about why you are worrying. Wasn”t a solution to that problem already given to Jaiden?”


“Ginny, I forgot all about the Beano.” “You sure did, but Granny and I didn”t. So we”ll put a drop on the first spoon of broccoli the children eat, and it shouldn”t bother their tiny stomachs.” “Thank you – thank you – thank you!”


Ginny and Granny smiled because they knew they had gotten Charley good, and when Jaiden got home, and they told him he was going to laugh his butt off.


When Jaiden and Peyton arrived at the house, Ginny met them at the door and asked them if they were off Saturday night. They told her they were and that it would be their last weekend off together for a while.


“Jaiden, Charley has something to ask you and Granny, and I have already talked to him about it. He said he and Dale wanted to do something with Peyton and you since y”all haven”t been able to do anything together in a while. I told him we would keep the children and fix them fried catfish and broccoli salad for dinner. He forgot about the Beano and panicked over the broccoli salad idea. When he mentions that to you and Peyton, tell him the Beano didn”t work and string him along for a bit.”


“Ginny, you are being mischievous tonight, and I love it! I”ll call you in a little while and let you know how it goes; this is going to be so much fun. But, first, I”ll get Dale alone and get him to help me get Charley.


Peyton was smiling as he and Jaiden went upstairs to change into comfortable clothes so they could play with their sons. He knew Jaiden was going to royally roast Charley before he let his brother off the hook, and the roast was going to be hilarious.


Shortly after Dale and Charley got home, Jaiden spoke to Dale outside and told him what was about to go down. Dale started laughing as he told Jaiden he would go along with everything and that he would panic with Charley to make it even funnier.


Before dinner, Jaiden went to his bedroom and made some noise before asking Peyton if he had seen the Beano he”d gotten when the boys had the spell of foul flatulence. “No, Jaiden, I haven”t seen it.” “Well, I can”t find it. I went by B. B. King”s restaurant and got the children some fried catfish and broccoli salad for dinner. If I don”t give them some Beano with the broccoli, we aren”t going to be able to stay in the house with them.”


“Jaiden, if you take the time to go get some more, the food will be cold when you get back, and the children won”t enjoy it.” “Peyton, that”s true; I guess we are going to have to stomach the stench and hope it isn”t as bad as last time.” “I guess so, Jaiden.”


“Jaiden.” “Yes, Charley.” “Is there something else you can give the children to prevent them from getting gas with the broccoli?” “Nothing as safe as Beano, Charley.”


“Dale spoke up and said, “Charley, I distinctly remember Jaiden giving you the Beano while we were on the deck and asking you to put it in a safe place. Do you have any recollection where you may have put it?” “Dale, I have no idea. I don”t even remember him giving it to me.” “Well, he did, Babe, and you took it inside.”


Charley was sweating as he said, “guys, I”m sorry; I don”t remember Jaiden giving me the Beano, and I have no idea where it might be. I”ll run to the drug store right quick and get some more.” “No, don”t do that, Charley. By the time you got to the drugstore and back, the food will be cold. So let”s let the children go ahead and eat their dinner and just tough it out.”


Dale and Peyton put the children in their high chairs and got them ready to eat their supper. When Jaiden pulled skety out of the plain brown bag, Charley”s face turned crimson red as he said, “Dang you, you guys pulled one over on me. That wasn”t fair; I didn”t do anything to either of you.”


Jaiden walked over to Charley and put his arms around him. “Charley, maybe we can do something together this mezitli escort weekend since Peyton and I are off until he goes in to work Sunday morning, and I go in on Sunday night. You can get me back Saturday night.” “Jaiden, I”m gonna have to think about that. Dale, Babe, I”m gonna get you back tonight, and that”s a promise!”


“Charley, just how are you going to get me back?” Charley took a sip of coffee, smiled, and didn”t say a word. “Charley, are you going to answer me?” “No!”


When everyone finished dinner, the guys were in the kitchen getting dishes cleaned off and put in the dishwasher when Dale slipped behind Charley and slid his hand into the front of Charley”s pants. “Dale.” “Yes, babe.” “Take your hand out of my pants.”


Jaiden looked at Peyton and shrugged his shoulders as they both wondered what was up. They were confused when Charley wouldn”t answer anything Dale asked him. They had never seen Charley act in such a manner in all the years they had known him.


“Charley, please tell me what is going on.”


“Dale, when we go to bed, you will find out; not before, so don”t ask me.” Now Dale was the one looking worried that he upset Charley in the worst of ways. So when they took the children upstairs to get their baths and put them to bed, Dale asked Charley one more time, “Charley, please tell me what is wrong.”


“Dale, who said anything was wrong.” “Nobody, but you act like I have made you mad.” “Dale, have I said you made me mad?” “No, but you”re acting like it.” “Dale, maybe you are interpreting the situation wrong.” “Charley, if I am, I wish you”d tell me how. I was just playing around with Jaiden and Peyton trying to have some fun.” “I know that Dale, but I still am not going to say what is on my mind.”


Dale was upset, wondering what was up with Charley. He couldn”t get Charley to say anything, so he got undressed and walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He was bent over the bathroom sink when he felt something get shoved up his butt and felt a swelling sensation.


When he looked back, he saw that Charley had shoved the canula of an enema bulb into him and filled him with its contents. Charley told Dale to hold that in until he told him to release it in the toilet. Dale complied.


After about 15 minutes, Charley told Dale to void himself, wash off, and lie on his back in the bed. Dale complied without asking Charley anything. When Dale had lain down, Charley walked over to the nightstand and got out their lube. He lubed Dale amply and then climbed onto Dale and slowly entered him.


Charley began tenderly kissing Dale”s lips and tender spots around his neck. Dale was moaning with every thrust Charley gave him, not to mention thoroughly enjoying the attention he was getting from his husband. Charley made every second count, every minute explosive as he sent Dale over the edge of ecstasy when they climaxed together.


“Damn, Charley, tell me what I did to get you to do this, and I”ll do it a whole lot more often.” “Sweetheart, I enjoyed you playing along with Jaiden”s and Peyton”s joke. I got turned on in the best of ways.” Dale said, “I”ll say,” as he pulled Charley in for the most sensual kiss he had ever given him. Dale turned over as Charley snuggled up to Dale”s back, holding him as they fell asleep.


The following morning, the guys were preparing breakfast when Peyton and Jaiden asked Charley if they had made him angry with all the bantering the night before.


“Jaiden, all I will say is that I popped Dale”s butt last night for putting me through that.” Dale put his hands on the kitchen counter and hung his head as he said, “Charley really did pop my butt last night…and I hope he does it more often; damn, that was so loving of him to do that.”


Peyton looked at Dale and Charley and said, “you two are crazy!” “Dale replied, no, Peyton, not crazy, horny. The way we played around with the joke got Charley incredibly horny, and I enjoyed the effects of that.” Jaiden said, “geez, y”all really are nuts!” Charley looked at Jaiden and replied, “Jaiden, as Dale said, we”re not crazy, and we”re not nuts. We have nuts, and we like to use them, but we are not them.”


“Talk about nuts; here come eighteen more with a trail driver popping a whip behind them.” Peyton hung his head and laughed.


At four that evening, Ginny, Gampy, Granny, and the Reverend walked through the door. Jaiden looked at them and asked what they owed the honor of their presence to. Gampy told him and Peyton that they owed their company to Charley, and they needed to go upstairs, shower, and put on some nice casual clothes.


“Come on now, what is going on?” Charley said, “Mind your elders and do what they told you to do – and don”t ask any questions.” So Peyton took Jaiden upstairs, where they showered and dressed as instructed. When they went back downstairs, Dale said, “OK, now you can come with Charley and me.”


When they went into the garage, Dale told them to get into the back seat of the Subaru. When they got into the car, Jaiden asked, “OK, guys, where are we going?” “Jaiden, I told you not to ask any questions. You”ll find out when we get there.” “Yes, sir, Charley.”


When they got to the docks where the steamship was docked, Jaiden again asked what was going on. Charley gave him the eye that plainly said be quiet.


They walked to the gangplank, where Dale handed the host an envelope. The host looked inside the envelope and said, “Gentlemen, I hope you have a wonderful evening,” at which point they walked onto the ship. Thirty minutes later, enough people to fill the dining room were on the boat, and the paddlewheel”s whistle blew as the barge began heading up the river.


The guys were standing at the front of the ship, the cool evening wind blowing through their hair as Charley turned to Peyton and Jaiden and said, “Jaiden, Peyton, you two have done so much for our children and us. We wanted to do something special for the two of you for a change. We hope you will enjoy this evening to the max.


Tears began falling from Jaiden”s and Peyton”s eyes as they hugged Charley and Dale. They tried to say thank you, but they were so choked up that the words wouldn”t come out. The four stood at the bow of the boat with their arms around each other as they watched the sun go down over the horizon.


When the dinner bell rang, they went inside, found their table, and took their seats. When they had taken their seats, the waiter”s brought out a wedge salad covered with finely diced ham bits, finely chopped tomatoes, and the best blue cheese dressing Jaiden and Peyton had ever had.


After the guys ate their salad, shrimp crostini was served as an appetizer along with a bowl of exquisite lobster bisque. Neither of the gentlemen had ever had the hard bread balls that were served with the soup. Charley said, damn, it looks like Ellie Mae Clampett has been here tonight; these things are as hard as a golf ball. I don”t think Granny pozcu escort Daisey Moses would ever cook anything like these bread balls.


The waiter came by the table. and Charley asked about the bread balls. “Sir, they are a buttermilk cracker, and I agree, they are as hard as golf balls. Put a few in the bisque and let them sit a second, and they will soften enough to eat. So the guys did as the waiter suggested, and when they tasted the bread balls, they all said they were the best crackers they had ever tasted.


The waiters began bringing the evening specialty to the tables. When they sat Jaiden”s plate in front of him, it held the most immense slab of prime rib Jaiden or Peyton had ever seen. There was also a small plate of grilled, fresh asparagus and a rosin baked potato with sour cream and butter.


Coffee was served with the meal. Dale checked beforehand to see if the ship”s restaurant had Stevia, and they didn”t. So, he had brought a Glad bag full of Stevia for everybody.


When Jaiden cut into the prime rib, it was a perfect medium-rare, and it was so tender it melted in his mouth. The asparagus was seasoned and grilled to perfection; the potato was rolled in pine rosin and rock salt before being baked. Neither of the guys had ever had a baked potato that tasted so good. The music provided in the ship”s restaurant was romantic and relaxing.


The guys took a moonlit stroll down the riverwalk when the paddleboat pulled into port, and they disembarked. They reached an overlook area with seating so they could sit and look at the city”s lights. They sat quietly, enjoying the view and each other”s company. When Dale looked at Jaiden, tears were streaming down his face.


Dale punched Charley and glanced over at Jaiden. When Charley saw the tears, he reached over and took Jaiden”s hand in his. “Jaiden, are you OK?” “I am, Charley. I can take all the good things that happened for us in Erie, and none of them would come close to topping tonight. I don”t know how you and Dale made it happen, but thank you. I don”t know when I have felt more loved by anyone but Peyton.” “You are welcome, Jaiden; you both deserved tonight after what you have done for us and for everyone else.”


When Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, and Charlie got home, Ginny could tell Jaiden had been emotional. So when he walked onto the deck, she followed him outside. “Jaiden, are you OK, son.” “Yes, mam. Ginny, thank you for keeping the boys tonight. Outside of Peyton, you, Gampy, Granny, and the Reverend helped Dale and Charley make me feel more loved than I can ever remember. Tonight was so special to me.”


“Jaiden, I am happy for you. You spend so much time doing for others that I thought that Charley planning tonight was incredibly loving.” “Ginny, Charley planned tonight?” “All by himself, Jaiden. He didn”t even tell Dale until yesterday.” “Wow, I can”t believe he planned tonight by himself; he is more loving and sentimental than I thought he was. Knowing he planned tonight makes it all the more special.”


Ginny motioned for Gampy, Granny, and the Reverend to join her and Jaiden on the deck. When they walked outside, Jaiden hugged each of them and repeated what he had said to Ginny. None of them had ever seen Jaiden act so solemn. Tonight, they realized just how much Jaiden loved Dale and Charley.


Since Peyton had to be at the hospital at 8 am, he got up early the following day. Jaiden prepared eggs, toast, and coffee for him, and they ate together before Peyton left for the hospital. Jaiden was hoping the boys would sleep late that morning as he went back to bed to get some more sleep since he would work from 8 pm until 8 am the following morning.


Jaiden awoke and panicked at almost noon, thinking his sons were still in their beds and hadn”t had breakfast. He jumped out of bed and went running to the boy”s room to find they were outside with Dale and Charley and their children. He walked onto the deck and apologized to Dale and Charley for sleeping late. Dale said, “Jaiden, we knew you had to work all night tonight, so we took care of the boys for you this morning. They have had lunch, so don”t worry about that. I left a couple of sandwiches in the refrigerator for you, and the pot of coffee is about five minutes old. Go eat the sandwiches and go back to bed if you want to; we”ll watch the boys.”


“Guys, I really appreciate this; thank you so much.” “Jaiden, you are more than welcome. Now go back to bed and get some rest; you have a long night tonight.” “Yes, sir, thank you.”


Jaiden woke up around 4:30 that afternoon to the smell of Dale”s cooking. He got up and went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee to help him wake up. The boys were still sleeping for their afternoon nap, so Jaiden sat at the breakfast table and talked with Dale and Charley. While he was sitting at the table, his mom called.


Jaiden answered his phone and walked onto the deck to talk with his mother. She had spoken with Ginny earlier after church time, and Ginny told her what Dale and Charley had done the night before for Jaiden and Peyton.


She and Jaiden talked about the special night and how it had made Peyton and Jaiden feel. His mom reminded him how fortunate he and Peyton were to have Dale and Charley in their lives and to be living together as a real family. Jaiden told her that what Dale and Charley had done for him and Peyton made them realize how much they truly loved each other.


When Jaiden and his mother finished their conversation, he walked inside and sat back at the breakfast table with Charley and Dale. Charley”s and Dale”s phones pinged to let them know they had a message as they were talking with Jaiden. When they checked their texts, they looked at each other. They didn”t say anything about what they had received on their phones.


When Jaiden took the children upstairs to get them ready for dinner, Charley told Dale he couldn”t believe what Jaiden”s mother had said in the text messages. “Dale, I can”t believe she put money in our spending account; she shouldn”t have done that.” “I agree, Charley, but if we say anything other than thank you, it will upset her, and we don”t want to do that.”


“I agree, Dale, but still…” “Charley, think of it this way, Mom loved us when we felt like nobody else did, and she has made it clear to us that she considers us her sons just as much as Jaiden is.” “I know, Dale, but it is still hard for me to understand sometimes.” “Charley, I don”t know that we will ever understand mom”s love for us. All we can do is pay that love forward in everything we do.”


Dale cooked a roast, make creamed potatoes, and had English baby peas for dinner. He finely minced the beef roast in the food processor so the children could safely eat it. He had prepared plenty of food, so after putting a plate of food in the fridge for Peyton, each of the children got a second plate full. When everyone finished dinner and got the dishes in the dishwasher, Jaiden played with his sons in the den until he left for the hospital at seven that escort bayan evening.


Peyton stopped by a local restaurant and got a dinner of medium-rare roast beef, fresh green beans, field peas, and a green salad. He didn”t know Dale had saved a meal for him. He killed the healthiness of the food by stopping by the donut shop when he saw the hot donut sign lit up.


“Dale, Charlie, as soon as I eat my dinner, I have hot donuts for everybody. Then, if you want, we can put the children in their chairs and cut up some donuts for them, and you two can have a few � or a lot � with some coffee.” “Where”d you get the donuts, Peyton?” “It”s a place I haven”t seen before, Southern Cream Donuts.”


“They smell delicious.” “They do, don”t they, Dale. The smell is what hit me while I was driving home, and I had to stop.” “I think I”ll save one for the bedroom.” “Charley! You better save two.”


“Guys, are you saving the donuts for the reason I am imagining?” “It depends on what you are imagining, Peyton.” “Charley, you know exactly what I am thinking.” “Then the answer most probably is yes.” “I thought so. They won”t be as good two days from now when Jaiden and I have two days off; I”ll have to pick up some fresh, hot donuts while we are off. While you and Dale are at work, you can imagine the fun Jaiden and I will be having.”


“Peyton, did you have to say that? I am going to get so horny Monday and Tuesday that I”ll be begging for some relief.” “Yeah, I know. While Ginny and Granny are watching the children, Jaiden and I will be eating donuts off a warm pole. You”ll think about that, and drool will start coming out of the left side of your mouth; you will get a feeling in your groin and stomach that will make you tighten your thighs, and you won”t be able to sit still. Then, you”ll get up and run around like you have blue balls, and you will be thankful you have a construction project that you can go outside to check.”


“Peyton, that”s not fair to do that to us.” “Sure it is, Charley. What is really going to drive you nuts, pun intended, on Monday is knowing that I will have fresh donuts waiting on you when you get home. What is truly going to test your resolve is having to wait until the children are in bed for the night before you and Dale can eat the donuts off the warm poles you will put them on. You may even get a little `white cream” to enjoy with your donuts.” “Dale, we”re eating a lot of pasta for the next two days!”


“Pasta, Charley?” “Yep, pasta. It makes the cream sweeter and less salty.” “Damn, Charley, leave it to you to think of that.” “Peyton, try it; you”ll like it.” Dale was laughing at the banter between Peyton and Charley. Dale walked up behind Charley and reached around him, and started lightly massaging his inguinal muscles. “Dale, if you don”t stop that, I”m gonna explode. I”m already getting blue balls just thinking about Monday night.” “Me, too, Babe; me too!”


“Monday morning, Peyton told Jaiden what he had started with Charley. Jaiden shook his head while laughing at the thought of how horny Charley must have gotten because of Peyton. When the two went to the kitchen, the first thing out of Charley”s mouth was, “Peyton, don”t forget to get the donuts today.” Jaiden lost it and slid down the wall laughing so hard he lost his breath. He laughed harder when Peyton said, Charley, I”m sorry; I forgot all about the donuts for today. I hope Southern Cream is open on Mondays.” You could see Charley”s heart sink by the look in his eyes. Peyton knew full well that Southern Cream Donuts was open on Mondays.


Dale, Peyton, and I are going to take the children to the park since we haven”t spent much time with them lately. So, you and Charley can have some quiet time with each other. The park wasn”t the only place Peyton and Jaiden were going. Jaiden stopped by the Party Shop, and Peyton went inside and bought a small gift-wrapped box. Then they went to the park.


The children enjoyed their playtime on their favorite park slides, merry-go-rounds, and baby swings that kept them safely secured. An hour later, the children were getting tired and ready for their afternoon naps, so Jaiden and Peyton loaded them into the van to go home.


Before they left the park”s parking lot, Peyton turned toward the children and asked, “Hey guys, would y”all like to go get some donuts?”


Robert Nathan and Mark let loose with a loud `donuuuuu…” That made Jaiden howl.


When they got to the donut shop, the hot donut light was on. Jaiden bought 2 dozen donuts, and Peyton broke up several and fed the pieces to the children. Then he put two donuts in the gift-wrapped box to give to Charley and Dale when they got home.


When the babies arrived at home and went inside, Chuck ran to Charley and Dale and said, “Da, donu” and then pointed to the boxes in Peyton”s hands. “Peyton, have the children had a taste of the donuts?” “More than a taste, Charley; they”ve each had at least half a donut.” Charley looked at Chuck and asked, “son, were the donuts good?” “Good, Da. More?” “Not right now, Chuck, maybe later after dinner, OK.” “OK, da.”


Jaiden handed the gift-wrapped box that was securely taped shut to Charley. “What is this?” “Peyton answered Charley saying, “you”ll know and understand when you and Dale open the box.” When Charley opened the box and saw the donuts, his face turned so red, it made his hair look blonde. The Alabama and Virginia brothers scored a field goal with their gift.


Later that evening, the dads took the children upstairs, bathed them, and put them to bed. When the guys went back downstairs, Jaiden went to the fridge, got a cold mug of coffee out, got a small, cleaned new paint brush, and handed them to Charley. What”s the paintbrush for, Jaiden?” “Charley, everybody knows donuts taste better with coffee. The mug has cold coffee in it. If you take the paintbrush and paint the flag-pole before you put the donut on it, the donut will taste a lot better. If you are lucky enough to get some, ahem!” `sweet cream” on the donuts, I”m sure they will be much more enjoyable. Since you and Dale have been eating pasta for the last few days, I”m sure the `white cream” will be much sweeter than usual. Enjoy, my brother!”


Peyton was laughing so hard he was shaking at Jaiden setting up Charley. Dale was red with embarrassment, and Jaiden and Peyton enjoyed watching him and Charley squirm with the setup.


Thirty minutes later, Peyton and Jaiden noticed that Dale and Charley weren”t around. When Peyton looked at Jaiden, who was staring intently at Peyton, they both busted out laughing. Dale and Charley were evidently in their bedroom enjoying their donuts.


The next morning, Dale had gone into the kitchen early enough to prepare a fresh pot of coffee before Peyton and Jaiden arose. Charley came into the kitchen after they got to the breakfast table and went straight to the donut box. “Hey, four donuts are missing from last night!”


“That”s right, Charley. Jaiden and I enjoyed those donuts with some fresh, sweet white cream just like you and Dale did last night.” Jaiden took a sip of coffee and smiled without uttering a word as he looked at Charley and Dale.


Dale commented that he wondered why Peyton and Jaiden appeared so relaxed and satiated. Now he knows why.



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