It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 07

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

It was intentionally written without names. It was initially intended to be a part of a larger project in the works, but didn’t fit and was submitted as an independent story.

This is my first submission along this line, so I would especially appreciate comments from the women, and please identify your selves as such. It was inspired from a series of different events, but extrapolated extensively.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Acup


REALLY!!! The sun’s not up and it’s barely light…but a nice warm hand stroking me isn’t all bad. “It can’t be morning all ready…”

“It is, and we need to get going. The competition is downtown at the convention center.” She rolled me back for a nice kiss, and then hopped up with WAY to much energy for this time of the morning. But DAMN her ass had a nice jiggle to it.

I managed to roll out and made a quick pit stop before getting out to the living room. She was standing there in skimpy tank top and shorts waiting on me holding my boxers, t-shirt, and a pair of shorts. “A bit chilly out there for that isn’t it?”

“They’ll have the heat cranked when we get there, and by ten it will be a hot house with all the bodies.” While I got dressed she put my shirt, slacks, and shoes in with her new dress. She put a couple of bottles of what ever that stuff was an a few Pepsi’s for me and we were out the door All I know is the goose bumps look a WHOLE lot better on her than they do on me!

I had to make a quick stop in a drive through for a sausage biscuit to take the edge off and then we headed downtown. The only thing about it being early on a Sunday was almost no traffic. The usual thirty plus minute dive took just under twenty. She showed the lot attendant her paperwork and we got a parking tag for the mirror. I even managed to find a spot near the door.

Even at this hour there was already a line at the registration table. She waive to a few people she knew, and giggled when she got her garter with her number, showing me the black and red garter with the ’69’ on it and a wrist band for me. They had divided the floor off with one third behind the stage and curtain.

If Saturday was a roller coaster, this was an atom bomb! I got about six steps around the curtain when I just froze. It was arranged like a regular convention with the curtained off booths, but they were all the waist high ones so you could see all the way across. And what I saw was women, and more women. But for the most part they were either topless or naked!

Seems I was being funny, because she and a few other girls were laughing at her having to haul me off to her ‘booth’. She hauled me part way down the isle and sat me down. I did my best not to stare, but from the smiles I probably wasn’t succeeding. Seems we were sharing a spot with a very buxom black woman in a white thong, and I mean VERY, DD at least.

And then they were being jiggled for me, I looked up at her face seeing a big grin, “Sorry.”

“If I didn’t want them being looked at I wouldn’t be here.” She laughed and then turned to her for a big hug, flattening those monsters against her and getting a nice kiss….hmmmmm.

I just sat there numb as naked and topless women were going back and forth. She stripped off her shorts and top about the same time as the black woman did, followed by the girls on the other side of the isle. All of them chatting like they were sitting out at the park.

LET THE OILING BEGIN!!! It was almost like a clock went off. Every woman around us started oiling up. Arms and legs were interesting, but when all the tits and pussies were pulled and pushed and spread almost made me cum in my shorts, good thing I was sitting down. Then she had to ask me to do her back. She giggled a bit when I had to rearrange myself before I could stand up, and the girls were shouting ‘not fair’ when I got to her butt and she let out a little groan and pushed back when I slipped an oiled finger over her rosebud.

Her booth partner held up her bottle with a raise eyebrow. I looked at her and got a nod, so I got my hands all over the black girls back and butt as well. I didn’t run my finger down the crack of her ass as far, but she did turn sideways a bit when I did her back to make me rub the sides of her huge tits, and I ran my hands forward from the sides at the same time to squish them together a bit just as I was finishing. She laughed and the black girl stuck her tongue out at me.

I won’t even begin to say I had any clue on how this thing worked. There would be an announcement, and a group of women would scurry off toward the stage. There was two ‘practice’ areas I would call them where there were three mirrors set up like a dressing room for them to pose in front Sinop Escort of. It was pot luck if they were in a bikini, topless, or nude when doing so. Although the bikini’s really left nothing to the imagination, they weren’t sheer or anything, but they were thin. I could readily tell if a woman was shaved or landing strip, and how puckered her nipples were.

Then came the announcement that sent her and most of the ones around us scurrying off. I watched them all line up, and one at a time go around the curtain to pose in front of the judges I’m assuming. I actually got to sit back and look around at all the women. It was funny how they congregated.

Off to one end was what I would call the hard core ladies, and I use the term ladies very loosely. Some of them might pass for men! All the muscled shoulders and necks and legs, small tits and huge chest muscles for the most part. Skin that looks like it was painted on over the muscles, and I could have sworn some of them had clits sticking out like a little cock!

There were a few groups similar to her nearby with varying physiques, and over toward where we came in looked like the newcomers. Nice figures, but the muscle didn’t pop, and only showed at all when they flexed. She came scurrying back all grins, she made the first cut. Off came the bikini and she wiped most of the oil off her front, and I was given the opportunity to do her back. Of course when I was about finished I squeezed her ass and kissed her shoulder, getting some cat calls from a nearby booth.

She plopped down in her chair and grabbed her bottle of something from the cooler and slugged down half a bottle. Reminded me of when she swallowed me on her weight bench. “So what do you think so far?” The black girl came back about that time all grins and a thumbs up so I guess she made it too. She made quite a production of wiping down beside us.

“You mean besides being one of only a few dozen people wearing anything, or being only one of six guys in the whole place?”

She put her shoulders back and did the titty shake, “Yea something like that.”

“Well I know my eyeballs are going to be tired tonight from looking at all the hot babes around me.”

“As long as that’s the only part that’s tired.” There was another announcement and they jumped and began oiling again, and I oiled both backs. Taking a little more liberty with her ass and the black girls’ tits with no objections from either of them.

They were gone a bit longer this time, and she came back smiles, but all tense. I grabbed a narrow table from another unused booth, threw two towels on it. “Get up there.”

“HUH?” I came up behind her and rubbed her shoulders a bit. “OH!” she grinned and hopped up quick enough I had to grab the table to stabilize it. Now way back when I first got married the ex was working in a packing plant for the summer, and her back and shoulders bothered her all the time. I got very good at massages, especially the ones that worked their way around to tits and nipples or down to a wet pussy. I probably wasn’t going to give her one of those here, but I could at least help her relax.

My hands were still a little oiled, but I took a bit more and started in on her shoulders. She groaned and exhaled on the first push. “I’ll give you a week to quit.” I gave her ass a quick slap and made her squeak and the black girl laugh. They even managed to carry on a conversation between all of her sound effects. Even the ones where I ran my hands up over her ass and just happened to push a thumb against her rosebud, dipping the tip in her a bit!

The black girl called time and slapped her ass. she rolled off the table with some help, and the black girl climbed on. I probably should have gotten a wider table. Her huge tits were bulging out on either side trying to slip off the table. She just tucked them in and wiggled her ass for me to begin. I was enjoying running my hands over this black beauty, squeezing her ass and rubbing the sides of her huge tits, up and down her calves and thighs, seeing her pussy up between those chocolate thighs. I came around her side, and she playfully reached for my cock, and got wide eyed when she grabbed it, then looked over at her sitting beside us.

I looked over at her grinning and winking back at the black girl. The black girl squeezed me once more, groaned, and put her head in the towel as I finished her massage. When the black girl got up her nipples were high and hard, and I got a nice whiff of wet pussy before she dashed off to the bathroom. I sat down next to her looking at her hard nipples. “So what was that all about?”

She leaned closer to me and said quietly, “You’re the only straight guy back here.”

“Is that a problem?”

“Not for me it’s not.” She grabbed my cock and gave it a quick squeeze herself. “Most of the girls wouldn’t trust their guys back here. Too afraid they’d loose them to someone else.”

“And you?”

“Hey, probably thirty percent of the women Sinop Escort Bayan back her are hard core butch or lesbian, and quite a few more that swing both ways.”


“It’s kind of unofficial about only gay guys back here, but screw them. If they don’t have a problem with me hunting pussy here why should they have a problem with you?”

The black girl came back, eyeing my crotch while I took a nice look at her close trimmed pussy, about the same time a group of the butchy guy wanna be types came by from the stage. One of the older really masculine blonds waived to her, and she smiled and waived back. The black girl said something under her breath. She waited until they were past before shaking her finger at the black girl. I gave her the look. “Girlfriend.”

I bet I got bug eyed from her reaction and the laughter from the black girl. I looked over my shoulder at the walking pile of muscles and back at her a few times “REALLY?”

“Not what you were expecting?”

“Not even close. I mean I’m probably sounding a bit old fashioned or something, but I prefer a woman that still looks like a woman. A little something there to get a hold of.” She just looked at me, and the black girl was doing her best not to laugh. I bet I just stepped in it big time. I was saved by an announcement that the next run on stage would be after an early lunch break. Quite a few were making like they were leaving, but her and the black girl showed no signs of moving. “I’m going to run over to the concession stand. Either of you want anything?” I got a bit of a shake from her and a ‘No’ from the black girl so I headed off.

After that little screw up my cock had went down enough I could at least walk down between the booths without looking like I was going to spear someone. I made it down there without too much trouble, but standing in line behind another naked buxom blond wasn’t helping, especially when it seemed she preferred to stand with legs spread, giving me a nice look at her ass and pussy lips.

I got several looks when I ordered two hot dogs and a pretzel instead of the smoothies everybody else was ordering. I ate one of them on the walk back, and found just the black girl sitting there with something from her cooler in her hand. She wasn’t hiding her pussy, but she wasn’t letting it show like she did earlier. “So how bad did I step in it?” I pulled out a chair to face her, putting my food on the table beside me, my back to the stage area.

“She’ll be OK. I’ve been trying to tell her that not everyone likes the muscle look. Her girlfriend has been doing her best to get her down to muscle like that for quite some time. What do you think?”

I took another bite of my hot dog and thought about it a bit. “Personally I think she’s absolutely gorgeous as she is. I think I would prefer a bit more on her to smooth out the muscle a bit, but it’s OK. She’s a bright intelligent beautiful woman that’s fun to be around.” I tool the last two bites of my hot dog thinking some more. “I think she has a bright future ahead of her as long as she does what she wants to do and not to impress other people. If I haven’t put my foot in it too far I hope we get to know each other better.”

The black girl smiled a bit, and I knew why a second later as she came around me, took my hot dog and drink from my hand, sat on my lap, and gave me quite the kiss with both arms around my neck. Since my hands were free I grabbed a ass cheek in each, getting a groan for my efforts. She pulled back, “We’ll just have to play it by ear.” And gave me another quick kiss about the time her girlfriend and friends all came buy in men’s’ muscle t-shirts, jeans, and boots. The only thing missing was the tool belts and hard hats! Good thing I only thought that and didn’t say it out loud the way my day was going.

“So I get to live another day?”

She got up and laid back out on the table. “Only if I get another massage.” Then thought twice about it, got up and laid on one of the wider tables, letting her legs spread a bit and looking back over her shoulder at me. I tool a sip of my Pepsi and went to her smiling. This time I started at her ankles and worked my way up, enjoying her body under my hands. She and the black girl had a bit of a conversation as if I wasn’t even there. And the black girls nipples would stand up a bit with each groan, and her legs were spreading giving me hope of seeing more of that chocolate pussy.

She bit her lip as she watched me kneed and massage her ass, watching my thumbs dip into the crack of her ass and play with her. What she didn’t see was about the time she groaned at my playing with her ass she also pivoted her ass up pushing my thumb in her ass to the knuckle and wiggling a bit. I continued her massage, working her back and shoulders, taking liberal freedom with the sides of her tits on the way to her arms and neck. When she did manage to get up off the table she brought my hands to her tits and gave me a nice long kiss Escort Sinop before dropping back on her chair.

The black girl hopped up on the table before she had settled in her chair, and this time she didn’t tuck her tits under her, if anything she spread them a bit. I started at her ankles just like I did before, and had her moaning as I worked her thighs. I enjoyed a bit of a pink slit as I worked her inner thighs even. the real surprise was when she came over when I was working the black girls’ ass to give me a hard kiss…and pushed my hand in the black girls crotch! The black girl gasped, and when she finished her kiss and sat back down she was looking back over her shoulder with a grin as she wiggled her ass on my hand.

OK, let’s see how far this goes. I did her back a bit, then moved further around the side so I could reach over and work her side and the side of her tit with one hand, and her inner thigh wit the other. I looked real quick to see if there was anyone nearby, then gripped the side of her tit and slid my fingers deep between her thighs. I grabbed her tit and squeezed while I dipped my finger in her pussy and ran it from clit to rosebud wiggling all the way. Her head came up with a gasp and then dropped back down shuddering. I don’t know if I gave her an orgasm or not, but she was all smiles as she got up a bit later. I even got a nice tongue kiss for my efforts, and then the surprise as she walked over to her and gave her a nice kiss as well!

I had just started to wipe my hands off when a petite little Asian woman came over from across the isle. “Me next?” I looked over at her, and she just shrugged.

“OK, but let’s use the narrow table.” That got a smile from her and the black girl. I was enjoying running my hands over naked women. While I was working the calves and thighs of this Asian woman I looked over at her and the black woman whispering back and forth. “What are you two planning over there?”

She looked at me with feigned surprise, “Nothing.” Then she looked around and then raised her knee and spread her legs to let her pussy gap and then ran her finger through it…and then put it in the black girls’ mouth! I just about fell over on the woman on the table. But the next move made ME groan. The black girl spread her pussy and did the same for her, but then swiped another finger through several times and then brought it to me for a taste. Then they both started a giggling fit. I managed to finish the massage I was doing without too many more problems, but those two were doing their best to distract me.

The Asian woman had just hopped off the table as more and more women were beginning to trickle back in. The announcement for the next round on the stage came and there was a scurry of women coming in to their booths, stripping as they walked. She and the black girl got up to start oiling up, but then turned to look at me and oiled each others tits before turning to me to oil their backs. This time I took great liberty with their backs and asses. I put my hands almost all the way around the black girls sides to give her tits a good squeeze and jiggle. With her I grabbed her ass to oil her up, but stepped close enough to hide the fact that I didn’t just play with her ass, but put a well oiled finger in her ass and gave her a few good strokes before pulling out quickly making her squeak and the black girl snicker.

They pulled some new clean bikini’s on, a bit skimpier than the last ones, and headed for the stage. The ‘girlfriend’ and a few of her friends made several passes past me, giving me the eye as they did. I did my best to ignore them, but when the ‘girlfriend’ made a pass back facing me with a very obvious camel toe and her clit standing out hard I had to laugh. She didn’t seem to appreciate that even if she didn’t have a clue what I was laughing at.

The girls came back, her not all smiles but the black girl grinning. She just missed the cut, and the black girl just made it, but I got a quick kiss from both. She stripped off and started wiping her oil off, the black girl did some, but not as much. Either way it was nice watching them push and pull and rub themselves down, both of them enjoying flashing pink pussy at me. Several women stopped by on their way back to their booths with congratulations and condolences. Some cheek kisses and some real kisses to both of them.

The black girl was watching her, and me a bit, as she was wiping down, making sure to get as much off as possible giving her a nice glow. She handed me a fresh towel and sat backwards on the chair for me to do her back. I took my time, enjoying working her back and shoulders, even kissing her neck before making her scoot back so I could wipe her ass. she scooted WAY back, hanging her ass and pussy off the chair, so once I had wiped her ass down I kept my hands down there playing with her rosebud. She groaned and arched back further, so I put the towel in my left hand and moved it around like I was still wiping her off, but slipped my thumb down and into her soaking pussy and put my finger on her clit.

“Yesssssss.” She hissed. The black girls eyes flashed open wide before putting a rolled towel between her legs. She was trying to look around her without being to obvious to see what I was doing.

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