It Was Worth The Wait

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It Was Worth the Wait

This is a repost of an old story. Many thanks to my editor and proof-reader for their assistance, i hope you enjoy the story.

Being the middle child is a real pain in the arse, you tend to get the blame for everything. My older brother or younger sister only had to mention my name and that was it, Dad was ready to punish me for something I hadn’t done. Over time it got so bad I used to go out during the school holidays, just to avoid getting the blame. After all, if I am not there I can’t possibly have done whatever it was, right? Well so I thought, but this was clearly not the case.

I hated my older brother for all the trouble he caused, I didn’t blame my sister as she was younger and didn’t really understand. To her, me getting told off was fun. She only ever spoke up after my brother blamed me for whatever I was supposed to have done wrong. As she got older my sister stopped backing my brother, which got her told off on several occasions.

Eventually it got so bad my parents packed me off to my aunt and uncle every school holiday. I didn’t mind that as my uncle Clive had a workshop where he restored classic cars. My first summer with them I helped him with some work on an old MG TD, it looked great when it was finally finished. My uncle always took a load of pictures of any cars he restored to show me then next time I visited.

This was the norm for about 4 years. On the last summer break I stayed with my aunt and uncle, we never heard from my parents all summer. My aunt Julia called my Mum, after a long and somewhat heated conversation she hung up and shook her head at the phone. As she sat down she looked at me, I thought I could see her eyes well up with tears.

“What’s wrong Aunt Julia?”

“Let me call your uncle in and we can talk,” she replied.

Uncle Clive walked in and sat down “Right what’s up?” he asked.

Aunt Julia sighed then proceeded to talk. “I have just spoken to Susan, she told me that she and Brian don’t want Colin at home anymore. They asked if he could stay here with us.”

I just stared at my aunt in silence.

“Are you bloody serious?” My uncle asked.

“Yes I am, she told me they don’t want him back home as he causes too much trouble.”

“That’s bollocks!” Uncle Clive exclaimed. “That shit head of an older brother is the real trouble maker, we all know it.”

“I’m sorry Colin, I really am.” Aunt Julia said as a tear ran down her cheek.

“Well I am not seeing him out on the bloody streets, he can stay here with us. That’s if he wants to of course,” My uncle added.

“If it’s okay with you both I would like to stay here, I’ll get a job and pay you.” I replied.

“You’ve got a job Colin. You can work with me, I need the help and you need the work. Problem solved.”

The following weekend I drove down with my uncle and collected the rest of my stuff from home. Mum and Dad didn’t say much, my brother and sister were nowhere to be seen. While we were away my aunt sorted out the larger of the two spare rooms for me to stay in, the bathroom was right next door. As they had an en-suite it would mostly be for my use.

For the first few months I used to lay in bed and think of how I would get even with my brother, I saw this as all being his fault. I wasn’t so pissed off at my sister, she just went along with him for the quiet life. I soon put them behind me and settled into my new home. I worked alongside my uncle and found I was a natural at working on cars. I also signed up for the local rugby team, I did okay for a few seasons until my knee got injured. The doctor said if I carried on playing I could end up crippled. That was the end of my rugby playing days.

With no rugby I had a fair bit of free time and started going out and dating girls, none of them lasted too long as I didn’t want to get tied down. The longest relationship I had was with a girl called Donna. I was upset when she broke it off, mostly because she reminded me a lot of my sister Karen.

On my 21st birthday I got a card and a £50 gift voucher from my sister. Nobody else bothered, it didn’t surprise me to be honest. Clive and Julia took me out for a meal on Friday night, when we arrived back home there was a large sheet draped over something out on the patio.

“Go ahead Colin, uncover your present.” Clive said, smiling at me.

I pulled the sheet off and underneath it was a full set of mechanics tools in two chests and a roller cabinet. I was over the moon, I had always wanted my own tools. I hugged them both and said thank you, this was the best birthday ever as far as I was concerned.

“You’ll need those tools soon as I am taking on more work Colin, we need to tidy up the workshop and build a storage shed on the side for some of the stuff. I am letting you work on the cars by yourself now, you know enough and don’t need me watching you all the time.” Clive explained.

“Really, you mean it?” I asked.

“Yes really, you can have one side of the workshop and I’ll have the Burdur Escort other. That way we can get more work done, as you have your own tools we won’t have to wait for the other person to finish using a spanner or whatever we need.”

“Colin, we are so proud of you, especially the good man you have grown up to be,” Julia added and sniffed as she wiped her eyes.

“Thank you both for trusting me and taking me in. I dread to think where I would have ended up, if it wasn’t for both of you.”

“For what it’s worth Colin we always knew you would do well, and that your brother was the problem at home. It’s a shame your folks never saw it that way, but that’s their loss and our gain.” Clive confessed.

“You two have been more like parents to me than they ever were. I am so glad you let me stay here, it is everything I could possibly want.” I had a tear in my eye.

“I think this calls for a drink.” Clive announced as we headed back indoors.

We sat in the lounge and toasted my birthday with a brandy, after some light hearted chat all three of us headed off to bed.

The following morning over breakfast Clive and I were discussing moving the workshop around when the postman delivered the mail, my aunt let us carry on talking as she picked the mail up from the doormat. We were still talking as Julia opened the mail.

“Well there’s a surprise!” She exclaimed.

“What is?” Clive asked as we both looked at her waiting for the answer.

“It would appear your brother is getting married in two months, oh hang on there must be something wrong this invite is for Clive and myself.” Julia said as she checked the rest of the mail.

Not finding an invite for me Julia phoned my mum to ask what was going on.

“I’m sorry Susan, but that’s really unfair.”

“I’ll talk to Clive and let you know, goodbye.” She hung up the phone.

“It seems there is no invite for Colin, Ben doesn’t want him there.” Julia stated with some disgust in her voice.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m not bothered either way.” I said, trying to calm Julia down.

“No Colin I am sorry but this is not right.”

“Well if Colin isn’t going then neither am I,” Clive added.

After a short discussion it was agreed that Julia would go, only because she was mum’s sister. Clive and I would stay at home. Julia called my mum and said she would be there but only for the service, then she was coming home. We never heard what mum asked her but we definitely heard Julia’s reply.

“Sorry Susan, but Clive won’t be coming unless Colin gets an invite. I am going to the church service and coming back home. You have bought this on yourselves, so don’t blame us or Colin. I’ll see you on the day goodbye.” The phone got slammed down.

Clive and myself decided to get out of the way and let Julia calm down, we made a start tidying up and moving the workshop around to accommodate an extra car.

The day of the wedding arrived as Julia got ready to leave. I asked her not to worry and cause trouble on my behalf. I wasn’t bothered at all, Clive advised her to take no shit from them and come home if needs be. Later that afternoon as we watched the television Clive’s mobile rang.

“Hi love, how’s it going?” he asked.

“Okay then we will see you in a short while, drive safely. Bye, bye for now.”

“Julia is on her way home, Colin. I don’t know the details but she had a blazing row with your parents, she walked away as soon as the service was over.” Clive said. “Come on then, we might as well get started on dinner if she’s on her way home.”

We didn’t claim to be brilliant cooks, between us we managed and dinner was almost ready when Julia walked indoors.

“This is a nice surprise,” she said as she admired our efforts. “Let’s eat and then I will tell you what happened earlier.”

I cleared the table after we had eaten saying I would wash up after Julia told us what happened.

“When I arrived at the church I saw your brother going inside and the first people I spoke to were Susan and Brian. They were both annoyed that Clive wasn’t there, I told them why, it didn’t go down well. Your Dad said you were still causing trouble even though you weren’t there. After listening to them blame you for just about everything, I couldn’t take it anymore and I let them have the truth. I told them that in all the time you have been here we have never had any trouble with you, and that you’ve grown into a fine young man that we are proud of. Your dad asked what you were doing for work and I told him you worked with Clive. When he called you a grease monkey, I just lost it and called him a prick!”

At this point Clive and myself were laughing so much Julia had to stop talking, we calmed down and she resumed the explanation.

“I also told them both that as far as I was concerned your brother Ben was the main problem, as he always blamed you and they believed every word he said. Susan denied this and I called her a liar. Just then your sister arrived and I said hello to her Burdur Escort Bayan and she asked how you were doing. She apologised for not keeping in touch, I got the impression it was pressure from Brian that is to blame. When your mum came back to talk to me she said we should get used to Colin not getting an invite as he was trouble, always was and always will be. I lost my cool and told her to fuck off and not contact me again until she woke up and realised that Ben wasn’t perfect, that was when I called you and said I was coming home.”

“I’ll be damned if I know what is wrong with those two, they are his parents for Christ sake and they appear to have disowned the lad.” Clive exclaimed.

“It doesn’t bother me,” I told them. “I am happier here than I ever was at home, I regard you two as my parents, not them.”I stood up and went to make a start washing the dishes, “Did you get to see the bride?” I asked.

“Yes I did. She is very pretty and seems nice enough, god knows what she sees in Ben.” Julia replied.

We all laughed, then Clive and Julia went through to the lounge as I washed up. I could hear them talking but not clear enough to understand, I did wonder if they were talking about me. I realised if that was the case they would say something soon enough. From that night on nothing was said about my family again, the only contact I had was a birthday and Christmas card from my sister Karen. We spoke a few times on the phone.

Five years later.

Clive and I were working one day when Julia called us both into the house. She was clearly upset.

“I have some bad news. I just spoke to Karen and she told me that Brian and Susan are both dead, she said something about a boating accident while they were on holiday.”

Clive hugged Julia as she started crying.

“I’m sorry I wouldn’t have wished this on them,” I said as I sat down.

“Karen asked that we all go to the funeral and given the situation I think we should attend. She wants to talk to you, Colin.”

“Okay then, I suppose i had better go.” I replied somewhat reluctantly.

“Colin I know how you feel and if you don’t go I can’t say I blame you, but I think Karen wants to sort things out.”

I nodded “Okay I’ll go.”

“Good lad, it’s the right thing even after the way they have treated you.” Clive added as he hugged me.

On the day of the funeral at the church I said hello to a few people, I made my way inside for the service. My brother and sister stood together at the front with Ben’s wife. I stayed a few rows back with Clive and Julia, I was surprised that I couldn’t find it in myself to cry at the loss.

Back at my parent’s house I spoke with Karen and she apologised for the way I had been treated.

“When I was little I just blamed you because I thought it was funny. When I got older I realised it was wrong and stopped doing it, even though Ben carried on. I even got my legs smacked one day when I stood up for you, Mum accused me of telling lies and slapped me.”

“I’m sorry Karen, I didn’t know that.”

“Well golden boy has finally got what he has wanted all along,” she said. “He is in line for Dad’s job and thinks he is the real deal. Shame he isn’t man enough to start a family!” Karen exclaimed.

“What do you mean Karen?”

“Him and Claire are having trouble making babies, from what I have heard it’s him with the problem and not her. I bet that has done his ego no end of damage.”

“Karen you seem dead against Ben, has something happened between you two?” I asked.

“Look, let’s get today out of the way and I will come to see you and explain everything.”

I nodded in agreement and went to find Clive or Julia.

“Still hanging around like the deadbeat you always were?” Ben said as I walked past him.

“Fuck off Ben! You think you are so big, but everyone has seen through you. You’re nothing but a jumped up prick with a massive ego. After today if I never see you again I will die happy.” I replied.

“Suit yourself,” He replied as he walked away towards his wife.

“You alright Colin?” Clive asked.

“Yeah I’m good, I just told him what I thought of him that’s all.”

Julia joined us and we chatted to a few other people I recognised. but couldn’t remember their names. Suddenly a small blonde woman introduced herself to me as Claire.

“Hi, I’m Colin,” I replied.

“Yes I know, Ben’s brother right?”

“Yes sadly he is my brother.”

“He’s my husband,” she replied.

“Sorry I shouldn’t have said that, our feud goes a long way back before you came along.”

“I know, but the sad thing is I want to get to know you. Would you mind if we kept in touch?”

“No, not at all. Karen has my contact details.” I replied.

“Okay I will be in touch,” She replied and seemed to walk off with a spring in her step.

What the fuck was that about? I wondered.

A few weeks after the funeral Karen called me and asked if it would be okay for her to come and visit me Escort Burdur for the weekend, I checked with Julia and confirmed it was okay for her to come and visit.

Karen arrived on Saturday afternoon and after the greetings were exchanged I showed her to the spare bedroom.

“Thanks for this Colin, I really wanted to see you all again.” Karen said softly as she hugged me.

“No problem sis, by the way you had better thank Julia for the room not me. Get yourself settled and I’ll see you back downstairs.” I replied.

“Is Karen okay?” Julia asked.

“Yeah she seems okay. I can’t help thinking she has something to tell me, I guess she will when she feels like it.” I replied.

“Julia and I are going out tonight so you two have some space to talk.” Clive informed me.

“You don’t have to do that, it’s your house.” I replied.

“Hey don’t stop him. We haven’t been out for ages, it will do us some good as well.” Julia said, laughing at Clive.

Once Clive and Julia left I ordered a pizza for us and we talked while we waited for it to be delivered.

“Colin I just want to say I am sorry about the way you have been treated over the years. I know it wasn’t always you, but Mum and Dad either couldn’t or wouldn’t see it.”

“Forget it Karen I have, they are gone now and nothing I do or say will ever change anything. I must admit I would like to get even with Ben one day, but I’m not losing sleep over it.”

“Be careful with him Colin. I have learnt over the years just how sneaky he can be, and violent as well.” Karen replied.

“Violent. Ben, are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes Colin, Ben has a nasty side to him as well. He used to bully a lot of the local kids, I’m told he has a thing for hitting women as well.”

“You’re kidding me right?” I asked.

“No, I am not Colin. Just after he got married to Claire I caught him fooling around with another woman, he hit me so hard he loosened one of my teeth. Thankfully the dentist was able to save it, so I told mum I tripped over and landed awkwardly.”

“One day I am going to get even with that bastard if it’s the last thing I do.” I exclaimed.

“Don’t get into trouble Colin, you seem to have a good life here please don’t spoil it.”

“You’re right, I do have it good here and I am not going to do anything that would spoil it. I just can’t stand men who hit women. Anyway, how are he and Claire doing with making a family?”

“Well now, that is not going so well. Claire told me the tests have proved that Ben has a very low sperm count and may possibly never be a father.” Karen said, as I laughed at his misfortune.

Karen reached for her handbag and rummaged inside for something, she then passed me an envelope.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Open it and find out silly.” I did as she said, inside was a cheque for nearly £90,000 pounds.

“What the hell is this for?” I asked.

“It’s your share of the money from the sale of Mum and Dad’s house, I told Ben you were entitled to it, and I wanted you to have it!”

“What and he agreed, just like that?” I exclaimed.

“He did after I threatened to tell Claire about the woman he was playing around with. Trust me a divorce would have cost him a lot more, he knew it and he agreed to split the money three ways.”

“Karen, you are evil,” I laughed.

I looked at the cheque. “Wow what am I going to do with this money?” I asked myself.

“Do whatever you like with it,” Karen replied. Just then the pizza arrived, i thanked the guy and tipped him a few pounds.

“Now I do have something I need to talk to you about and please let me finish before you say anything?” I nodded in agreement.

“I was talking with Claire some time ago, she wants to meet with you and get to know you better. Obviously Ben will not know. She thinks it is sad that they cut you off, when I said how you had made a life for yourself here, she wanted to meet with you. I said I would ask and the decision is yours to make. You don’t have to answer straight away Colin, you can let me know your answer when you are ready.” Karen assured me.

“Okay I will think about it and let you know what I decide, I am a little sceptical about why she wants to meet me though.” Karen nodded and explained.

“She’s nice Colin and nothing like Ben. If she wants to meet you it is for a genuine reason.”

We talked together for a while until Clive and Julia returned home, after hearing about their night out we all headed off to bed. I woke early the next morning, unable to get back to sleep. I went downstairs to the kitchen where Karen was drinking a cup of tea.

“Morning, you couldn’t sleep either?” I asked her.

“No. For some reason I woke up earlier and couldn’t get back to sleep, sorry if I woke you I did try to be quiet as I came downstairs.”

“You didn’t wake me so no worries. I have been thinking about what we discussed last night, me meeting Claire and so on. I have decided I will meet with her. I don’t have any grudge with her, just that shithead brother of mine.”

“If you’re sure Colin, I will let her know next time I speak to her.”

“Yeah it will be fine, so long as Ben doesn’t find out.”

“He won’t find out Colin, trust me. I will help Claire with whatever excuse she needs to get away for a while.”

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