Jack’s Penthouse Ch. 04

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Amateur Blowjob

Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun, and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious. I hope that you enjoy it.

The next morning was fantastic; they both woke just after seven; they lay kissing and touching for several minutes, then Edi said, “This feels so good Jack, I realise what I’ve missed for so long. I am looking forward to making our breakfast. I love your kitchen; I would call it a dream kitchen, but first, let me wake you up properly. The next hour flew in; Jack was so impressed by how fit Edi was for her age. Last night their lovemaking had been intensive; this morning, Edi was hard at work; she went down on Jack; once again, Edi was not rushing; she could do things with her tongue that were unbelievable.

Jack then positioned himself so that they could 69; he spread Edi’s cunt flaps open, her clit was huge, he teased it with his tongue, Edi purred with pleasure, then Jack started to suck it. Edi gasped, then came off his cock and said, “That feels so good Jack, I’m so sensitive there, so don’t be surprised if I cum. No man has ever gone down on me in my life. My husband didn’t do oral but loved it when I did it for him. You do that beautifully; Jack, finger fuck me with another finger; it feels so good.”

A minute later, Edi was pushing her huge clit hard against Jack’s mouth; Jack knew that she was close as her hips came into action, he kept sucking then he felt the warmth of her cum in his mouth, Jack was amazed at how much there was, he had to swallow some but managed to keep a lot in his mouth. Edi was trembling with her orgasm. When she had calmed herself, Jack cum kissed her; Edi’s tongue was deep in Jack’s mouth, transferring her cum back into her mouth. Then Edi said, “Jack, if you got half the pleasure that I got last night when you came in my mouth, then I’m so happy because you have no idea how much pleasure you’ve just given me. I feel so good with you.”

They kissed again; Jack enjoyed the taste of Edi’s cum; it was sweet and delicious. Jack was fingering Edi’s very wet pussy as they kissed; she was tightening her pussy muscles on his fingers as he slid them in and out of her gorgeous sex slit. Then Edi went on top of Jack in the cowgirl position. She positioned the bulbous head of his stiff cock in the middle of her long sex slit then pushed down firmly on it. She took his entire length quickly. Jack loved the warmth of her pussy then Edi said, “Jack, I want and need you so much. Let me give you the ride of your life, lie back and enjoy.”

Edi soon had a powerful rhythm going; she was arching her back as she pushed down on Jack’s stiff cock. They were as one; the coordination between them was unbelievable; they were as on. Edi’s massive tits were jiggling beautifully as she rode Jack’s massive cock. Finally, Jack started to stimulate Edi’s hard clit with his fingers; Edi said, “I love it when you do that Jack, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix; what a wonderful feeling that is. Would you like me to fuck you a little bit harder? I think that my cunt was made for your cock.”

“Do me any way you want, Edi; it feels so good. I enjoy being with you so much. The more intimate we are, the nicer it is.”

Edi leaned down, and tongue kissed Jack lovingly as she continued to ride him; the beautiful way she tightened her strong cunt muscles around his stiff cock excited Jack so much. Then Edi said, “I feel the same way, Jack; the more that I get to know you, the more that I like you.”

Edi moved up a gear; she was pounding Jack’s stiff cock now. She was very wet; her pussy was squelching now. Jack took some of her cunt juice as lube and lubed his index finger. He then slipped it up Edi’s tight ass; Edi gasped with pleasure then said, “Jack, that feels so good, give me another finger. Keep finger fucking my ass; you’ll make me cum; I’m so close.”

Jack slipped another finger inside her. He was finger fucking her much more aggressively now; he was also fingering her huge clit as Edi pounded his cock. Two minutes later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Edi was taking every drop of Jack’s spunk that Jack was squirting deep inside her. Then Edi leaned down and collapsed in Jack’s arms. They kissed lovingly and affectionately for several minutes, then Edi said, “I loved that, I needed that, it just all felt so special. Let’s shower; then I’ll cook breakfast. I am looking forward to going to the Airport with you. First, I will go to my apartment and change; I will wear jeans and a top that will be more suitable if we are jumping in and out of planes. Then, I want to wash you in the shower. Do you want to wash me?”

Jack didn’t reply, but they were very intimate in the shower. After breakfast, Edi went downstairs to her apartment. They had agreed to meet in ten minutes outside at Jack’s car. Jack was sitting in his car when Edi came out, and she looked gorgeous. She had a beautiful figure; she was glowing. Edi got into the car; she kissed Jack on the cheek, then said, “Collet was coming out of Eva’s apartment; if looks could kill, I’d be dead; I smiled and wished them Yeşilköy escort bayan both a good morning. They’ll be wondering what’s going on; I’m sure that They’ll have seen me getting into your car; the tongues will be wagging now.”

“Who cares? As long as you and I are happy, then that’s all that matters.”

Edi leaned over and kissed Jack on the cheek as she squeezed his thigh very sensually; Edi said, “That was a lovely thing to say, Jack; I’m glad that you said it.”

They arrived at the Hanger; David was sitting at his desk in the open-plan office that he was using. Jack introduced Edi to him; Edi said, “This looks a busy place; these planes look amazing. When do you think that you’ll be operational?”

“Very soon, I can’t believe how fast things have happened; Jack doesn’t do things in half measures. Once we get our cargo customers together, we can start with them and hopefully get passengers onto the planes. Jack, I have got a meeting with Royal Mail in twenty minutes; their cargo division, Parcelforce, is joining them for the meeting. Is it possible that you could sit in on the meeting with me?”

“No problem, David, I would love to do that. Have you done your costings yet?”

“Of course, I’ll give you a copy of all our costings; we are lucky as they can’t offer an express service as it must go by road and ferry. We can offer a next day service; if the passenger side gets going, we could offer a twice-daily service. I also have a meeting with UPS this afternoon; that will be all cargo.”

Edi was excellent; she went and made David and Jack a coffee, then said, “Who will deliver the packages when you get to the destination? The Post Office can deliver then, but how will you get them delivered if you have companies like UPS or FedEx? I did a lot of online business in the mid-nineties. In Germany, I used Deutsche Post to provide a complete service, but the other companies at that stage couldn’t compete. So if you’re going to islands or out of the way places, then apart from Royal Mail, none of the other’s have an infrastructure in place, that could be an opening for you. You should do a feasibility study as that could be a big earner?”

Jack grasped immediately what Edi was saying; he then said, “David, Edi has some experience of this; I’d like Edi to sit in with the meetings we will have today. Royal Mail will be easy, but we could offer UPS a complete package, where we set up a collection service and a delivery service? This could be interesting as it would be so costly for them to set it up themselves.”

The meetings went well; Royal Mail would have a van to collect all mail and packages at the airfield. It will start on Monday morning. Jack got them to accept a clause that in the event of a small number of letters or packages, a minimum fee would be charged to make it profitable for them. As of Monday, they would be in business. UPS were very interested in having them provide a complete collection and delivery service. They would introduce a surcharge for delivery and collection from the places they were operating from. CPX was starting to take shape.

The UPS meeting finished just after two, one of the single-engine planes were painted and registered. David asked Jack if he would like to try it. Jack accepted. David asked if he would be using the instruments; Jack told him no, he would fly visual flight rules as he only wanted to feel the plane. He also asked David for a list of the coordinates of the airfields that they would be using. Jack then told the Control Tower that he would do three circuits with touch and go to get a feel for landing and taking off. Jack was amazed at the power of the plane. It could take off and land in very short distances. After the first touch and go, Edi said, “You can fly Jack; this is much faster than my old Piper Malibu.”

Jack did his three touch and go, then headed to the first of the coordinates on the list David had given him; it was eight minutes flying time, this island had a population of over twenty thousand people. It was an old military airport that was only used in emergencies, but the runway was excellent. There were still some boarded-up buildings that Jack took some pictures of them. He wanted to know who owned them. He then went to the ten sites that David had suggested. The furthest away was thirty minutes of flying time. Jack then flew back home; he was happy he had seen all the places first hand; he then knew that there was a lot of potential in this new business.

David was still working when they landed, they chatted, and David knew several people who had been in the Military with him who also lived on the Islands; Jack and Edi then left as it was now seven in the evening. They went for a meal; Edi said, “Today has been amazing; I have seen some beautiful landscapes, it is so much better flying at the height we flew at today and seeing all the wonderful things that we saw than only looking at clouds.”

Jack was enjoying Edi’s company; they got on so well together, everything was so spontaneous, the meal Escort Yeşilyurt was excellent, they both had a couple of glasses of wine as Jack was careful as he still had to drive home. As they went home, Jack said, “Your place or mine?”

“I love your bedroom, but I need to go into my apartment for something to wear tomorrow.”

“Get enough to last you for a few weeks as I’d miss you if you weren’t there.”

Edi leaned over and kissed Jack on the cheek, then whispered in his ear, “I’m going to spoil you so much tonight, Jack; we need to get to a supermarket, you have no milk left, and there’s nothing in the fridge for breakfast. Would you like me to look after the housekeeping for you?”

Jack pulled into the supermarket car park then kissed her so lovingly for a couple of minutes. Edi was so selective in all the fresh produce that she bought. She handpicked the mushrooms, Jack holding the bag open for the selected mushrooms. She bought a lot. When they were at the checkout, Sandra walked past with Alex pushing the shopping trolley, they all said hello. When they were out of earshot, Edi said, “This will be the talk of the apartment block tonight.”

Jack hugged her and tongue kissed her, then they drove home. Edi came up to the Penthouse with Jack. She put everything away. Then they both went down to Edi’s apartment. She got a relatively large suitcase and started putting clothes into it. Edi had a contented look on her face as Jack sat in the bedroom watching her pack her clothes. Then Edi said, “I’ll only take a few things as I need to come in here in the morning to check my snail mail, and I get things as I need them.”

Jack carried her suitcase as Edi got her laptop and iPad. Then, finally, they got upstairs, and Edi said, “What would you like me to wear, Jack?”

“Nothing, I love it when you’re naked Edi, I love your beautiful body.”

“It’s an old body, but it is still holding up despite me getting older.”

Edi had surprised Jack as she was now naked; Jack had responded by stripping off too, he took off his boxers, and his massive stiff cock sprung out. Edi smiled and said, “Jack, you’re amazing. Does your cock ever get soft?”

“Edi, when I see your beautiful body, I get hard. If I think of your beautiful body, then I get hard; just being with you makes me hard.”

Jack then hugged Edi; they kissed lovingly as they both explored the other’s bodies; Edi went to Jack’s massive cock as Jack initially fondled Edi’s huge tits. He then slipped his hand over her swollen vulva spreading her cunt lips open as he slid two fingers up Edi’s dripping wet slit; Jack said, “Edi, your pussy is lovely and wet, just the way that I like it.”

“Jack, your cock has the same effect on me as my body has on you. My getting so wet is one of the consequences; not many men make me react this way. If I’m honest, you’re the only man that has this effect on me. Jack, every woman in this apartment block wants into your bed; that could be very difficult for me. I have found in life that you have got to make a lot of compromises, I’m prepared to make these compromises, but deep inside, I wouldn’t be happy about it.”

Jack knew immediately what Edi was saying; he was also so happy that Edi was saying it. Jack knew how comfortable he felt when he was around Edi; there was no doubt in his mind that they were compatible in every way. As they both stood naked in each other’s arms, Jack said, “Edi, I’m in my thirties now; I feel so comfortable when I’m with you. I don’t have a problem if you’re the only woman I see or is in my bed. However, I must look to the future; one day, I will want a child; I will be so careful in choosing who the mother would be, then I’ll have to do everything that I can to have a child with that woman. We could easily have ten years together before I even start looking. During this time, you’ll be the only one in my bed.”

Edi kissed Jack with so much passion and affection when he said this; they kissed for several minutes, then Edi said, “I would love that Jack, I would help you in every way that I could, I would even help you with your search for the luckiest woman in the world if she finds you. You’re amassing an awful lot of money, you must be careful who you associate with, but I don’t need to tell you that. Jack, let’s go to bed, I need fucked, but I also want to make love to you.”

The next six months were incredible for Edi and Jack. Their love for each other was apparent to everyone in the apartment block. They were accepted as a couple; Edi moved in ultimately with Jack, they did everything together. The business took off. Royal Mail was their biggest customer, they were shifting tons of cargo daily, plus the passengers were now counting forty per cent of their turnover. David managed to get six other planes from the Military. Jack kept a single-engine plane for his use, but it could be converted for the company to use.

Edi wanted to visit her daughter in Frankfurt; she was an Accountant and a Lawyer, similar degrees to Jack. Jack found a small airport Zeytinburnu escort close to Frankfurt, but it was only a five-minute drive from Tina, Edi’s daughter. They would stay a week with Tina. She had taken a week off work. They would fly to the Champagne region for a weeks holiday. Tina would join them on their trip. Edi had told Tina that she had fallen in love with a younger man, Tina had accepted this. They had all spoken and seen each other on Skype.

Edi had been excellent showing Tina Jack’s luxurious Penthouse; the views were amazing. Tina wanted to come over for a holiday, but Edi wished to visit her first. Tina, according to Edi, had finished a relationship four months earlier. After Edi had sold out, she had given her son and daughter five million euros each. Both of them had high paying jobs and were secure financially. When Jack and Edi got off the plane, they were greeted by Tina; Jack knew when he saw her that this was the woman for him.

Tina had prepared an excellent meal though Edi had helped her in the kitchen. They both spoke German and jabbering; Jack found it difficult to understand what they were talking about. The conversation was in English; Tina was like Edi, fluent in English. Tina also had some excellent Champagne in her apartment, a Premier Cru Champagne. It only contained wine from the first pressing of the grapes. It had a fantastic taste.

They all sat in the kitchen while the meal was being prepared. Tina and Edi were so alike; their bodies were identical. Their smiles were so honest. They both had the same honesty in their eyes. Tina was curious about Jack’s occupation; Edi explained Jack’s life in the City in the nicest possible way. He was now on the board of directors of nine Public Companies. Then Edi told Tina about the plans business. Tina was impressed then said, “Why can’t I meet someone like you, Jack, instead of all the useless creatures that come into my life?”

The Edi said, “Tina, you’ll never know how happy I was when Jack and I got together. I had lived my life, been widowed, but I was living in a country that I enjoyed so much; my kitchen window, lounge and bedroom have magnificent sea views. I was so lucky to have met Jack.”

Jack loved how Edi and Tina’s massive tits were jiggling. A thought went through his head, would it be possible to have the two of them? His heart said no, he didn’t want to lose Edi; she was now so much part of his life. Then Tina said, “Have you two ever thought of getting married? I’d be a bridesmaid for you, mum?”

“Tina, Jack and I made an arrangement that if Jack ever met a girl that he wanted to have a child with then, I would agree to that. We feel as though we are married; we do everything together. One thing for sure is that Jack and I will always love each other though one day, I must accept that he will meet someone with who he wants to have children. It’s a wise and rational thing to do.”

“Mum and you two, Jack, I hope that you find this person soon as then mum you will be able to enjoy Jack’s children.”

Edi had a tear in her eye when Tina said this. Edi hugged Tina; Jack was now looking at Tina differently; Tina saw how happy Edi was with Jack, which meant a lot to her. Then Jack wondered if Tina would be interested in Jack now knowing the arrangement that her mum and Jack had agreed on? Jack was starting to find Tina very attractive.

That evening passed quickly; the meal and Champagne were excellent. Tina was correct in everything that she said; Tina’s bed was king-size, in her spare bedroom, there was a small double; Tina said, “Mum, help me change the sheets on my bed, then you and Jack can have it. You will be more comfortable there as Jack is very tall.”

That night in Tina’s bed, Jack and Edi made great love; they couldn’t get enough of each other. After they had climaxed, they lay in each other’s arms. Then Edi said, “What do you think of Tina?”

“She’s a beautiful and intelligent woman; the two of you are very similar in so many ways. She has a brain, and she knows how to use it. I am surprised that she’s not married as she is a very eligible woman.”

“Jack, I think that she likes you, the way that she looks at you amazes me, it would make me very happy if she were the one to bear you your children. I would be the happiest grandmother in the world if that happened. Although I know that you wouldn’t have her just for a quick fuck, I believe that she would be the right one for you, and I wouldn’t have any objections if she were. I wonder if there’s any way possible that you could have both of us?”

“Edi, that’s a difficult one; I love being with you; I’m relaxed and comfortable with you. We are so compatible sexually. We both have a strong libido. How is Tina’s libido, or don’t you know?”

“We had never discussed sex apart from the basics when she reached puberty. I believe that’s she is careful, she wouldn’t be interested in one night stands. I have met two of her boyfriends, none of them did anything for me. We are going on holiday tomorrow, that gives you a week to spend time with her. Try and get to know her, try and find what makes her tick? If she has a problem at work, then she tells me. I have never discussed any of her boyfriends with her. There was a while a couple of years ago when I don’t think she was dating anyone. She once told me that she was so busy with her work that she had no time.”

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