Jacquline’s Flexibility Pt. 04

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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. This is the fourth chapter in a series based on a very flexible girl in the high school color guard and her college age instructor. I encourage everyone to read parts one, two, and three before reading this chapter. I was a color guard girl at one time, so this entire storyline is a particular fantasy of mine. This chapter does get a little fantastical but just go with it and enjoy Nice or constructive comments are very much appreciated. Rude comments are just mean and will be deleted. Enjoy the fantasy. -xoxo Daphne


The senior banquet was always a special event for the members of the marching band who were graduating that year. It was a time for everyone to celebrate the season and honor achievements. Of course, the color guard was a big part of that, and all the guys in the band loved seeing the flag girls there because they all dressed to the nines. All the really hot girls were in the color guard, and everyone knew it, including the girls themselves.

Word had gotten around about Jacquline’s “experience” in the bikini shop window, and she got a lot more attention at school for it, mainly from people whistling at her in the hallway or getting hit on by guys. Jacquline was too intelligent a girl though and didn’t let it bother her. Everyone was particularly curious to see what she would be wearing at the banquet. There was even a rumor going around that Jacquline and her color guard co-captain, Sarah, had become more than just best friends recently.

The banquet was held in the high school’s student union building, which was a great place for large gatherings. In addition to the extensive decorations, there were photographs, slideshows, posters, and other memorabilia from the season. With a nice food spread and dance music as well, it was almost like a second prom.

As the two co-captains, Sarah and Jacquline wanted to make a grand entrance. So, they made sure they arrived when they thought most everyone else would already be there.

Sarah sauntered in first. Heads turned as she glided through the door in a gorgeous all white full-length dress accented with silver trim. A small strap went around her neck, allowing her lovely, smooth, and soft back to be bare down to her waist. Her braless nipples made a beautiful impression on the front of her dress as if her breasts were saying hello to the world. A slit up each side of the dress allowed Sarah to expose lots of her legs if she wished, and four-inch white heels gave the guard captain a very confident “I’m in charge” look.

The color guard instructor was there too, and he watched Sarah as she said hi to her friends, got herself some punch, and glided over to him with all the confidence of a high school senior that owned the room.

“Hey there ‘Cocky Rooster’,” Sarah teased. “Fucked any flag girls lately?”

“Mygod, Sarah,” he shot her an annoyed look. “You can be such a bitch sometimes.”

Sarah tilted her head to one side and flashed her naughty eyes. “Only sometimes? I must be slipping.”

“You and Jacs were so mean to me,” he said referring to their previous encounter, “forcing me watch you two girls make out with each other…stripping Jacquline and vibrating her pussy while she was holding a headstand split…edging me so close to orgasm over and over again only to back off and leave me a whimpering heap.”

Sarah’s slight smile made it clear that she’d had a lot of fun torturing him.

“That was weeks ago,” Sarah reminded him.

“Then, once you two had your fun with me, you let the entire Rimrock cheerleading squad torture me for hours. They didn’t let me come once!”

“Awww poor baby,” Sarah gently caressed her instructor’s cheek. “You had to go home and jerk off all by yourself, didn’t you?”

The instructor nodded, realizing how pathetic he looked by admitting it.

“Well,” Sarah spoke soft but with authority, “maybe I can make it up to you.”

Suddenly, the instructor was curious…but also cautious.

“I don’t trust you, Sarah.”

“Hey, I’m trying to do you a favor,” Sarah put her hands on her hips. “Do you want Jacs to suck your dick again or not?”

The instructor’s thoughts went back to when Jacquline deep throated his cock on the practice field while holding a full split. The suction was unbelievable, her hands squeezing her own tits, her doe-like eyes looking up at him submissively…

“Alright alright,” he gave in. “What do you want me to do?”

Sarah smiled. “All you have to do is come to the color guard storage room when I text you. I’ll do the rest.”

The instructor raised an eyebrow, curious as to what this little vixen had planned.

When Jacquline appeared at the door, all eyes went directly to her. Several mouths fell open as the color guard captain walked in wearing a little number that made every cock in the room get instantly hard.

The unbelievably sexy classic black outfit was all one piece and showed off Antalya Escort Jacquline’s amazing curves. The micro mini-skirt was very form fitting around her hips, and the length was teasingly short, coming down just a few inches past her pussy and drawing lots of attention to the flexible flag girl’s legs. The top of the outfit was strapless and hugged her firm breasts beautifully while showcasing her bare shoulders, arms, and upper back. The four-inch black heels she was wearing gave Jacquline some extra height and made her ass sway hypnotically as she walked. A lovely necklace and small diamond earrings completed the look. If there was ever an outfit that screamed “fuck me”, then Jacquline was wearing it this evening.

Sarah noticed the instructor’s jaw had dropped as well upon seeing Jacquline.

“You like her outfit?” Sarah asked, already knowing the answer.

“Mygod…” was all the instructor could manage to say.

“I picked it out for her,” Sarah said with a naughty pride.

The instructor glanced at Sarah. “…and she agreed?”

Sarah cocked her head to one side and smiled slyly. “She didn’t have a choice. Jacquline is my bitch tonight. She’ll do anything I tell her to do.”

He was speechless.

Sarah touched her instructor on the shoulder in a playful caress. “So, do what I tell you and maybe I’ll let you in on the deal.”

The instructor nodded in agreement. “You sure picked out one sexy outfit for her. I’ve never seen Jacs look so hot.”

“Ha! That’s nothing,” Sarah said, turning to go meet up with her fellow guard captain. “You should see the panties she’s wearing.”

The instructor did a double take as Sarah walked away.

Jacquline had made the rounds saying hello to everyone and was talking with the rest of the color guard girls who had congregated together.

Sarah sauntered up to the group and took Jacquline’s hand.

“Sorry girls, I need to borrow Jacs for a minute…guard captain stuff you know…back in a few.”

Sarah pulled Jacquline down the hallway of the school apart from everyone, the high heels of the two hot flag girls clicking on the hard floor as they hurried.

Finally, when they were alone, Sarah whipped around to face her best friend.

“So, did you wear them?” Sarah asked, knowing that Jacquline knew exactly to what she was referring.

“Yes,” Jacquline softly replied back, “and I can’t believe you made me wear them.”

Sarah cocked her head to the side, smiling knowingly. “You told me I could do whatever I wanted to you.”

“I know, I know,” Jacquline conceded, shifting her hips uncomfortably from side to side.

Sarah flashed her naughty look. “Let’s see them.”

Jacquline’s mouth fell open. “What…here?”

“Sure, no one is nearby,” Sarah insisted, “show me.”

Jacquline glanced around to see if anyone was watching. Satisfied they were alone for the moment, the flexible flag girl hurriedly wiggled her hips as she tugged her mini-skirt up to her waist, revealing the little black lace thong panties she was wearing underneath.

“Ooooo,” Sarah said impressed. “Those look so fucking sexy on you.”

The panties were so tiny that Jacquline’s pussy was just barely covered by a small triangle of fabric that gripped her snugly, not to mention that the material was practically see through and advertised her gorgeous little pussy lips. The back of the thong was no better, riding really far up her perfect ass.

Sarah pursed her lips smugly and held out her hand. “Remote.”

Reluctantly, Jacquline opened her purse and handed her best friend a small dial.

“Good,” Sarah said taking the remote and holding it up for Jacquline to see, “that perfect little pussy of yours belongs to me now.”

“OH!” Jacquline jumped slightly as Sarah turned the dial, activating the tiny vibrator in the flag girl’s panties that was resting up against her clit.

“Mmm…” Jacquline closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure.

“There, Jacs,” Sarah taunted, “how does that pussy feel?”

Unable to get the words out, Jacquline nodded quickly.

“This is the low setting,” Sarah explained, “it does go higher, though.”

“OOOHHHH!!!” Jacquline yelped and put her hand on the wall to steady herself as the vibrating panties rocketed to full power.

“Can you feel that, Jacs?” Sarah teased, clearly enjoying having control of her best friend’s pussy.

“OOHHHHH!!!!” Jacquline tossed her head back and crossed her legs, trying to alleviate the intense vibration torturing her clit.

Sarah leaned in to kiss her best friend passionately on her quivering lips as the vibrator did its work on Jacquline’s pleasure nub.

“You like that, don’t you Jacs?” Sara asked between amazing sensual kisses.

“OOHHHHHHH!!!!!” Jacquline cried out in pleasure and nodded quickly.

“You want to come don’t you?” Sarah taunted her fellow guard captain.

“MMM HMM!!!” Jacquline nodded in desperation, about to explode with pleasure.

“You want me to make your pussy squirt Antalya Escort Bayan all over this floor, don’t you?”

Jacquline nodded frantically as she started to come.

“Well that’s too bad Jacs,” Sarah said turning the vibrator back down to it’s lowest setting. “I don’t want you to come just yet.”

“Oh fuck…you bitch, Sarah.” Jacquline whimpered as she felt the massive orgasm that was about to overwhelm her cruelly whither away.

Opening her eyes again, Jacquline looked pleadingly at her best friend.

“Do I get to come at all tonight?” She couldn’t believe she was even asking the question.

“Eventually…if you’re a good girl.” Sarah answered, loving the rush she was feeling having this much power. “It’s going to stay on this low setting while you are at the banquet, though. I want to keep you on the boil for a while.”

Jacquline’s mouth fell open in surprise from hearing what her best friend was going to do to her.

“I figure by the time I finish edging you to the brink of orgasm all evening, I’ll have turned you into the biggest color guard slut this school has ever seen.”

Jacquline felt her pussy tingle at the idea. She wondered if she was really getting turned on by the thought of being sexually submissive to her best friend. It wasn’t like her to want to be dominated, at least she didn’t think so. Maybe that’s what turned her on so much, and why she had asked Sarah to sexually control her.

Throughout the evening, Sarah kept an eye on Jacquline as the flexible flag girl tried desperately to look normal chatting with her friends at the banquet. She fidgeted in her chair during the awards presentations and the speeches that always went too long. For Jacquline, they seemed particularly lengthy as she tried so hard to concentrate on anything other than the low vibrations relentlessly thrumming her clit.

Jacquline even tried to discretely masturbate herself on one of the table legs in a desperate attempt to come. She had hiked up her skirt under the table and was grinding her hips in a small circular motion up against the table leg. When Sarah noticed Jacquline trying to pleasure herself, she shot a glare at her that was like an arctic blast. Jacquline, knowing that Sarah could really punish her, stopped humping the table and resigned herself to endure the sexual torture.

After the dinner and awards presentations, the chairs were moved off to the sides and the room quickly became a dance floor. As the dance music cranked up, students paired off and went to the center.

Sarah quickly grabbed her guard instructor’s hand and led him to the dance floor like she had him on a leash.

“Come on, ‘Cocky Rooster’,” Sarah teased, “dance with me.”

Sarah could pretty much own the dance floor when she wanted to, her bump and grind moves a combination of both sensual and sexy. Sarah’s hips could really work the room, and she knew how to shake her ass just enough to drive guys crazy without coming off as vulgar. Her body always seemed to be saying, “I know every guy in the room wants to fuck me, but none of you are worth my time.”

“So, are you ready to get back at Jacs for torturing you?” Sarah asked with manipulative eyes.

“I do believe YOU had something to do with it too,” he replied, completely failing to look as fabulous as Sarah did while dancing.

“Oh, I’m not against either of you,” Sarah commented giving a little ass shake with her hips. “I’m just having fun.”

The instructor rolled his eyes. He’d put up with this girl’s attitude for the past four years. “You are such a bitch, Sarah.”

The color guard captain giggled.

“Mmmhmm,” Sarah nodded, teasingly caressing him under the chin, “and you’ll come running to me like a little puppy when I text you, all because you want Jacs to suck you off again.”

The instructor hated to admit it, but they both knew she was exactly right.

“Okay, when?”

“Soon,” Sarah smiled, “I want the vibrator in her panties to keep her horny a little while longer.”

“What?” The instructor did another double-take.

“Oops,” Sarah cutely put her finger on her chin and glanced up with a look of feigned innocence. “I may have said a little too much.”

The instructor’s jaw dropped.

“Thanks for the dance,” Sarah flirted, closing his gaping mouth with her hand.

With a cute little wave, Sarah walked off the floor, blowing the instructor a kiss as she left.


Jacquline was sitting at one of the tables by herself with her legs crossed, unable to focus on anything except the torturous vibrator on her clit.

Sarah walked over to her fellow guard captain and gracefully sat down across from her.

Jacquline was too occupied gripping the table in tension to acknowledge her.

Sarah gave her bestie a sly smile. “So how are you doing there, Jacs?”

Jacquline’s eyes were glazed over and seemed to stare off into space. Barely hearing what Sara had asked, the flexible flag girl nodded quickly.

“O-okay,” she replied Escort Antalya unconvincingly. “These panties you made me wear are driving me crazy.”

Sarah wanted to hear the words. “In what way, Jacs? Tell me.”

Jacquline gently bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. “They’re so tiny…”

“…and…” Sarah prompted.

Jacquline moistened her lips. “The front is gripping my pussy so tight…and the thong is riding up my ass…”

“…and…” Sarah smiled.

Jacquline crossed one of her legs over the other and bent her knees in tension.

“…and the vibration is right on my clit. It’s making me so…fucking…horny.”

Sarah put her hands on her hips. “That’s the idea, Jacs. Don’t forget, you asked to be my bitch tonight, and you’re going to take anything I throw at you. Got it?”

Reminding herself that she had agreed to this, Jacquline nodded.

“Good,” Sarah said, satisfied, “because I’ve got a surprise for you in the color guard storage room.”

“But,” Jacquline’s eyes got bigger, “I…I need to…c-come. I haven’t…been able to orgasm…all evening.”

“Not yet, Jacs,” Sarah patted her purse where she was keeping the remote to Jacquline’s vibrating panties. “I’m keeping you on the edge for a while longer.”

Jacquline’s pussy quivered in frustration as Sarah took her hand.

“Would you like to dance?” Sarah cocked her head to the side and smiled.

Jacquline noticed that Sarah had waited until a slow song came on before asking.

“Here?” Jacquline glanced around worriedly. “In front of everyone?”

“Well, the rumors are going around about us being more than just best friends,” Sarah replied. “Let’s REALLY give them something to talk about.”

Jacquline’s eyes looked up at her fellow Guard Captain submissively as Sarah stood and guided Jacquline to the dance floor.

As the two flag girls reached the center, they gently wrapped their arms around each other and pulled close while they slow danced.

Other students dancing nearby noticed what the two girls were doing and discretely began to watch.

“Sarah,” Jacquline spoke softly to her friend, their gorgeous bodies pressing together.

“Yeah, Jacs,” she replied with a voice equally gentle.

“I love you.”

It was the first time in her life that Jacquline had ever meant it.

Sarah smiled sweetly, “I love you too, Jacs.”

The two best friends locked eyes on each other…and then, at the same time, closed them gently and kissed.

Their embrace was long, slow, loving, and for everyone watching, fucking hot. Jacquline and Sarah moaned with desire as they kissed with a sensuality new to their long friendship. Time slowed, and there was nothing in their universe except what was happening between them.

The two flag girls didn’t notice, but everyone had stopped what they were doing and were watching them make out with each other. Several were staring with their mouths open. A few got out their phones and took pictures. Every guy in the room was rock hard.

“Damn,” one of the male seniors said to his friend next to him. “That is so…fucking…hot.”

“Uh huh,” the friend nodded without taking his eyes off the eye candy that was only a few feet away.

The two hottest girls in the color guard were deep kissing each other right in front of everyone…their mouths slightly open, their tongues exploring, and their pussies drenched.

Sarah’s hand slipped under Jacquline’s tiny mini-skirt and began stroking her pussy through her panties.

“OH!!” Jacquline gasped as the pressure from Sarah’s hand made the vibrations on her clit much more intense.

“Oh fuck, Sarah…” Jacquline begged shamelessly, “please please PLEASE let me come. These panties are driving me insane.”

“You’ll do anything I tell you to do?” Sarah confirmed, continuing to masturbate her best friend.

Jacquline nodded quickly. “Anything.”

Sarah’s flirty smile returned as she took her hand away from under Jacquline’s skirt.

“Come with me.”

Taking Jacquline’s hand, Sarah led her off the dance floor and down the hallway towards the color guard room.

After a few moments of the entire band being dumbstruck, one of the other flag girls broke the silence.

“What the fuck just happened?”

Her boyfriend turned to her. “How come you never do that?”

He never saw the slap coming.


Sarah opened the door to the guard storage room and flipped on the lights.

Jacquline’s eyes went wide when she saw something she hadn’t seen before.

“What in the world is THAT?” Jacquline pointed.

In the center of the room was something that looked like a machine with several attachments. The entire device was about three feet long with a vertical wheel on the side of a cylinder. Two metal rods were connected to the wheel on one end with steel clamps designed to hold objects on the other. Facing the machine a few feet away was a small metal post just a few feet high with a heavy round base at the bottom and an empty clamp at the top.

“This is a fucking machine,” Sarah explained as casually as if she were describing an everyday appliance. “It’s going to finish training you to be a total color guard slut.”

Jacquline’s mouth fell open, giving Sarah a “you can’t be serious” look.

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