It was in the Cards Pt. 03

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I woke up some time later, alone in her bed.

From downstairs, I could hear the sound of my sister’s music. Sounded to me like it was some sort of k-pop. Lately, that was her music of choice, when doing chores cardio.

fortunately I don’t really care about music either way, so whatever she wanted to listen to was fine by me.

Making my way downstairs, by way of a quick shower, I found her in the kitchen, elbow deep in her chores.

“Hey there sleepy head!” She said, beaming a smile at me. “Some of us had work to do, and couldn’t just sleep the day away.”

“I am almost done with the chores for today, but I was thinking maybe you would do the cooking?”

“Sure thing, Sis, I’d be happy to.” I agreed.

It was not a big deal, since our options were dwindling. One trip to the grocery store every ten days. That’s all the current lockdown allowed. Not even Amazon deliveries were allowed.

All because some new variant may or may not have been detected in our region.

Having to plan meals up to ten days in advance was not something for which we had been prepared, but we were doing our best to manage.

So basically we would defrost some tv dinners, and add whatever extra veggies and spices seemed like a good idea at the time. Add some pudding or ice cream for dessert, and Bob’s your uncle.

Getting to fix dinner while also watching my sister moving about wearing only a sports bra, made for a very pleasant experience, even if it made things a little tight below.

I had put my boxers back on, plus a fresh t-shirt, after I showered.

Watching my sister in only a bra, I wondered why I even bothered.

“Quite the fashion show, sis. I thought I was only allowed to look at your ass?”

“Well, my ass is the only thing you have a right to, but I figured you already ogled my pussy like the true pervert you are, while you were busy enjoying my sweet ass. So since you have already gotten your eyeful, I just felt like being comfy, and this way I don’t have to adjust my t-shirt all the time to make sure my butt is on display.

You still don’t get to touch the pussy though. That’s a no-go, mister, and don’t you forget it!”

“Sure thing, sis, whatever you say. I am just happy I get a little preview, before I win it from you…”

“Hah! As if! My pussy would be the very last thing I would wager, so there is no way you are THAT lucky!”

A little voice inside my head went: “So she IS willing to wager her pussy too…”

Instantly my mind was filled with horny thoughts and images that no brother should have about his sister. Even if she was standing there butt naked (and pussy naked too, I guess?) in front of him.

But clearly, I was more of a pervert than I thought.

Even with my gorgeous sexy sister distracting me like she did, I managed to translate a few more bits of the user manual that came with the cards.

It wasn’t easy or straightforward. Without google to do the work for you, it seems translating stuff is pretty hard. A dictionary does not make it straightforward in the least, when grammar distorts words in all kinds of annoying ways.

Turns out it wasn’t just a user manual, it was also a history lesson.

Apparently, the creator of our deck of cards was killed by an angry mob, and his workshop was burned to the ground.

The superstitious peasants and townspeople had accused him of witchcraft, and back in the day in Romania that meant torches and pitchforks and the whole nine yards.

Only one hundred and eight decks were made, before his career came to a screeching halt.

Talk about a business going down in flames.

Too bad really, the artwork on those cards were something to be seen. I’d rather have cards like these, Küçükçekmece Escort instead of the boring average cookie cutter decks you usually saw.

I only translated enough of the history section that I got enough of a grasp on the translation process, that I could more easily translate the shorter sentences in the other parts. It’s much easier to translate stuff, when there is more context.

What appeared to be warnings of some sort, turned out not to be so ominous after all.

When play cards is bet made must kept is for honor

Not wager never is not lose can afford

Debt to pay will alright

Pay debt feel good

And be happy

Yeah okay, without context I was definitely making a dog’s breakfast of it. But as far as I could tell it was just an instruction to gamble responsibly.

I thought putting warning labels on everything was just in the USA, but I guess Romania might have been ahead of the curve on that.

With no big flashy warnings about opening portals to hell or something, I set the books down, and put it out of my mind for now.

Time to spruce up dinner to the best of my ability.

When I had that done to the best of my decidedly average ability, and within the limitations of our qurantine kitchen, I added the most important thing to our meal.

A very expensive bottle of wine. If this pandemic kept going, Kaitlyn and I would end up alcoholics. Or perhaps sex addicts, if I made sure not to let her win her ass back.

On that happy thought, I poured the both of us a generous glass of wine, and let my sister know dinner was ready.

She arrived freshly showered and the scent of her perfume mingled with that of our dinner. Of the two scents, I much preferred hers. It was something flowery, and there was also a stronger scent of apricot.

Her dinner attire was the always appropriate sports bra, that under the circumstances filled the slot of formal wear just fine.

She looked happy, a smile on her face when she saw me. Her damp hair framing her face reminded me of only a few hours ago, when she was soaked with sweat from our vigorous love making. The thought of her below me, her ass around my cock, combined with the sight of my bubbly smiling sister, had me pitching a tent in my boxers, that I honestly don’t know why I kept wearing.

“Looks good, Kiddo. Red wine with chicken. I am glad dad can’t see us now, we would never live it down.”

“YOU look good enough to eat, sis, and frankly, if dad could see us now, I am not sure the wine would be the first thing he might want to discuss. Probably the second thing, sure, but maybe not the first…”

She grinned at me.

“I figured you might think that. The part about eating me, that is. So I did prepare, but could you save it for dessert? I am ravenous! I want to get some food inside me, before I get something else inside me!”

With that, she turned around, bent over at the waist, and spread her cheeks, showing me that she was indeed prepared. So that’s where that apricot scent was from.

She had already lubed up her tight little ass, expecting I would want to do some more, before she got her chance to win it back.

But putting her ass on display like that, she also gave me a great view of her pussy.

Her pink petals were on full display, spread open and absolutely sopping wet.

Clearly she was looking forward to dessert just as much as I now was.

Our meal passed in a haze. I was so focused on my horny thoughts of all I wanted to do to my sister, that I paid no attention to our idle conversation. From the looks of it, neither did she. Bursts of nervous chatter and then stretches of silence Maltepe Escort as we both just stared at each other’s mostly naked bodies.

The second the last bite of dinner had disappeared, our gazes locked. She looked almost breathless, nibbling her lower lip, anticipating my words.

“Okay Sis, now for dessert!”

“Yes please! I ate all my veggies like a good girl!”

She stood up, looking at me with an expression that said “Where do you want me?”

As she stood, I noticed how her juices ran down her thighs. My cock ached and throbbed in sympathy.

“Let’s get dessert served.” I chuckled, then grabbed her by her waist, spun her around, and bent her over an unused section of the larger dining table.

Then without much warning, I dove straight in, face first. Spreading her cheeks, I gave her crack a lick, tasting the apricot mixed with the taste of my sisters skin. A most powerful aphrodisiac, if I ever needed one.

She yelped at my manhandling, then a bit louder as my face burrowed into her crack, then a third time, as I pushed my tongue against her tight opening, swirling around it with broad strokes of my tongue against her sensitive flesh.

In no time, she was panting and moaning with pleasure.

“Please Kiddo, keep going, that’s the best thing ever, please, don’t stop, I think I am going to cum from your tongue in my ass if you keep going. Keep going…”

She kept begging me for more, as I kept rimming her beautiful tasty ass, her horniness and mine combining, urging me to stuff my tongue into her ass as deep as I possibly could. Doing my best to buttfuck my sister with my tongue.

There was not a hint of any bad taste. She had done a very thorough job of preparing, all I could taste in her was apricot and her.

Every now and then, when my tongue hit a particularly good spot, her asshole would spasm slightly, and taking it as a hint, I tried to learn where all the good spots were, then alternated between them more and more.

Soon, the contractions started to flow together and grow more and more powerful, as my sister’s moaning also grew louder and more insistent.

Then all of a sudden it happened.

She came from only my anal stimulation, without touching herself at all. She came HARD, bucking wildly, her thighs spasming like she had bit down on a live wire. Only her death grip on the dining table kept her from flopping on the floor.

Juices were gushing from her pussy, beads of pearly cream forming at her opening.

Immense satisfaction of being the one responsible for her ecstasy rushed through me, like a small orgasm of my own, at the same time my hunger, my need to be a part of her orgasm, of being inside of her while she orgasmed, grew unresistable.

So I did not resist.

Daring to go out of bounds for a second, I let a hand slide up her thigh in a swift motion, gathering some of her juices on my fingers and hand.

Smearing her own feminine lubricant all over my cock, then licking my fingers to get a stolen little taste of her pussy.

Lubricated as much as I was going to do for now, I did not wait for her orgasm to subside.

Instead I rode it inside her.

Pushing my tip against her spasming anus, I pushed in as it dilated, then held still as it contracted.

Immediately, my intrusion sent her orgasm to new heights.

“Kiddo… unhn… Please… Uhnk… sto… Don’t. Don’t you dare stop!”

Her almost protest, changed to her begging for more, removed the last bits of hesitation I might have had. Once I managed to squeeze the head of my cock inside her rim, I waited for the next dilation, then puuushed myself inside her, as deep as I could go in Mecidiyeköy Escort one stroke, before her next contraction locked me in place.

Before her orgasm had subsided, I was all the way in, fucking her ass properly. The heat of her insides, the soft pressure of her inner walls in her deep, the tight ring around the base of my cock. Her moaning my name, calling me a pervert, asking me to fuck her harder.

All of it combined to ensure that when her next orgasm struck her, only a few minutes later, I was unable to hold back.

The thought that my sister was having a powerful orgasm from no other stimuli than her own brother’s cock in her ass was intoxicating. I could do nothing but let the waves of pleasure claim me, as I shot thick ropes of cum deep inside my sister, in sync with the clenching of her powerful inner muscles, that seemed determined to milk every last drop of cum from my aching spasming balls.

I collapsed on top of her, unable to stay upright, as my legs lost all power in the throes of orgasm. Bracing myself on my arms somewhat, so as not to crush her too much, we lay there for a while. My face buried in her still damp hair, both of us breathing heavily.

Her ass still had contractions every few seconds, as another wave of pleasure washed through her.

Every time, her contraction would cause my cock to have another spasm, sending another tiny orgasm through me.

My cock jerking in response to her, would send her next wave rolling in.

Until several minutes later, when my cock had gone too soft to do any jerking.

Then we just stayed like that for a while. My soft cock inside her tight ass.

“I did not know I could cum from that.” My sister sighed, turning her face towards mine.

“I never thought of anal play at all, before you won my ass. Now it’s like I can’t get enough. I think your perversion is contagious, Kiddo.”

I was flabbergasted. From the way she took it in the ass without complaint, I had figured she had all kinds of experience. It was no secret among us, that I was not what you would call experienced in the ways of sex. I was a nerd with a jock sister. I might have had more experience, if I had been a bit more pushy, but my experiences to date had been limited to heavy petting, some fondling, and an awkward handjob, when my then girlfriend felt bad for not getting me a birthday present.

But my sister was a gorgeous athlete. She was smart and sexy, and she would be going places.

She could have had her pick in highschool, and she could certainly have her pick in college.

But never any butt stuff. It was amazing to think that I was my sisters first lover in that part of her. That she had givven me her anal cherry, as it were. While I also turned in my V-card at the same time.

Does it count as losing your virginity, if you haven’t put your cock in a pussy? I mean, I know that catholic girls supposedly use the poophole loophole, giving up their ass, so they can stay virgin for their wedding. If the girl is still a virgin, if she has only ever gotten it up the ass, is a boy also still a virgin, if he only ever put it in a girls ass?

Yeah, all kinds of crazy thoughts go through your mind, when you have just fucked your sister in her ass, and you can feel your shrinking cock slowly slide out of her.

“Well, Sis, I guess I will just have to make sure you don’t win it back tonight, then I can make sure you cum a lot more like that!” I grinned at her, putting on my cocksure act that usually went with our card games.

As I finally slid out of her, Kaitlyn managed to stop my cum from leaking out, plugging her dilated asshole with a finger, until she could manage to clench it shut.

“There, all contained!” She purred. “I want to feel it inside me, while we play. Keep me motivated.”

“Besides,” She added, “It’ less messy that way.”

Half disappointed I wouldn’t see my mess run down her legs, but also turned on by my cum being inside of her, I flashed her a grin of my own.

“Well, I guess there is no use postponing it any further, lets get the cards out.”

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