It’s Not For Me

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It’s not for me,

Simon was walking to the underground from a meeting in Soho, he stopped outside a sex shop window, captivated by a stunning rubber clinging short dress, he was imagining wearing it, a young man came up beside him pushing a bicycle,

“That’s fabulous is it, it would look great on you”

“It’s not for me,” Simon mumbled going red.

“Oh, undoubtedly, well it would look great on a body like yours, can you imagine dancing in a dress like that, oh, it makes me hot, we’ll both have woodies so stiff and wet they’ll soak our trousers”,

The comments were having the desired effect; Simon went red again and could feel his cock growing harder, Soho was renowned as a Gay area and he was being propositioned, he stole a sideways look at the young man, he looked about 25 years old, clean shaven, wearing cycling shorts and a sports vest showing a toned muscular body. The man spoke again,

“I’m sure I’m not wrong, let me buy it for you and if it makes you hot you can have the dress, but you must promise me the first viewing, “.

Simon said nothing,

“Can you look after my bike for a second,”

He handed the bike to Simon and then the man went in to the shop. Simon watched him mesmerised, trying to think if he should leave, the man looked round in the shop as he talked to an assistant, Simon hesitated and then looked around, was any one watching, I better leave now he thought, he was excited yet embarrassed, he had never been propositioned before, what would happen would it lead to sex, he was sweating, what am I doing, the doubt crept in, he leant the bike against the window and stepped back and started to walk down the street,

“Don’t forget this” a voice said at his side, the young man held out a bag towards Simon. “Take it”

Simon hesitated then took hold of the bag,

“Have I won my bet,” still holding on to the bag

“No” said Simon blushing,

“Oh well, that’s a shame, can I check? How are we to check, look at me if I don’t get a cold shower, I’m going to explode.”

He moved the bag, Simon looked down, there was a large bulge in the Lycra cycling shorts and a clear outline of the head of the mans knob,

“You won” Simon stammered,

The cyclist laughed making no attempt to cover his crotch, “And look at those boots, aren’t they divine”,

He pointed to the thigh high vinyl boots with six-inch stiletto heels on the next model, Simon looked to the left, following the finger, they were very erotic, and suddenly he froze,

“I’m not wrong, you’re hot”, the man said, he had let his hand brush the front of Simon’s trousers and briefly felt his hardness.


“Sorry I promise I won’t touch. Come on I need that shower.”

They walked down the street and stopped at a door between two shop fronts, the man opened it and ushered Simon in and he hesitated the man leant forward and whispered in a conspiratorial fashion,

“My name’s Tim and I promise I won’t touch, I just want to watch,”

Reassured or lulled in by this cajoling and his own desires, Simon went inside and walked up the deneme bonusu veren siteler staircase, he entered a large open plan living room which had and his eyes were drawn to an attractive and private walled terrace at the back, where the sun streamed. Tim, went over to the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out a jug of Pimms, he gave Simon a glass,

“Here have a drink, you can get changed there while I have a shower and then I’ll be on the terrace”

He handed Simon the bag, nodding towards to a row of cupboards, Simon walked to the cupboards on autopilot unable or unwilling to stop the sequence of events, he opened a cupboard door revealing a full length mirror and began to took off his jacket and shirt still in a sort of daze. He heard the sound of splashing water and looking towards the terrace, he could see the man under the hosepipe completely naked, water splashing off his broad chest and running down his well-toned body and spouting off his penis, which was now arching away from his body. He opened the bag and found the rubber dress and some talc. Slipping off his shoes and socks, he hesitated at his belt; he glanced again to the terrace where Tim was vigorously towelling himself down. His erection was aching he was so turned on, he could feel a wet patch of precum on his trouser, there was no way he was going to stop now, he quickly removed his trousers and pants, his proud erection was stiffer than he could ever remember.

He smoothed talc over his buttocks and chest, and stepped into the dress, it was a tight fit he have to wiggle it up his body and hold down his buttocks in turn as he pulled it up, the rubber clung to him, it was like wearing electricity, he was so turned on by the taut rubber enveloping his body, that his penis was jerking upwards it was so excited. His dilemma was which way to put his penis, he knew it looked better downwards, but it was so rigid he could not lower it and the shape was clearly outlined in the rubber, he would have to think non-sexy thoughts, he began to think about his work and reaching down he held the ice cold drink against his knob, he lost enough erection to where he could pull it down clasping it between his thighs allowing him to pull the dress up over it. He pulled the dress up inserting his arms through the sleeveless top and reaching over his shoulder he pulled up the zip, looking in the mirror the dress clung to all the contours of his body, he opened his thighs releasing his cock, the foreskin-less head projecting just below the hem of the dress, he smoothed down the dress over his buttocks pushing the dress over the engorged head of his knob, hiding it from view.

Simon heard the hi-fi come on, classic soul hits, he brushed his long hair back checked himself out in the mirrors, a slight bulge at the front betrayed his state of excitement, he turned round his arse looked superb, so sexy, he looked good, he felt very apprehensive, but that just added to the erotic excitement. He started swinging his hips to the tune, lets get on with the show he thought and closing the cupboard doors, he could see the man was slumped in a large wicker armchair on the terrace, naked except for a tea towel draped over his crotch. Simon continued his dancing, he felt horny like a lap dancer, he danced over toward the terrace, the man watching him all the way, as he swung and shimmied his way over to just in front of the man. He stole glimpses at the mans face as he turning around to the music, the man was looking at him intently, looking up and down his body. Simon felt so horny, being visually caressed and admired, he felt like he was a teenager on his first date, when you know someone fancies you, it also made him feel powerful. He stroked the sides of the dress stretching it over his body, as he moved he knew the tip of his knob would peep out invitingly below the hem.

Simon turned with his back to the man, he began to bend down from the hips his bottom wiggling towards the man, he could feel the man’s eyes burning his cheeks, he turned his head to catch Tim with his head to one side looking intently between Simon’s legs at his balls. Simon stood up again and stretching his arms high above his head, he could feel his hardness coming into view below the hem of the dress and there was going to be no way to put it back under this tight dress. He slowly turned round swaying his hips, caressing slowly down the front of his dress with his hands, the tea towel was now tented up over the mans erection, the man sucked in his cheeks and let out a low growl.

Simon turned round again and bending down he pushed his erection back between his legs and crossed his legs to hold it there, he moved each leg to the music, and felt the precum damp on his thighs, then he began to stretch up and bend right down, as he did he gently pulled upwards on the dress, revealing his buttocks provocatively, knowing that his knob was now very visible, he glanced around at the mans, who he was staring at Simon’s buttocks, studying him intently, lustfully.

Then Simon turned suddenly still writhing on his legs, he put his hands down his sides smoothing the rubber down and then as the song came to a crescendo, he moved his legs part and leaned back, his penis shot up from its release, instinctively the man went to grab it

“No touching we said”

The man obediently put his hands down. Simon felt elated, like he had finished his performance, the appreciation was clear as the tea towel was standing up, they looked at each other both feeling uneasy, what to do next, Simon had never seen another erect penis in the flesh, though he had fantasised about it, the man made no move, his hands clamped on the arms of the chair. Simon could not resist the temptation, his hand gingerly move to the edge of the tea towel and he whipped it off and dropped it on the floor, there was an angry red bulging 8 inch cock and two plum sized balls and no hair. He wanted to suck them, no, he felt powerful he wanted to be sucked and to squat on this cock, he put his left knee on the arm of the chair and move forward so that the knob heads kissed, then put his other knee on the other arm and moved forward, dragging his penis slowly up the mans chest, across the nipples leaving a little glistening trail of pre-cum, he dragged it up till he reached his lips, the man opened his mouth and began to lick the end of his cock, as Simon got more excited, he thrust his cock into the mans mouth feeling the lips wrap around his erection, he began to rock forward and back gently pushing his cock into the mouth, the man gently sucked and licked his cock, Simon began thrusting more earnestly, stopping when he got too excited that he though he was going to come. He grasped the mans head to stop his sucking, then continued on at a slower pace, Simon reached down for the drink and pulled out some ice cubes, he reached round and thrust them up his anus to get some lubrication; he pulled the man’s hair to prevent himself coming to soon.

Simon then leaned back and feeling below he got hold of the mans foreskin and lowered in down, feeling the softer skin of the head, he then lowered himself on the this knob, he began to make slow up and down motions, each time getting more of the cock in, he was grunting with the effort, it was a tight fit he leaned back pulling on the mans head, trying to get him to suck him off, he was breathing hard and groaning as he impaled himself more and more,

“Touch me, ” he shouted,

The man need no encouragement, he put one hand on Simon’s cock and the other hand reached round Simon’s buttocks, Simon pulled the mans head downwards as he felt himself near to coming, the man gripped really tight on to Simon’s penis. The man was just lifting his body so the head of his penis was just going through then coming out again of his anus, the muscles seemed much more relaxed now and he felt less pain. On each upward stroke the man sucked his penis more. Simon thought he would explode, now that he was more lubricated and more excited, he could slip the penis in and out more, so he went with the rhythm, he so wanted to come so much it was hurting he began groaning loudly with every thrust and every pull, then the man tightened his muscles and stopped, Simon felt the jerk inside him as the man came, and then one final pull as the man’s hand released Simon’s cock and his mouth closed around Simon’s cock, spunk came flying out as Simon quivered and jerked with each spurt, the man let the final spurts splash all over his face.

Simon began to get his self doubt feelings, he tried to ease himself up off the man’s cock his hands, but the man held Simon just partially impaled, the man swallowed, then stretched his head and sucked and kissed the very tip of Simon’s cock,

“That was a brilliant fuck and very tasty cock, just enjoy the moment”,

The man said in between long sucking pulls on Simon’s still hard dick.

“That was first prick I’ve had up me and you’re the first man to ever touch my cock.”

“Well you obviously enjoyed it, you are a sexy bugger, I haven’t enjoyed anything like that for a long time and I would love to fuck this arse.” The man said digging his fingers in to Simon’s buttocks.

Simon luxuriated stretching his arms, running his fingers through his hair enjoying the sensations, overcoming his guilt; he had enjoyed it, that sense of power, that ability to turn on someone.

“There’s plenty of time, let’s just enjoy this moment, you were right it was for me”

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