It’s All About The “O”

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Sharon sat on the edge of her kitchen counter; naked from the waist down her long tan legs draped over my shoulders. I knelt in front of her enjoying the view and planting lingering kissing along the insides of first one thigh, and then the other – all the while “keeping my eyes on the prize”.

Moments before, she had given me the most fantastic oral sex I had ever had. Now I was going to return the favor, but I wasn’t going to rush it. She was a single mom, so I knew she wasn’t a virgin, but I wanted this to be the best oral sex she had ever received.

“Careful, luv. Don’t make too much noise or we’ll wake the baby.” She said indicating the half open door to the apartment’s only bedroom.

“Any noise I make will be muffled,”, I said, stroking her pussy with my open hand. “You just remember to keep your voice down… If you can.”


I lightly brushed my tongue over the tops of her pubic hairs, resisting the urge to just dive right in. She didn’t seem to mind waiting at all. Soon, though, I felt her fingers, which had been content to idly explore my rather longish brown hair, cradle the back of my head. She wanted more.

And that is exactly what she would get. In time…

“Come on, now, love. Don’t tease me like that.” Was she out of breath, or just getting impatient?

“‘Ow do you want me to tease you, mum?”

My poor attempt at a Cockney accent elicited a breathless chuckle. Her hands left the back of my head to push her blonde locks back over her shoulders. I couldn’t help but notice that on their Antalya Escort way back down, her hands lingered over her breasts. Sharon’s nipples were clearly visible through the thin material of her blouse. At least they were visible until she started twisting and pulling at them with her thumbs and forefingers.

“I love it when a bird plays with herself!” My accent wasn’t getting any better, but it was still better than Kevin Costner’s lame attempt at a New England accent in the movie JFK.

“Less talk and more cunt lapping, if you please.” Sharon grabbed a fistful of hair with each hand a positioned my mouth exactly where she wanted it. “Now, stay there until I come, lad!”

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I love a woman who knows what she wants!

Did I say she was wet? Well, Duh! After sucking me off and the oral foreplay I was giving her, I can’t imagine that any woman’s cunt wouldn’t be wet – well, maybe a couple of the nuns I had as teachers in grade school wouldn’t be, but then again I was never sure they even had “woman parts”.

Sharon gently squeezed her legs together to let me know that she needed a little more stimulation. I obliged her by gently stroking her clit with my tongue. Occasionaly I would suck on her little nub, then I would go right back to licking it.

“Oh, yeah, babe. That’s it. That’s what I wanted.” So far her moaning could only be heard by me. I took my hands and slide them up her belly under her blouse until they found her breasts. Due to my position between her legs and the Antalya Escort Bayan close fit of her blouse it was an awkward position and I couldn’t really get a good grip on them. I could only rub their underside with my thumbs and try and caress their sides with my forefingers.

Above me, Sharon’s breathing was becoming more ragged and she was beginning to rock back and forth on the edge of the kitchen counter. I could feel sweat start to build up where my skin was touching hers – mostly my arms and hands and, of course, the sides of my face.. I still hadn’t gotten a really good grip on her breasts when she muttered, “Fuck it!” She grabbed the front of her blouse and ripped it open. Buttons went flying and bounced noisily on the counter top, on the floor and in the sink.

Freed at last my hands claimed her breasts – massaging, caressing, squeezing and teasing them; twisting and tugging at her nipples the way she had moments before. At the same time, I thrust my tongue into her for the first – but definitely not the last. She moaned her approval.

I then started to concentrate on licking her pussy – faster and faster – alternating licking her lips with thrusting my tongue inside her. From above me her panting and moans let me know she approved of what I was doing.

“Gawd, but I love your tongue. If you were a girl we could go shopping all day and do this all night”.

So, she likes girls too! I made a mental note to ask her if she had a girlfriend who might want to join us next time. I also noticed that she Escort Antalya was, well, getting louder – like she had learned to whisper in a sawmill or something.

“Shhhsh, you’ll wake the baby”, I said in a hoarse whisper.

“Right!”, She panted. “You just keep licking my cunt and I’ll try to keep my voice down.”

And, I did just that.

A lot of people think oral sex is one sided, but it wasn’t for me – not that night anyway. I was like a gamer that was zoning or something. Nothing else mattered to me other than her clit, my tongue, and her hole. I keep licking and teasing and probing her hole. I remember once I nipped her clit with my teeth and she yelped in such a way that I figured I better not do it again. When she finally did come, I felt the rush of her juices in my mouth, on my tongue and down my throat, but I barely heard her scream. It was loud enough that it woke up her baby, but to me if sounded faint or far away. It might have had to do with the way she clamped my head between her thighs when she came – must have blocked my ears.

I continued to gently lick her pussy as the last aftershocks of her orgasms shook her. It was then that I noticed that my cock had recovered from its earlier exertions. Gradually, like someone slowly turning up the volume on a stereo we became aware of crying from her bedroom. Her thighs and her hands released me.

We were both drenched in sweat and as I helped her down off of the kitchen counter her nether regions came in brief contact with my now erect cock. She gasped, cradled the sides of my face with her hands, and drew in a deep breath. “Hold that thought. Don’t plan on going anywhere. I’m not done with you yet!” She said. Then she kissed me on the forehead and the headed off, somewhat unsteadily, to the bedroom to check on the baby.

More to come…

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