It’s Complicated Ch. 06

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It was one month later and Lyn hasn’t seen or spoken to Pierce since that night. He has been missing classes and there was never any answer from her knocks or calls and that pissed her off. Thinking back on it she shouldn’t be surprised after he fucked her senseless he dismissed her, just like he does all his other girls. Every time she closed her eyes she could hear him saying, ‘You can leave now,’ right before he disappeared into the bathroom. The only difference between her and the other girls was that he didn’t drop off the face of the earth after sleeping with them.

That was not what pissed her off the most because she knows how Pierce is. The part that made her mad was the fact that he left her. He promised to never leave her without keeping in contact. She would never admit it, but she relied on Pierce. She felt safe with him around. She sought comfort in knowing that he would always be there for her and her for him. All great sex aside, she just missed her friend.

After her brother died Lyn started attracting the wrong men and as much as she hated it, Pierce was there to tell her that she deserved better and to protect her from being used or hurt. After he walked in on Stark getting rough with her, Pierce made his promise. That night was something she would never forget. After Pierce nearly killed him he said, ‘She is mine. You don’t get to hurt her.’ From then on Pierce has been on her like a hawk. A week later it was rumored that Pierce found Stark and showed him again why it was wrong to touch her.

“…Are you listening to me?” Ashley said sitting on the edge of Lyn’s bed.

“Yea. Yea.”

“What did I say then?”

“Um…” Lyn said trying to remember any single point of what Ashley said.

In all honesty Lyn didn’t hear a thing she said; in fact she hasn’t concentrated on much of anything except her school work since that night. If she didn’t stay busy with school or work her mind would drift to Pierce and if she left her thoughts take over she could almost feel him biting down on her neck or snaking his tongue around her clit…She needed help. Now she understood why Pierce couldn’t shake some of the girls he fucked. She used to think it was funny that where ever they would go to hangout there was always a girl dropping into his lap or kissing his ear. She would never forget the day that he dismissed himself to go to the bathroom to fuck one of them. Although Lyn was disgusted, she understood it as his having fun in college.

“I knew you weren’t listening, forget about it. Are you coming out with us tonight?”

“You and who?” Lyn answered.

“The girls from the third floor. Tasha and Solie planned it all out so you can’t say no and I already told them you’d go.”

“I don’t feel like it.”

“Look, Jaylyn, you need to get out. Every since you broke it off with Devin you’ve been moping around. Now, you are going out. Like it or not.”

“Whatever. Devin and I were over long ago. I don’t even know why we were hanging on.”

“I’m glad you ended it, because if you didn’t I was going to do it for you. That boy is a dog.”

“What do you mean?” Jaylyn knew full well what she meant.

“Nothing girl, be ready by eleven and wear that black corset.” Ashley said as she left their dorm room.


“Dude, where the hell you been? The guys have been askin’ ’bout you.” Johnny says picking Pierce up from the airport.

“I was in Nevada.” Pierce said.

“What the fuck?! You went to Vegas and didn’t invite me.”

“It wasn’t like that, it was work.”

“Nice suit.” Johnny said laughing.

“Fuck you. Get used to it.”

“Are you gonna take it?”

“I already did.”

“Good, you can get me a job.”

“Not with that accent.” Pierce said getting him back for the suit comment.

Pierce was damn happy to be back. The stuffy work atmosphere was not one he was quickly becoming accustomed to, not only that he didn’t get laid once out there, which was his own fault. He has a nice little secretary back in Nevada that would do just about anything he wanted. All he had to do was say it. Normally Pierce would take full advantage of it, but not this time since she was hired by his father.

“Aw, that fuckin’ hurts man. The ladies love this accent.”

“Bullshit, they just feel sorry for your ass.”

“It’s all the same. You feel like gettin’ out tonight? I need some ass…Pronto!”

“Yea, but I’m driving. How is she?” Pierce grumbled out Kadıköy Ukraynalı Escort not really want the answer.

“She’s getting’ sick of seeing my ass every damn day I can tell you that. She asked about you.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Nothin’. I didn’t know what to tell her. You didn’t tell me shit either.”

“Just drive.”

“Oh Pierce, man, about Allison…she came lookin’ for you too.” Johnny said with a huge grin on his lips.

“I leave for a month and you fuck my favorite girl. What the hell John?”

“It’s the accent.”


Pierce was almost glad to be back at his apartment. He needed to catch up on some much deserved sleep. This past month has been hell for him, with opening up offices in Nevada, keeping caught up on his school work and drawing up plans to start his own separate business. His father was right; Pierce had a head for business and was starting to actually like the idea of moving to Nevada after graduation.


“Damn girl, look at you. You really need to stop hiding all that body in the library. You’re not going to be fine forever. Let’s go before all the fine men are taken.” Ashley said ushering Lyn to get into the car.

Lyn was looking out the window the entire time. She was actually glad she came out; she needed to get out and take her mind off things. She was beginning to feel really stupid about the way she let her mind think about him. She would bet everything she had that he never once thought about her, but tonight that didn’t matter she was going to have a good time out with the girls and maybe go home with some eye candy.

When they walked into the club they were immediately spotted by three other girls waving down from VIP. All girls were wearing corsets Lyn’s was black, Ashley’s was white, Tina’s was blue and went very well with her blonde hair, blue eyes and curvy figure. Gray eyed, brown hair Solie was wearing an orange corset and her fraternal twin Tasha, who had brown eyes and black hair was wearing yellow. It was no doubt that they were becoming the center of attention.

When they made it through the crowd and up the stairs Ashley and Lyn were both greeted with hugs and were given drinks. The rule for the night was that everyone had to have a drink at all times. They didn’t get out together all at once often, so they decided to make it a good one.

“Who paid for VIP and where are the naked men?” Ashley said looking over the balcony.

“Tasha’s boyfriend is part owner of the club. There are no naked men.” Solie answered.

“Damn right, I know how to pick ’em.” Tasha replied.

“Didn’t I meet Devin through you?” Lyn said laughing. It was a comment for herself than anyone else.

“Yeah, but how was I supposed to know that he was a dog?” Tasha blurted out in defense.

“Who cares Devin the Dog is old news.” Tina butted in.

“Let’s look for some men to keep us company. What’s the point in looking sexy if there are no men drooling all over us?” Ashley said, hoping the Devin subject was over.

“I’m going down to the bar to get some real alcohol. I need to get drunk quick.” Lyn said thinking out loud.

“I’m coming too.” Solie said following her down the stairs.

“Send some me up!” Ashley yelled down the stairs.

Lyn lead Solie through the sea of gyrating bodies and across to the crowded bar. There were a lot of hot people out tonight men and women alike. If Lyn had the right amount of alcohol she could be partial to both forms tonight.

On their way to the bar the girls were picking and choosing men and pointing them in the direction of the VIP balcony. This was going to be a fun night. Lyn took a look back and realized that they must have sent a least a dozen men up to the balcony. It would definitely be a while before either of them made it back up those stars while the girls were debating on which men would stay and go.

“What’s your poison?” The sexy Latin bartender asked with his accent thick on his tongue.

“Shots!” Solie shouted excitedly.

“Now we’re talking.” Lyn added.

“Let me know I can make it all.” He said flashing his perfect white teeth.

“Two Battery Acid’s, followed by a Gin and Tonic for me and a…What are you drinking Jay?”

“Umm Jack and Coke for me.”

“Here’s too being single! And here’s to the man that just walked in!” Solie shouted with her eyes fixated on the man.

Jaylyn Kadıköy Üniversiteli Escort wasn’t listening anymore. She was already feeling that shot. They told her it was going to get her there quick, but she had no idea. She was feeling good and nothing was going to kill her buzz. Nothing.

She finished off her drink and pulled Solie away from the bar.

It was time to dance.

Lyn was shaking her hips rhythmically to the music as Solie shoved another drink in her hand. Soon they were separated each dancing with their own stud.


“Dude! Look at all this ass!” Johnny shouted over the music reaching out to grab the pocket of a girl standing in front of him.

“Let’s get drunk.” Pierce replied.

“Hell yes!” Johnny said as they headed to the bar.

“Scotch. Straight up.” Pierce said to the bartender.

“Same. Tell me what went down in Nevada.”

“Nothing went down. The Nevada branch is mine as soon as I graduate.”

“Bullshit. I know you, you look like fuckin’ hell. What’s wrong? You already turned down three girls on the way to the bar.”

“Not now Johnny. You still coming with me?”

“Shit yes. I’m not fuckin’ stupid. You better not be gettin’ soft on me man.”

“Fuck you, I’m just getting started.” Pierce said motioning for his third drink.

“So what’s up with Lyn?”

Pierce hadn’t thought about Lyn at all in Nevada. He was too busy with work, but the moment he stepped off the plane she was all he could think about. He needed to get his hands on her. He wasn’t done with her just yet.

“What are you saying to me, Johnny? I thought she saw fine.”

Every since they met in high school Pierce has never been away from Lyn for more than a week. He needed to keep an eye on her, for his own peace of mind.

“No I mean she broke it off with Devin right after you left. Do you think…”

“No.” Pierce said cutting him off.

“What?! Hear me out first.”

“I know what you’re going to say and it’s not happening.”

“Well I’m gonna go over and ask her myself. Save my seat.”

“Stay away from her John.” Pierce said looking into his glass rather than at Johnny. His mood was quickly changing.

“Chill man. I’m just fuckin’ with you. I know what you can do. I don’t want none of that.” Johnny said motioning for another round.

Pierce wasn’t worried about Johnny taking a go at Lyn. Johnny would never do that, he was pissed at the fact that in his peripherals he could see Lyn. He could see her dancing with another man’s hands directly on her ass. Pierce wasn’t done with her and he was not going to sit by and watch as another man touched her ass. Pierce turned around on his bar stool and gave Lyn and her new boyfriend full attention as he nursed his drink. This was going to end badly.

“Do you know him?” Pierce asked Johnny.

“Never saw ’em. Why?” Johnny said a little worried at Pierced defensive body language.

“Does she know him?”


“Does she know him, Johnny?” Pierce repeated through a clenched jaw.

“I never saw ’em together.”

Johnny loved his friend as much as a friend could love a friend, but what he would never get used to was Pierces Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mood swings. He downed the rest of his drink and braced himself for whatever it was that Pierce was about to do.

“I’m gonna cut in. Maybe I’ll have a better chance with ‘er since she drunk.”


Johnny was on his way to grab Lyn away from that man when a girl wearing an orange corset blocked his path…and he wasn’t complaining.

“Hey sexy where you off to in such a hurry?”

“Aw baby I’m right where I wanna be right now. What’s your name beautiful?”

“Solie. What do they call you?”

“I’m Johnny baby. Who are you here with?”

Solie motioned towards Lyn who was still gyrating on the man Pierce held a death stare for.

“Baby I have somethin’ I gotta to do. Don’t go anywhere. I’m comin’ back.”

Johnny made his way over to Lyn. Lyn didn’t see Johnny until it was too late for her to get away from him. She didn’t want anything messing up her buzz and lately Johnny was becoming more and more like Pierce…minus the mind numbing, back breaking, thigh quaking sex.

“Come here Lyn.” Johnny said with a smile.

“Hey man she’s busy. I found her first.” The guy said as he tightened his grip around Lyn’s waist.

‘Shit’ Kadıköy Vip Escort Johnny thought.

“It’s okay. I know him.” Lyn said to the guy as she started to step away from him half struggling to break free of his grip.

Johnny held his hand out and. Lyn started to take it as she was harshly jerked back by the guy she was dancing with. Johnny’s eyes widened as he quickly moved Lyn out of the way. Before anyone saw it coming Pierce had that guy on his knees in a headlock. Soon after, Pierce saw it appropriate to knee the guy in his face three times, twice for touching Lyn and once for pissing him off.

“Dude you gotta get out of here before you get arrested.” Johnny said handing Lyn off to Pierce.

Pierced grabbed Lyn by the arm and led her out of the door and to the parking lot.

“Get in.” Pierce said.

‘Not this again’ Lyn thought.

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Jaylyn I don’t have time for your bullshit.” Pierce said through his teeth.

“Obviously not. I’m going back to my friends” Lyn said walking back toward the club.

“Fuck your goddamn friends.”

“I’m sure you did.” Lyn had no idea where that came from.

Pierce really couldn’t stand when Lyn acted like a brat. He didn’t have the patience for it right now. He caught up with her, threw her over his shoulders and into the backseat. Directly after he sat in the driver’s seat and drove off.

“Youre right.” Pierce said.


“I did fuck your friends.”

“Fuck you Cohen!!”

Pierce was beyond pissed off. He was fucking furious and he was going to let her know just how much she pissed him off. He pulled into the nearest parking lot. He never understood how she managed to pick complete assholes to spend her time with.

As soon as the car stopped Pierce hopped out and slammed his door.

“Later, now get out of the car Lyn.”


“I told you once already I’m not in the mood for your bullshit now get out of the car.” Pierce said his voice steady, promising and cold as steel.

Lyn made no effort to move. Pierce opened the car door nearly pulling it off the hinges, reached in and grabbed Lyn by the arm dragging her out of the car.

“Who was he Lyn?”

“Why do you care?”

“Answer me.”

“He’s no one. Take me home.”

Lyn knew that when Pierce got like this she should tread lightly. She could only push her luck so far until he completely blew up. She knew what he was going to do if he found out who that guys was lucky for her she didn’t really know. She unknowingly rubbed her arm. That guy left her with a nice bruise.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

“His name is Chris. That’s all I know. Happy now?”

“Not yet. Let me see.”

“It’s nothing. Why do you care all of a sudden?! You never cared before!” Soon after saying that Lyn wished she could take it back. Pierce was the only one who cared after her brother died.

Pierce went frigid. He backed her into his car placing his hands on either side.

“Like it or not Lyn, you are mine. That’s it. I’m always going to care.”

It was just like high school. Now she was furious.

“I don’t belong to anyone.”

“Except me.”

“NO. You can’t claim me. You don’t have the right to claim me!”

“Tell me why?”

“Because you left me! You left me and you didn’t tell me. You promised me that you would never leave me and you did! You didn’t call you didn’t text…nothing.”

She was being hysterical and she knew it. Part of it was due to her actual feelings and part was due to the alcohol running through her veins. She would regret this in the morning.

“Jaylyn I’m right here.” Pierce looked at her and he could tell that she was scared and hurt, but above all pissed off.

“Now you are, but you fucked me within an inch of my life and you told me to leave. You didn’t even look at me, and then I don’t hear from you for a month. What is this?! If this is what it feels like to be one of your girls I don’t want it.”

Pierce smiled inwardly. He already knew that he fucked her in a way that she has never experienced. He also knew that he was going to do it again and again…and she was going to let him.

“I’m not going to apologize for fucking you, Lyn.”

“Of course you’re not because that’s what you do. Cohen Pierce fucks anything that walks without guilt. I know who I’m dealing with. You don’t have to remind me.” She was whispering now.

“I’m glad we understand each other. Get in.”

“Why? So you can take me back to your apartment and fuck me again?” She said under her breath.

Pierce smiled.

“I can fuck you anywhere I want. You’re mine remember?”

She was his, but this time it meant something different.


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